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Kalashnikov shows off drones & landing boats at Moscow security expo
Kalashnikov Concern is presenting its new unmanned aerial vehicles and landing boats at the Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition (ISSE-2015) in Moscow, announcing that it is has begun investing in dual capability and paramilitary products.

21.05.2015 11:13

Drones best weapon against Al-Qaeda despite collateral damage – ex-CIA deputy
Drone use against terrorists causes collateral damage, but it remains “the most effective weapon” in the United States’ arsenal, former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell told RT in a wide-ranging interview.

20.05.2015 04:26

Lindsey Graham to join presidential race: Consummate war hawk’s controversial statements
Three-term US Senator Lindsey Graham, a top cheerleader for the so-called ‘War on Terror’ and just about every other US military incursion around the world, has indicated he will run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

18.05.2015 15:56

​Germany, France & Italy sign EU drone program, challenge US, Israeli alternatives
Germany, France and Italy have agreed to start a European drone program aimed at reducing reliance on US and Israeli technology. The first EU-tailored drone is expected to be operating by 2025.

18.05.2015 12:54

​Migrant crisis: UK offers drones, warships to help tackle human traffickers in Libya
Britain is to offer military and intelligence support in the fight against people smugglers in Libya in an effort to halt the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea.

18.05.2015 08:32

‘Robotic carrier pigeons’: US mini-drones can eavesdrop & pick up enemy subs
US military researchers have presented a new mini-drone, which can be used on civil missions and in war. The toy-sized "Cicada" is capable of picking up enemy submarines, or eavesdropping on troops.

16.05.2015 08:57

Drones will be a security issue during 2016 presidential campaign - DHS head
Federal, state and local law enforcement will have to be on the lookout for drone use at outdoor events during the 2016 presidential race, said US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

15.05.2015 18:19

White House locked down after drone launch
A man was arrested outside the White House after attempting to launch a small drone from nearby Lafayette Park on Thursday afternoon. The Secret Service briefly locked down the area.

14.05.2015 19:27

US drone program 'should've never started' - Ron Paul
The US government is undermining Americans’ rights at home through surveillance, and its drone program “should’ve been shut down a long time ago,” former Texas Congressman Ron Paul told RT. He also criticized the prospect of another Clinton-Bush election.

14.05.2015 03:19

No Drone Zone: FAA reminds tourists skies over DC are restricted
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a campaign to remind tourists and residents of Washington, DC that the US capital is a “no drone zone.” Washington airspace has been restricted for years, since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

13.05.2015 22:57

​Illinois police to use drones at crime scenes, won’t call them ‘drones’
Illinois State Police has been granted permission from the federal government to employ drones at crime scenes and crash sites in order to take photographs. However, law enforcement officials won’t use the word “drone” when describing their new tool.

13.05.2015 03:21

Revealed: Extent of British anti-ISIS airstrikes
The UK has dropped more than 200 bombs on Islamic State targets using fighter jets and drones since airstrikes began in September 2014, analysis for the Guardian newspaper has revealed.

11.05.2015 12:47