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New York telemarketers keep more than half money raised for charity – report
For-profit telemarketing companies based in New York retained 52 percent of the funds they raised on behalf of charities in 2013, according to a new report released by the state’s attorney general.

04.03.2015 19:27

Petraeus may not get jail time for talking to a journalist, but Sterling and others did
Following his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information, disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus is likely to avoid jail time for a crime similar to those committed by whistleblowers that received far worse punishment.

04.03.2015 18:39

‘I could be PM of Spain’ - Venezuelan leader jokes over Spanish election campaign
President Nicolas Maduro has asked politicians in Spain to leave Venezuela alone in their election campaigns ahead of a general election at the end of 2015, saying he could run for office in Madrid as he is in the Spanish news so much these days.

04.03.2015 15:26

‘Britain awash with dirty money,’ says anti-corruption think tank
Criminals, tax evaders, human traffickers and drug dealers have laundered billions of pounds worth of dirty money purchasing British properties through anonymous offshore companies, Scotland Yard investigators suspect.

04.03.2015 10:19

Rafferty’s rules: Chaos reigned in Afghanistan throughout US occupation, HRW reports
The US imperative of security at any cost after the ouster of the Taliban created an atmosphere of absolute impunity among Afghan authorities and strongmen, who could get away with murder, torture and all other possible human rights abuses, HRW reports.

04.03.2015 05:59

‘National threat’: Prosecute those who ‘willfully neglect’ sexually abused, says Cameron
Institutions and authorities have failed to tackle “industrial scale” sexual abuse and those who keep it hidden should face prosecution, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday.

03.03.2015 16:04

New York minority officers forced to meet quotas or face punishment, lawsuit alleges
Minority officers with the New York Police Department face racial bias within arrest and summons quotas, and, compared to white officers, are disproportionately punished for failing to meet those standards, according to a new lawsuit.

02.03.2015 18:46

Ferguson police levied excessive traffic fines on blacks – DOJ leak
A US Department of Justice report, to be released this week, alleges that Ferguson police are guilty of disproportional fining and arresting African-American residents to balance the town’s budget, making the lives of those unable to pay a nightmare.

02.03.2015 05:49

NGO launches dedicated anti-corruption social network in Russia
A Russian NGO has announced plans to launch a nationwide social network specially designed to fight bribery and corruption.

02.03.2015 09:42

Piñata protest! Amnesty to bash Mexican torture in London embassy stunt
On the eve of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s state visit to Britain, Amnesty International will stage a 'hard-hitting' act of creative protest to highlight Mexican police and security officials’ complicity in organized crime and torture.

27.02.2015 17:04

Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, and the corporate media phantasmagoria
The scandals that have erupted around the exposure of Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams as having lied about their wartime experiences provide us with a glimpse into the nature of corporate media.

27.02.2015 11:24

​Bailed-out RBS offers staff ‘outrageous’ bonuses despite £3.5 bn losses in 2014
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief Ross McEwan has conceded the 80 percent state-owned bank will pay staff lucrative bonuses from a pool of £421 million, despite the fact it faced losses of £3.5 billion in 2014.

26.02.2015 16:01