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Secret Service removes 4 senior officials, is ‘starved for leadership’
The US Secret Service told four top officials they must leave their positions, as the agency tries to recover from a string of embarrassing security failures. The shuffle comes after a critical report said the agency is “starved for leadership.”

15.01.2015 01:25

US steps up airport, federal building security after Paris attacks
The Department of Homeland Security secretary has announced increased vigilance regarding national security, as well as stepped-up random searches of travelers and carry-on luggage in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris.

14.01.2015 00:47

CBP agents trained not to arrest illegal immigrants ‒ report
As congressional Republicans try to undo executive actions regarding immigration this week, a new report shows that US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are quietly being trained not to arrest undocumented immigrants.

12.01.2015 20:30

US military vet: Traveling to fight ISIS 'like booking a flight to Miami'
A US military veteran said joining a Kurdish group fighting Islamic State militants in Syria was as “easy” as buying an airline ticket, highlighting the simplicity with which westerners have joined both Islamic State and its foes.

02.01.2015 15:49

More non-Mexicans than Mexicans caught at US border in 2014
For the first time in more than six decades, more non-Mexicans than Mexicans were caught by the US Border Patrol attempting to cross the American border in 2014, according to a study by Pew Research Center.

31.12.2014 17:33

Controversial Arizona sheriff to challenge Obama immigration order in court
President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration, aimed at sparing nearly 5 million people from deportation, has prompted hard-line Arizona county sheriff Joe Arpaio to challenge the measure in court Monday.

22.12.2014 14:23

Secret Service needs more training, staff and outside leadership - report
Weaknesses in the Secret Service mean key reforms are needed to ensure it effectively protects the president and other high ranking officials, a panel of outside experts found, adding that it is stretched beyond its limits and is too insular.

18.12.2014 22:17

‘The Interview’ premiere canceled in wake of Sony hacker ‘9/11-style’ terror threats
The premiere of ‘The Interview’, the comedy ridiculing the North Korean leadership, has been canceled in New York, allegedly due to a 9/11-style terror threat. But US security officials say “there is no credible intelligence” of an attack at this time.

17.12.2014 11:54

Pennsylvania judge rules Obama’s immigration action unconstitutional
A Pennsylvania federal court judge ruled in a deportation case that President Barack Obama exceeded his executive powers when he announced his executive order on immigration policy.

17.12.2014 00:12

Chinese national charged for allegedly stealing US military documents
A Chinese national has been arrested and charged with allegedly stealing military documents when he tried to fly to China last month. The stolen documents concerned new material developments for military aircraft from major defense contractors.

11.12.2014 00:09

New racial-profiling rules don't apply to TSA, border security, Secret Service
New federal policing rules will expand protections against racial and ethnic profiling to include gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. US Attorney General Eric Holder hopes local law enforcement adopt the guidelines.

08.12.2014 15:03

Obama extends deportation reprieve to 5 million undocumented immigrants
President Barack Obama announced an executive order on immigration reform Thursday, which he will sign on Friday. The actions will affect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants in the US, many of whom are the parents or spouses of legal residents.

20.11.2014 21:22