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Twitter account info requests surge 46%
The number of requests for account information Twitter received from countries around the world has increased by 46 percent in the first half of 2014, the social networking site revealed in its fifth transparency report.

31.07.2014 23:40

UK police seize online ad space to warn against piracy
The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has begun replacing adverts on websites suspected of piracy with official warnings in an effort to disrupt their revenue streams.

29.07.2014 13:00

Legislation allowing US consumers to unlock their cell phones clears Congress
The US House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation on Friday that would allow consumers to “unlock” their cell phones in order to switch wireless networks. It now heads to President Obama for his signature.

25.07.2014 23:09

Kim Dotcom US extradition hearing delayed until 2015
The Megaupload founder has been told that his extradition hearing has been delayed again – he will now have to wait until at least February 2015 to find out his fate.

07.07.2014 19:11

Ben & Jerry’s joins Vermont’s fight for GMO labeling
As Vermont gears up to defend its first-in-the-nation labeling law concerning food that contains genetically modified organisms, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s is teaming up with the state to help raise money for the cause.

17.06.2014 16:36

Anti-piracy group to fight Pirate Bay in Norway court
Anti-piracy group Rights Alliance says it will petition an Oslo court “within weeks” to block the file sharing site The Pirate Bay in Norway.

11.06.2014 15:08

Faking it Eurostyle: China builds mini-me towns (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
China's skill in replication has developed to something bigger than just handbags or watches. Precise copies of world famous landmarks are built around the country too - some growing into whole copycat communities.

07.06.2014 12:44

Internet users won't get sued for web browsing, EU top court rules
​EU internet surfers can breathe at ease as they can now safely browse the web without worrying that cached copies of lawful material on their hard drives may infringe someone’s copyright, according to the European Court of Justice recent ruling.

06.06.2014 03:27

UK copyright amendment OKs DVD ripping for disabled
Disabled people are now allowed to copy MP3s, CDs and DVDs if there is no commercial alternative. The change is part of broader legislation that eases copyright law with a view to bringing 250 million pounds to the UK economy over the next decade.

03.06.2014 04:02

​‘P2P not dead': 300 mn BitTorrent users swap TV shows and movies every month
Despite the copyright industry’s best efforts to stamp out internet piracy, P2P file sharing continues its meteoric rise, with 300 million users swapping files via BitTorrent every month, media analytics startup Tru Optik says.

31.05.2014 10:48

Judge, siding with accused pirate, orders ‘copyright troll’ to pay up
High-powered law firms have for decades won massive settlements from accused online pirates based on legal claims that are now in doubt. Initiating so many battles has created a lot of enemies, though, as one firm recently found out.

29.04.2014 20:26

Kim Dotcom can have seized assets returned – New Zealand High Court
The New Zealand High Court has ruled that Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom can be reunited with millions of dollars, property, cars, and artwork. It comes after the court denied an application by the Crown to extend the freezing of Dotcom's fortune.

16.04.2014 19:40

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