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​FIFA arrests: Cameron calls for Blatter resignation
Prime Minister David Cameron has called for Sepp Blatter’s resignation following the arrest of seven FIFA officials, including two vice-presidents, on allegations of corruption.

28.05.2015 09:09

How Europe changed its tune- 60 years of Eurovision
On Saturday night in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna the grand final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Twenty-seven countries, not all of European, will compete for the prize, won last year by the Austrian ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst.

22.05.2015 10:22

Tories ‘at war’ with BBC? Future of state broadcaster unclear under Conservatives
Following the appointment of license-fee skeptic John Whittingdale to the cabinet on Monday, the UK’s right-wing press have sent out a flurry of front pages declaring the government is already ‘at war’ with the BBC.

12.05.2015 13:02

Chinese boss pays for 6,400 employees to go on luxury French vacation
A Chinese billionaire paid for a massive four-day corporate trip to France, covering the costs for over half of his 12,000 employees, to celebrate the firm’s 20-year anniversary. The gesture cost the tycoon about $15 million.

11.05.2015 00:58

Lighthouse of Alexandria: Ancient wonder of the world to be rebuilt in Egypt
The Lighthouse of Alexandria - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - will be rebuilt at its original location, according to Egypt’s Supreme Antiquities Council that announced its approval.

08.05.2015 04:19

​Top of the polls: Britain’s wackiest election voting stations
Up and down the country village halls and primary schools are playing host to voters trying to sway the election for their favored MPs. But off the beaten track are some polling stations which have more than a few quirks.

07.05.2015 10:34

Venezuela president's fruitful beaning inspires new 'Maduro Mango Attack' app
Inspired by a Venezuelan woman who got an apartment after hitting Nicolas Maduro in the head with a mango, a game app was developed to replicate the fruitful beaning.

06.05.2015 13:10

​N. Ireland officially recognizes pagan religion, Order of the Golden River
Northern Ireland has for the first time recognized a pagan priest and his church by granting full religious status to the Order of the Golden River.

24.04.2015 09:44

Would King David want Jerusalem cleared of Palestinians?
At the foot of Al-Aqsa the struggle ensues over every house. If this neighborhood is called Silwan, the Palestinians have a chance of staying. But if it’s named after King David, their chances are nil.

15.04.2015 09:01

New institute in Washington helps nurture US-Russian relations
Russia and the US were once staunch allies in the struggle against the Axis, scholars and diplomats reminded the academic community at a symposium introducing a new institute for Russian culture and history.

13.04.2015 19:54

That fresh feel: Turkish Muslims now permitted to use toilet paper
The use of toilet paper has been declared halal by Turkey's religious authority Diyanet, after centuries of forbiddance by Islamic toilet etiquette.

08.04.2015 11:45

April Fools! Round-up of the UK’s best pranks
In true April Fool’s Day spirit, newspapers, celebrities and companies have shared their obligatory annual pranks. Here is RT’s round-up of the funniest, silliest and most downright terrible jokes.

01.04.2015 08:27