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‘Bigger and badder’: US volunteers head to fight ISIS
A group of US volunteers is headed to the Philippines on a contract to fight groups allied with the Islamic State. One counterinsurgency specialist wonders if their enthusiasm will make up for the lack of logistics, weapons and training.

28.05.2015 22:37

​Islamist militants capture last Syrian govt stronghold in Idlib province
Islamist militants have claimed full control over the strategic Syrian city of Ariha, with government forces admitting withdrawal from their last stronghold in Idlib province after heavy clashes with al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

29.05.2015 00:32

122mm artillery banned under Minsk peace deal fired in E.Ukraine – OSCE
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has confirmed that shrapnel persistent with 122mm artillery banned under the Minsk packages was used in the latest shelling of a residential area in Gorlovka, eastern Ukraine.

28.05.2015 20:43

​Joke weapon? ISIS reveals homemade long-range sniper rifle
As ISIS aims to establish a 'caliphate' in the Middle East, the extremist group has unveiled its newest weapon – a homemade sniper rifle. Whether it will be useful in the battlefield remains to be seen, as experts claim it’s far too heavy and inaccurate.

28.05.2015 14:58

​Network Rail workers pledge nationwide ‘rolling’ strike action in June
The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) will take strike action next month after rejecting a pay offer from Network Rail.

28.05.2015 14:57

‘2 million Donbass citizens displaced - people desperate to join their relatives’
Countless families have been separated because of the Ukraine crisis, and authorities on both sides of the conflict should work jointly in order to improve access to benefits and the freedom of movement, William Spindler, UN refugee agency, told RT.

28.05.2015 13:44

US begins training Syrian fighters in Turkey to combat ISIS - report
​The US military has begun training Syrian opposition fighters in Turkey, in an effort to combat the so-called Islamic State, sources revealed to media. The reported move is an extension of a program that launched in Jordan weeks ago.

28.05.2015 13:59

Austerity protest: ‘UK citizens need govt support, not attack’
UK citizens are calling for an end to austerity. They need a strong welfare state where wealth is divided equally among society and the government supports as opposed to attacks people, says Callum Cant of the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts.

28.05.2015 10:37

US won't accept idea of global ‘spheres of influence’ – Biden
The US rejects the idea of any nation claiming a sphere of influence, Vice President Joe Biden told a Washington think tank, arguing that the crisis in Ukraine was about the principles and values of the West and international order.

28.05.2015 00:10

Corporations shell out $1.2mn in Senate contributions to fast-track TPP
Records from the Federal Election Commission show corporations have been donating tens of thousands of dollars to Senate campaign coffers, particularly to lawmakers who were undecided over a controversial trade deal involving Pacific Rim countries.

27.05.2015 22:39

Ukraine humanitarian crisis ‘one of the world’s worst’ – UN refugee agency
The rise in the number of refugees in the Ukrainian conflict is resulting in one of the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis” today, the UN has confirmed, as sporadic fighting and a lack of aid forces civilians flee to neighboring countries, mainly Russia.

28.05.2015 00:09

FIFA head caught in ‘firing line’ of US neocons (OP-ED)
As the US levels charges against seven members of football’s world governing body, and one particularly hawkish US politician is calling for the FIFA head to be ousted, RT interviews observers for their views of the incident.

27.05.2015 14:16