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​‘Strong correlation’ between quakes and fracking in Kansas – official
​Geologists in the state of Kansas now say that a recent string of mysterious earthquakes may have been caused by pumping chemicals into the ground as part of the controversial gas and oil extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

19.01.2015 19:25

‘Haiti president - US puppet to serve Wall Street and finance interests’
Western interference blocks Haitian political parties from participating in a real political process, which makes people unable to build their country, Solomon Comissiong, Host and founder of Your World News Radio Show and Media Collective, told RT.

19.01.2015 12:41

Keystone XL pipeline bill nears Senate vote, but obstacles remain
Republicans pushed a bill approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline though a key Senate committee, but President Barack Obama’s promise to veto, along with a Nebraska court ruling, could delay its construction for months – if not indefinitely.

08.01.2015 23:14

Texas trembling! Lone Star State hit by 9 earthquakes in 1 day
Nine quakes in less than 24 hours (Tuesday am to early Wednesday morning) have been registered by the US Geological Survey in the North Texas town of Irving, a suburb of Dallas, America’s fourth most populous metropolitan area.

07.01.2015 09:32

Fracking caused earthquake boom in Ohio town – study
In March 2014, hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – caused 77 earthquakes in a small Ohio town that had no previous experience with seismic activity, according to a new study. One quake was large enough to be felt in neighboring areas.

06.01.2015 16:48

2 quakes with more than a dozen aftershocks strike north of Los Angeles
Two earthquakes, of 4.2 and 3.0 in magnitude, have occurred 80 kilometers to the north of Los Angeles, generating over a dozen aftershocks.

04.01.2015 06:45

Italy to spend €200K on seismic-proof plinth for Michelangelo's David
Michelangelo's David will be given a special, anti-seismic plinth worth 200,000 euros, to protect it from earth tremors in Florence. Safety concerns were raised following 250 tremors that rattled the region in the past few days.

21.12.2014 10:59

New York state bans fracking for natural gas
New York has become the first state to enact a ban against fracking despite sitting on rich natural gas deposits, a decision that goes against the energy orthodoxy of the rest of the United States.

17.12.2014 22:11

Watchdog: Radioactive Fukushima water to be cleaned, dumped into Pacific
Japan’s nuclear watchdog says the radioactive water that has accumulated at the battered Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant must be decontaminated and dumped into the ocean, local media reported. The news has sparked concern from local fisherman.

13.12.2014 20:35

Dozens injured as 6.8 earthquake jolts central Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has hit central Japan at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, damaging buildings and injuring at least 39 people according to the latest toll.

22.11.2014 13:32

Swiss energy giant offers $1bn to drill ‘hundreds’ of shale gas wells in UK
Swiss chemicals giant Ineos has announced it plans to invest $1bn in shale gas exploration in Britain, citing the UK government’s enthusiasm to use the new technology.

20.11.2014 16:21

Quake Alert! California company readies earthquake warning app
It may only provide a tiny heads up, but even a few seconds could be crucial when it comes to earthquakes. The new QuakeAlert app can give users a warning about impending tremors which could save lives, avoid injury, and cut losses to businesses.

14.11.2014 00:04