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Russia to build Jordan’s first $10bn nuclear power plant
Russia has signed a $10 billion agreement with Jordan for the construction of the country’s first nuclear power plant. Jordan currently lacks local energy sources and struggles to meet its growing electricity demand.

25.03.2015 08:52

Caught on camera: Janet Napolitano calls anti-tuition-hike student protest ‘crap’
The first rule of broadcasting and politics is that the mic is always hot. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano forgot that rule during a University of California regents meeting, calling a student protest against tuition hikes "crap."

19.03.2015 21:21

Egypt unveils blueprints for new $45bn capital city
Egypt has published official plans for a brand new capital city, located next to Cairo, which it says will be constructed with investment from Gulf states. The new city, which will house five million people, is expected to be built in under seven years.

14.03.2015 16:03

Turning the tide? World’s first lagoon power stations reach British shores
Plans to generate electricity from the world’s first batch of tidal lagoon power plants have surfaced in Britain. The power stations could yield 8 percent of the UK’s electricity requirements, experts suggest.

02.03.2015 15:44

Settlement rush: Record Israel construction tenders in occupied territories
Israel was accelerating construction of the new settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories throughout 2014, setting a 10-year record for the number of construction tenders issued. The overall increase in construction starts reached 40 percent.

24.02.2015 05:55

​‘100 riot police’ clash with housing justice activists in South London, 6 arrested
Six people were arrested on Tuesday night in a London council estate, following a standoff between riot police and activists protesting against the ‘social cleansing’ of London's poor.

18.02.2015 12:50

​Russia to construct $530mn coal port in Far East
In the spring Russia will start constructing the Severniy [Northern – Ed.] port in the Far Eastern Primorye region. Local authorities say it will be able to handle 20 million tons of coal a year aimed at increasing supplies to the Asia-Pacific region.

04.02.2015 07:33

​#MarchForHouses: Thousands to descend on London mayor’s office, demand decent housing
Thousands of demonstrators will to take to the streets of London on Saturday afternoon to demand Mayor Boris Johnson deliver solutions to the capital’s deepening housing crisis.

30.01.2015 12:17

London mayor gives go-ahead for ‘cycle superhighways’
London Mayor Boris Johnson has approved the construction of two ambitious cycle routes spanning the capital. The lanes will become Europe's longest substantially-segregated urban cycle ways.

29.01.2015 12:04

Moscow to Beijing in 2 days: China to build $242bn high-speed railway
China is going to build a $242 billion (1.5 trillion yuan) high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line will cut the journey time from five to 'two days', say Chinese authorities.

22.01.2015 12:36

Micro-houses for micro-wages: How much room does London have for low-earning workers?
Struggling young workers, priced out of the UK's inflated property market and devoid of resources to rent increasingly expensive shared accommodation, may still have the chance to live in London. Enter the rise of hostel accommodation and microhouses.

29.12.2014 17:13

​'10.0 quake-resistant!': Demolishers desperate, high-riser intact after 2 blasts (VIDEO)
After two attempts to blow up a building in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, authorities were forced to leave the illegal structure teetering at a 20-degree angle for hours. A total of 400 kilos of explosives was used with the third, successful attempt.

27.12.2014 11:21