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Could Iran’s spy charges against US journalist put nuclear deal in jeopardy?
The US-Iran talks on the nuclear deal aren’t an indication of improving relations as the issue still has to be resolved, says researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, adding that the spy allegations are a different story and not related.

21.04.2015 10:12

Obama, Castro in first sit-down between US, Cuban leaders in more than 50 years
Presidents from the US and Cuba have historically sat down at a negotiating table for the first time in more than 50 years. Barack Obama met with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro to discuss relations between the two countries.

11.04.2015 19:59

Obama & Castro shake hands during historic encounter (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
US President Barack Obama shook hands with his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The gesture has been seen as signaling a historic thaw between the two countries as they seek to reestablish diplomatic relations.

11.04.2015 03:08

Latin America not US backyard
The Summit of the Americas, being held this year in Panama, is a reminder that contrary to what many in the US like to think, the United States constitutes just one of many nations on the American continent.

10.04.2015 07:29

Obama has support for Cuba policy ahead of Panama summit
Most Americans support Barack Obama’s policy of better ties with Havana, a new poll shows, as the president is expected to announce Cuba’s removal from the terror sponsor list at the historic summit in Panama.

08.04.2015 17:30

Power shift in Latin America
Panama is hosting the Seventh Summit of the Americas on April 10-11. Organized by the OAS – Organization of American States – this event will bring together the heads of state and foreign ministers of 34 nations including, for the first time, Cuba.

06.04.2015 13:17

Fidel Castro appears in public for first time in 14 months (PHOTOS)
Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has made his first public appearance for more than a year. The 88 year-old met a Venezuelan delegation which had traveled to the island. Pictures showed Castro shaking supporter’s hands through the window of a vehicle.

04.04.2015 17:02

Airbnb opens its doors in Cuba to licensed US travelers
Americans licensed to travel to Cuba thanks to an opening of US-Cuban relations can now use Airbnb to book their lodging on the island, the company announced. US tourists are not able to get licenses yet, while international visitors can’t use the site.

02.04.2015 22:44

Dead Cubans, sunken ships purged from US sanctions list
After 55 years, the US Treasury is purging “out-of-date” names from its Cuban embargo list, resulting in the removal of dead people, sunken ships and bankrupt companies.

25.03.2015 01:14

Cuban tourism skyrockets in wake of US push to rekindle ties
People have long thought of Cuba as a last bastion resisting the clutches of Coca Cola, McDonald’s and rampant capitalism. But now the US is moving in, tourists are flocking to the island republic to experience it before the rot sets in.

23.03.2015 09:03

Broken promise: Obama ‘would’ve closed Guantanamo on first day’
Barack Obama says if he could return to the first days of his presidency, he would close the Guantanamo Bay prison immediately. The president has made numerous pledges to shut the facility, but it still continues to operate.

19.03.2015 08:17

Last Briton in Guantanamo ‘knows too much’ to be released, MPs claim
Despite enduring a decade of “barbaric treatment” and being held without charge for 13 years, the last Briton in Guantanamo, Shaker Aamer, “knows too much” to be set free, according to MPs.

18.03.2015 09:52