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​DARPA producing sea-floor pods that can release attack drones on command
The Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, is developing robot pods that can sit at the bottom of the ocean for long stretches of time, waiting to release airborne and water-based drones to the surface upon an attack command.

18.04.2014 23:13

US drone pilots are 'stressed' and 'demoralized' – official report
​The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a scathing report detailing the Air Force’s mismanagement of its active-duty drone pilots, who are responsible for the most demanding and deadly missions in the entire US military.

18.04.2014 21:39

DARPA turns aging drones into WiFi hotspots for troops
Rather than simply toss aside aging surveillance drones, the Pentagon has announced plans to use them as high-speed Wi-Fi hot spots for troops in remote regions of the world.

16.04.2014 14:50

CIA using US air force to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan
US Air Force pilots are carrying out targeted drone strikes in Pakistan at the behest of the CIA, says a new documentary. The revelation has once again brought into question the legality of the largest targeted killing program in history.

15.04.2014 09:47

Google buys web-beaming solar drones capable of flying for years at a time
A Google spokesperson announced Monday that the tech giant has purchased Titan Aerospace, snatching the New Mexico-based drone developers from Facebook, which has long been rumored to be interested in such an acquisition deal.

14.04.2014 20:32

Pentagon ponders ‘logistical nightmare’ of Afghan withdraw
Ranked as America’s most challenging military action since WWII, the US is faced with the task of transporting millions of pieces of military assets out of Afghanistan as possible exit routes - including through Russia - are blocked.

11.04.2014 09:18

MIT project hopes to give drones unlimited flight potential
Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are at work on a device that would, if approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, give unmanned aerial vehicles the ability to land on power lines to recharge their batteries.

10.04.2014 00:26

​Moroccan national planned to use ‘drone-like flying bomb’ on federal building
A Moroccan national was arrested in Bridgeport, Connecticut for allegedly planning to use a radio-controlled model airplane as a “drone-like flying bomb,” with the aim of slamming it into a school and a federal building.

08.04.2014 02:52

Fallen drone knocks Australian out of triathlon
An athlete competing in an Australian triathlon had her race cut short over the weekend when she needed to be hospitalized after being struck in the head with an unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as a drone.

07.04.2014 22:38

Navy to fly drone helicopters from tablet app
The Pentagon is pushing the envelope yet again with a new $100 million, five-year program that aims to turn assorted military helicopters into a fleet of autonomous unmanned choppers.

07.04.2014 16:43

‘Not bug splats’: Artists use poster-child in Pakistan drone protest
A poster of a young child has appeared in north-west Pakistan to raise awareness of the numerous drone attacks the region suffered. Artists who created the image hope military commanders will think twice about shooting after seeing the portrait.

07.04.2014 12:21

US operates global drone war from German base – ex-pilot
A testimony by a former US Air Force drone pilot has revealed that the US is using its Ramstein Air Base in Germany to wage highly controversial drone warfare in Africa, Yemen, and Pakistan.

06.04.2014 01:23

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