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Egyptians back from Libya stuck in limbo: to stay or go back?
As more Egyptians have fled Libya’s violence in the past weeks, for some, returning to poverty in Egypt makes the option of going back to a war zone preferable to staying in their home country with no prospects.

06.03.2015 14:20

Almost 100 families evicted daily in Spain – statistics
At least 95 families were evicted every day in Spain in 2014, fresh statistics say as Spaniards struggle to meet mortgage payments. Home foreclosures have become a stark symbol of the 7-year economic crisis, with 2014 seeing a further rise in numbers.

06.03.2015 09:35

Geopolitics most dangerous since WWII, Lord Rothschild warns investors
The world now faces greater geopolitical risks than since the end of the Second World War as unemployment threatens European welfare and chaos engulfs the Middle East, Lord Rothschild warned investors in the £2.3 billion RIT Capital fund.

05.03.2015 08:22

China cuts economic growth target to 7%, lowest in 25 years
A landmark session of the Chinese National People's Congress has opened in Beijing to discuss comprehensive reforms for the Chinese economy as it slows down, as well as create effective governance mechanisms to combat corruption.

05.03.2015 07:27

​Business as usual? HSBC must clean up its own affairs, says Chancellor Osborne
Following a long, drawn-out silence on the government’s failure to adequately address the HSBC tax scandal, George Osborne has finally spoken. Washing his hands of any responsibility, the Chancellor says it is up to HSBC to puts its house in order.

04.03.2015 15:30

US criticism of Chinese anti-terror law: is it justified?
Despite the NSA’s wide involvement in mass data collection, the US government is unhappy about Beijing’s efforts to protect China’s information security with a new counter-terrorism law, Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University, told RT.

04.03.2015 12:03

Ukraine ready to make ‘small’ prepayment to Gazprom by March 6 – energy minister
Naftogaz of Ukraine is ready to transfer another ‘small’ portion of its March prepayment to Gazprom by the end of this week, Ukrainian Energy Minister Vladimir Demchishin has said.

04.03.2015 14:20

​Ukraine ‘modernization agency’ to seek revival of war-torn economy
Over 250 influential business people and politicians from Ukraine and the EU gathered in Vienna to discuss ways of salvaging Ukraine’s devastated economy and reforms needed to bring back investments to the country.

04.03.2015 03:55

​Venezuela heads list of 15 most miserable economies - research
When it comes to miserable places to live and work, Venezuela takes the cake, with Ukraine and Greece not far behind. Along with Argentina and South Africa, they make up the five most “painful” economies according to a Bloomberg survey.

03.03.2015 13:44

Palestinians boycott Israeli goods over unpaid taxes
Palestinians in the West Bank have begun boycotting Israeli goods. They recently dumped a truckload of milk and yogurt in Ramallah’s main square. They are shunning the products after Israel stopped giving the Palestinian government vital tax revenues.

03.03.2015 13:27

Russia may sanction French companies over Mistral non-delivery – media
Russia’s communications minister has reportedly called for sectoral sanctions against French-based communication companies in reply to the scuttled delivery of Mistral warships. Space-related entities are likely to suffer the most.

03.03.2015 08:34

Greece and EU discuss third bailout of up to €50bn – Spanish economy minister
Greece is discussing a third bailout package with the European Union worth €30-50 billion according to the Spanish economy minister. Greece and EU officials deny discussions are taking place.

03.03.2015 07:14