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TSA agent stops man from boarding plane, questions existence of the District of Columbia
It’s easy to forget the limited voting rights afforded to District of Columbia residents. One TSA agent however has gone a step further, questioning the existence of the US capital.

16.07.2014 15:47

Pulitzer-winning journalist arrested by US Border agents
Jose Antonio Vargas, a Philippines-born journalist who earned a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting with the Washington Post, was arrested by federal officials early Tuesday while attempting to board a flight in Texas.

15.07.2014 15:34

Feds run out of money fighting illegal immigration
The Obama administration has called on lawmakers to approve an additional $3.7 billion in funds for border control and child health services to adequately address the flood of child migrants arriving in the US from Central America.

11.07.2014 14:31

FBI, NSA targets Muslim-American lawyers, rights activists
The National Security Agency has been tracing the email communications of prominent Muslim-Americans, including civil rights activists, lawyers and even a political candidate, according to the latest batch of Snowden revelations.

09.07.2014 04:50

Illegal border crossings swell, prompt ‘surge operations’ in Texas
Texas officials have authorized emergency “surge operations” along the Mexico border to deal with a spike in illegal border crossings, a sizable portion of which are women and children fleeing violence in Central America.

20.06.2014 01:01

Homeland Security extensively monitored Occupy movement, documents reveal
Newly released documents made public for the first time this week reveal how the United States Department of Homeland Security coordinated with local law enforcement across the US to monitor the Occupy Wall Street movement.

23.05.2014 19:04

Multi-billion dollar DHS project may never be finished
The future of a multi-billion dollar United States Department of Homeland Security project a decade in the making is up in the air, according to new reports.

21.05.2014 19:16

​US utility's control systems hit by advanced cyber attack - DHS
An advanced group of hackers recently attacked a US public utility, compromising its control system network without affecting the utility’s operations, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

21.05.2014 02:21

​US border agents rarely punished for abuse – study
US border agents are rarely punished for their mistreatment or abuse of immigrants and American citizens, according to a new report by an immigration watchdog.

07.05.2014 01:13

Despite Obama’s promise, more deportations follow minor crimes
Although President Obama has declared his deportation policies are targeting criminals and those negatively affecting their communities, new data analyzed by the New York Times suggests a large majority have only committed minor crimes.

07.04.2014 14:39

​Immigrant detainees resume hunger strike at Washington private prison
Around 70 detainees at a privately-run immigration holding prison in Tacoma, Washington have refused meals, reigniting a hunger strike that hundreds of inmates participated in earlier this month, Reuters reported.

26.03.2014 03:13

​Border agent assaulted three surrendering female immigrants before committing suicide
A United States border agent kidnapped and assaulted a woman, her daughter, and another girl late Wednesday as the three undocumented Honduran immigrants attempted to surrender, authorities say. The agent then committed suicide early Thursday morning.

15.03.2014 00:01

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