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​‘Bitcoin better than any form of money that has ever existed before’
Bitcoin is shaping up to be the currency of the future, enabling people to send and receive money anywhere in the world free of charge in a currency that govts are unable to control, Roger Ver, bitcoin investor and the CEO of Memory Dealers told to RT.

23.04.2014 19:46

Bitcoin ‘cheaper and safer’ alternative to fiat money
Bitcoin is a global phenomenon and will gain in popularity across the world, even despite hostile attitudes toward the crypto-currency from state authorities, experts at Moscow’s first-ever Bitcoin conference told RT.

23.04.2014 14:02

Dorian Nakamoto thanks bitcoin users for donations after Newsweek flub
The California man who claims he was wrongfully identified as the founder of bitcoin now says that bitcoin users have given him the equivalent of $23,000 for all his trouble.

23.04.2014 02:28

‘Ukrainian crisis puts China in a very advantageous position’
The Ukrainian crisis is likely to push Russia to develop a crucial relationship with China, and it’s also probable that the US will cozy up more with China to balance against Russia, both of which benefit China, Chinese expert Andrew Leung told RT.

21.04.2014 09:55

Ukraine backlash could result in 0% Russia GDP growth
Escalating violence in Eastern Ukraine could be a blow to Russia’s economy, with 0 percent growth a possibility according to the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

16.04.2014 08:12

​Bond bubble bursts anew
Celebrations over Greece returning to bond markets mask a whole new problem: Athens hasn’t returned to economic health. Rather, it’s the bond market which has gone quite mad.

16.04.2014 06:58

'Russia should take a closer look at China's Union Pay'
By 2018 China will be Russian energy’s biggest customer, along with huge trade volume between the two states. So it makes sense for Russia to take advantage of the China’s Union Pay system, Chinese expert, Andrew Leung, told RT.

15.04.2014 11:54

​Trash & treasure: Hong Kong cops scour landfill for $3.7mn painting
Police in Hong Kong are searching through a landfill site after cleaners allegedly tossed a multi-million dollar painting in the trash. The ink-wash painting ‘Snowy Mountain’ had been auctioned off the day before for US$3.7 million.

09.04.2014 08:40

​Euro-Catch 22: Mario Draghi’s woes over QE
Not only is the eurozone economy festering, even the ultimate in Quantitative Easing may prove an entirely poisoned chalice.

08.04.2014 07:36

'Bumpy start': World Bank trims China growth forecast to 7.6%
​The Chinese economy continues to cool, and the World Bank has lowered its 2014 forecast to 7.6 percent growth, down from an earlier 7.7 percent. The global recovery remains shaky as 2014 kicks off with a “bumpy start”.

07.04.2014 11:19

JP Morgan unfreezes Russian embassy payment
America’s JPMorgan Chase said it has resumed processing a payment from the Russian Embassy in Kazakhstan, after the Russian Foreign Ministry said it had been blocked under "anti-Russian sanctions".

03.04.2014 14:05

​Russia’s biggest bank halts foreign currency personal loans
Sberbank has temporarily suspended giving foreign currency loans to individuals. Experts say other Russian banks are not likely to follow.

03.04.2014 07:17

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