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‘No such thing as surgical strike so civilian casualties in US anti-IS war inevitable’
Previous US efforts to reduce collateral damages are not working, and since there is no such thing as a precision strike or surgical strike, there are always going to be human victims, Derek Monroe, reporter for Foreign Policy in Focus, told RT.

02.10.2014 10:07

Argentine president hints at US plot to remove her
Argentina’s economy may be stagnating, with the peso in freefall, however President Cristina Kirchner believes she faces an even bigger problem. Relations with the US have hit rock bottom and she says Washington may even want to get rid of her.

02.10.2014 08:21

‘Obama to be remembered as someone who betrayed his supporters’
President Obama has turned out to be another failed big government president, who put America into a new war, spied on its own citizens, and made a disastrous health care reform, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Carla Howell told RT.

02.10.2014 08:52

‘Internal affair’: Beijing warns foreign countries not to meddle in Hong Kong
China’s foreign minister made it clear Beijing would not allow other countries to meddle into its ‘internal affairs’, responding in this way to US Secretary of State’s call for Beijing to grant Hong Kong the “highest possible degree of autonomy.”

02.10.2014 05:40

Baghdad ‘totally against’ Arab anti-ISIS airstrikes in Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said he is “totally” against Arab nations’ involvement in airstrikes against the Islamic State on the country's soil, while absolutely welcoming this kind of action in Syria, according to a BBC interview.

01.10.2014 22:39

Kissinger planned to ‘smash’ & ‘humiliate’ Fidel Castro after Cuba’s Angola op
Just over a decade after the Cuban Missile Crisis, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger laid out plans to attack Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro’s decision to send military forces into Angola in late 1975, declassified files have revealed.

01.10.2014 21:33

US warns Israel against building new settlements in E. Jerusalem
Washington harshly criticized Israel’s decision to move forward with new settlements in east Jerusalem on Wednesday, adding that the plan could alienate Tel Aviv from “even its closest allies.”

01.10.2014 21:11

France to send 3 more jets, warship to Gulf
France is to dispatch three more Rafale fighter jets to its airbase in the United Arab Emirates and a warship to the Gulf, bringing the number of French planes taking part in bombing raids against ISIS to nine, the defense ministry said Wednesday.

01.10.2014 18:58

'Tons of bombs only delay threat': Erdogan wary of airstrikes on ISIS, but ready to cooperate
Turkey will join the US-led fight against terrorist groups in the region, including Islamic State militants, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday. At the same time, NATO has promised to defend Turkey if it is attacked.

01.10.2014 15:52

‘Moron!’ Notorious radical Ukrainian MP defies, threatens interior minister
The leader of Ukraine's Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, lashed out at the country’s interior minister on Wednesday, calling him a “moron.” He justified the actions of radicals who recently beat up several MPs, adding that “no law is valid” in Ukraine.

01.10.2014 18:02

Hong Kong protesters threaten to occupy buildings if city chief doesn’t quit
Student leaders of the pro-reform protests in Hong Kong have come up with an ultimatum to the city’s chief, saying if he doesn’t step down they’ll start storming government buildings.

01.10.2014 11:21

‘Lack of intelligence’: US airstrikes in Syria, Iraq could lead to high civilian casualties
The risk of civilian deaths from bombs dropped in Syria and Iraq could be much higher than drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, according to US officials. This is due to a lack of intelligence on the ground and a change in bombing policy.

01.10.2014 12:54

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