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‘Drug resistant’ bacteria found in British river
Scientists have found drug resistant super bugs downstream of a sewage treatment plant in the River Sowe near Coventry, media said.

20.07.2014 17:21

Tobacco giant to pay $23bn damages to Florida smoker’s widow
A jury in Florida has awarded the widow of a chain smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 36 punitive damages of $23 billion. RJ Reynolds, the second biggest tobacco company in the US, plans to challenge “this runaway verdict.”

20.07.2014 14:55

​FedEx faces trial for drug trafficking
Shipping giant Federal Express has been indicted for drug trafficking for illegal online pharmacies and conspiracy to traffic controlled substances by the US Department of Justice.

18.07.2014 12:13

'World's first' recreational marijuana ad takes on prohibition policies (VIDEO)
Crop King Seeds, a breeder of marijuana in Canada, has released what the company calls "the world's first” recreational pot commercial. Cue the uncontrollable laughter.

15.07.2014 14:47

Dope hope: Marijuana may combat cancer spread, study shows
Cannabis could be used to prevent cancer spreading, according to groundbreaking research conducted by British scientists.

15.07.2014 12:55

Exposed: N. Carolina cops lied about 911 calls to illegally search homes
Questions are being asked of a North Carolina police department after an officer in the city of Durham testified that its common practice for cops there to make up excuses to illegally enter, then search, the homes of local residents.

14.07.2014 19:02

Job up in smoke! Cannabis lover loses work after being first to buy legal pot
Mike Boyer from Washington State had been waiting for hours before the first marijuana legal shop opened in his town. But after purchase, the pot enthusiast received a demand from his employer to undergo a drug test, he told local media.

10.07.2014 10:14

Rocky Mountain high: Colorado smoking 130 tons of pot annually
​Although President Obama declined an offer to sample marijuana during a visit to Denver this week, he may be in the minority on the issue as market demand for pot in Colorado beat expectations at 130 tons a year, according to a study.

10.07.2014 06:02

Uruguay delays legalized sale of marijuana until 2015
​Uruguay has delayed the legalized sale of marijuana until next year due to complications in implementing the new law, according to comments made by President José Mujica on Wednesday.

09.07.2014 21:09

Obama offered pot during Denver visit (VIDEO)
United States President Barack Obama could have legally smoked weed during a stop in Denver this week, but reportedly failed to take up no fewer than three offers.

09.07.2014 16:11

DEA assigned agents who left student for dead in cell to investigate themselves
An internal Department of Justice watchdog has criticized the US Drug Enforcement Administration for allowing agents that left a college student in a holding cell for an excruciating five days without food or water to then investigate the incident.

09.07.2014 14:10

100,000 lives annually: Drug death toll triples in Russia
Around 100,000 people die from drug overdoses in Russia every year, worrying statistics from the country’s Federal Drug Control Service have revealed.

08.07.2014 19:24

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