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Argentina's stolen children: Decades after junta, people deal with their stolen identities
Almost 500 children in Argentina had their identities erased in the 1970s, after their parents were murdered and they were stolen to be brought up in families with loyal ideology. RTD met with some of the victims who have reunited with their families.

29.01.2015 20:22

​‘Being poor is not a crime’: Civil group files lawsuit to help man imprisoned for failing to pay fines
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a federal lawsuit against officials in DeKalb County, Georgia after a judge imprisoned a black teenager who was too poor to pay $838 in fines. It all started with a traffic ticket near his home.

29.01.2015 17:02

Seattle faces $500k suit for pepper-spraying school teacher (VIDEO)
​A Seattle, Washington high school history teacher who was pepper-sprayed by police moments after speaking at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day rally is suing the city for $500,000.

29.01.2015 17:02

Mother of 17yo Denver girl slain by police demands independent autopsy
The mother of Jessica Hernandez, an unarmed teenager who was fatally shot Monday by Denver police, has called for an independent autopsy to be carried out on her daughter’s body to counter any potential bias that may come from the official investigation.

29.01.2015 15:27

​Bad bodyguards: 80 elite British police officers disciplined for misconduct since 2010
Figures reveal dozens of police officers and bodyguards responsible for protecting senior politicians and royals have been punished for misconduct since 2010.

29.01.2015 16:45

50% of female inmates should not be in prison – UK justice minister
Many women in British prisons should not be incarcerated at all, according to Justice Minister Simon Hughes. He suggests the number of women imprisoned in Britain should be reduced by 50 percent.

29.01.2015 13:59

​UK teens turning to porn for sex education – study
Teenagers are increasingly turning to online porn rather than their sex education teachers to learn about the birds and the bees, a new survey suggests.

29.01.2015 12:57

‘Falling like dominoes’: 72 unarmed Sunnis allegedly executed by Shiite militias in Iraq
Shiite militias, according to witness reports, have killed at least 72 unarmed Iraqi’s. Onlookers said security forces stood by and watched as the massacre took place. The Iraqi government has launched an investigation into the claims.

29.01.2015 07:03

Helicopter carrying ton of hash crashes in Spain, killing 2 pilots
A helicopter trying to smuggle almost a ton of hashish into the Malaga province of Spain crashed into an electricity pylon during a police chase, killing both pilots on board.

29.01.2015 03:56

Former Los Alamos scientist sentenced in plot to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela
A former Los Alamos nuclear scientist caught in a sting operation was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to help Venezuela develop nuclear weapons in exchange for "money and power." He also advised dropping a bomb over NYC.

29.01.2015 01:55

Texas deputies kill handcuffed man who allegedly tried to steal their vehicle
Local deputies in Lynn County, Texas, said they shot and killed a young man who they had previously handcuffed because he attempted to steal one of their department’s vehicles. The shooting is currently under investigation.

28.01.2015 23:38

​Voltaire’s ‘Treatise on Tolerance’ climbing French bestseller lists
A book by French philosopher Voltaire, written in 1763 about the dangers of religious fanaticism, is ascending France's bestseller lists. The surge in sales comes just weeks after extremist attacks left 17 people dead in Paris.

28.01.2015 21:00