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Soviet spy ring mastermind John Walker dies in prison
The infamous man behind one of the United States’ most shocking spy rings has died in a federal North Carolina prison.

29.08.2014 22:32

IMF chief confirms she faces 'negligence' charges in multi-million euro fraud case
IMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged "negligence" in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

27.08.2014 09:45

100 British cops suspended each year on corruption allegations
Almost 100 police officers are suspended on suspicion of corruption every year, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

26.08.2014 14:13

Cornel West slams 'counterfeit' Obama's presidency
Cornel West, activist and professor at Union Theological Seminary, ripped Barack Obama’s “Wall Street presidency,” calling him another neoliberal “counterfeit” after posing as a progressive in his initial campaign for the White House in 2008.

25.08.2014 15:48

Fair Russia suggest depriving corrupt officials of state pensions
A leftist MP is urging changes to the law that would bar people convicted of corruption from official posts and receiving increased pensions.

25.08.2014 12:01

34 sailors kicked out of US Navy for nuclear cheating ring, more suspects remain
A seven-year-long cheating scandal at a US Navy nuclear power training site is again rocking the boat. At least 34 sailors are being kicked out of the military branch for their roles in the long-running scam, the Navy announced Wednesday.

22.08.2014 20:46

Banksters win again: BoA settlement with US govt allows Wall St fraudsters to 'act with impunity,' critics say
While the US government touted its “record” settlement reached this week with Bank of America for mortgage fraud that helped fuel the 2008 recession, the details of the agreement indicate yet another slap on the wrist for an offending Wall Street titan.

22.08.2014 15:37

Communists want ‘court of honor’ to judge civil servants
Communist Party MPs have promised to draft a bill to introduce a “court of honor” that would adjudicate on the ethical side of an official’s behavior, and possibly recommend anti-corruption courses as a punishment.

21.08.2014 10:48

Rusnano probed: Prosecutors launch anti-corruption audit into state hi-tech co.
The financial director and several board members of the Russian state-run corporation Rusnano have been charged with misappropriation of funds and power abuse following a probe initiated by a leftist lawmaker.

21.08.2014 08:32

15% of French people back ISIS militants, poll finds
Up to 15 percent of French people said they have a positive attitude toward the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The share of ISIS supporters is largest among France’s younger generation, a new poll says.

18.08.2014 13:44

​Results of UK investigation into Muslim Brotherhood ‘delayed’- reports
The British government has allegedly delayed reports from an investigation into Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood. Ministers are apparently concerned it could damage the UK’s relationship with its Gulf state allies.

18.08.2014 11:46

After Magnitsky: Dead lawyer’s boss Browder and his legal hurdles – now in US
William Browder is a former Magnitsky boss and a vocal anti-Kremlin campaigner whose claims are believed to be the only evidence in a Russian money laundering case in NY. However, he is “fighting hard” to avoid testifying in US court, lawyers say.

14.08.2014 18:57

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