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US, Cuba to announce embassy openings after 50-year stalemate
US President Barack Obama will announce on Wednesday that the United States has reached an agreement with Cuba to reopen embassies in their respective capitals of Washington and Havana, according to American officials.

01.07.2015 00:39

Fidel Castro in rare meeting, Venezuela’s top official posts images (PHOTOS)
The President of Venezuela’s Assembly, Diosdado Cabello has shared a rare photograph of the iconic Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, while meeting him in Cuba.

21.06.2015 21:03

Viva la revolución: Cuban social justice will survive American reconciliation
Cuba's detractors have long been guilty of dismissing the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, while some of its supporters have lapsed into romanticizing the hardship its people have endured as a consequence of its isolation.

20.05.2015 13:48

​Cuba prepares to open its first US bank account in more than a year
Cuba has re-established a banking relationship with the US, bringing the countries closer to restoring diplomatic relations, according to a senior State Department official.

20.05.2015 13:42

Cuba, US to name ambassadors after May 29 - Raul Castro
Cuba and the US will exchange ambassadors after the island nation is removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, Cuban President Raul Castro has said.

12.05.2015 16:59

‘It has to be done’: President Hollande visits Cuba, urges end to US sanctions
French President Francois Hollande has urged for the US embargo on Cuba to be lifted, promising that Paris will do everything in its power to help put an end to more than five decades of sanctions against Havana.

11.05.2015 11:15

Castro meets Pope, promises to go 'back to praying & church'
Cuban President Raul Castro has promised to attend all Pope Francis’s masses when the pontiff visits Cuba. Castro said he may even go back to praying and church if “the pope continues to talk as he does.”

10.05.2015 14:31

Russia intends to restore Cuban spy base – MP
As Russia restores its military-industrial cooperation with Cuba it may soon reopen the Lourdes signal intelligence center near Havana, claims a senior member of the State Duma Security Committee.

08.05.2015 08:55

Could Iran’s spy charges against US journalist put nuclear deal in jeopardy?
The US-Iran talks on the nuclear deal aren’t an indication of improving relations as the issue still has to be resolved, says researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, adding that the spy allegations are a different story and not related.

21.04.2015 10:12

Obama, Castro in first sit-down between US, Cuban leaders in more than 50 years
Presidents from the US and Cuba have historically sat down at a negotiating table for the first time in more than 50 years. Barack Obama met with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro to discuss relations between the two countries.

11.04.2015 19:59

Obama & Castro shake hands during historic encounter (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
US President Barack Obama shook hands with his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The gesture has been seen as signaling a historic thaw between the two countries as they seek to reestablish diplomatic relations.

11.04.2015 03:08

Latin America not US backyard
The Summit of the Americas, being held this year in Panama, is a reminder that contrary to what many in the US like to think, the United States constitutes just one of many nations on the American continent.

10.04.2015 07:29