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Last words of executed Texan: 'It does kind of burn'
Texas executed its seventh inmate this year on Wednesday, after the prisoner’s attorneys failed to convince the Supreme Court he was mentally ill and should not be killed.

17.04.2014 18:37

Bitcoin for bud: Weed vending machines in Colorado will accept cryptocurrency
Bitcoin might still be a confusing concept for many people, but in the state of Colorado it is expected to actually soon make something a whole lot easier: buying weed.

17.04.2014 16:36

Colorado presents marijuana vending machine
Marijuana legalization in Colorado has already sparked innovation in the state – pot tours, anyone? – and now one company has even created a vending machine capable of dispensing the drug to legally verified users.

15.04.2014 16:21

​Drug users moving to buy narcotics online, says Global Drugs Survey
More drug users tend to buy both legal and illegal drugs over the Internet, including cannabis, LSD and MDMA, with US and Brazil topping the list of cannabis use, a new report by the Global Drugs Survey says.

14.04.2014 04:45

Tennessee adopts legislation to criminally prosecute drug-addicted pregnant women
A new bill just passed by Tennessee’s state legislature would allow law enforcement to bring criminal charges against pregnant women if their drug addiction causes their children to be born with a dependency.

10.04.2014 14:48

‘Potentially lethal narcotic’ inches closer to public sale amid opiate epidemic
A major drug manufacturer has filed suit in an attempt to stop Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick from enacting a statewide ban on its product after medical professionals warned that patients who ingest the painkiller could be making a fatal mistake.

09.04.2014 01:01

Maryland Gov. O’Malley to sign marijuana decriminalization bill
Martin O’Malley says he will sign a bill decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The bill would impose civil fines rather than criminal sanctions for carrying less than 10 grams of the drug.

08.04.2014 18:54

Colorado crime levels see little change since marijuana legalization – study
Less than six months into the experiment that Colorado took up by legalizing marijuana, state officials have released new data indicating that crime has fallen across a number of demographics since January 1.

08.04.2014 01:21

​Poppy revolution in Afghanistan to follow the elections?
Not everything is going bad in the Afghan snake pit, where the West has calamitously been poking its nose since the 19th century.

07.04.2014 15:35

Rio slum raided ahead of World Cup (PHOTOS)
At least 2,000 soldiers raided a Rio de Janeiro slum using helicopters and armored personnel carriers in another attempt to boost security ahead of the World Cup. Raids have been taking place city-wide with the intention of ousting gangs.

05.04.2014 18:43

States begin to ban dangerous new FDA-approved painkiller
Officials in Vermont and Massachusetts are taking a stand against a powerful new prescription painkiller that is raising concerns about the possibility of an increase in accidental overdoses amid an ongoing, out-of-control drug problem in America.

04.04.2014 19:21

Texas executes inmate with drugs from secret source
Texas executed its fifth inmate this year on Thursday, one day after federal courts rejected an attempt to force the state to disclose where it purchased the drugs used in its lethal injection procedure.

04.04.2014 14:28

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