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​‘Mideast unrest causes oil spike, but it’s only temporary’
The risk of political instability in Saudi Arabia always goes along with a spike in the oil price as it has been the largest producer of crude oil in the world, Amir Handjani, lead director at RAK Petroleum, told RT.

27.03.2015 14:07

Ukraines's $3bn debt to Russia puts multibillion dollar IMF package at risk
Ukraine’s $3 billion debt to Russia could undermine the IMF’s four-year multibillion dollar bailout program. If the debt is considered official, it will breach the terms of providing financial assistance, said IMF spokesperson William Murray.

27.03.2015 06:54

China-led infrastructure bank - ‘indication of de-dollarization that makes US unhappy’
The US was forced to change its mind over cooperating with the China-led development bank after its allies refused to join a boycott, which is a sign that dollar hegemony is not lasting, Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute told RT.

25.03.2015 10:13

​Moody’s downgrades Ukraine heralding imminent default
International rating agency Moody's has downgraded the long-term issuer rating of Ukraine to the second lowest Ca grade from Caa3, leaving the outlook negative and a high possibility of the country’s imminent default.

25.03.2015 07:34

‘We’re going to succeed in implementing our economic policies’ – Greek minister
What Greece is trying to achieve negotiating with the EU is to have time and political space in order to implement a social program of reform, Greek Minister or Administrative Reform George Katrougalos told RT.

24.03.2015 14:16

Conflict in Ukraine wipes out 25% of country's economy
Ukraine’s economy has contracted by a quarter due to the conflict in the south east of the country as hundreds of facilities are closed, said Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

24.03.2015 08:51

Germany wants Greece in eurozone, but demands more reforms
Germany says it wants Greece to remain part of the eurozone and wants good relations with its fellow EU member. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel concedes Athens must commit to implementing structural reforms to pay back the bailout money.

24.03.2015 09:10

Spain austerity protest: ‘Things got worse than last year’
The situation in Spain is deteriorating as the money it got from Europe went to bailing out banks which continue to foreclose homes, but not help ordinary people, anti-austerity activist Clara Valverde told RT.

23.03.2015 12:04

​Moscow ready to offer Ukraine discount on gas contract price
Moscow insists that besides a possible discount, the gas price formula and the existing contract with Ukraine should remain the same until the standing contract’s expiration. Russia, Ukraine and the EU Commission agreed on a new round of talks next month.

21.03.2015 00:53

Osborne evokes Churchill… but would Winston call to vanquish UK’s poorest?
You know a British chancellor is desperate when he employs the kind of rhetoric associated with Winston Churchill during a budget speech.

20.03.2015 13:22

Bank of Greece solicits donations on website to pay off debt
Cash-strapped Greece has maybe given up hope that the EU will solve its financial woes, and is seeking direct handouts from benevolent donors via its central bank website.

20.03.2015 07:46

Putin proposes currency union with Belarus, Kazakhstan
It’s time to think about the prospects of creating a currency union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, President Vladimir Putin has said.

20.03.2015 10:37