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FBI formally accuses North Korea in Sony hack
The Federal Bureau of Investigation first time on Friday officially weighed in on the colossal computer hack suffered by Sony Pictures Entertainment that in recent days has been elevated to an issue of national security.

19.12.2014 15:40

Chinese villagers sign petition to isolate HIV-positive child
A petition to isolate a small boy has attracted more than 200 signatories in a remote Chinese village requesting “preventative isolation measures by taking Kun Kun [the child] away from the village, and protect the health of the villagers and children.”

18.12.2014 15:44

Early exit? Chinese first-time flyer opens plane emergency door
A Chinese first-time flyer has opened an emergency door in a plane to get some fresh air. Luckily, he did not cause any harm, and the offense is being treated leniently compared to previous incidents aboard Chinese planes.

18.12.2014 14:10

Go West, Young Han
November 18, 2014: it’s a day that should live forever in history.

17.12.2014 09:00

​‘Human microwave’: China's controversial ray gun inflicts unbearable pain
China has presented Poly WB-1, a non-lethal ray gun that can be used for crowd dispersal, by making its targets feel like their skin is on fire. The US version of the weapon was shelved due to practical difficulties and the potential public backlash.

16.12.2014 16:47

China to pay £100mn for 80% stake in 3 UK wind farms
​China’s biggest nuclear energy firm is about to enter the European energy market, and plans to buy a stake in 3 UK wind farms from EDF for £100 million, its first outside of China.

15.12.2014 07:42

ESA & China team up for crude oil test in space
The European Space Agency (ESA) is cooperating with China to send small containers of crude oil into space, to gain a better understanding of how deep underground oil reservoirs operate. The data will aid future oil exploration.

13.12.2014 16:59

Veiled threat? Tougher regulations against wearing niqabs in court – UK judge
Britain’s most senior female judge has called for tougher regulations forcing women to remove traditional Islamic veils while giving evidence in court.

12.12.2014 17:05

Full-face Islamic veil banned in China’s Uighur region
The capital of China’s western Xinjiang region – home to its Uighur Muslim minority – has banned the wearing of veiled Islamic robes in public amid pressure from Beijing to crack down on religious extremism, the regional government said on Thursday.

11.12.2014 21:00

Alternative Nobel: Fidel Castro wins China’s Confucius Peace Prize
Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro has been awarded the Confucius Peace Prize, China’s alternative to the Nobel. Castro was praised for “important contributions on eliminating nuclear war after his retirement,” and will get US$15,000.

11.12.2014 17:09

Chinese wealth next stop for hush-hush Swiss bankers
​The Swiss banking sector, which has been forced to give up its traditional secrecy, is now looking to China for new financial investment.

11.12.2014 13:52

Superbugs could kill 10mn per year by 2050, more than cancer – study
Superbugs with a high resistance to antibiotics could kill 10 million people worldwide each year by 2050 unless more action is taken, a study has warned. The figure is higher than the global impact of cancer, which currently kills 8.2 million.

11.12.2014 09:21