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Cyber attack on government contractor exposes undercover agents
Multiple undercover investigators had their personal data exposed to hackers after a cyber attack struck a key contractor of the Department of Homeland Security in early August.

23.08.2014 03:32

National Guard begins withdrawing from Ferguson after 2nd calm night in a row
Ferguson, Missouri remained relatively calm for the second night in a row. With only isolated arrests Wednesday and Thursday nights, a drawdown of the National Guard troops assigned with keeping the peace began Friday.

22.08.2014 19:04

Banksters win again: BoA settlement with US govt allows Wall St fraudsters to 'act with impunity,' critics say
While the US government touted its “record” settlement reached this week with Bank of America for mortgage fraud that helped fuel the 2008 recession, the details of the agreement indicate yet another slap on the wrist for an offending Wall Street titan.

22.08.2014 15:37

S. Carolina student arrested after writing about shooting a dinosaur
The mother of a South Carolina high school student was left irate when her 16-year-old son was suspended and then arrested after writing that he intended to buy a gun and kill a dinosaur as part of a homework assignment.

21.08.2014 20:30

New York’s stop-and-frisk policy ineffective in recovering guns, stopping murders - report
Data on New York City’s stop-and-frisk policing program during the reign of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg show the policy, which disproportionately targeted minorities, was not effective in reducing shootings and murders, according to a new report.

21.08.2014 16:18

'My mission is vengeance': Man says he killed four in response to US foreign policy
A Seattle man has told investigators he killed four people in Washington state and New Jersey this year in a mission to avenge the “millions” of lives “taken every single day” by the United States government, according to court documents.

21.08.2014 15:33

Hamas official admits group murdered 3 Israeli teens
A Hamas official has admitted for the first time that members of its militant wing kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers in June. This fueled increased tensions with Israel and eventually led to the IDF’s bombardment of Gaza.

21.08.2014 14:47

Rusnano probed: Prosecutors launch anti-corruption audit into state hi-tech co.
The financial director and several board members of the Russian state-run corporation Rusnano have been charged with misappropriation of funds and power abuse following a probe initiated by a leftist lawmaker.

21.08.2014 08:32

UPS Store franchise outlets hacked
Local networks of 51 UPS Store outlets in 24 states have been infected with a virus which steals customers’ credit and debit card numbers and personal data. The perpetrators could have been collecting information for over six months.

21.08.2014 04:42

Video of deadly St Louis police shooting raises questions (GRAPHIC)
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has released mobile phone footage that seems to be at odds with parts of its story surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Kajieme Powell in the weeks after Michael Brown’s death.

21.08.2014 03:40

Man arrested for filming NYPD stop-and-frisk gets $125k settlement
The New York Police Department reached a $125,000 settlement with a man who says he was arrested and strip-searched for photographing officers performing a stop-and-frisk operation in 2012.

20.08.2014 15:01

Mother of Russian journalist missing in Ukraine addresses Red Cross for help
The mother of Russian photojournalist, Andrey Stenin, missing in war-torn eastern Ukraine, has addressed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to help find her son.

20.08.2014 19:04

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