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CIA secret prison ruling sees Poland appeal to European Human Rights Court
Poland has lodged an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights against a condemning ruling on the country’s so-called ‘black sites’. The court found Warsaw had violated two terror suspects’ rights as it let the CIA interrogate them on its territory.

24.10.2014 16:04

False witnesses can end up in prison under new bill - report
A Liberal-Democratic party MP is suggesting jailing people for giving false testimony in court claiming that such measure would bring down the number of wrongful sentences in the country.

24.10.2014 11:01

Guilty! French widow convicted for keeping husband’s ashes at home
A French 72-year old widow has been convicted by a local court for keeping ashes of her deceased husband at home not knowing it is illegal in her country.

23.10.2014 18:31

California prison system agrees to end racial segregation
An agreement reached this week in California will see that prison officials are no longer allowed to segregate inmates by race in the event of lockdowns at facilities across the state.

23.10.2014 15:37

‘Coincidence? Ex-Blackwater guards convicted as US paves a way back to Iraq’
The timing of the case against four ex-Blackwater employees might be connected with US attempts to re-engage in Iraq, former US Foreign Service employee Peter van Buren told RT.

23.10.2014 01:34

Prison guard sexually assaults dozens of inmates, strikes deal to avoid jail time
A former Kentucky corrections officer charged with dozens cases of sexual assault, drug trafficking and misconduct all of which he admitted will serve no jail time. In a plea deal he gets seven years of probation.

23.10.2014 01:48

‘Mumia Bill’ signed in Pennsylvania lets prisoners be sued over speech
Prisoners serving time in the state of Pennsylvania can now be sued for speaking up from behind bars after Governor Tom Corbett signed into law this week the Revictimization Relief Act that legislatures rushed to approve only days earlier.

22.10.2014 16:35

Michael Brown autopsy results may support Ferguson cop’s claim
​A newly leaked autopsy of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old black man shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri more than two months ago, indicates a gunshot wound to the hand from close range, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

22.10.2014 14:10

Blackwater guards convicted in 2007 Baghdad shooting
A Washington, DC jury has convicted one former Blackwater guard of murder and three more from the private military company of voluntary manslaughter in connection with infamous 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 14 civilians dead and 17 others injured.

22.10.2014 16:07

Mentally ill British man extradited to US on terror charge, pleads not guilty
A mentally ill British man was extradited to the US on Tuesday on charges of trying to set up a jihadist training camp in the US. He denies planning to establish a school for militants in Bly, Oregon.

22.10.2014 11:22

​Inspiring Islamophobia? Charities with alleged ‘terror links’ face controls
British Prime Minister David Cameron will lay out plans to “crack down on” charities suspected of having links with terrorist organizations on Wednesday, including a ban on people becoming trustees if they are linked to extremist activities.

22.10.2014 09:33

‘Harlem Kevorkian’ gets 12 years for assisting suicide
The man dubbed the “Harlem Kevorkian” was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a case in which he was hired to assist in another man's suicide.

21.10.2014 20:17

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