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China’s secret gold stockpile may be world’s 2nd biggest
The People's Bank of China may have tripled its gold stockpile since April 2009, when it last gave an official number, which Bloomberg Intelligence estimates to be 3,510 metric tons, second to United States 8,133.5 tons of gold.

21.04.2015 13:03

Awkward! Greenpeace gloss over survey showing majority support for fracking
Greenpeace attempted to hide the results of a survey that indicates more people support fracking than oppose it in a seemingly innocuous footnote within its press release.

02.04.2015 12:21

Russian ruble continues 8-day winning streak
The ruble gained 1.5 percent against the dollar Thursday, reaching 56.08, the best performance since December 2014. The Russian currency was buoyed by rising oil prices, but experts warn crude could be a false friend for the currency.

26.03.2015 14:46

Oil surges 6% after Saudi launches military airstrikes in Yemen
Brent and WTI added more than 4 percent after Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a military operation in Yemen against Shiite Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil supplier in the region, and southern Yemen is home to many LNG hubs.

26.03.2015 08:19

Oil prices not here to stay: Both Brent and WTI continue losing streak
The US benchmark, West Texas Intermediate crude fell 2.9 percent to $42.21 per barrel, making it the seventh consecutive day of loss. Inventories, especially in the US, are overstocked.

18.03.2015 12:22

​Budget Day: Everything you need to know
Following the announcement of Chancellor George Osborne’s final budget of this government, RT takes a look at the key points from the speech and gathers the opposition’s reaction.

18.03.2015 08:54

Getting graphic: British MPs vote in favor of plain pack cigarettes
MPs have voted in favor of the introduction of standardized cigarette packaging throughout the UK on Wednesday, meaning that from 2016 all packets would display graphic health warnings in place of brand designs.

11.03.2015 11:16

​Pollution no more? Electric cars could cut oil imports by 40% – study
A mass uptake of electric car usage could reduce motorists’ fuel costs by £13 billion and drive down the UK’s oil imports by 40 percent by 2030, a new study has suggested.

10.03.2015 11:49

‘Stark choice’: Britain will import 50% of food by 2040, farmers union warns
The UK will be importing more than half of its food supplies within a decade due to a growing population and stagnating farm productivity, farming leaders have warned.

24.02.2015 15:24

‘Tasteless’: BAE chief exec eyes lucrative arms deals in Mid East ISIS war
British arms manufacturer BAE Systems says the growing involvement of Middle Eastern states in the battle against the Islamic State has caused a spike in demand for the support services it provides for aircraft and weaponry sold in the region.

20.02.2015 11:32

‘What part of no don’t you understand?’ TTIP critics target EU trade commissioner
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom’s visit to London to promote the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been met with protest, as MPs say more transparency is needed to address public concern.

16.02.2015 15:37

‘Mockery of democracy’: UK govt flip-flops, allowing fracking under National Parks
The government has reversed its decision to accept new fracking restrictions, meaning shale gas firms will be able to drill horizontally under National Parks, provided the wells start outside their borders.

13.02.2015 09:19