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Cop caught with 4 pounds of marijuana at home won’t be charged
A California police officer already being investigated by the District Attorney’s office was discovered with four pounds of marijuana in his home, but he won’t be charged with possession. His future on the force, however, is uncertain.

18.12.2014 02:17

​Laissez-faire? Non! France seeks to stub out ‘e-joints’ on launch day
France’s health minister Marisol Touraine said she will appeal to the courts to ban the new ‘e-joint’ – an electronic cigarette containing cannabinoids – despite the fact that it does not contravene any existing laws.

16.12.2014 19:12

Libyan arms dealer charged in Dover lorry terrorist raid
A British court has charged three men with serious terror offences, including a suspected Libyan arms dealer. He is said to have processed an order for £18 million worth of ammunition, including anti-aircraft equipment and heavy machine guns.

16.12.2014 12:39

French marijuana e-vaporizer to go on sale
Electronic cigarettes with cannabis extracts are set to go on sale this month. The French makers claim their product is legal, as it lacks the chemicals that cause the mind-altering effects of marijuana. French law is firmly against the use of cannabis.

15.12.2014 19:13

DC to move forward with marijuana legalization despite congressional ban
District of Columbia officials have indicated they will move forward with marijuana legalization, approved by city voters in November, despite a spending bill passed last week by Congress in which the legislative branch appeared to block the effort.

15.12.2014 16:18

Magic mushrooms pop up in Buckingham Palace gardens
A type of hallucinogenic fungus, or magic mushroom, has been discovered growing in the private gardens of Buckingham Palace.

12.12.2014 14:24

​‘Early Christmas present’: Drugs and guns seized by Border Force vulnerable to criminal gangs
Illegal drugs, firearms, alcohol and tobacco seized by UK authorities could be stolen by criminal gangs because of “unacceptably” lax Border Force policies, research published on Thursday reveals.

12.12.2014 15:34

Federal govt to allow Native Americans to grow marijuana on tribal lands
The US government will not stop Native American tribes from growing marijuana on tribal lands, nor will it enforce federal pot laws on the groups, according to a recently released Department of Justice memo.

11.12.2014 22:38

Congress to block marijuana legalization in DC
The Republican-led US House is using a crucial spending bill in an effort to block legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington, DC, where a ballot initiative last month received nearly 70-percent support.

10.12.2014 17:06

Americans want federal govt out of marijuana policy
The legalization of recreational marijuana is still a controversial issue in the United States, but approximately two-thirds of Americans believe the federal government should not interfere with state laws on the subject.

10.12.2014 00:12

Chile police seize 6-foot-tall pot ‘Christmas tree’ in drug raid
Police in Chile have arrested a 50 year-old woman on drug trafficking charges after a raid on her residence produced a tall marihuana tree that was decorated in the best Christmas spirit complete with presents at its base.

06.12.2014 21:05

Nuclear missile launch officer to be court-martialed on drug, obstruction charges
The US Air Force will begin a court-martial in January in the case of a nuclear missile launch officer charged with drug use and obstructing justice following a criminal probe that exposed an exam-cheating scandal involving nearly 100 nuke officers.

03.12.2014 16:29