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Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, and the corporate media phantasmagoria
The scandals that have erupted around the exposure of Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams as having lied about their wartime experiences provide us with a glimpse into the nature of corporate media.

27.02.2015 11:24

​Bailed-out RBS offers staff ‘outrageous’ bonuses despite £3.5 bn losses in 2014
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief Ross McEwan has conceded the 80 percent state-owned bank will pay staff lucrative bonuses from a pool of £421 million, despite the fact it faced losses of £3.5 billion in 2014.

26.02.2015 16:01

‘Wonderful day for justice’: Death row Brit wins appeal after ‘fabricated testimony’ claims
A UK citizen awaiting execution in the US has been granted an appeal after her lawyers claimed new evidence proves state prosecutors coerced witnesses to give fabricated evidence against her.

26.02.2015 13:05

Corruption: Chronic UK disease infecting establishment, dragging country backwards
Just as the British government announces the deployment of troops to Ukraine as ‘advisors’, it is rapidly becoming apparent that the average Member of Parliament in the UK is as crooked as Uri Geller’s cutlery.

25.02.2015 15:35

Serco turned ‘blind eye’ to corruption in UK immigration jail, court hears
A whistleblower who worked at a Serco-run immigration detention center alleges the firm turned a blind eye to corruption in the jail, despite evidence staff were smuggling hard drugs into the facility and making a handsome profit in the process.

26.02.2015 12:36

​Moonlighting MPs: Labour seeks ban on 2nd jobs, despite ex-PM Brown earning £1mn on the side
The Labour Party wants to ban British MPs from working as paid directors or consultants following the “cash for access” scandal, despite a report finding that former Prime Minister Gordon Brown earned nearly £1mn outside Parliament last year.

25.02.2015 13:02

HSBC chief rejects direct responsibility for bank's criminal activity in Switzerland
HSBC chairman Douglas Flint has failed to take direct responsibility for the bank’s alleged criminal transgressions in Switzerland. He told MPs he should not be subjected to a bonus clawback.

25.02.2015 11:52

Spy agency watchdog ‘incapable of holding govt to account’ – human rights group
​Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) is a “hopelessly inadequate” watchdog that has failed to hold UK security services to account for 15 years, human rights charity Reprieve warns.

24.02.2015 17:24

Top international banks face US probe for alleged precious metals market fix
The US Department of Justice is in the early stages of an investigation into at least 10 international banks—including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Barclays—over alleged manipulation of the precious metals market.

24.02.2015 15:48

Rifkind resigns as MP & Committee Chair over ‘cash for access’ sting
Sir Malcom Rifkind has stepped down as chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee and resigned as an MP following increasing pressure after he was caught on camera allegedly offering a ‘cash for access’ service to private companies.

24.02.2015 09:09

‘Eye popping’ City bonuses highlight scale of UK inequality – tax justice group
Bonuses paid by financial firms since the onslaught of the financial crisis will surpass £100 billion in 2015. Campaigners warn that Britain’s finance sector is continuing to breed inequality, while ordinary taxpayers clean up the mess.

23.02.2015 16:01

​‘Cash for access’ sting: Ex-foreign secretaries Straw and Rifkind suspended, deny wrongdoing
Cameron has defended the decision to suspend Sir Malcom Rifkind following two of Britain’s former foreign secretaries were secretly filmed offering their services to private companies in return for cash.

23.02.2015 08:55