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Secret Service working with French to track down Paris drone operators – report
Weeks after terror attacks rocked Paris, the US Secret Service is in contact with French officials in the latter’s attempt to uncover who is flying unmanned aerial vehicles over the city – including over the US Embassy and the Eiffel Tower.

26.02.2015 18:06

3 Al Jazeera journalists detained in Paris for flying drone
Three Al Jazeera journalists have been detained in Paris for operating a drone in an urban area. The arrests follow sightings of unmanned aerial vehicles at sensitive locations in the French capital this week.

25.02.2015 18:25

US Embassy, Eiffel Tower: Unknown drones buzz Paris landmarks
At least five drones were spotted flying over the center of Paris with police unable to find who is operating them. The pilotless aircraft were previously sighted near the presidential palace and nuclear plants in what is becoming a recurring problem.

24.02.2015 13:03

Kalashnikov looking into drones and boats production
The company renowned for making the legendry AK-47 assault rifle is branching out to make drones. In a diversification effort, the group is even looking into rockets… and pleasure boats.

22.02.2015 17:09

​State Dept. prepares to give armed drones to allies
Government officials in the United States say the White House is readying to announce a policy change that will let armed unmanned aerial vehicles, or weaponized drones, legally be given to allied nations.

17.02.2015 20:09

‘Concerns over domestic drones: spying, civil liberties’ abuse & accidents’
With the new US rules for drone flights it’s possible that UAVs will be used by criminals, and also there is a very real threat of abuse of civil liberties by police and intelligence agencies, says Ed Kinane, activist with the Upstate Drone Action.

17.02.2015 09:54

Ballet & battles: World’s first drone circus to shake up Amsterdam
The Royal Netherlands Air Force is to participate in the AIR 2015 event in Amsterdam – the first aerial 3D entertainment show with drones.

16.02.2015 11:34

Draft FAA drone regulations ban ‘out of sight’ use of civilian UAVs
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unveiled preliminary guidelines on the use of small commercial drones in the country on Sunday. The draft regulation prohibits the use of unmanned aircrafts out of the sight of a pilot.

16.02.2015 03:57

‘US is arms factory for oppressive regimes, revolutionary movements’
The US provides weapons to organizations bent on continuing wars thus it’s not surprising that this leads to escalation of conflicts instead of resolving them, Matthew Hoh, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, told RT.

12.02.2015 12:10

‘Leave immediately’: US, Britain evacuate Yemen embassies
Britain and the US have been forced to close their embassies in Yemen, where security hit a new low after Shiite militants took over much of the country. France has likewise announced a diplomatic withdrawal in the coming days.

11.02.2015 05:35

Child or militant? 6th-grader killed in US drone strike in Yemen (VIDEO)
Relatives describe Mohammed as a joyful 12 year old, enjoying school. When he was killed in the latest drone strike in Yemen, authorities listed him as a 'militant'. The family previously lost Mohammed's father and brother in a similar attack.

06.02.2015 23:16

Charges still uncertain for amateur White House drone operator
​Federal agents in Washington, DC are wrestling with what to do with the man who mistakenly crashed a hobbyist drone last week on the White House lawn.

05.02.2015 18:28