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House passes bill to weaken Dodd-Frank and help Wall Street, Koch brothers
The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to water down key parts of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, weakening the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s power to regulate derivatives. The resulting bill helps big banks and the Koch brothers.

26.06.2014 00:15

How much will the Chile quake cost?
Earthquake damage in Chile could cost the country billions of dollars, a high price for a slowing economy dependent on exports.

02.04.2014 08:07

​China to allocate $162bn on urbanization program
The government of China plans to spend more than $162 billion in 2014 on redeveloping over 4.75m households in shantytowns thus boosting urbanization. The move is aimed at promoting economic growth.

17.03.2014 16:17

Chinese banking liberalization: Time to invest in the walking dead
​China proposes opening banking to allow foreigners to share in - well, probably not the profits, and therein lies the problem...

17.03.2014 09:51

Bitcoin CEO found dead in Singapore, suicide suspected
A young American woman who ran the First Meta bitcoin exchange was found dead in her Singapore apartment last week. Police are investigating the “unnatural death”.

06.03.2014 08:44

Next 25 years of Bitcoin revolution will be ‘wild ride’ - CEO of world's biggest exchange
Exchange glitches, arrests, government crackdowns, and volatility haven’t been able to stop people wanting to get their hands on the bitcoin, and the CEO of BTC China Bobby Lee told RT the bitcoin revolution will be bigger than the Internet.

13.02.2014 13:56

Happy Chinese New Year, Bitcoin! Biggest exchange opens for business despite bank warning
The world’s biggest bitcoin exchange by volume has reopened allowing yuan-to-bitcoin deposits. This goes against an order by the People’s Bank of China, which said all bitcoin trading should stop before the Chinese New Year, January 31.

31.01.2014 08:02

London seeks to reform 100-year-old ‘gold fix’
Pricing probes have forced London’s biggest banks to consider a systemic overhaul of the dated practice of "fixing" gold prices, which sets spot pricing for the world’s $20 trillion physical gold market.

22.01.2014 08:47

Indonesia’s controversial ban on mineral ore exports comes into effect
Indonesia, a global leader in exports of mineral resources, has banned its mining companies from selling raw ore abroad. The law, aimed at boosting domestic processing, is likely to cost Jakarta huge short-term revenue losses and cause mass lay-offs.

12.01.2014 10:29

​$2 bln compensation closer for 7 million victims of mis-selling
Clients mislead by 13 of Britain’s biggest banks and credit card insurer CPP have agreed a proposed reimbursement scheme, which means the estimated seven million customers should get a share of a $2 billion in compensation by the spring.

10.01.2014 10:25

Boxing Day to begin on Christmas as online sales kick off early
Almost one-third of people in the UK said they would begin shopping online on Christmas Day, sparking an early start to Britain's annual Boxing Day spending spree, according to Barclaycard research.

25.12.2013 12:57

​China rejects fifth US corn cargo in a month, citing GMO strain
China has blocked a fifth cargo of US corn since mid-November after testing found a strain of genetically-modified (GMO) corn not yet approved for import. Three more cargoes may also be refused.

11.12.2013 21:11

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