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2015 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
The 19th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is underway. Despite sanctions, more than 7,000 guests and 1,000 international companies are represented, among them the heads of BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total. RT will keep you updated.

17.06.2015 14:08

Texas establishes own gold depository independent of Federal Reserve
Texas is planning to build its own state-controlled depository and wants its gold back from New York State. The Lone Star state will repatriate its $1 billion in gold bullion.

17.06.2015 19:57

Kuwait wants 40% hike in oil and gas production by 2020 – minister
Kuwait’s oil minister has confirmed plans to hike hydrocarbon production to 4 million barrels per day, by 2020, almost 40 percent more than the current level. The announcement comes ahead of the awaited OPEC meeting this Friday.

05.06.2015 04:43

​Diamond worth $430,000 found in Russia
A diamond weighing 76.07 carats was mined by Russia’s Alrosa, one of the world's largest producers of diamonds. The company plans to put the rare gem up for auction at a price of more than $430,000.

06.05.2015 14:25

British supermarket boss handed 2-year prison sentenced in Egypt
The chief executive of UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has been sentenced to two years in jail in Egypt after being found guilty of contravening a bankruptcy law.

29.04.2015 09:32

Tyson Foods to eliminate human-important antibiotics in chickens by 2017
Tyson Foods, the leading poultry producer in the US, has announced it will drop the use of antibiotics used to treat humans in its products by September 2017. Profligate use of antibiotics on livestock have boosted concerns over superbugs in people.

28.04.2015 16:52

GDP growth slows to 0.3% in final week before general election
UK economic growth has slowed to just 0.3 percent in the first quarter of 2015, providing Ed Miliband’s Labour Party with ample campaign ammunition in the final week of electioneering.

28.04.2015 11:23

China’s secret gold stockpile may be world’s 2nd biggest
The People's Bank of China may have tripled its gold stockpile since April 2009, when it last gave an official number, which Bloomberg Intelligence estimates to be 3,510 metric tons, second to United States 8,133.5 tons of gold.

21.04.2015 13:03

Awkward! Greenpeace gloss over survey showing majority support for fracking
Greenpeace attempted to hide the results of a survey that indicates more people support fracking than oppose it in a seemingly innocuous footnote within its press release.

02.04.2015 12:21

Russian ruble continues 8-day winning streak
The ruble gained 1.5 percent against the dollar Thursday, reaching 56.08, the best performance since December 2014. The Russian currency was buoyed by rising oil prices, but experts warn crude could be a false friend for the currency.

26.03.2015 14:46

Oil surges 6% after Saudi launches military airstrikes in Yemen
Brent and WTI added more than 4 percent after Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a military operation in Yemen against Shiite Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil supplier in the region, and southern Yemen is home to many LNG hubs.

26.03.2015 08:19

Oil prices not here to stay: Both Brent and WTI continue losing streak
The US benchmark, West Texas Intermediate crude fell 2.9 percent to $42.21 per barrel, making it the seventh consecutive day of loss. Inventories, especially in the US, are overstocked.

18.03.2015 12:22