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Thousands of guns unaccounted for by Afghan security forces
Information on nearly three-quarters of a million guns purchased by the US for the Afghan National Security Forces is either missing or duplicated, an audit of SIGAR inspectors revealed, sparking fears they could have ended up in Taliban hands.

28.07.2014 05:20

Lloyds in 'late stage' of Libor settlement talks, victims remain unaddressed
Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is nearing a settlement with US and UK regulators for its alleged role in the manipulation of Libor rates – the major interest rate benchmark that determines the cost of up to $350 trillion worth of global financial products.

25.07.2014 16:04

African leaders’ immunity and ICC neocolonialism
​The news was picked up by the media around the world but, as often happens when it comes to African issues; it was quickly downgraded to an interesting fact.

25.07.2014 11:58

UK banks ‘have much to fear’: competition watchdog set to probe Lloyds, RBS, HSBC and Barclays
Barclays, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds may be forced to break up following a finance watchdog’s inquiry. The watchdog claims Britain's banking sector is characterized by anti-competitiveness and a failure to meet ordinary citizens and small business' needs.

18.07.2014 12:49

Sexual abuse rampant in British overseas territory, report covered-up
​Child sexual abuse, domestic violence and sexual exploitation are rife on the British overseas territory of St. Helena, according to a charity group’s report which was suppressed.

16.07.2014 10:07

​Brave new BRICS a challenge to international system
The sixth summit of the BRICS group of large emerging economies in Fortaleza, Brazil, is a curtain-raiser to a brave new world where leading developing countries finally challenge the iniquitous international system.

15.07.2014 11:02

Baroness forced to step down in UK Pedophile Investigation
​Saying she was “not the right person” for the job, Baroness Butler-Sloss has stepped down as head of the UK government’s inquiry that looks into reports of at least 20 senior figures including MPs and cabinet ministers abusing children over decades.

14.07.2014 16:12

Excommunication breakdown: Religious parades banned over mafia boss holy march
An Italian bishop suspended all religious processions in his diocese in response to a recent religious parade in which a statue of Virgin Mary was carried to honor a local Mafia boss, despite the Pope excommunicating Mafiosi shortly beforehand.

11.07.2014 05:04

FIFA official implicated in $100mn World Cup ticket scam
Brazilian police say they have identified a FIFA official who they believe could be at the center of a ticket-tout scandal worth $100 million. Eleven suspects have been arrested after their mobile phones were tapped as part of the investigation.

04.07.2014 13:55

​Metropolitan police destroyed evidence of racial and sexual discrimination
A claim brought against Scotland Yard by a black female officer has revealed a Met practice of deleting internal records relating to sexual and racial discrimination.

02.07.2014 23:17

‘Greenpeace escapes from own objectives’
In the recent years Greenpeace has focused on fund raising away from mass campaigning and movement building which were its proclaimed objectives, escaping from its own objectives, Professor Chris Williams from Pace University told RT.

26.06.2014 09:14

IRS 'did not follow the law' regarding missing emails
In the second part of a hearing about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, the nation’s top archivist said the agency did not follow the law regarding the loss of a top executive’s emails after her computer crashed.

25.06.2014 00:37

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