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Navy charges fourth official in worst corruption scandal in decades
​Officials have arrested and charged a fourth US Navy officer with leaking classified information to a defense contractor in exchange for cash, gifts, and other personal favors.

18.04.2014 15:00

Democracy, human rights in Europe at its lowest since Cold War – Council of Europe head
The rule of law in Europe is going through its most severe crisis since the Cold War, a report by the continent’s top human rights and democracy watchdog warns.

16.04.2014 16:09

​Oligarchy, not democracy: Americans have ‘near-zero’ input on policy – report
The first-ever scientific study that analyzes whether the US is a democracy, rather than an oligarchy, found the majority of the American public has a “minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy” compared to the wealthy.

15.04.2014 02:30

TurboTax maker spending millions to kill simplified IRS tax filing
A software company that promises to help Americans avoid the annual misery of filing their IRS returns has, in fact, spent years trying to convince lawmakers to make sure filing taxes remains difficult, thus protecting its business, a new report found.

15.04.2014 00:33

Afghanistan’s elections & the illusion of progress
Elections held last week in Afghanistan, while highly publicized as a showpiece in NATO’s lengthy intervention, will most likely achieve very little.

13.04.2014 22:03

Florida closer to waiving gun laws during riots, other emergencies
Hurricanes, toxic events, riots, and other emergencies in Florida could soon be enough to allow residents to circumvent the state’s gun laws and carry a weapon without a permit if a bill passed Friday is signed into law.

12.04.2014 01:22

Use of excessive force by Albuquerque police ‘pretty disturbing,’ report finds (VIDEO)
Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico have fallen into a pattern of using force more often than necessary which, consequently, caused a number of unjustified fatal shootings by officers in recent years, according to a new federal oversight report.

10.04.2014 21:20

Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling
YouTube will remain blocked in Turkey in spite of a court order ruling that the ban is a violation of freedom of speech. The prohibition of social media in Turkey sparked public ire and mass protests against internet censorship.

10.04.2014 10:05

​Corrupting norm: UK fails to notice the beam in its own eye
Rather than the exception, corruption is now the norm within the key institutions at the heart of the British establishment.

08.04.2014 09:10

Child’s play: Pakistani 9-month-old baby accused of attempted murder
Mohammad Musa might not be old enough to have taken his first step or sounded his first word, but that has not stopped a Pakistani court from charging the 9-month-old boy with attempted murder.

05.04.2014 11:14

#Reoccupy the world: WaveOfAction sweeps the globe
Anti-corruption activists launched a three-month campaign at hundreds of former Occupy locations to kick off their own ‘#GlobalSpring’ of social, economic and political reform.

04.04.2014 13:15

‘Triangle of Death:’ Italy sends army to Mafia toxic waste dump
The Italian government is sending soldiers to the Mafia controlled areas north of Naples, which have become an illegal dumping ground for highly toxic chemicals and other garbage, known as the “Triangle of Death”.

02.04.2014 17:35

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