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#HurricaneGonzalo: Winds up to 100mph lashing UK
Wind speeds of up to 100mph are battering parts of the UK, as the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo reaches British shores. Gusts and heavy rain have uprooted trees and caused flight cancellations, rail delays and road gridlocks.

21.10.2014 09:10

​‘Bee killer’ pesticide provides little benefit to farmers - EPA
The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that a popular class of insecticide used to treat soybean seeds provides little or no benefit to the farmers – the pesticide, however, is the prime suspect for the deaths of 30 million honeybees.

20.10.2014 23:36

7 weeks of eruption: Stunning aerial video of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano
A breathtaking video filmed by an Icelandic helicopter pilot has documented the continuous eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano in northeast Iceland. Enormous fiery bubbles of lava and steam can be seen bursting from the ridges in the ground.

20.10.2014 17:52

Smog marathon: Beijing runners put on masks for foggy race
Some 30,000 athletes took part in an International Marathon in China's capital on Sunday, with many participants wearing facemasks during the 42 kilometer (26 mile) course. Beijing was enveloped in smog, said to be 'hazardous' by monitors.

19.10.2014 12:43

Emergency: Russian cargo ship with 450 tons of fuel adrift off Canada coast (VIDEO)
Canadian and US coast guards have been struggling to tow a 135-meter Russian cargo ship after it lost power in gale force wind conditions. As 450 tons of bunker oil and diesel were on board the ship, the situation prompted fears of an ecological disaster.

18.10.2014 23:27

US looking to boost production of experimental Ebola drug
US officials have asked labs to submit plans for ramping up production of the experimental Ebola drug, Zmapp, of which supplies have run out. It successfully treated medical workers infected with the virus, but hasn't been widely tested for safety.

18.10.2014 04:04

We’re going to need a bigger beach: Sharks come ashore during massive feeding frenzy (VIDEO)
In a scene resembling one's worst nightmare, a large group of sharks washed up on a North Carolina beach during a feeding frenzy last Thursday. The Sharknado-esque episode was all caught on video.

16.10.2014 23:28

‘Widely exaggerated’: Climate skeptic MP blasts UK emissions target
Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will claim in a speech on Wednesday that maintaining the current climate goals for 2050 will “fail to keep the lights on” in Britain.

15.10.2014 15:06

Fracking triggered 400 earthquakes in Ohio, study finds
A new study on the practice of hydraulic fracturing has found a direct connection to some 400 micro-earthquakes in an Ohio town. This is the second report on the Utica Shale this year. The town is one of very few where the quakes took place on a fault.

15.10.2014 06:28

​Fracking companies could bury ‘any substance’ under homes
A proposed UK amendment to existing European shale gas regulation would allow fracking firms to put “any substance” under people’s properties and leave it there, prompting anger among environmental groups.

14.10.2014 13:24

166 climbing walruses fall to their deaths in Russia’s Chukotka
Overcrowding at a remote cape in the Russian Far East used by walruses as a summertime camp left 166 pinnipeds dead. Many of them fell to their death after climbing up a steep 30-meter slope.

12.10.2014 09:07

Global Frackdown day: World unites to protect environment & health
​Marching across the world to inspire actions on the ecological crisis, thousands of anti-fracking activists in over a dozen countries united against what they call dirty energy technology, which contaminates groundwater and causes health problems.

11.10.2014 22:21

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