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City Wise

​Homes on wheels: Hawaii may turn old buses into homeless shelters
An architecture firm in Aloha State has come up with an innovative solution to alleviate the problem of homelessness in their locality. It is giving some retired city buses a second life by transforming them into homeless shelters.

17.06.2015 12:59

Chinese company builds 57-story skyscraper in record 19 days (TIME LAPSE)
A 57-story skyscraper built from prefabricated Lego-like blocks was completed at a record speed of 19 days, a Chinese company says, showing an impressive time lapse video of the construction.

11.03.2015 16:37

Uber: A small step towards world bankruptcy
Taxi alternative Uber generates enormous controversy. Politicians ought to be looking to the future, not safeguarding an increasingly irrelevant status quo. Indeed their very future power depends on it.

23.01.2015 13:38

RT’s pet service guide: Posh options for pedigree chums
Moving your life to a new country is hard enough without leaving your pets behind. Whether you brought your four-legged friend with you or just plan to do so, all you will need is on hand in the capital.

06.12.2011 18:42

Moscow expat unions: leisure, studies, charity work
If you feel somewhat lonely in Moscow’s urban jungle, tune in for RT’s guide across the capital’s expats’ clubs.

29.11.2011 17:02

Eat like a star
Now here’s some food for thought. It seems Russian celebs have developed an appetite for haute cuisine as well as haute couture: over the past year, Moscow has seen several stars open high-end eateries.

25.11.2011 17:08

RT guide: Moscow’s international schools
Choosing from the maze of education options can be bewildering for both parents and children. RT has examined the variety of Moscow’s international schools.

15.11.2011 16:53

Moscow pre-schools quest: Options and prices
Choosing a nursery for your child is nerve-racking anyway, but for expat parents it presents a double dilemma. RT has examined all the available options to make the process as easy as ABC.

01.11.2011 18:05

Expat’s guide to Moscow cooking classes
If you have had enough of junk food and are not too good in the kitchen, join RT’s visit to the city's top English-language cooking courses.

25.10.2011 17:27

Tailor-made household help: A guide to domestic staff agencies
Feeling swamped by your household chores? Join RT’s tour around Moscow’s English-friendly domestic staff agencies.

18.10.2011 18:22

Hobby fair: getting creative in the Russian capital
If you are wondering where you can enjoy your favourite pastime and meet new people, tune in to RT’s guide to the best places to fire up your creative spirit.

04.10.2011 17:06

Staying fit in the Russian capital
With the chills and rains of autumn looming, tune in for a look at some of Moscow’s best indoor fitness options.

19.09.2011 20:33