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‘This historic drought demands unprecedented action’: California issues 1st mandatory water restrictions
California’s governor issued the state’s first mandatory water restrictions amid a devastating four-year drought. California may only have a year’s worth of water left, and snowpack measurements for the year are set to hit record lows.

01.04.2015 22:15

‘Second-hand smog’ from Asia found in California
Severe drought is not the only culprit in California’s air quality woes. At least ten percent of ozone pollution in San Joaquin Valley originated outside the state, including particles from as far as Asia, researchers have found.

01.04.2015 19:09

Monsanto pledges $4 million to help save monarch butterflies
Biotech giant Monsanto announced it would spend $4 million on efforts to save the monarch butterfly population after the company’s pesticides have been accused of destroying the insects’ habitat and bringing them to the brink of extinction.

31.03.2015 21:47

Indiana gov. backtracks, seeks to clarify anti-gay law amid national backlash
National backlash against Indiana’s new religious freedom law has forced the governor to agree to clarify the text to ensure better protections for gays and lesbians. Two states have begun boycotting the state, while some companies threatened boycotts.

31.03.2015 22:49

Pesticides on fruits and vegetables could account for 49 percent loss in sperm
A major study of men’s sperm found that those who ate regular quantities of fruit and vegetables that had pesticide residue on them had half the sperm count of men who ate less, a new study showed.

31.03.2015 03:48

Smoked dry: Massive marijuana cultivation has ‘lethal’ impact on California water supply – study
California's current drought has been caused by the demand for water needed to cultivate cannabis, which, under state law, is illegal for recreational use. Streams are running dry, fish are dying, and it’s just the beginning, US scientists warn.

28.03.2015 20:48

An hour of darkness: Earth Hour 2015 kicks off around the globe
This year some 7,000 cities in 27 different time zones will be flicking off their lights in observation of the ninth annual Earth Hour, in an effort to raise climate change awareness and spread the message of energy conservation.

28.03.2015 14:08

​Endangered black rhino trophy can be imported, US wildlife agency says
A big game hunter who won a Safari permit to kill an endangered black rhino has been granted permission from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to bring home the animal's head.

28.03.2015 00:40

Monsanto fined $600k by EPA for uncontrolled releases of toxic chemicals
Monsanto has agreed to pay the US government $600,000 for not reporting hundreds of uncontrolled toxic chemical releases from its Idaho phosphate plant. The releases in Soda Springs occurred between 2006 and 2009.

27.03.2015 20:38

White House declares war on 'superbugs'
The Obama administration has unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to combat drug-resistant bacteria, also known as 'superbugs.' Five out of six Americans are on antibiotics, and 23,000 die annually of drug-resistant infections.

27.03.2015 16:20

Police the geese: National Park Service wants dogs to tackle DC's goose poop issue
The National Park Service may soon begin using border collies to chase away Canada geese from DC's public spaces, including the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, JFK Hockey Field and the Washington Monument grounds.

26.03.2015 03:11

Ex-Environment Agency boss ‘hugely skeptical’ about UK shale oil
The former Environment Agency chief Lord Smith says he is “hugely skeptical” about the future of fracking in the UK. He claims it’s unclear whether the process could be used to extract shale oil in the south of England.

25.03.2015 15:07