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‘I don’t trust US’: Fidel Castro breaks silence on Cuba-America reconciliation
"I don't trust the policy of the United States… but this does not mean I reject a pacific solution to the conflicts,” iconic former Cuban leader Fidel Castro commented on the push for a restoration of Cuban-American ties.

27.01.2015 07:36

​US-Cuba thaw opens door to 'American Trojan horse'
Last month, Washington surprised the world when it lifted sanctions against Cuba. Political analyst Daniel Shaw believes the US strategy is unchanged and this is just an attempt to turn Cuba into a neo-colony.

24.01.2015 14:04

​‘US unilateral actions to protect its interests let other govts use same excuse’
US should hold itself to a higher standard and stop acting unilaterally and violating international rules whenever it feels its interests jeopardized, said Nick Sarwark of the Libertarian National Committee on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

21.01.2015 10:10

Russian spy ship in Havana ahead of US delegation’s historic visit
The Russian Navy’s intelligence collection ship, the Viktor Leonov, has docked in Havana just a day before the arrival of an American delegation. The Russian warship is moored in open view of a pier usually used for cruise ships.

21.01.2015 06:06

Obama: Congress should begin lifting Cuba embargo
US President Barack Obama has called on Congress to begin work on ending the five-decade Cuban embargo in 2015. Instead of “a phony excuse for restrictions,” Washington is now offering “the hand of friendship to the Cuban people,” he said.

21.01.2015 02:04

Gitmo Gulag diary: A prisoner's tale of Guantanamo hell hits bookstores
An inmate still being detained in Guantanamo is set to have his diary released to the public Tuesday following a 6-year struggle with US authorities to declassify the document.

18.01.2015 10:56

‘Fidel doing very well’: Maradona receives letter from Castro
Cuban leader Fidel Castro has sent a letter to his old friend, Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona, local media reported. The four-page letter appeared to disprove rumors of Castro’s death, which had been circulating for months.

13.01.2015 07:28

Cubans release 53 prisoners after Obama announces thaw in relations
Several US officials say that Havana has released all 53 prisoners it had agreed to let go, in a major step towards normalizing relations with Washington. However, the US would like to see a small number of people remain behind bars.

12.01.2015 17:07

G4S may have profited from Guantanamo human rights abuses – charity
Controversial security firm G4S faces a police investigation over its involvement with the US jail at Guantanamo. A leading human rights charity says the firm could be prosecuted if it has profited from human rights abuses at the prison.

12.01.2015 09:43

Cuba to test public WiFi for the first time
Cuba, known for its tight control over internet access, plans to make WiFi available for the first time to the general public. The country’s second largest city will be used to trial the service. One hour online will cost $4.50.

11.01.2015 15:29

Anti-torture activists protest on Dick Cheney's front porch, 2 arrested
​About 20 protesters made their way onto the property of the former vice president’s Virginia home, where they protested the 14th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

11.01.2015 07:16

Flood of ‘boat people’: US Coast Guard sees 117% rise in Cubans sailing to Florida
The US Coast Guard saw a flood of Cuban immigrants attempting to make the 90-mile trip to the shores of the United States during December, stopping 481 migrants in 37 different events ‒ a 117 percent increase from December 2013.

06.01.2015 19:03