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​ATF wasted $600k on failed drone program – report
A federal audit of the Justice Department’s use of unmanned aerial systems shows that more than half a million dollars has been spent on a drone program that was quickly canned after barely getting off the ground.

26.03.2015 13:46

TSA ‘pre-check’ slammed as report reveals ex-terrorist breezed through
A program that allows one million pre-approved fliers to cruise through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints is under scrutiny by Congress following a report by federal inspectors that a former terrorist was let through last summer.

26.03.2015 00:49

No Secret Service 'crash' at White House, video shows
Footage of the White House gate released by the government shows the Secret Service agents did not “crash” into any barricades, as original reports claimed, but merely nudged a traffic cone with their vehicle.

24.03.2015 16:20

Lawmaker claims North Korea internet blackout was ‘response’ to Sony hack
When North Korea’s internet went down last December, it was in retaliation for the alleged hacking of Sony Pictures, a top American lawmaker in charge of overseeing cyber-security reportedly admitted.

17.03.2015 23:47

'Dude, you're their boss': House demands Secret Service culture change as Clancy asks $8 mln for WH replica
Secret Service director Joseph Clancy came to Congress asking more money for 2016, including $8 million for building a replica White House, but had a tough day dodging questions about his agents’ alleged drunk-driving escapades instead.

17.03.2015 18:23

Secret Service investigated after agents crash into White House barricades – report
The Secret Service is once again under investigation, this time over allegations that two agents drove a government car into White House security barricades after drinking at a late-night party last week, the Washington Post reported.

11.03.2015 22:37

​DOJ cybercop vows to go harder against foreign hackers
One of the United States government’s top cybercops says the Department of Justice is ready to double-down on its campaign against computer criminals in the wake of high profile attacks like last year’s assault against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

09.03.2015 17:01

What a Homeland Security shutdown would mean: Who works & who won’t
Amid a political fight over President Obama’s immigration reform actions, US lawmakers have until Friday night to renew funding for the US Department of Homeland Security. If not, the impacts go beyond the furlough of 13 percent of the agency’s employees.

26.02.2015 15:12

​Senate GOP looks for Plan B to avoid Homeland Security shutdown
As the GOP searches for ways to avoid a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Senate Republicans have proposed voting on a bill to fund the agency which does not void President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

25.02.2015 01:54

Dept. of Homeland Security shutdown looms, would idle 15% of workforce
In a move that could have ramifications for domestic anti-terrorism efforts, US House Speaker John Boehner said he would let funding for the Department of Homeland Security lapse on Feb. 27 in order to reverse Obama’s immigration reform actions.

16.02.2015 15:38

Obama administration tells agents to find immigrants who should not be deported
The Obama administration has ordered Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to ask if the undocumented immigrants they come across might qualify for the president’s executive action program.

29.01.2015 23:10

Militarized security prepared for Super Bowl (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Super Bowl security will be reinforced by Black Hawk military-style helicopters and massive X-ray machines designed to scan large cargo trucks, all courtesy of US Customs and Border Protection.

27.01.2015 19:41