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Daniel Bushell

Nuclear deal with Iran ‘reached on all key aspects’ – Lavrov
Iran and six major world powers have managed to reach a preliminary agreement on ‘all the key aspects’ of a deal over Tehran’s controversial nuclear program, Russia’s FM has announced, adding that the sides have begun drafting the text.

March 31, 2015 16:47

5 suspects arrested over Nemtsov murder, 1 'confessed' - court
Moscow's Basmanny district court has arrested five people in connection with the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a prominent opposition figure, who was gunned down last week.

08.03.2015 12:10

‘Russia key to sustainable growth in Asia’ - RUSAL's CEO
The growing middle class in Asia is consuming more, increasing the demand for resources and putting a strain on local production. Aluminum industry company RUSAL’s CEO Oleg Deripaska argues Russia is part of the solution in Asia.

07.09.2012 12:30

Astrakhan hunger strike resumed after arrests
The runner-up in Astrakhan's disputed mayoral elections says he is ready to starve himself to death for a fair vote.

12.04.2012 18:13

How to make money from Russian haute cuisine: A Restaurateur’s story
As Moscow’s elite Pushkin restaurant expands to New York, RT talked to founder Andrey Dellos about how Russian cuisine goes down in the Big Apple.

30.03.2012 17:57

Moscow to sell off its central industrial zones
Moscow developers are getting ready to gobble up another tasty piece of the city as officials put the capital’s central industrial zones up for construction.

12.03.2012 17:41

China poised to profit from Iran’s predicament
Iran is struggling to find buyers for its oil in South-East Asia. Under pressure from Western sanctions, the Islamic Republic has been pinning its hopes on increased sales to China.

21.02.2012 15:36

Iranian tensions feared to have drastic effect on economy
The war of words between Iran and the West may have stepped up an octave, and that’s worrying experts who think increased tension can only hurt the global economy.

16.02.2012 10:53

‘Russian runoff could bring unforeseen results’
If Vladimir Putin doesn’t win the presidency in the first round, he may face Communist leader Zyuganov with unpredictable results, says Anatoly Chubais, head of Russia’s hi-tech state corporation Rosnano and father of privatization in the 1990s.

29.01.2012 09:05

Russian economy to drag in year of Dragon
Russia did not remain immune to the global turmoil in 2011, but performed better than other economies. Experts agree in 2012 its economy will follow basic world trends. Continuing mild recession, with no big economic shocks is the forecast.

02.01.2012 07:23

WTO = Waiting Time Over for Russia
Russia has been officially welcomed to the World Trade Organization, after nearly two decades of talks. The long-anticipated accession will be a boon for some industries, but is likely to hit tough on others, so Russians greet it with mixed feelings.

16.12.2011 06:11

Immigration flood to spell end of Europe?
As the far-right Freedom Party takes the lead in Austria’s general election, its leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, has told RT what he thinks of EU immigration policy and expansion plans, and explained why he wants a national debate on Islamization.

23.11.2011 09:34