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Lawyers for accused Boston Marathon bomber deny posing as FBI agents in Russia
Attorneys for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev say allegations that three defense team members misrepresented themselves as FBI employees while investigating the case in Russia are "false" and "preposterous.”

16.09.2014 16:17

‘Dope mobile:’ Vatican librarian’s car carrying cocaine and cannabis detained in France
Using an official Vatican car to transport cocaine and cannabis did not help two Italians to avoid justice. Diplomatic plates failed to protect the two smugglers as they were stopped and arrested in France.

16.09.2014 17:07

‘GTA gang’ kills drivers near Moscow, vigilantes on war-path after criminals
A string of killings has brought fear to highways near Moscow. Criminals are placing spikes on the roads to stop cars - and then they shoot the drivers dead, without stealing anything. A vigilante group in Moscow has vowed to hunt the killers down.

16.09.2014 11:17

Police commissioner resigns over Rotherham child abuse scandal
In the aftermath of the Rotherham child sex scandal, South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright, has officially resigned. He stepped down following mounting pressure from multiple high profile establishment figures.

16.09.2014 10:52

Navy nurse faces expulsion after refusing to force feed Gitmo detainees
A Navy nurse who refused to force feed hunger-striking Guantanamo detainees over the summer, once threatened with court-martial, could now lose his career.

15.09.2014 20:16

UK rules out trying to save Briton held by ISIS
Britain has said it will not try and rescue one of its citizens who has been threatened with execution by Islamic State. The country’s Foreign Minister said nothing would be done because "we don't know where he is, it's as simple as that."

15.09.2014 19:47

Retrial begins for Detroit cop who killed 7-year-old in ‘Reality Show Shooting’
Jury selection began Monday in the retrial for a Michigan police officer accused of killing a 7-year-old girl during a 2010 raid on her house while being followed by a reality-TV camera crew. The cop is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

15.09.2014 18:14

Rising prison rape ‘shames Westminster’, requires urgent investigation – report
Urgent action is needed to determine the nature and scale of sexual abuse in Britain’s penal system, a leading prison rights group says. The plea follows recent estimates that hundreds of inmates in the UK are subject to rape and sexual assaults annually.

15.09.2014 15:27

‘IS could expand to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey’
The Islamic State has the potential to affect the entire Levant, though only few states in the region are contributing to the effort to fight this threat, the CEO at Country Risk Solutions, Daniel Wagner told RT.

15.09.2014 11:29

UK edges towards military assault on ISIS
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will meet leaders and foreign ministers from over 30 countries in Paris to discuss plans to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. The summit comes two days after the beheading of a British aid worker.

15.09.2014 08:28

Australian police spend millions on spyware – WikiLeaks
Police in the Australian state of New South Wales have spent over $2 million on powerful spy programs to monitor the smartphones and notebooks of Australian citizens, according to the latest revelations from WikiLeaks.

15.09.2014 04:48

‘British-US policy to fight ISIS isn’t going to work’
Obama-Cameron plan to defeat ISIS is inherently flawed and will fail, causing only more deaths, more chaos and more religious wars, Lawrence Freeman, editor of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine, told RT.

14.09.2014 03:56

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