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UN probe reportedly finds corruption in Afghan police oversight division
A UN sponsored report has stated that Afghanistan government officials in charge of oversight of local police covered up complaints of corruption against law enforcement and has urged their dismissal, according to a copy of the paper seen by Reuters.

19.04.2015 08:30

UK child abuse: It’s not the evidence, but who you are that matters
The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to bring charges against the wealthy peer and establishment insider Lord Greville Janner in connection with allegations of child abuse has been met with outrage among the general public and police.

17.04.2015 10:51

Mass student protest in Chile escalates into clashes with riot police (VIDEO)
Riot police in Chile have deployed water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators who were lobbing rocks and street signs, after a mostly-peaceful march against a contentious university reform and corruption allegations ended in violent clashes.

16.04.2015 22:02

​Tories bankrolled by hedge funds in offshore tax havens, new analysis shows
Conservative Party candidates are bankrolled by hedge fund donations siphoned to Westminster from lucrative tax havens including the Cayman Islands, new analysis suggests.

16.04.2015 15:14

Ex-Philly cop admits he planted drugs in scheme targeting white ‘khaki-pants type’ males
Testifying against his colleagues, a former Philadelphia cop told the court about the extortions, robberies, drug deals and other abuses perpetrated by six narcotics officers currently standing trial for a six-year racketeering scheme.

15.04.2015 00:49

‘Out of control’: DEA chief grilled over agents’ sex parties dating back to 2001
The Drug Enforcement Agency chief is taking fire from Congress over internal reports stating that agents have engaged in sex parties on the government’s dime since 2001. One lawmaker also called for the chief to resign.

14.04.2015 19:49

Louisiana cops arrested for taking company bribe to plant drugs on innocent man
Two Louisiana law enforcement officers have been arrested on charges of racketeering for accepting a bribe of over $100,000, and unlawfully arresting an innocent man after planting drugs in his car.

14.04.2015 13:20

​Whistleblowers at Veteran Affairs victims of ‘retaliation’
VA managers are punishing whistleblowers in the ranks via demotions and manipulation of medical records, among other means, according to testimony delivered by the staff during a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing.

14.04.2015 12:17

​‘Excessive’ perks: BP boss receives £1.7m in pension benefits, despite profit fall
Campaigners in the UK have labeled BP chief executive Bob Dudley’s pension scheme “excessive,” after the oil tycoon pocketed £1.7 million in pension benefits last year.

13.04.2015 15:42

Countrywide protests flood Brazil pushing for President Rousseff’s impeachment
Tens of thousands Brazilian demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday to protest the social and economic policies of President Dilma Rousseff. The marchers claim the country’s leader supports corruption and demand that she resigns or is impeached.

12.04.2015 19:09

2 Detroit police officers accused of robbing drug dealers
Two veteran Detroit police officers have been charged with multiple counts of robbing drug dealers of money and drugs during police searches over a four-year spree.

10.04.2015 02:48

Former Ohio state trooper gets 5 yrs in federal prison for sex acts
An Ohio state trooper was sentenced to five years in prison by a federal court for coercing four women motorists to engage in sexual acts for lenient treatment over criminal cases and traffic tickets.

10.04.2015 00:17