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Late Fukushima manager flagged ‘density danger’ risks plaguing Japan's big nuclear plants
Recently disclosed documents show the late manager of Japan's destroyed Fukushima plant warned of safety risks in restarting nuclear power stations in the seismic-prone country, which is considering rebooting full-scale nuclear energy production.

11.09.2014 23:28

​Japan to start reopening nuclear reactors under new safety regulations
Japan’s nuclear regulator gave the go-ahead to reopen some of the nation’s nuclear reactors, after nearly a year without nuclear energy. The restart of the industry will also result in the permanent closure of older plants.

10.09.2014 05:35

'Crater like Empire State Bldg': US daredevil recalls hanging over scorching lake of lava
One of the two Americans who stepped inside the lava filled volcano crater in Vanuatu described his experience to RT as “exhilarating” despite the skin-burning acid rain and a splash of lava, which burned a hole in his jacket.

08.09.2014 18:08

‘Stockpile toilet paper!’ Japanese urged to buy more tissues to avoid being wiped out in a quake
Cautious Japanese are making sure they won’t be literally caught with their pants down next time an earthquake rumbles into town. They are being told to stock up on toilet paper, as well as essentials like food and water.

01.09.2014 15:33

Sub-glacial eruption of Iceland’s volcano forms row of ‘cauldrons’
Icelandic volcano activity increased on Wednesday, with scientists detecting 10-15 meters deep cauldrons of melted ice at the Vatnajökull glacier, prompting fears of an imminent eruption.

28.08.2014 02:48

Fukushima disaster bill more than $105bn, double earlier estimate – study
The tragedy at the Fukushima nuclear plant will cost 11.08 trillion yen ($105 billion), twice as much as Japanese authorities predicted at the end of 2011, says the study. The expenses include radiation clean-up and compensation to residents.

27.08.2014 07:27

California plans to build quake early-warning system after Napa Valley shaken
California is seeking funding for a statewide earthquake early-warning system to give residents some prior notice in the case of future temblors. The effort has new urgency following the magnitude-6.0 quake in Napa Valley on Sunday.

26.08.2014 14:08

Fukushima suicide: TEPCO must pay widower $500,000 in landmark court ruling
The operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant could face a barrage of lawsuits after a Japanese court ruled that it was to blame for a suicide, following the disaster of March 2011 that led to catastrophic fallout for the nation.

26.08.2014 07:26

California nuclear plant gets thumbs down from expert over quake fears
A confidential report by a senior nuclear expert calls on regulators to close California's last nuclear plant until it can be established the facility can survive a powerful earthquake, according to an exclusive AP report.

26.08.2014 06:24

California shaken by aftershocks while earthquake recovery ongoing
At least two people are still in critical or serious condition following an earthquake that struck California’s Napa Valley. Power has been restored to much of the world-famous wine country, though work on damaged gas and water lines is ongoing.

25.08.2014 14:14

California earthquake losses could reach $1bn
The estimated economic losses from the earthquake in Napa Valley in northern California could top $1 billion- the “red alert” level, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

25.08.2014 11:33

120 injured, state of emergency as California hit by largest quake in 25 years
At least 120 people were treated at hospital and a state of emergency was declared in the city of Napa, after California was shaken by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

24.08.2014 11:11

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