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Ukraine ceasefire violations blamed on ‘unidentified third party’ – OSCE
The fragile truce in eastern Ukraine has on several occasions been violated by an “unidentified third party,” the OSCE mission stated in its daily report, citing officers of the joint coordination center who were trying to organize a ceasefire.

18.04.2015 02:06

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal? That is the question
As neocons are working to destroy Iran's tentative nuclear deal, US President Obama will have to either reinvent America's policy or give in to Israel's lobby and Saudi Arabia's paranoiac fear of Shia Islam.

17.04.2015 12:07

​‘Christ be with UKIP’: Christians in Pakistan pray for a Farage election victory (VIDEO)
UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage’s beleaguered election campaign has received a divine endorsement from an unlikely source this week.

17.04.2015 10:01

​Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President Assad
Bashar al-Assad warned about the growing threat from “Scandinavian” Islamist extremists fighting inside of Syria, where the battle against Islamic State amidst a protracted civil war has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people.

17.04.2015 10:51

Mass student protest in Chile escalates into clashes with riot police (VIDEO)
Riot police in Chile have deployed water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators who were lobbing rocks and street signs, after a mostly-peaceful march against a contentious university reform and corruption allegations ended in violent clashes.

16.04.2015 22:02

‘Ulterior motives behind sanctions, Ukraine crisis’
President Putin’s statement that sanctions won’t be lifted soon is justified as they are just a manifestation of a Western desire to have a geopolitical conflict with Russia, said John Laughland from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation.

16.04.2015 13:44

Russia, China, Iran: In sync
Over past decades, the pre-fabricated myth of an elusive “Iranian bomb” was never the real issue between the US and Iran; the issue was how to subdue – or “isolate” - a powerful, independent nation that refused to toe the exceptionalist line.

16.04.2015 12:38

South African authorities’ xenophobic remarks 'contributed to outbreak of violence'
Violent attacks against foreigners erupted in South Africa because politicians don’t want to take the situation seriously and only worsen it by their statements, says Abdirizak Ali Osman, Secretary General of the Somali Community Board of South Africa.

16.04.2015 10:25

‘ISIS good at propaganda & marketing and youngsters buy into it’
Teenagers in Europe who have family problems often become victims of IS propaganda that gives the impression of providing youngsters with a life they aren’t able to achieve in their home countries, Nazir Afzal, former UK Chief Crown Prosecutor told RT.

15.04.2015 13:21

​‘UN arms embargo on Houthis not peace prescription, US should leave the region’
The UN arms embargo on Houthis in Yemen is designed not to stop war but to assign blame to those targeted by Saudi bombing, Brian Becker, from the Answer Coalition told RT. To achieve peace foreign powers should stop attacking Yemen, he added.

15.04.2015 09:24

Michigan bill on police body cams would exempt some footage from FOIA
Michigan lawmakers are debating a House bill, a first of its kind, which would establish rules and procedures on how the police department handles recordings from officer-mounted body cameras, including guidelines for when footage can be made public.

15.04.2015 02:01

IEDs severely impact humanitarian ops in warzones – UK report
Humanitarian operations in conflict zones such as Afghanistan are blighted by deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs), an international affairs NGO says. The crisis is heightened by increasingly militarized and politicized international aid programs.

14.04.2015 15:37