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​‘Plague on our pavements’: Chewing gum manufacturers asked to foot street clean-up bill
To battle a plague of used chewing gum spots on the sidewalks in the streets of the UK and Wales, the national voice of local government has requested gum manufacturing firms to contribute to £60 million to annual removal costs.

23.11.2014 04:37

Mexican Volcano of Fire spews 5km-high pillar of ash (VIDEOS)
Mexican Volcano of Fire has erupted shooting an ash column 5 kilometers into the air and covering towns as far as 25 kilometers from the peak.

22.11.2014 01:45

​Radioactive leak as fire strikes Scottish nuclear plant
A fire at a Scottish nuclear power plant has caused the release of radioactive particles “via an unauthorized route.” Site officials insist the leak poses no threat to the public.

21.11.2014 11:44

Swiss energy giant offers $1bn to drill ‘hundreds’ of shale gas wells in UK
Swiss chemicals giant Ineos has announced it plans to invest $1bn in shale gas exploration in Britain, citing the UK government’s enthusiasm to use the new technology.

20.11.2014 16:21

MPs slam £720mn UK pledge to tackle climate change in poor countries
The UK government announced it would spend £720 million ($1.13 billion) on fighting climate change in developing countries. Some MPs have attacked the move, arguing the money could be better spent at home.

20.11.2014 12:10

Passing Keystone pipeline ‘an act of war,’ Sioux tribe president tells RT (VIDEO)
The President of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is no fan of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, telling RT’s Ben Swann that congressional authorization of the project would be “an act of war against our people.”

20.11.2014 01:01

Industrial pollution turning Canadian lakes into ‘jelly’
The Canadian lakes are slowly but steadily turning into jelly since the industrial pollution has given jelly-clad organisms an edge over their calcium-protected competitors, researchers say, warning about potential impact on drinking water systems.

19.11.2014 22:41

​House GOP passes bill allowing corporate-linked experts to advise EPA
The House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it harder for scientists to guide the Environmental Protection Agency and easier for those with financial links to corporations to sit on the advisory panel.

19.11.2014 23:19

World Toilet Day alert: Feces-contaminated water used by 1.8bn people
Almost 2 billion people use excrementally polluted water, which poses not only a global health risk, but also flushes away $260 billion out of the world economy annually, according to a report published on World Toilet Day.

19.11.2014 06:10

Toyota unveils game changer hydrogen-powered car
Toyota has unveiled the first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car, which will start selling in Japan next month and in the US and Europe in 2015.

18.11.2014 19:12

No sun in California? Lack of light hinders revolutionary solar plant
A pioneering solar energy plant in California, planned to produce enough energy to power 140,000 homes, isn’t delivering – due to a lack of sunlight and other weather anomalies. Altogether, it’s making the outlook cloudy for the $2.2 billion facility.

18.11.2014 11:58

‘Okinawans sick and tired of US military presence’
Residents of Okinawa are concerned about the US military presence on the island, and the increasing crime rate linked to that, as well as the enormous impact on local wildlife, Conn Hallinan from Foreign Policy in Focus told RT.

18.11.2014 09:15