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​What does CETA, the ‘Wayne Gretzky of trade deals,’ hold for Europe?
A couple of weeks ago the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung claimed that Germany was refusing to sign off the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA).

19.08.2014 09:33

​Europe’s reboot: Reform or die
Sooner or later EU denial must give way to gut-wrenching reform. The longer the delay, the greater the pain for the Lost Generation.

19.08.2014 09:30

European recovery is a sweet fairy tale
Recent EU data shows the economy is increasingly dead on arrival despite repeated claims from Brussels that recovery is at hand.

18.08.2014 10:03

Why should UK taxpayers foot the bill for Ukrainian oligarchs’ military adventures?
​Back in 2003, with the illegal Iraq war looming and protests filling the streets of London in opposition, Vanity Fair’s David Margolick came to Downing Street to interview Tony Blair.

18.08.2014 09:42

Healthcare affordability: The US-led TPP comes with strings attached for Vietnam
While Vietnam waits to become marked on the global map as an important trade destination when it joins the US led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), there is a growing outcry on the implications of the free trade agreement.

18.08.2014 09:34

Russia launches China UnionPay credit card
Forget Visa and MasterCard. After the two American credit system payment companies froze accounts without notice in March, Russia has been looking for an alternative in China UnionPay.

15.08.2014 17:43

​UK tops world table for economic growth
The UK economy is expanding at its fastest rate since 2007, performing better than any other economy in the G7. Despite the GDP boost, critics say that youth unemployment and wage depression point towards far deeper structural issues.

15.08.2014 15:04

​A recovery the West has never forgiven Russia
Though the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 may have been regarded as a positive event by Western historians and ideologues, a victory for and validation of liberal democracy, its impact on the lives of Russian people was devastating.

15.08.2014 11:38

​Fracking – another commodity bubble of our times
Here’s a Dutch phrase for you, Gouden Eeuw. No, nothing to do with the currently controversial topic of cheese, it rather means Golden Age.

15.08.2014 14:09

​‘Sanctions on Russia are against interests of the EU and member states’
Talks between Italy and Russia are an opportunity, not a problem. If EU politics has transformed a big opportunity into a big problem, we need to change the politics, Fabrizio Bertot, European Parliament member from Italy, told RT.

14.08.2014 13:39

Food embargo against West to benefit Russia’s economy- Putin
Russia’s food ban against many Western products will help Russia strengthen its domestic food market, President Putin said Thursday.

14.08.2014 12:44

US income gap widest in decades, based on housing market data
The income gap among metropolitan regions in the United States has reached new heights based on home prices in 2013, according to a new report.

13.08.2014 16:41

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