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Gitmo judge presses CIA to explain detainee’s treatment at black sites, Guantanamo
A US judge presiding over Guantanamo Bay inmate trials has ordered the CIA to provide information on how a detainee there was treated. The move is a major step toward transparency as legal authorities prepare to prosecute suspected terrorists.

17.04.2014 21:15

‘Kiev wants to spark war between NATO and Russia’
The interim president of Ukraine Turchinov wants to beat the Russians into intervening and provoke war between NATO and Russia, as it’s the only reason he can hold power, foreign affairs analyst Daniel Patrick Welch told RT.

16.04.2014 10:12

White House confirms CIA director visited Ukraine over weekend
White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that CIA Director John Brennan visited Ukrainian capital Kiev over the weekend and met with high-ranked Ukrainian officials.

14.04.2014 17:21

​CIA deceived government on torture program according to Senate report
A classified US Senate probe into the CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program found that the agency purposely deceived the US Justice Department to attain legal justification for use of torture techniques, according to a new report.

11.04.2014 23:42

Merkel ally blasts US assurances on spying as ‘insufficient’
Thomas de Maiziere, one of Angel Merkel’s closest allies, has said that American assurances on NSA surveillance are not sufficient and that bilateral talks were unlikely to yield much progress on the issue.

07.04.2014 16:40

Tony Blair 'was fully aware' of CIA kidnap and torture program
Former British PM Tony Blair was fully informed “every step of the way” about details of the CIA’s secret interrogation program, developed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, and “knew about everything” including torture, states a new report.

06.04.2014 11:52

CIA torture tactics to get public airing
Following fierce debate, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to release a report that provides a shocking glimpse at the CIA’s use of torture, methods that failed to produce the desired results in the war on terror.

04.04.2014 12:26

​Senators want CIA torture report declassified
Members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee have called for declassifying sections of a report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program. The demands come days after contents of the report were leaked, showing the CIA lied about their tactics’ efficacy.

02.04.2014 22:09

US-Ukraine loan ‘final rape and plunder by the West’
The law approved by Congress to grant a one billion dollar loan to Ukraine is only a loan guarantee and will not even dent Ukraine’s huge debts, 25 billion of which must be paid this year, William Engdahl, a geopolitical analyst, told RT.

02.04.2014 17:53

​CIA lied about torture’s effectiveness, according to unreleased Senate report
A Senate report found that CIA officials lied to the government and public about its post-9/11 torture program, most notably by distorting intelligence gleaned from traditional interrogations as that attained by far more brutal methods.

01.04.2014 02:40

‘US looking for a major enemy to justify its defense spending'
As US spending on defense reaches $1 trillion a year and defense giants such as Boeing gain increased lobbying power, the US must justify this money by creating tangible enemies around the world, political analyst Patrick Hennigsen told RT.

30.03.2014 19:49

​UN hammers US human rights record on spying, torture, drones and death penalty
A UN report hammers the United States’ human rights record, denouncing vast surveillance, ongoing unaccountability for torture, deadly drone strikes, one of the world’s highest death penalty counts, and mass incarceration, among other black marks.

28.03.2014 01:29

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