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Tesla can sell cars directly to customers – Mass. high court
Tesla Motors earned a significant victory over traditional automakers and their system of franchise dealerships on Monday. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the electric car company can sell its products directly to consumers.

15.09.2014 21:40

Retrial begins for Detroit cop who killed 7-year-old in ‘Reality Show Shooting’
Jury selection began Monday in the retrial for a Michigan police officer accused of killing a 7-year-old girl during a 2010 raid on her house while being followed by a reality-TV camera crew. The cop is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

15.09.2014 18:14

Supreme Court justice warns of drones creating 'Orwellian' future
US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has voiced concerns that, without sufficient protections, the age of unmanned drones and ubiquitous surveillance will usher in an “Orwellian world.”

15.09.2014 15:54

Guilty! ‘Russell Tribunal’ condemns Obama, Poroshenko ‘war crimes’ in E.Ukraine
The presidents of Ukraine and the US, in addition to heads of NATO and the European Commission have been condemned for war crimes in Eastern Ukraine by an informal Russell Tribunal, which took place in Venice, Italy on Saturday.

13.09.2014 14:56

Julian Assange lodges appeal against Swedish arrest warrant
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has filed an appeal against the Swedish warrant for his arrest, Swedish media reports. His lawyers are arguing that the prosecutors are acting “in gross breach of Swedish law.”

12.09.2014 13:25

​'Father of Terrorism': Brit given prison sentence for posting extremist videos
A British Muslim calling himself the ‘Father of Terrorism’ has been jailed after posting hundreds of links relating to extremist activity online.

12.09.2014 11:49

Pennsylvania sued for details on secret execution cocktail
​The American Civil Liberties Union, along with four newspapers, has filed a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania seeking to uncover the source of the drugs used in its lethal injection procedures.

12.09.2014 03:30

​NY judge pelted with hate letters after giving anti-drone protester 1yr jail time
A small-town New York judge – who recently sentenced a grandmother to one year in jail over her involvement with an anti-drone protest near a US military base – is receiving a barrage of hate and anti-Semitic e-mails from people all across the country.

12.09.2014 00:33

Judge sides with Occupy Eugene: ‘1st Amendment does not go to sleep at 5 p.m.’
A federal judge ruled that the General Services Administration (GSA) wrongly infringed on the First Amendment rights of Occupy Eugene protesters by severely restricting the hours and days they were allowed to demonstrate.

11.09.2014 15:05

Texas executes eighth inmate of the year despite questions about lethal drug
​Officials in Texas executed a convicted murderer on Wednesday evening, despite arguments raised by the man’s counsel concerning the drug used to kill him.

10.09.2014 14:25

Election watchdog Golos demands to be removed from ‘foreign agents’ list after court victory
Russian independent election watchdog, Golos, has applied to the Justice Ministry demanding to be excluded from the list of foreign agents after the Moscow City Court ruled the association had not violated the law on NGOs.

09.09.2014 17:05

Iraq renews attempts to seize Kurdish 'ghost ship' oil tanker in US court
Iraq has refiled in US court in an attempt to control a Kurdish crude oil tanker that has been stationed around 60 miles off Texas since late July. The refiling comes days after the court said it lacked jurisdiction to seize the cargo.

08.09.2014 17:21

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