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​Support for US federal rulings falls by 1/3 in just 5 months
Americans are increasingly in favor of states being able to ignore federal court rulings, a new poll has revealed. This comes on the heels of last week’s Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare.

04.07.2015 11:34

Surrogate children can now claim French citizenship, top court rules
France’s top court has ruled that two surrogate children born abroad will now have legal status in the country. They can obtain birth certificates and claim citizenship despite a ban on surrogacy in France.

03.07.2015 16:57

​High Court: 100s of asylum seekers, torture victims CAN sue UK govt for illegal detention
A landmark High Court ruling has paved the way for hundreds of torture victims who were illegally detained by the British government to sue the state for damages.

03.07.2015 15:22

Azelle Rodney’s death ‘avoidable’ claims mother, as police marksman cleared of murder
A police marksman has been cleared of murder in a British court 10 years after he shot and killed suspected robber Azelle Rodney in north London. Rodney’s mother continues to insist her son’s death was ‘avoidable.’

03.07.2015 13:38

Opposition coalition sues Siberian mayor over claims of $20mn US funding
Russian opposition politician Aleksey Navalny and the RPR-PARNAS party have sued the Novosibirsk mayor for slander after he said they were planning a revolution, bribing voters and that the US Congress had given $20mn for Russian election campaigns.

03.07.2015 10:40

​Gun-hoarding man accidentally shot himself in head during police raid – inquest
A Bradford man accidently shot himself in the head with a weapon from his illicit horde of firearms, crossbows and knives when police raided his home, an inquest has heard.

03.07.2015 09:54

‘This was the nicest kid in school’: Courtroom reunion as judge recognizes defendant (VIDEO)
An emotional school reunion took place at a Florida court when a judge had suddenly recognized the defendant to be her former classmate from decades ago, whom she said she was friends with, and who was the nicest kid in middle school.

03.07.2015 06:02

House GOP, White House spar in court over Obamacare overreach
House Republicans say a new Supreme Court decision helps bolster their case that a provision of Obamacare is unconstitutionally spending money Congress did not authorize. The provision alleviates out-of-pocket medical costs for people with lower incomes.

02.07.2015 23:47

Oklahoma says fracking companies can be sued over earthquakes
Oklahoma’s highest court agreed energy companies can be sued for injuries to people and damage to property sustained during earthquakes.Plaintiffs in two lawsuits claim fracking companies are responsible for the earthquakes.

02.07.2015 01:07

‘No legal prospects’ for MP request to review Baltic States’ break with USSR
A request by Russian MPs to review a 1991 decision recognizing the independence of Baltic States has no legal prospects, said the general prosecutor’s spokeswoman, adding that some queries the office recieves are “devoid of common sense altogether.”

01.07.2015 20:32

NSA data gathering too big to be efficient: ‘Like having to drink ten liters of water at once’
Bulk data collection has a very limited use and the US intelligence agencies’ problem is that they are gathering too much information to be able to use it effective, says former CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson.

01.07.2015 13:31

Berserk Colorado cop fired for beating of detainee
Police body-camera video and surveillance footage became proof against a police officer who severely beat a suspect in holding cell in December. To warning calls that the beating was being video recorded, a cop answered only “F**k that!”

01.07.2015 08:19