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​Greek govt pledges to pay off all debt, Varoufakis back in game
Athens is set to repay loans to all creditors, including the IMF, said the government’s spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis. Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is set to again head the Greek negotiation team after being briefly dumped from the process.

04.05.2015 13:36

‘Italy can’t afford to close doors to Russia’ – Italian Foreign Minister
Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has said that “Italy can’t afford to close the doors to Russia” and “can’t cut ties” with Moscow. His statements come just days after Italian officials postulated that the sanctions against Russia may be lifted.

03.05.2015 20:46

1 in 4 renters spend half their income on housing, a paycheck away from homelessness
For more than one in four renters in the US, housing and utility costs take up at least half of their family's income, according to a new analysis of Census data. That number is up 26 percent since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007.

01.05.2015 15:06

Victorian Britain? Teachers feeding, clothing, & providing basic parenting to poor pupils
British teachers concerned about the welfare of disadvantaged pupils have taken to washing their clothes, feeding them homemade lunches and even offering the youngsters haircuts as they warn of a resurgence of Victorian levels of poverty in the UK.

01.05.2015 10:39

​‘EU migrant crisis proposals will open Britain’s doors to jihadists,’ says Nigel Farage
UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage will tell EU leaders on Wednesday that Europe’s proposed policy response to the heightening Mediterranean migrant crisis poses a “direct threat” to civilization.

29.04.2015 11:45

​Russia’s economic difficulties cannot be called crisis – Putin
Russian economy has passed the toughest part and a collapse isn’t expected, as its strengthened fundamentals won’t undermine the country’s stability, said President Vladimir Putin.

28.04.2015 13:12

'West wants to cut Ukraine’s historical ties with Russia quickly & cheaply, but that’s impossible'
​The West is eager to pull Ukraine away from its historical ties with its neighbors, but it can’t be done quickly and cheaply as it involves an enormous transformation, says Richard Wolff, economist and author of Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism.

27.04.2015 09:17

Doing it tough? UK’s super-rich double wealth over past decade
As the EU tries to battle its way out of financial crisis, the British mega rich continue to gain capital, according to the Sunday Times’ Rich List. It revealed that during the past 10 years the top one percent’s fortunes more than doubled in the UK.

26.04.2015 04:57

Ruble now ‘excessively’ strong - Russian Finance Minister
The Russian ruble has strengthened to a point where it is actually too strong, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Friday during a lecture in St. Petersburg.

24.04.2015 12:54

Heat or eat? Fuel bank scheme to assist families crippled by poverty
Poverty-stricken families who face the dilemma of whether to heat their homes or go hungry will be given free fuel vouchers under a new pilot scheme so they can afford to meet soaring energy bills in a climate of ongoing austerity.

24.04.2015 11:26

Putin has no plans to dismiss govt - report
President Vladimir Putin answered in the negative when asked if he planned to dismiss the government in the near future, according to Russian TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov.

23.04.2015 08:31

Home Office denies social justice reps access to migrant jail amid hunger strike reports
Britain’s Home Office has rejected calls to allow refugee and religious representatives into Scotland’s controversial Dungavel immigration center, despite reports of a group of detainees going on hunger strike.

21.04.2015 15:56