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NSA data gathering too big to be efficient: ‘Like having to drink ten liters of water at once’
Bulk data collection has a very limited use and the US intelligence agencies’ problem is that they are gathering too much information to be able to use it effective, says former CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson.

01.07.2015 13:31

GCHQ found guilty of illegal spying on human rights groups
Two human rights groups were spied on illegally by British security agency GCHQ, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has ruled after the groups lodged formal complaints.

22.06.2015 13:45

Senate votes to ban waterboarding and other forms of torture
The US Senate has voted to outlaw many forms of torture, including waterboarding, "rectal feeding," mock executions, hooding prisoners, and sexual humiliation in any sector of the US government.

16.06.2015 17:17

Snowden destroyed files before going to Russia – Greenwald debunks Sunday Times report
Glenn Greenwald, a US journalist who published the first reports on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, says allegations in the British press that Russian and Chinese spies accessed Snowden’s documents are lies aimed at smearing the whistleblower.

15.06.2015 18:59

Torture broke CIA’s own ‘human experimentation’ rules - report
The CIA’s torture program had explicit guidelines on human experimentation from 1987, according to a report. But their regular practices, including participation of medical staff in torture sessions, may have violated those guidelines.

15.06.2015 13:02

CIA releases 9/11-related internal documents
​Five documents assessing CIA conduct before and immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks were released Friday. The redacted files include the previously unavailable 2005 assessment of the CIA, as well as reactions by relevant officials.

12.06.2015 21:43

Shaker Aamer: British agents present during my CIA torture
Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained at Guantanamo Bay, has spoken out about his treatment at detention centers in the US and Afghanistan, claiming he was tortured in the presence of British soldiers and MI5 agents.

05.06.2015 08:08

Gitmo detainee alleges new forms of CIA sexual abuse, torture - report
A detainee currently held at the US military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba told his lawyers he was subject to forms of "enhanced interrogation techniques" beyond what was disclosed in a US Senate report last year.

02.06.2015 17:57

‘US is using ISIS like an attack dog’
The so-called Islamic State is the kind of group the US wanted for years - but couldn’t get - to put pressure on the Syrian government. At the same time, it didn’t stop the IS advance in Iraq and in Syria, political analyst Jeremy Salt told RT.

01.06.2015 15:22

‘Modest changes to US Patriot Act left major problems unresolved’
For the first time, the Patriot Act has lost some power, said lawyer and advocate Kevin Zeese. However, the changes fail to address the problem of institutionalizing the practice of snooping, with corporations and the US government in cahoots, he added.

01.06.2015 09:04

Federal court dismisses govt appeal to block release of Gitmo force-feeding videos
The latest decision by the Washington DC federal appeals court has become a temporary defeat for the Obama administration, seeking to block the release of several “extremely disturbing” videos showing force-feeding of restrained Gitmo inmate.

30.05.2015 00:14

CIA torture report won’t be released to public, judge rules
A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Senate’s nearly 7,000-page report on the CIA’s torture practices during interrogations in the wake of 9/11 will not be made public, marking a setback for civil liberties advocates.

22.05.2015 03:14