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Emmys 2014: RT nominated for Guantanamo hunger strike coverage
RT has been nominated for a prestigious International Emmy award for its groundbreaking coverage of the six-month-long mass hunger strike by inmates at Guantanamo Bay.

14.08.2014 14:28

US wanted Britain to build 2nd Guantanamo – report
Britain could have had its own Guantanamo Bay, according to classified documents detailing discussions between the US and Tony Blair’s government.

13.08.2014 12:26

‘Cuban people are very well-informed about US attempts to undermine their government’
The Cubans are not open to manipulation which makes it more difficult for aid providers to provide aid, and for recipients to know what they are getting is true help, activist from the Answer Coalition Eugene Puryear told RT.

05.08.2014 13:14

Our men in Havana: US used young Latinos to foment revolutionary moods in Cuba
The US secretly sent young Latinos to Cuba to trigger the political unrest, says a new leaked report. The ‘traveling spies’ working undercover within health and civic programs were put in danger as there was no safety net if they had been caught.

04.08.2014 07:54

Putin denies reopening of US-targeting listening post in Cuba
Russian President Vladimir Putin denied media reports that Russia was planning to reopen the Soviet-age SIGINT facility in Lourdes, Cuba, once was largest foreign listening post of its kind, but shut down under US pressure.

July 17, 2014 08:36

Russia’s Rosneft to help Cuba explore offshore oil reserves
Russian oil company Rosneft will help Cuban State oil company Cupet explore the country's offshore oil reserves, according to one of the cooperation documents signed between Russia and Cuba during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Havana.

12.07.2014 00:03

Senior US Senator alleges Cuban govt behind prostitution scandal
A senior US senator has reportedly asked the Justice Department to investigate the Cuban government’s involvement in a plot to derail his political career by planting an explosive story regarding involvement with underage prostitutes.

08.07.2014 03:31

​USAID & the Cuban Five: Criminalizing counterterrorism, legalizing regime change
The plight of five imprisoned Cuban counterterrorism officers, known collectively as the Cuban Five, has been the subject of a growing campaign to lobby Congress in favor of releasing the men.

16.06.2014 08:38

‘How can Obama close Gitmo without sending detainees home?’
It will be years before all of the Gitmo detainees are released, judging by how none of the Yemeni detainees approved for transfer have been sent back to Yemen, David H. Remes, a lawyer working for Appeal for Justice, told RT.

23.05.2014 08:55

US govt ordered to release Gitmo force-feeding videos
For the first time since its opening 12 years ago, a federal court has intervened in proceedings at the Guantanamo detention facility, ordering the US to supply videos showing the force-feeding of a Syrian hunger-striker.

22.05.2014 06:15

Gitmo detainees fight destruction of force-feeding footage
Hunger-striking detainees in Guantanamo Bay are seeking a federal injunction to stop prison authorities from destroying newly-unearthed force-feeding videos. The move follows reports increasingly harsh punishments are being meted out to hunger-strikers.

15.05.2014 08:21

Cuba arrests four Miami-based exiles on attack plot suspicions
Cuba’s Interior Ministry has arrested four Miami-based Cuban exiles under suspicion they have been planning attacks on Cuban military installations. The government also accused the four of promoting anti-government violence.

07.05.2014 17:34

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