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Ulbricht confessed he built Silk Road to sell drugs, friend testifies
A one time programming friend of the alleged Silk Road creator took the stand and told the jury when he refused to give Ulbricht further advice for programming was told it was a “website where people can buy drugs.”

23.01.2015 00:09

Joint decisions: Jamaica govt approves possessing a bit of pot
Jamaica’s cabinet has approved a bill, which would legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis. It would also allow the development of a medical marijuana industry. The bill will go to the Senate later this week for approval.

22.01.2015 08:08

High crimes: Meth-carrying drone crashes near US-Mexican border
Nearly three kilograms of crystal meth fell from the sky in the Mexican city of Tijuana near the US border, when a drone used to smuggle the drugs ditched in a supermarket parking lot.

22.01.2015 09:11

Supreme Court unanimously upholds right for Muslim inmate to grow religious beard
The Supreme Court universally sided with a Muslim inmate over his right to grow a short beard in accordance with his religion. Arkansas prison officials were unable to prove his facial hair could be seen as a security risk, the high court ruled.

20.01.2015 22:15

Feds file drug charges against alleged Silk Road 2.0 staffer
Federal authorities in the United States have charged and arrested another individual over alleged drug crimes related to the Silk Road 2.0 website, this time in the midst of the trial concerning the original site’s supposed mastermind.

20.01.2015 20:30

Minor crimes, incl. soft drugs, not police business – German union
German cops should be spared investigating minor crimes, to have more time for serious cases and terrorism, the country’s police union (DpolG) has said.

20.01.2015 05:55

Brazil, Netherlands recall Indonesia ambassadors after citizens executed on drug charges
Brazil and the Netherlands have recalled their ambassadors to Indonesia after the island nation executed five foreigners and an Indonesian woman on drug trafficking charges. Amnesty International has condemned the executions as a “retrograde step."

18.01.2015 04:33

Mexico’s disappeared students: Police arrest gang hit man
Police in gang-ravaged Mexico have arrested an alleged hit man for a local drug cartel in the case of the 43 abducted college students. The September disappearance and subsequent events saw the entire country erupt in protest over a corrupt government.

17.01.2015 10:25

DEA admits to collecting phone records of Americans
​Yet another federal agency of the United States government maintained a database of phone records pertaining to Americans who were not necessarily suspected of any wrongdoing, the Justice Department has admitted.

16.01.2015 19:20

Attorneys for alleged Silk Road mastermind say bitcoin exec set their client up
​Federal prosecutors argued in court this week than a California man acted as the mastermind of the Silk Road online marketplace using the alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,” but his attorneys say their client isn’t who the government portrays him to be.

16.01.2015 16:42

‘My body is on fire’: Oklahoma proceeds with executions using controversial method
Oklahoma inmate Charles Warner said his "body is on fire" in a final statement before his execution on Thursday. Yet given a paralytic sedative, he showed no physical signs of distress as he was administered a deadly three-drug cocktail, his lawyer said.

16.01.2015 15:19

Oklahoma set to resume executions 9 months after botched attempt
The state of Oklahoma is set to execute its first death row prisoner since a bungled lethal injection in April 2014 left an inmate writhing in pain for 43 minutes before dying of a heart attack.

15.01.2015 17:21