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Dina Gusovsky

An empire of US military bases
The United States boats hundreds of military bases around the world, perhaps even thousands. But, no one knows for sure because even the Pentagon does not bother to keep track.

14.02.2011 18:56

Americans should spread their goodness by setting an example – Ron Paul
America's attempts to spread its ideals around the world should not be achieved by force or money, believes US Congressman Ron Paul, who says Washington's efforts to buy influence in countries like Egypt have failed and will always fail.

14.02.2011 10:03

US Republican contenders gear up for 2012 elections
American billionaire Donald Trump could be the next US president. As the 2012 presidential race nears, he has joined possible Republican challengers who have been trying to win over conservative voters in Washington.

12.02.2011 08:46

CPAC: What’s next for America’s conservative movement?
Every February, pundits, politicians, analysts, students, and average Americans descend upon Washington, DC for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

10.02.2011 22:14

Tea Party to tackle US defense spending?
The Tea Party movement has landed in Washington, with a number of elected Senators and Congressional Representatives – but the question remains, will they take on the behemoth that is US defense spending?

27.01.2011 20:03

Americans split over ‘War on Christmas’
‘Tis the season…to be divided? While the U.S. fights two wars, struggles with record high unemployment, and deals with a budget crisis, some Americans say that the real war this time of year is the ‘War on Christmas.’

December 23, 2010 16:44

The rise of Congressman Ron Paul
Once shunned by the traditional US media, made fun of by establishment politicians, and questioned by political pundits, Congressman Ron Paul is finally getting his 15 minutes of media fame.

13.12.2010 23:17

The American fascination with Russian women
From Russia with lust: Femme fatal Anna Chapman, to Russian mail-order brides, to our very own RT correspondents. Americans are infatuated with Russian women!

26.11.2010 18:23

Americans to TSA: Scan my junk, just don’t touch it
If all publicity is good publicity, then the TSA, airports across the nation and body scanner manufacturers must be flying high.

24.11.2010 22:29