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Leaked CIA report says targeted killing programs could backfire
Drone strikes and other targeted counterinsurgency programs aimed at capturing or killing “high-value targets” belonging to militant groups could be effective if coupled with larger strategic goals, the CIA believes, but they could also backfire.

19.12.2014 00:22

Robots, drones to boost Russian 5th gen nuclear subs’ arsenal
Russia’s fifth generation nuclear submarines will be armed with robots and underwater drones in addition to conventional weaponry.

15.12.2014 14:31

Not Sci-Fi anymore: Navy’s 'fully operational' laser gun blows up boats, drones (VIDEO)
The US Navy continues to tout its sophisticated warship laser system, saying it has performed above expectations for the last four months of operational testing aboard the USS Ponce during its deployment in the Persian Gulf.

11.12.2014 15:06

Drone-only: US Army builds $33mn UAV airport in Texas
An airport designed for only two kinds of drones is set to be built in the US State of Texas. At $33 million cost, the project demonstrates America’s unprecedented drive toward the use of unmanned aerial systems.

11.12.2014 06:49

'Obama did everything to show he didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize’
President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize on the promise of what he was going to do in the name of peace, but he has shown by his actions and words that he didn’t deserve the award, President of Veterans for Peace Leah Bolger told RT.

10.12.2014 11:31

Drone captures amazing synchronized Christmas lights (VIDEO)
‘Drones’ and ‘Christmas’ aren’t words that normally go together. But one airborne vehicle has captured arguably the coolest holiday light show in some time.

10.12.2014 04:47

Mistletoe drone designed to snap Xmas kisses cuts woman’s face
A drone equipped with a sprig of mistletoe and a cam for taking pictures of kissing couples accidentally flew into a woman’s face and cut her nose in a New York restaurant.

09.12.2014 16:43

Passenger jet near-miss with drone at Heathrow
A passenger airplane almost collided with an unidentified drone near Heathrow marking the first such incident in the biggest UK airline hub’s history, British media revealed on Sunday citing a report due to be published next week.

07.12.2014 21:01

Fun today, gun tomorrow: How toy drones could lead to Terminator-style hunting machines
Being killed by remote control is a uniquely scary prospect to most of us. But we are now close to the point where drone technology has become ubiquitous, as it can be used for a variety of purposes by anyone with a bit of money to spend.

02.12.2014 15:22

​Watching the watchmen: US shield to protect drones from 'spoofing' cyber-attacks
Pentagon-sponsored engineers have developed a system to shield unmanned aerial vehicles from cyber-attacks. It sounds the alert if a drone starts doing something that it is not supposed to do.

06.12.2014 21:03

US hostage Luke Somers, S. Africa's Pierre Korkie killed in Yemen in rescue op
Two hostages held by Yemeni Al-Qaeda - American Luke Somers and South African Pierre Korkie - were killed by captors during a US rescue operation, it’s been officially confirmed. Korkie’s death reportedly came a day before his negotiated release.

06.12.2014 08:18

Haunting: Rare Chernobyl drone footage reveals devastation in Pripyat exclusion zone
An American photographer has used a drone to capture amazing images of the area surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He wanted to film from the air in order to get a new perspective of the desolation that the accident caused.

03.12.2014 13:48