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Democrats to fight Obama on secret trade deal authorization
President Barack Obama may be looking for the new Republican-controlled Congress to grant him authority to fast-track negotiations over a pair of international trade deals, but critical Democrats are fighting back against the measure.

22.01.2015 01:59

Civil rights group asks Washington Redskins to change name
The civil rights group that forced the NFL to change its minority hiring practices is now backing efforts to persuade the Washington Redskins to rename its football team.

20.01.2015 03:32

​Ex-Formula 1 boss sues Google over group sex pics
Former Formula 1 boss Max Mosley has taken court action against Google to stop the search engine from showing pictures of him at a sex party.

15.01.2015 16:24

Women out: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish paper edits Merkel out of Paris march
A conservative Jewish newspaper edited a picture of world leaders rallying in anti-extremism solidarity in Paris last week, manipulating female politicians, including one of the most powerful people on the planet, Angela Merkel, out of the picture.

13.01.2015 15:31

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum
Sony Pictures Entertainment has compelled social-media site Reddit to thwart file-sharing of stolen data - including unreleased films, executives’ private emails, and insider financial information - gleaned via a major hack of the studio in November.

17.12.2014 15:11

Sony Pictures suspends filming after massive hack 'affects payments'
Sony Pictures has temporarily stopped filming after hackers, with alleged links to North Korea, paralyzed its computer network. The security glitches have reportedly meant the studio has been unable to process payments.

13.12.2014 09:27

Google ‘halted anti-piracy co-op’ after MPAA snarked at its anti-torrent crusade
MPAA’s “snarky” press release about Google’s cooperation with the group’s anti-piracy campaign enraged the tech giant and put the whole process on hold, according to leaked emails.

13.12.2014 01:37

Swedish police raid ‘downs Pirate Bay,’ website back online
The Pirate Bay and several other torrent websites temporarily disappeared from the internet on Tuesday. Reports say the sites were downed in a raid by Swedish police, which seized servers, computers, and equipment of previously elusive web pirates.

09.12.2014 21:33

Apple’s new patent dreams of laser beams on iPhones
Apple is developing a new laser-based system for future iPhones, enabling the ubiquitous devices to map their surroundings. The newly submitted patent would bring NASA-like technology to the masses.

08.12.2014 21:27

​France bans file-sharing site The Pirate Bay
France has become the latest country to block world's number one file-sharing site, The Pirate Bay, in an effort to defend copyright-protected content.

05.12.2014 22:04

US loses bid to re-jail Kim Dotcom
​Attorneys for the United States government have lost their attempt to revoke internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s bail as he awaits an extradition trial in New Zealand, scheduled for next June.

01.12.2014 18:38

'Fury', unreleased Sony movies leaked online in suspected N. Korea hack
At least five new films produced by Sony Pictures have leaked online, resulting in around 2 million downloads from file-sharing sites. Sony is investigating allegations that North Korean hackers are responsible for the leaks, according to reports.

01.12.2014 16:48