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Last words of executed Texan: 'It does kind of burn'
Texas executed its seventh inmate this year on Wednesday, after the prisoner’s attorneys failed to convince the Supreme Court he was mentally ill and should not be killed.

17.04.2014 18:37

​Consumers may be barred from suing General Mills for ‘liking’ company on Facebook
Under a new privacy policy, Fortune 500 corporation General Mills claims that anyone who has received anything from it that can be deemed a benefit – even agreeing to “like” it on Facebook – withdraws rights to sue the company.

17.04.2014 03:00

Mammogram tech who faked cancer tests played ‘Russian roulette’ with patients’ lives
A former hospital technician in Georgia has been sentenced to up to six months behind bars for editing mammogram results so that 1,289 patients were given false negatives. Ten of those women in fact tested positive, and two of them have since died.

17.04.2014 01:32

Philadelphia cuts cooperation with ICE deportation police
Philadelphia law enforcement officials will stop taking immigrants into custody on behalf of the federal government unless provided with a warrant. The news comes after city Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order on Wednesday.

16.04.2014 22:17

Kim Dotcom can have seized assets returned – New Zealand High Court
The New Zealand High Court has ruled that Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom can be reunited with millions of dollars, property, cars, and artwork. It comes after the court denied an application by the Crown to extend the freezing of Dotcom's fortune.

16.04.2014 19:40

Community outcry could lead to parole for father imprisoned 13 years after crime
Cornealious "Mike" Anderson opened the door to his Missouri home one afternoon nine months ago and found a SWAT team waiting for the chance to correct a decades-old clerical error that allowed Anderson to avoid a stiff prison sentence.

16.04.2014 20:04

Snowden’s email provider Lavabit loses federal appeal
A federal appeals panel on Wednesday dismissed what attorneys for the Lavabit email service said was “immense public concern” surrounding the government’s request for the site’s encryption keys, and instead upheld a lower court’s earlier ruling.

16.04.2014 19:26

Google: We scan all Gmail messages
Few will likely find themselves reading the fine print added to the new terms of service issued by Google this week, but the updated version clarifies to customers once and for all that the contents of messages going in and out of Gmail are being scanned.

16.04.2014 16:07

Ron Paul’s nonprofit refuses to disclose list of donors to the IRS
The United States Federal Reserve is usually the government office finding itself most often in the crosshairs of former Texas congressman Ron Paul, but now the longtime lawmaker is setting his sights on another agency: the Internal Revenue Service.

16.04.2014 14:06

Feds charge woman who hurled shoe at Hillary Clinton
The woman who threw a shoe at former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a speech in Las Vegas last Thursday is now facing federal charges. Clinton dodged the object and an usher escorted the woman, Alison Michelle Ernst, from the audience.

15.04.2014 21:13

Kansas KKK shooting suspect testified against fellow white supremacists
Frazier Glenn Miller, the founder of a KKK chapter arrested over the weekend for a triple homicide targeting a Jewish center, testified against fellow white supremacists in an unrelated murder in exchange for a lesser sentence, a new report reveals.

15.04.2014 21:52

Onondaga Nation seeks international help in reclaiming ancestral lands from US
After failing to get the United States justice system to hear its case asserting that millions of acres of its land was stolen by New York, the Onondaga Native American tribe has filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

15.04.2014 18:06

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