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Sturgeon attacks austerity Britain, commits Scotland to EU
The First Minister of Scotland has used her initial post-election speech to condemn further proposed spending cuts under the new majority Conservative administration and oppose a British exit from the EU.

26.05.2015 07:59

‘US alienation game to spark WW3, not China’s economic failures’
US billionaire investor George Soros warns the world is on the brink of WWIII unless the US financial system opens up to China. But a former US diplomat told RT that it has nothing to do with the economy, but everything with bad US geopolitical policy.

23.05.2015 03:07

BRICS trample US in South America
It started in April with a rash of deals between Argentina and Russia during President Cristina Kirchner’s visit to Moscow.

22.05.2015 13:36

Clashes, tires on fire outside Ukrainian parliament in Kiev
Clashes are reported in central Kiev where crowds of protesters are rallying against the economic crisis and the soaring cost of private loans. Local media say several people have tried to break into the Ukrainian parliament.

21.05.2015 15:33

Viva la revolución: Cuban social justice will survive American reconciliation
Cuba's detractors have long been guilty of dismissing the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, while some of its supporters have lapsed into romanticizing the hardship its people have endured as a consequence of its isolation.

20.05.2015 13:48

Five banks to pay record $5.7bn fines over key rates manipulation – US regulator
The world’s five biggest banks have been fined a total of $5.7 billion for manipulating foreign exchange markets. It’s the biggest combined bank settlement in history.

20.05.2015 14:10

Euro slides on Greece default fears
The euro fell to a two-week low on Wednesday following a Greek government warning that it will miss the June 5 IMF payment deadline without a deal with the Troika by then.

20.05.2015 07:17

Russian regulator acting ‘adequately’ as economy stabilizes – IMF
The Central Bank of Russia is taking effective steps to stabilize the national currency and the economic situation as a whole, according to the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Min Zhu.

19.05.2015 07:43

​‘Not worst-case scenario’: Russian economy not doing well, but not critical – Deputy PM
The Russian economy is still facing difficulties which, however, cannot be called a full-scale crisis, said first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

15.05.2015 17:15

​Ukraine and China ink $2.4 bn currency swap
Ukraine and China have signed a currency swap agreement worth $2.4 billion, according to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). Ukraine expects it will relieve pressure on its currency which has lost above 40 percent against the US dollar in a year.

15.05.2015 11:45

Russian ruble falls as Central Bank restarts currency buying
The Russian ruble dropped back to above 50 against the US dollar, as the regulator said it will be buying up to $200 million a day from the domestic currency market.

14.05.2015 07:51

Russian ruble hits 18-wk high
The Russian currency continues its recovery against the US dollar on Wednesday, trading at its highest level since the end of November 2014, as oil prices rise and investors see geopolitical risks diminishing.

13.05.2015 08:36