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Finland: Exhibiting strain of northern independence
Finland has struck a blow for genuine exceptionalism in Europe. Anti-NATO parties dominated polls while Euroskeptic cred was championed not only by the longstanding anti-EU party, but also, uniquely within the eurozone, by the Social Democratic party.

21.04.2015 07:48

‘Default would be best scenario for Greece’
Given the remaining differences in the approach to the bailout between the Greek government and the Troika, a default would be the best thing for the Greek people, Marco Pietropoli, London-based economist, told RT.

20.04.2015 10:48

Stronger ruble may let Russia cut key rate – Central Bank governor
The ruble’s growth may give Russia the possibility to cut interest rates – unless there are major shocks to the economy – Central Bank of Russia (CBR) Governor Elvira Nabiullina said in Washington.

17.04.2015 09:10

​Russia can withstand & take advantage of economic hardships – finance minister
Western sanctions have not succeeded in crippling the Russian economy, as careful monetary and fiscal adjustments helped stabilize and strengthen the national currency despite low oil prices, finance minister Anton Siluanov told RT.

17.04.2015 00:37

Russell Brand eyes cryptocurrency as integral part of global revolution
In his quest for a global revolution, political activist Russell Brand is eyeing crypto currency and crowd funding as a way of negating and avoiding the capitalist system. Such combination can set the stage for a new era, believes RT’s Max Keiser.

16.04.2015 01:38

Gravity CEO brings million-dollar salary back to Earth to fund $70k minimum wage for staff
A CEO in Washington wants his employees to be happy. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is, slashing his pay by $930,000 so he can give his workers a new minimum wage of $70,000 a year ‒ well above Seattle’s $15 an hour requirement.

15.04.2015 17:59

Ruble passes 50 against USD for 1st time since November
The Russian currency’s upward trend has achieved a psychological victory Wednesday as the ruble traded at 49.90 against the US dollar on the Moscow exchange.

15.04.2015 19:37

​100,000 Italians sign petition for eurozone exit referendum
Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) party has collected more than 100,000 signatures on a petition calling for a law that would allow a referendum on withdrawal from the eurozone.

10.04.2015 20:38

Ruble 'miracle' pushes 2015 gains to 15%
The Russian ruble continues its scorching ascent, improving 3% against the dollar and nearly 4% versus the euro, the best performance in over four months. The currency, on of the worst performers in 2014, is now the best in 2015.

10.04.2015 08:45

​Russia and Indonesia may switch to settlements in local currencies
Russia has offered Indonesia the opportunity to carry out trade settlements in national currencies, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said just a couple of days after Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made the same offer to Vietnam.

09.04.2015 14:30

Ruble hits new 2015 record, resilient to sinking oil
The Russian ruble continues to hit new highs against the dollar and euro, passing 54 against the dollar on Wednesday, the strongest since mid-December, when a currency crisis blew out more than 30 percent of the ruble’s value in just two days.

08.04.2015 09:27

Bitcoin bourse: UK’s first regulated digital currency exchange in pipeline
Financial watchdogs are in discussion with one of the world’s largest digital currency markets about the possibility of setting up a Bitcoin exchange in Britain.

07.04.2015 13:48