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China ratifies the creation of BRICS bank
The Chinese Parliament has ratified the creation of the BRICS Development Bank. The New Development Bank was conceived as an alternative to Western financial institutions such as the World Bank.

01.07.2015 04:33

‘Hairy Monster’: Scientists discover new species of ‘super-armored’ worm
Ancient seawater creatures looked rather spooky, but a new spike-covered worm eating with the help of feather-like front legs definitely stands out as one of the first animals that developed armor for protection.

30.06.2015 12:45

​Russia becomes AIIB’s third largest shareholder after China and India
Russia has become the third largest player in the China-led Asian infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB), having received a 5.92 percent voting share, while China and India gained 20.06 percent and 7.5 percent respectively.

29.06.2015 19:07

China to build giant dairy farm to supply Russia
China has started to build a joint Chinese-Russian livestock agricultural complex. A hundred thousand cows are planned to be bred in a project costing one billion Yuan.

29.06.2015 14:32

​Will 'interests outweigh obstacles' in US-China relationship?
Although there were quite a few feel-good announcements, the Strategic & Economic Dialogue clearly shows mutual trust in Sino-US relation remains a massive work to be done

27.06.2015 15:31

​China to become biggest outward investor in 5ys – research
China is expected to become the world’s biggest overseas investor by 2020. Beijing’s global offshore assets will likely triple from $6.4 trillion, to more than $20 trillion by then, says research reported in the Financial Times (FT).

26.06.2015 07:34

​Cops killing African-Americans 'practically a norm in US' – Chinese report
China has published a scathing report on the state of human rights in the US, focusing on the killings of black people by US law enforcement officers. The US government has been blasting China’s human rights record for decades.

26.06.2015 08:34

​‘We always knew missile defense shield was against Russia & China’ – top Moscow security official
The head of Russia’s Security Council says the West’s recent actions prove the NATO anti-missile defense system was always aimed at hemming in Moscow and Beijing, and promises the Kremlin will “react” to the alliance’s expansion in Europe.

25.06.2015 14:55

Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia to become biggest crude exporter to China
In May China imported a record 3.92 million metric tons of crude oil from Russia, which is equivalent to 927,000 barrels per day. Russia has become Beijing’s top crude supplier for the first time since October 2005.

23.06.2015 14:33

Thousands of dogs, cats slaughtered during annual Chinese festival (VIDEO)
Thousands of cats and dogs have been killed, burned and skinned alive at the annual Chinese Yulin festival – in spite of the government’s pledges to put a stop to the practice regarded across the globe as barbaric and outrageous.

22.06.2015 01:34

​Security-conscious US diplomats shun Waldorf after Chinese acquisition
After New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel was purchased by a Chinese company, the eavesdropping-wary US State Department reportedly decided to abandon it as a base of operations during UN General Assembly sessions.

19.06.2015 06:33

Moscow wants ruble settlements with Beijing on Russian high-speed railway – RZD official
Payments with Chinese partners involved in the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway would be better in Russian rubles, according to the Vice President of Russian Railways (RZD) Aleksandr Misharin. The cost of the railway link is estimated at $21.4 billion.

18.06.2015 11:00