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Kim Dotcom can have seized assets returned – New Zealand High Court
The New Zealand High Court has ruled that Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom can be reunited with millions of dollars, property, cars, and artwork. It comes after the court denied an application by the Crown to extend the freezing of Dotcom's fortune.

16.04.2014 19:40

Six Strikes plan to eliminate piracy finally operating at ‘full capacity’
The highly-touted Six Strikes anti-piracy policy involving major US internet providers has been fully enacted nearly two years after Hollywood copyright enforcers dreamt up the scheme, according to a new announcement from the group behind the plan.

11.04.2014 22:23

Downloading pirated films, music no longer legal in the Netherlands
The European Court of Justice has ruled that citizens in the Netherlands can no longer download copyrighted movies and music without paying for them and without breaking the law. The court ruled that the current system of a privacy levy is unlawful.

10.04.2014 17:12

​Radio Voice of America stops airing in Russia due to contract expiration
Voice of America radio station has stopped broadcasting in Russia due to the expiration of its contract to operate. Head of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, which coordinates broadcasting VOA in Russia, said the contract will not be renewed.

09.04.2014 20:09

IP address does not constitute a person, judge rules in copyright suit
A Florida judge has ruled that a copyright holder may not sue a person because their computer was used to illegally download content. It's the latest in a series of decisions making it more difficult for so-called copyright trolls to sue alleged pirates.

24.03.2014 22:58

Ukrainian nationalists block RT YouTube video of brutal assault on TV chief
A Ukrainian parliamentarian from the nationalist Svoboda party has removed RT’s YouTube video of another Svoboda deputy physically abusing the head of a national television network in Kiev – saying it violates copyright.

21.03.2014 13:33

Popcorn Time, a new streaming BitTorrent site, takes on Netflix
A new torrent application that allows users to stream Hollywood movies to various devices has been advertised as a free, possibly illegal challenger to Netflix, although its success depends on whether casual downloaders are willing to take the plunge.

12.03.2014 02:24

Cable giants dealt potential win against TV startup Aereo by US govt
The US Department of Justice has announced it supports major American broadcasters – including CBS, Disney, Fox, and PBS – in a looming court battle against a smaller company that makes the content broadcast on those channels available to stream online.

04.03.2014 20:07

YouTube given 24 hours to remove ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film
Google must remove from YouTube a polarizing anti-Muslim film that incited international demonstrations, as leaving it online would infringe on the rights of an actress who was coerced into starring in the movie, a split federal court ruled Wednesday.

26.02.2014 22:55

Linking to free stuff is not piracy, EU rules
Managing a site with links to freely available copyrighted content does not amount to online piracy, an EU court has ruled. The justices advised their Swedish colleagues, who are reviewing a journalists’ lawsuit against a link-hosting website.

14.02.2014 13:02

​Walk the plank, copyright middlemen: Long live The Pirate Bay!
This week, a Dutch court in The Hague ordered the censorship of The Pirate Bay to be lifted, calling it ineffective.

31.01.2014 07:53

Piracy lawsuits face new hurdle after judge rules against mass claims
A federal judge has ruled that copyright holders seeking to file suit against online pirates may not join multiple defendants into one suit, likely ending a method that entertainment studios have long relied upon to intimidate users into settlements.

31.01.2014 00:29

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