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Tony Blair acts as character witness for Ehud Olmert in corruption trial
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair came to the defense of Ehud Olmert as a character witness in the corruption trial against the former Israeli premier in the country’s Supreme Court.

05.05.2015 13:12

Qatar cover-up? Doha detains German reporters investigating FIFA World Cup
Journalists from Germany’s biggest television networks were reportedly detained, questioned and not allowed to leave Qatar for days while working on a story about FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Doha’s vexed nomination for the 2022 football World Cup.

05.05.2015 04:59

Bill Clinton defends foundation donations amid accusations of more lavish gifts
Former US president Bill Clinton has broken his silence to defend foreign donations to the Clintons’ charitable foundation, insisting the organization did not accept quid pro quo gifts while Mrs. Clinton was US secretary of state.

04.05.2015 16:55

Family affair: NY Senate majority leader, son arrested on federal corruption charges
The New York Senate majority leader and his son have been arrested by the FBI on corruption and conspiracy charges. State Sen. Dean G. Skelos is accused of using his position to benefit his son’s business dealings.

04.05.2015 17:07

Christie advisor guilty in ‘Bridgegate’ – DoJ
Federal prosecutors have announced charges against former allies of Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie related to the 2013 corruption scandal surrounding road closures near the George Washington Bridge.

01.05.2015 16:15

Kiev is making no ‘tangible steps’ to investigate Odessa massacre – Moscow
Moscow has called on the international community to put pressure on Ukrainian authorities, which are not making any ‘tangible steps’ towards an independent and impartial investigation of last year’s Odessa massacre, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

01.05.2015 18:01

​Corporate power ‘exorcism’ held outside London law firm billed for TTIP lawsuits
A group of radical performance activists who hail from New York staged an “exorcism” of corporate power outside an international law firm in London to raise awareness about the dangers of an EU-US trade deal being brokered behind closed doors.

01.05.2015 16:10

Corporate BAE-funded spy donated to Tory election campaign
A private investigator and ‘corporate spy,’ who used to monitor and infiltrate activist groups, has donated money to a Conservative Party candidate’s re-election campaign.

01.05.2015 12:50

​Occupy Democracy fight corporate power in 10-day spectacle of dissent
As Britain braces for next week’s general election, political activists, academics and artists will occupy London’s Parliament Square for ten days in an effort to tackle corporate capture, environmental chaos and cronyism.

01.05.2015 10:15

​Russell Brand backs Greens Party in ‘anti-voting’ volte-face
Activist and comedian Russell Brand has surprised pundits by endorsing Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’ re-election campaign just days after interviewing Labour leader Ed Miliband on his popular news show, The Trews.

01.05.2015 08:52

Disgraced HSBC cites UK ‘regulatory reforms’ as a cause for Asia move
As disgraced British bank HSBC considers moving its headquarters to Asia, many UK tax payers have welcomed the news. The banking giant, which previously assisted criminals in dodging tax, cited regulatory changes as a driving factor for its move.

27.04.2015 14:37

Arms companies ‘getting more ethical,’ study claims
Anti-bribery laws have made British arms companies more ethical over the last three years, according to an NGO which has heavily criticized the industry in the past.

27.04.2015 10:42