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Russia, China prepare to sign unique cybersecurity treaty - report
An unprecedented treaty on cybersecurity cooperation could be signed during Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China in November, a Russian business daily reports.

21.10.2014 10:14

Russia-China trade hits record $59bn in first half of 2014
Russia’s recent trade figures show strengthening ties eastwards, not westwards. Trade with the 28-nation European Union declined 3.2 percent from the same period last year, whereas trade with China increased by 3.4 percent.

20.10.2014 12:59

Smog marathon: Beijing runners put on masks for foggy race
Some 30,000 athletes took part in an International Marathon in China's capital on Sunday, with many participants wearing facemasks during the 42 kilometer (26 mile) course. Beijing was enveloped in smog, said to be 'hazardous' by monitors.

19.10.2014 12:43

Giant French robots fight in Beijing (PHOTOS)
In scenes worthy of a Transformers movie, a huge yellow horse-dragon clashes with a tremendous arachnid in downtown Beijing. The city's first robotics show is creating awe throughout the Chinese capital.

17.10.2014 16:03

America’s troubled anti-IS coalition: Can BRICS be a possible middleman?
As the anti-IS coalition struggles to stay together can BRICS be a balancing factor that can keep the members unruffled against a common threat?

17.10.2014 12:47

​‘Space missions help economies gain credibility’
It is likely that many emerging economies will go to the stars following India’s Mars Orbiter Mission as space projects are a good status symbol and help countries gain credibility, Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle science writer, told RT.

17.10.2014 09:41

Russia, China in talks over supplies of sanctioned energy equipment – Medvedev
China was among the first partners Russia turned to for key energy equipment banned under Western sanctions, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a CNBC interview.

16.10.2014 00:09

‘Invisible’ air umbrella project raises over $30k on Kickstarter
Regular umbrellas seem to work just fine, but a Kickstarter project has taken a stab at an innovative adaptation which replaces the traditional fabric with an air “force field.” The fundraising project has already surpassed its $10,000 goal threefold.

15.10.2014 11:07

​The Saudi oil war against Russia, Iran and the US
Saudi Arabia has unleashed an economic war against selected oil producers. The strategy masks the House of Saud’s real agenda. But will it work?

15.10.2014 10:34

Russia develops hybrid fusion-fission reactor, offers China role
Russia is developing a hybrid nuclear reactor that uses both nuclear fusion and fission, said head of leading nuclear research facility. The project is open for international collaboration, particularly from Chinese scientists.

15.10.2014 07:46

Hong Kong police officers beat protester, use pepper spray, arrest dozens (VIDEO)
Dozens of Hong Kong protesters blocking central streets while rallying for a greater say in their city’s election were pepper sprayed and arrested early Wednesday. In one case, a detained man was reportedly beaten by police in a dark alley.

15.10.2014 03:12

US investigating Chinese purchase of Waldorf Astoria hotel
The president of the United States is a frequent guest of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, and it also happens to be the residence of choice for US envoys to the UN – and now its sale to a Chinese firm is raising security concerns in Washington.

15.10.2014 01:26

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