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‘Western policy of destroying ISIS completely unsuccessful’
The US anti-ISIS policy only helps them recruit more people, while the only way to fight ISIS is to secure borders and re-examine immigration policies both in America and Europe, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor told RT.

21.11.2014 10:57

Drone operators had Bin Laden in crosshairs a year before 9/11
​The first American to ever launch a drone strike from an armed unmanned aerial vehicle now says he had Osama Bin Laden in his crosshairs in 2000, a full year before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

19.11.2014 15:21

In groundbreaking ruling, FAA empowered to enforce regulations against drones
The Federal Aviation Administration does have the authority to apply its standing rules against alleged reckless or careless use of manned aircraft to unmanned aircraft, or drones, as well, the US aviation safety board has ruled.

18.11.2014 16:26

‘Reckless or malicious’ civilian drone use ‘harassing’ public – police
Unlicensed drones controlled by members of the public are being used to harass people, police chiefs have warned. They further warn the technology is being used in protected airspace.

18.11.2014 11:55

​NASA invents self-destructing bio-drone made of fungus and bacteria
A biodegradable drone made out of fungus, bacteria and wasp spit built by NASA-affiliated scientists may pave the way for future spyware, which would simply self-destruct if it crashes, leaving behind only minute remnants.

14.11.2014 11:47

​UN sounds alarm on rise of autonomous 'killer robots'
With the proliferation of lethal weapons system, increasingly capable of carrying out faraway missions with minimal human oversight, the UN is demanding regulations on the killing machines.

14.11.2014 12:05

Drone surge: Predators patrol nearly half of US-Mexico border
Predator drones are silently patrolling almost half of the United States’ border with Mexico, looking for illegal immigrants, human traffickers and drug cartels in desolated areas the government agents can’t realistically patrol.

13.11.2014 20:29

'No way!': Pentagon trashes Iranian replica of US drone
An Iranian replica of a US spy drone, seized by Iran in 2011, is inferior to the US version, which was initially captured by Iran, according to the Pentagon. Iran released a video of their similar design earlier this week.

13.11.2014 15:21

‘Stealth drone technology – ace in Tehran hands’
The US will have to bite the bullet over Iran building a copy of its cutting-edge stealth drone, Kaveh Afra-siabi, a political scientist and author, told RT. The technology is a major plus for Tehran’s deterrent strategy vis-à-vis US power in the region.

13.11.2014 14:10

Amazon to test same-day UK delivery drones
Amazon is planning to test a fleet of unmanned delivery drones in Cambridge, as the retail giant develops plans to deliver parcels using UAVs to millions of customers within half-an-hour of orders being placed.

13.11.2014 09:30

Video emerges of Iranian version of US stealth drone
Iranian TV has shown a video of its new drone in action. The aircraft is said to be a ‘reverse-engineered’ homemade variant of a US spy drone, which it shot down in 2011.

12.11.2014 17:36

DARPA eyes converting large aircraft into drone carriers
The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a contest to find the best solution for large airplanes, such as C-130 transport planes, to carry small drones.

11.11.2014 10:19