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Corporate news

Up in smoke: Unrest in Iraq blamed for drop in Imperial Tobacco sales
The rise of Islamic extremism in the Middle East has disrupted sales growth at Imperial Tobacco, known around the world for its Davidoff and Gauloises cigarettes.

19.08.2014 14:16

US corporations boycott Glasgow over Gaza support
Hundreds of US businesspeople have scrapped plans to visit Glasgow, following the Scottish city’s decision to fly the Palestinian flag following Israeli military operations in Gaza.

19.08.2014 09:45

UK security firm snatches up £70 million contract to supply Gitmo
UK security company G4S has been awarded a new contract worth $118 million (70 million pounds) to supply materials and services to Guantanamo Bay, the US military base notorious for its alleged human rights violations.

14.08.2014 08:21

Coke pulls ads from 4 Russian TV channels, on ‘purely economic’ basis
American beverage giant Coca-Cola says its decision to cancel advertising on four Russian state television channels is unrelated to sanctions.

06.08.2014 10:41

​Samsung reinstates Chinese supplier after ‘child labor’ accusations
Samsung has resumed buying parts from a Chinese supplier accused of using child labor after it was proved the children were recruited by a subcontractor and not the company itself.

06.08.2014 09:58

Sanctions force Aeroflot to pull plug on low-cost airline
Aeroflot's new budget airline Dobrolet announced it is temporarily suspending flights and ticket sales due to “unprecedented pressure” from European partners as a result of economic sanctions.

04.08.2014 07:08

Iconic carmaker Fiat leaves Italy after 115 years, as Chrysler merger finalized
No more ‘Fiat’ or ‘Chrysler’ but only ‘Fiat Chrysler’ after Fiat shareholders approved the Italian carmakers merger with Chrysler on Friday. Survival is the main goal for the world’s 7th largest auto group, which has its eyes on a US stock listing.

01.08.2014 12:18

​Tesla and Panasonic to establish world’s biggest battery plant
Electric car maker Tesla Motors and electronics giant Panasonic have signed an agreement to build the world’s biggest plant to produce batteries which will be known as the Gigafactory.

31.07.2014 11:21

McDonald’s faces liability for franchise restaurant workers
McDonald’s could share responsibility for violations by some of its franchise operators, said the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Labor advocates applaud the ruling, which the fast-food chain vows to contest.

30.07.2014 05:20

Microsoft latest victim in China's spy-spooked probes
The surprise visit of regulators to Microsoft’s offices across China on Monday has marked a dangerous turn for the US tech giant’s operations in China, once the hottest growth market for companies making iPhones, Xboxes, or running search engines.

29.07.2014 12:47

3D printing for the masses: Amazon launches online store
Amazon’s ambitious expansion doesn't just involve delivery drones – the company launched a new online store on Monday dedicated to selling 3D printed products.

29.07.2014 03:51

Gun manufacturer Beretta moves to Tennessee, blames Maryland's gun laws
Italian weapons manufacturer Beretta is high-tailing it out of its home state of Maryland for the greener, more gun-friendly pastures of Tennessee. The arms company is the latest to leave a so-called 'blue state' for the south due to strict gun laws.

28.07.2014 21:45

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