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‘Profit over security’: Business trumps climate targets – Oxfam UK
A “toxic triangle” of political inaction, short-sighted economic policies and profit-driven fossil fuel advocates threaten to raise global temperatures, leaving 400 million people in jeopardy of hunger and drought by 2060, Oxfam UK warned on Friday.

17.10.2014 14:05

Kremlin surprised Poland won’t give Ukraine free coal
Now that Ukraine wants to receive Polish coal, and not Russian gas, free of charge, the Kremlin said it is surprised at Warsaw’s inconsistency towards Ukraine’s energy crisis.

17.10.2014 11:56

'Massive blow': UKIP faces funding crisis as eurosceptic bloc collapses
One of the European Parliament’s most outspoken eurosceptic group has collapsed after a Latvian MEP withdrew her membership. The bloc’s dissolution represents a financial blow to Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party.

16.10.2014 15:35

Switzerland cuts growth forecast, blames slowing Europe & geopolitical crisis
Even the Swiss economy isn’t immune to the "fragile and vulnerable eurozone" and has cut growth forecasts for this year and next. The government points its finger at weak exports to Germany and geopolitical crisis in Ukraine and the Middle East.

16.10.2014 09:26

Eurozone inflation slumps to 5yr low risking triple-dip recession
Inflation in the 18-member eurozone has dropped precipitously low to 0.3 percent, the lowest since 2009. The European Central Bank missed its 2 percent inflation goal for the 20th straight month.

16.10.2014 13:21

Greece plans early exit from largest IMF rescue package in history
Athens has informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it will end its obligations to the unpopular rescue program, which placed crippling austerity measures on the country, more than a year early.

13.10.2014 11:49

Vicious circle: ‘Economy not growing as companies sit on billions and don’t invest‘
Corporations around the world have billions of dollars in their bank accounts and they don’t spend it because the economy is not growing, but the economy is not growing because they are not spending the money, stock market analyst David Kuo told RT.

10.10.2014 06:57

2nd huge UK tax bill blunder this year leaves millions in limbo
Hundreds of thousands of UK citizens’ tax bills may have been substantially miscalculated on two consecutive occasions, HM Revenue and Customs whistleblowers have revealed.

09.10.2014 08:31

‘Germany loses its position as EU economic power house’
With current forecasts Germany can’t keep up the rates of economic bailout and credit support that it has previously given to South European countries, the director of the Freedom Association in the UK Rory Broomfield told RT.

09.10.2014 08:22

4 NHS hospitals on standby for UK Ebola outbreak
Four NHS hospitals have been placed on standby to cope with a potential Ebola outbreak in Britain. Prime Minister David Cameron chaired a Cobra security meeting on Wednesday to address the threat posed by the virus.

08.10.2014 11:24

​Fitch: Ukraine’s capital two steps away from default
The Fitch rating agency has downgraded Kiev's long-term rating, as the Ukrainian capital failed to repay its domestic $87 million debt. The move could be classified as a “restricted default” if the city fails to settle bonds by October 10.

08.10.2014 10:23

EU cowers to American power as relations with Russia tumble
In the dramatic diplomatic disaster that is occurring alongside the Ukrainian crisis, why are European leaders compelled, against their better interest and judgment, to follow Washington into an intractable feud with neighboring Russia?

07.10.2014 15:13

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