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Netanyahu vs. UN: Israeli PM slams UNHRC after its report ratified
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the UN Human Rights Council following a resolution accepting a UNHRC report, which presented evidence of war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014.

03.07.2015 23:18

Over 200 detained in Hague protests against police brutality
More than 200 people were detained overnight for breaking a curfew on public gatherings after protests against police brutality continued for a fourth night in The Hague, police said on Friday.

03.07.2015 13:57

​Gun-hoarding man accidentally shot himself in head during police raid – inquest
A Bradford man accidently shot himself in the head with a weapon from his illicit horde of firearms, crossbows and knives when police raided his home, an inquest has heard.

03.07.2015 09:54

​Thatcher govt didn’t oppose Saddam’s chemical weapons program, declassified papers show
As Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was building up its chemical weapons arsenal with the help of a British firm, Margaret Thatcher’s government decided not to oppose it, fearing that otherwise it would be subjected to criticism.

03.07.2015 10:30

Kuwait imposes mandatory dragnet DNA testing after mosque bombing
Following a deadly mosque bombing, the kingdom of Kuwait has passed a law ordering mandatory DNA testing of all its subjects and foreign residents. Violators face prison terms.

03.07.2015 05:57

‘This was the nicest kid in school’: Courtroom reunion as judge recognizes defendant (VIDEO)
An emotional school reunion took place at a Florida court when a judge had suddenly recognized the defendant to be her former classmate from decades ago, whom she said she was friends with, and who was the nicest kid in middle school.

03.07.2015 06:02

‘Shots fired; One down’: Police release video of fatal shooting of Texas man
Newly released Texas police body camera footage shows the moments before robbery suspect James Bushey pulled a gun on police and was fatally shot on May 31. Bushey’s gun was later discovered to be a pellet gun resembling a 9 mm handgun.

02.07.2015 23:49

Wedding sting: British authorities ‘afraid of seeming racist’ when challenging sham marriages
Fake marriage fixers were caught boasting about their deeds in a secret video recording where they promised sham couples they wouldn’t get caught because the “soft” British authorities are scared of being called racist.

02.07.2015 15:14

Child sex abuse investigations ‘inadequate’ – police watchdog
Police investigations into allegations of historical child sex abuse have been branded “inadequate” in a new report, which claims more than one-third of such inquiries are substandard.

02.07.2015 13:40

​​Drugs hypocrisy? Majority of Tory ministers ‘almost certainly’ took illegal narcotics – Lib Dem would-be leader
Most government minister have “almost certainly” taken illegal drugs and drug laws are a “monumental failure,” according to Lib Dem leadership hopeful Norman Lamb.

02.07.2015 09:34

Justice Dept. investigating possible price fixing at airlines
Major US airlines are being investigated by the Justice Department for “possible unlawful coordination” in ticket pricing. The probe comes as airlines are benefiting from low jet fuel prices, and more people flying than ever before.

02.07.2015 00:32

NSA’s XKEYSCORE spy program is ‘as easy as typing a few words in Google’
The National Security Agency’s infamous XKEYSCORE program, revealed by leaker Edward Snowden, makes searching the world’s private communications as easy to use as Google, according to training documents published by the Intercept.

01.07.2015 21:25