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Bailout for banks presented as 'bailout of spendthrift and lazy Greeks’
The economic crisis in Greece created deep national divides but it’s not the Greek people’s fault, it’s the fault of the way the European elites have obfuscated the real issues at hand, professor of sociology Costas Panayotakis, told RT.

07.07.2015 10:02

BRICS bank, crises in Greece & Ukraine to top agenda at SCO/BRICS summits – presidential aide
Ahead of the landmark BRICS/SCO summits in Russia’s Ufa, Putin's top aide Yury Ushakov speaks to RT, Vesti and RIA on the key topics of the forums’ agendas, including the BRICS New Development Bank, Iran joining SCO, and crises in Greece and Ukraine.

07.07.2015 08:28

Greece may apply for BRICS bank, but not discussed officially – Putin's aide
The issue of Greece joining the BRICS bank hasn’t been officially discussed, one of President Putin’s top aides Yuri Ushakov told RT, Vesti and Ria, commenting on media reports that Athens had been invited to join the institution.

07.07.2015 05:14

‘We don't want Western institutions to dictate us what to do’ – South Africa’s Zuma to RT
With the current world bank system having been established a while ago, time has come for new financial institutions to be developed globally, South Africa's President Zuma told RT. BRICS and its New Development Bank is one of such alternatives, he said.

06.07.2015 20:50

'He doesn't negotiate, he kicks ass!' Why Varoufakis was the coolest finance minister ever
In five months of being Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis proved himself to be a tough negotiator who was not going to concede even a bit to Greece’s creditors, as well as a political ‘rock star’ who wins hearts and minds from atop his motorcycle.

06.07.2015 18:10

Ukraine to create $1bn energy reserve fund in 2015
The Ukrainian cabinet has agreed to establish a $1 billion energy reserve fund to finance the purchase, transport and storage of gas, RIA Novosti reported Monday.

06.07.2015 14:31

Greeks say ‘no’, but what’s next?
After Sunday’s referendum it is still unclear whether Greece will stay in the euro, how negotiations with the creditors will proceed, and how Varoufakis' resignation will affect the talks. RT asked experts about possible outcomes.

06.07.2015 13:36

Greek crisis: ‘Austerity politics rejected by popular vote, new path for EU,’ says UK analyst
Austerity policies have been overwhelmingly rejected by popular vote in Greece, paving the way for a more just, humane and “people-centered” Europe, the director of Global Justice Now says.

06.07.2015 15:00

‘EU would do anything to keep Greece in union’
Brussels and Washington don’t want to lose Greece because of geopolitical and geostrategic aspects and will do anything to prevent that from happening, said geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen.

06.07.2015 08:06

BRICS could sign economic cooperation in 5yrs - minister
The BRICS countries may sign an agreement on economic integration in the next 5 years, says Russia’s Deputy Economic Development Minister Alexei Likhachev. Russia will offer a ‘road map’ at the BRICS summit in Ufa this week, he said.

06.07.2015 08:13

Poroshenko’s pledge for Ukraine to join EU 'rather ambitious' – Euro Parliament president
European Parliament President Martin Schulz believes the Ukrainian president’s desire for the country to join the EU in just five to six years is “rather ambitious.” Petro Poroshenko, however, believes the country will have met the entry criteria by then.

06.07.2015 11:41

The big fat Greek debt divorce
The drama is far from over but the third reel has begun. Expect chaos, vast upheaval and ultimately a lure of redemption, even though that finale is months, maybe years, away.

06.07.2015 09:15