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​England male football team branded ‘sexist morons’ after ‘patronizing’ tweet
Social media staff for England’s male football team have been forced to remove an “appalling” and “sexist” tweet about the women’s national team after it attracted an outpouring of anger on social media.

06.07.2015 13:07

​‘Culture cleansing’ ISIS could target British Museum artifacts, says outgoing director
Ancient artefact collections at the British Museum are at risk of an Islamic State-inspired attack, according to the institution’s outgoing director. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova has warned extremists are engaging in “culture cleansing.”

02.07.2015 07:58

​130 years of diplomatic ties: Russian Culture Days kick off in Argentina
The official start of the days of Russian Culture Days in Argentina was marked by a gala opera concert in Buenos Aires. The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations for over a century.

01.07.2015 15:51

100 yrs of Russian beauty in 1 min: New video shows century of women’s looks
A lively new video, which is part of the viral ‘100 years of beauty’ series, explores how women’s beauty trends have evolved over the past century in Russia, taking a visual journey from Art Nouveau’s elegance to bold lines and famous fur Kubankas.

30.06.2015 12:33

Patrick Macnee: The Avengers and a lament for a lost Britain
The actor Patrick Macnee, the star of the cult 1960s British adventure series The Avengers, who died last week aged 93, has been widely mourned.

29.06.2015 14:46

Dance dance revolution: Japan to lift its 67-year-old ban on dancing
Japan announced that its infamous “no-dancing law” will be lifted in 2016, which means next year Japanese clubbers will be free to dance all night long – something they have not been allowed to do for the past 67 years.

24.06.2015 18:01

‘Real patriotism’: World-famous pianist Lisitsa performs for people of Donbass
Renowned Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa has held a concern in Donetsk, as she continues her strong opposition to Kiev’s military offensive in country’s east, even after her views cost her performances with Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

22.06.2015 23:07

French 'intolerance'? Artist outraged after 'queen's vagina' Versailles sculpture is vandalized
A controversial sculpture at the Palace of Versailles that has become known as the "queen's vagina" was sprayed with paint on Wednesday. Anish Kapoor, the artist behind it, attributed "the act of vandalism" to French "intolerance."

18.06.2015 15:45

BBC mind control: TV technology may allow viewers to choose channels by thought power
The BBC has come one step closer to total mind control of the British public – but not in the way you might expect.

18.06.2015 10:26

Pride denied: LGBT flags must not be flown from British embassies, says Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has ordered British embassies across the world not to fly the rainbow LGBT flag during upcoming gay pride marches, reports claim.

16.06.2015 13:15

Gay moths? London museum gives insects ‘gender treatment’ to protect artifacts
Scientists at one of London’s most popular tourist attractions are waging war against cloth-eating moths by turning them ‘gay’ to stop them reproducing.

16.06.2015 11:41

Britons taking more MDMA than any other country
Partying Brits take more MDMA than any other country, a new survey has revealed, while the nation’s use of laughing gas comes in second worldwide.

09.06.2015 09:44