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Monsanto helps fund all-expense-paid ‘reporter boot camp’ for food writers
Biotech company Monsanto is helping fund a “reporter boot camp” that will be hosted by the National Press Foundation, featuring an all-expense-paid journalism conference called “Food, From Farm to Table.”

22.05.2015 23:52

Oil platform ablaze in Gulf of Mexico, 28 workers evacuated – Coast Guard
A fire broke out early Friday morning on a small oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, forcing the evacuation of 28 workers. No injuries were reported, but a 1.4-mile oil slick was visible in the water.

22.05.2015 22:48

What went wrong? Source of California oil spill still elusive
The company operating the pipeline that recently leaked thousands of gallons of crude oil off the California coast says it may be months before investigators learn what went wrong.

22.05.2015 19:57

Martian monster? ESA may have found supervolcano on Red Planet
The European Space Agency believes it may have found a supervolcano on Mars that could have been the Red Planet’s equivalent of Yellowstone. The massive Siloe Patera crater is 40km x 30km and drops as low as 1,750 meters.

22.05.2015 07:32

Volunteers strive to clean CA beaches, save wildlife after massive oil spill (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Clean-up crews are working day and night to remove 100,000 gallons of oil that fouled a stretch of California coastline after a pipeline ruptured Tuesday. It is the biggest oil spill in the Santa Barbara area since 1969.

21.05.2015 16:22

BP oil spill caused biggest dolphin die-off in Gulf history – study
The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused an unprecedented number of fatal diseases in roughly 1,300 dolphins over the course of five years, according to a new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

21.05.2015 03:59

​Busted pipeline leaks 21,000 gallons of oil off California coast
A busted pipeline off the California coast spilled approximately 21,000 gallons of oil into the ocean and onto beaches Tuesday as officials scrambled to secure the area, Reuters reported.

20.05.2015 02:18

Texas gov Abbott sued feds at will before squashing local efforts to ban fracking
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a new law that prohibits local ordinances banning fracking. Yet Abbott has bristled at similar top-down edicts from the federal government. As Texas attorney general, he sued the feds dozens of times in just such cases.

19.05.2015 19:37

​Beemageddon: White House reveals national strategy to tackle honeybee decline
The dwindling number of honeybees in the US has been a constant worry for farmers in recent years – and now the White House is buzzing into action. On Tuesday, the Obama administration unveiled a new strategy aimed at protecting honeybees’ habitat.

19.05.2015 14:36

China & Japan to lead global solar boom in 2015 - Bloomberg
Global solar panel production is expected to grow by almost a third this year which would be industry’s the best performance since 2011. China will take the lead, producing more than 75 percent of the world’s panels.

19.05.2015 10:10

Texas officially prohibits cities from banning fracking
A new Texas law signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott prohibits cities and towns from imposing local ordinances to prevent fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities.

19.05.2015 02:10

New Japanese island offers 'natural lab' for scientists studying evolution
A new island off Japan's coast offers scientists a “natural laboratory” to observe how animal and plant life begin to inhabit virgin land. Researchers say the key ingredients will be bird poo and vomit, which will contribute to nutrient-rich soil.

18.05.2015 13:49