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Ecuador set to create state-backed digital currency... to ditch dollar?
Ecuador is planning to create the world’s first digital currency issued by the country’s central bank, in what is seen by many as a step to abandon the US dollar, the currency now used by the Central American country.

30.08.2014 16:49

Ruble hits record low against US dollar
​The Russian ruble has hit a record low against the US dollar on Friday, dropping to 37.10. The sharp devaluation comes amid rising concerns over the situation in Ukraine and investor fears that the West will unleash fresh sanctions against Russia.

29.08.2014 11:09

Cameron in plea to Scottish voters ahead of independence referendum
David Cameron will enter the fray in the Scottish independence campaign, vouching for the Union as “an economy of opportunity” as business leaders publicly take sides three weeks ahead of the 18th September in-or-out referendum.

28.08.2014 13:18

Ukraine moves step closer to default - Fitch
The Fitch ratings agency has downgraded Ukraine one step closer to default grade, as the Ukrainian currency the hryvnia hits a record low, and the economy balances on the brink of a collapse.

25.08.2014 10:00

​German business confidence shattered, lowest in 13 months
Business confidence in Germany, which has led the EU economic revival over the last year, declined for a fourth month in August, which further clouded prospects of a broader recovery across the EU.

25.08.2014 14:20

​Bitcoin winning over women in developing countries?
There is a steady movement led by women in developing countries to embrace the use of bitcoins.

22.08.2014 11:21

Nobel prize winners: Eurozone recovery is 'dismal failure'
“Stunningly destructive” and “dismal failure” is how Nobel laureates describe growth in the European Union after destructive austerity policies and the euro crisis.

22.08.2014 10:29

​HSBC boss warns big business may ditch independent Scotland
Big banks may leave Scotland if it chooses to become an independent state, the chairman of HSBC has said, warning that ‘capital flight’ could cripple the country’s economy.

22.08.2014 13:10

​Polish MEP urges Europe to stop Russian ruble trading
To make sanctions against Russia efficient, a Polish MEP said they need to be “preventive, prophylactic sanctions,” rather than reactive. Ryszard Czarnecki represents one of the countries hardest hit in the “sanctions war” between Russia and the West.

21.08.2014 06:38

Why should UK taxpayers foot the bill for Ukrainian oligarchs’ military adventures?
​Back in 2003, with the illegal Iraq war looming and protests filling the streets of London in opposition, Vanity Fair’s David Margolick came to Downing Street to interview Tony Blair.

18.08.2014 09:42

Russia seeks safe haven in gold, away from dollar and euro
Russia is taking steps to ensure that it protects itself from any future dollar or euro sanctions. Moscow boasts the world’s 5th biggest foreign exchange reserves and the 6th largest gold reserves. In total, the assets amount to over $1.5 trillion.

15.08.2014 11:53

​UK unemployment falls, but youth still feeling pinch
Hundreds of thousands of young people in Britain are likely to remain unemployed, despite the country’s ongoing economic recovery, a leading UK think tank has said.

13.08.2014 08:57

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