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Strong 7.8 quake strikes off Japan’s remote Bonin Islands
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the ocean off Japan's remote Bonin Islands at 11:23 GMT on Saturday, USGS reports. There have been no immediate reports of casualties or damage, nor any tsunami alert.

30.05.2015 11:36

6.8 earthquake strikes off Alaska’s southwest coast – USGS
The US Geological Survey says there has been a 6.8 magnitude off the southwest coast of Alaska on Friday. The epicenter is 110km south-southeast of Ugashik with the center estimated at 33km deep.

29.05.2015 07:15

​Leaking Fukushima containers could lead to hydrogen explosions
Containers holding contaminated water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of hydrogen explosions, with 10 percent of them found to be leaking. As many as 333 containers may be defective, according to TEPCO.

25.05.2015 10:45

​4.3 quake hits Kent coast, tips over garden chairs & sparks Twitter satire
A tremor measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale hit the Kent coast just before 3am Friday, causing buildings to shake across an area of some 20 miles. Amid mild shock from residents, Twitter featured scattered patio chairs and “We will rebuild” jokes.

22.05.2015 11:32

Texas officially prohibits cities from banning fracking
A new Texas law signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott prohibits cities and towns from imposing local ordinances to prevent fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities.

19.05.2015 02:10

​‘Drumbeat’ volcano earthquakes triggered by external noise – study
Just a small variation in external noise can produce the earthquakes that accompany volcanic eruptions, such as those seen at Calbuco in Chile last month, Russian scientists have discovered.

18.05.2015 17:20

New footage of avalanche destroying Everest Base Camp (VIDEO)
A Mount Everest climber shared footage of deadly avalanche descending on Base Camp, killing and maiming dozens of alpinists and Sherpas. The one behind the camera does not realize till the very last moment the true danger of what’s happening.

13.05.2015 05:07

6.8 earthquake strikes off Japan’s Honshu Island
A 6.8 earthquake has struck off the eastern coast of Japan’s Honshu Island, shaking the same area devastated by a quake and tsunami four years ago, USGS and Japan Meteorological Agency report. No casualties or damage have yet been reported.

12.05.2015 21:30

Seismic splash: Pool tsunami spillage in Kathmandu during earthquake (VIDEO)
A video of a most unusual tsunami in an ordinary swimming pool was recorded in Kathmandu as it was rocked by the recent deadly earthquake on April 25.

12.05.2015 04:52

Rare 4.0 quake rocks north Texas amid fracking debate
A magnitude-4.0 earthquake rattled residents in northern Texas on Thursday evening. One of the most powerful quakes ever recorded in the region has fueled speculation that fracking is responsible for this seismic activity.

08.05.2015 12:54

Please don’t forget Nepal
Stark photos, CCTV footage, harrowing headlines; the media brought attention to the earthquake that hit Nepal in April. Initially, journalists and aid began pouring in, but now when the locals need help the most, news coverage and aid has dwindled.

06.05.2015 12:50

100 volcanic quakes at popular Japanese resort prompt tourist warning
There has been a rise in the number of volcanic earthquakes recorded in Hakone, Japan. The nearby Hakone volcano began belching steaming gas and meteorologists say there is a possible risk of an eruption.

05.05.2015 12:32