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Dick Cheney should be in prison, not on ‘Meet the Press’ - Greenwald
Journalist Glenn Greenwald said Dick Cheney is able to brag about the success of torture on weekend news shows because the Obama administration has decided to shield torturers rather than prosecute them.

20.12.2014 02:21

Leaked CIA report says targeted killing programs could backfire
Drone strikes and other targeted counterinsurgency programs aimed at capturing or killing “high-value targets” belonging to militant groups could be effective if coupled with larger strategic goals, the CIA believes, but they could also backfire.

19.12.2014 00:22

Threatened New York Times journalist ordered to appear in court - report
A federal judge has ordered New York Times reporter James Risen to appear in court to answer questions about his book on CIA efforts to subvert Iran’s nuclear program. Risen has long resisted government threats over his refusal to reveal a book source.

16.12.2014 17:54

CIA medical professionals accused of committing war crimes
​Federal investigators in the United States should considering weighing whether or not health workers involved in the interrogation tactics highlighted in the recent CIA torture port should be charged with war crimes, a group said this week.

16.12.2014 16:33

North Korea calls on UN to investigate CIA ‘brutal medieval’ torture
Pyongyang claims the human rights issues long associated with the communist-ruled recluse state are politically motivated, while the real issue confronting the world body should be the CIA’s harsh treatment of terror suspects.

16.12.2014 12:04

‘Don’t forget me’: Last British Guantanamo detainee issues desperate plea
The last British detainee held at Guantanamo Bay pleaded not to be forgotten in a rare Skype conversation with his family on December 11. Shaker Aamer, who’s at the center of a human rights campaign, has been detained without trial for 13 years.

16.12.2014 09:18

Feds’ fight to withhold CIA torture photos may soon end
​While much of the world is still reeling from the disclosures contained in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report released last week, more damning evidence about the treatment of detainees could soon make its away to the surface.

15.12.2014 16:25

Tony Blair, Jack Straw ‘should give evidence about torture claims’
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair should appear before the parliamentary committee examining if Britain was complicit in the CIA’s brutal torture methods, leading Labour politicians say.

15.12.2014 09:38

'I'd do it again!' Cheney defends CIA torture, calls interrogators heroes
Former VP Dick Cheney expressed no regret over CIA torture techniques employed against detainees in the “war on terror,” even as a judge considers forcing the White House to release the remainder of the damning photos.

15.12.2014 06:53

British soldiers now barred from shouting at terrorist suspects
New interrogation techniques being forced on the British Army by “ambulance-chasing lawyers” and “play-it-safe judges” are hampering the business of getting vital intelligence out of terrorist suspects, army chiefs warn.

14.12.2014 15:10

Romania agreed to host CIA 'black sites' to be accepted into NATO - ex spy chief
Romania allowed the CIA to use a number of sites on its territory, a former head of the country’s intelligence confessed. He added that Bucharest’s bid to join NATO at the time prevented it from asking the US about the purposes of the sites.

14.12.2014 11:42

Head of UK torture probe requests CIA data on British role in rendition
Sir Malcolm Rifkind has requested data from the US to learn the extent of British intelligence’s involvement in the CIA’s torture program. The UK government’s contradictory statements on the issue have only fanned the flames of suspicion.

14.12.2014 06:31