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RT exclusive: John Pilger talks CIA torture and media complicity
RT’s Harry Fear spoke to the iconic filmmaker John Pilger about the damning revelations of the Senate’s CIA torture inquiry.

10.12.2014 16:05

‘Band Aid 30’ Christmas song ‘cringeworthy’ – Ebola survivor
A British nurse who survived Ebola said the lyrics of the Band Aid 30 single to raise money for anti-Ebola charities are embarrassing and ignorant.

09.12.2014 09:24

Stumbling block: Greeks offended by Brits lending ancient sculpture to Russia
In a worldly gesture to help Russia's Hermitage museum celebrate an anniversary, the British Museum has 'secretly' sent a 2,500 years old Parthenon sculpture to St. Petersburg. The move infuriated Greeks, who have long tried to reclaim the ancient piece.

06.12.2014 13:51

Aussie embassies crack down on ‘pest’ tourists, won’t help pay for hookers
Australian embassies have had it with reckless travelers and their bizarre requests for assistance. From evicting roof-dwelling polecats to paying for jet ski repairs, the embassies have heard it all.

06.12.2014 14:50

Is Dutch Santa racist? Or a joke others just don't get...
December 6 is Sinterklaas - the day Holland’s Santa arrives from Spain to deliver presents. He’s helped by the loyal, blacked-up throwback “Black Pete.” But these days the Dutch are divided over whether the tradition is quaint or embarrassing.

05.12.2014 16:01

'Iron Sky' sci-fi comedy: First Hitler on dinosaur and now... brutal dancing Putin
Whatever your political persuasion, one thing’s undeniable; the world’s ‘most powerful man’ has captured the popular imagination. From iPhones, art shows, boutique shirts and buff dancing on film, Vladimir Putin is a bona fide pop culture phenomenon.

02.12.2014 13:34

​#ThingsNowBannedInUKPorn: Internet reacts hilariously to ‘absurd’ new porn law
A long list of sexual activities has been banned from UK porn following a recent amendment to the 2003 Communications Act. Featured on the list are recreational pastimes such as spanking, caning, aggressive whipping, female ejaculation and facesitting.

02.12.2014 14:42

Toronto’s New Dance: a cultural hat trick as nimble as Nijinsky
Oh Toronto, city of 5 million that can contain dozens of cultures, have you become a device for projecting the holograms of other places?

01.12.2014 11:08

Over Bond St in the buff! Naked free-runner scales London skyline
For free-runner world champion Tim Sheiff, it wasn’t enough to scale some of the most impressive buildings on the London skyline. He had to do it completely naked. And take photographs.

28.11.2014 15:07

​Sex-quest: Swedish women come together to find word for female masturbation
A Swedish sex-ed group has launched a competition to make up a special word for women “flying solo.” The taboo topic of female masturbation has no name in the Nordic language, but the organization has already received over 1,000 suggestions.

20.11.2014 14:07

#1 skateboarder Tony Hawk test-rides first real hoverboard (VIDEO)
Millions of Back to the Future fans are hovering in excitement as number one skateboarder Tony Hawk has ditched his traditional set of wheels for a magnetic field to get a chance to test ride the world’s first real hoverboard.

19.11.2014 04:19

Fabulous fjords! Norway’s new passports get stylish, minimalist Nordic makeover
With a stunning series of simple yet elegant landscapes, from signature fjords to the Northern Lights, Norway has lived up to its reputation as a world design leader with a cool, minimalist new passport design.

18.11.2014 14:11