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Little candle in the wind: One dying orphan’s talent for loving life
Children are talented. It is an axiom. Some of the children in the orphanages we help are great in music, others win sports competitions. Letting the talent develop is one of the priorities for the teachers of the orphanages we are friends with.

21.06.2015 08:07

Southern Italian town divided over proposed Islamic university
Plans to build a large Islamic university in a little town in Italy’s south have divided its residents. The project’s author hopes to challenge prejudice against Muslims, but is struggling with people’s fears of a changing city and extremist threats.

04.03.2015 18:58

​Was Shakespeare gay? The debate continues
The sexuality of world-famous English playwright William Shakespeare has once again been called into question by leading academics after a book review called the content of some of his famous sonnets ‘primarily homosexual.’

27.11.2014 15:21

Cameron in Lycra? PM skips G20 jog, says spandex not a vote winner
Prime Minister David Cameron declined to go on a run or cycle with his Australian counterpart, Tony Abbott, for fear that wearing Lycra might hinder his chances of re-election.

14.11.2014 13:32

Why the Day of the Dead is not Halloween (PHOTOS)
Skulls set on shrines, candles flickering in the dark while skeletons converge on the streets...Halloween? No. The biggest fright night of the year gives way to the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead.

01.11.2014 08:50

​13 yr-old comes up with scheme to tackle cyber-bullying
In an effort to prevent cyber bulling, a 13 year-old girl has created a project that makes teens think twice about what they are posting, and rethink whether they actually want to send a potentially abusive message.

08.08.2014 15:50

Kremlin’s Spasskaya tower to open gates for tourists
The gates of the Kremlin's main clock Spasskaya tower may be thrown open to visitors soon, Moscow top officials have announced.

31.07.2014 22:20

Charm offensive: The way China influences the world
The far-flung celebrations of Chinese New Year around the world are a reminder of how growing popularity and expanding international recognition of Chinese culture and traditions demonstrate the progress of China's soft power.

04.02.2014 14:52

Israel boycott? World’s largest children’s books publisher ‘erases’ Jewish state from map
The world’s biggest publisher of children’s titles has skipped Israel from their maps in a school book, a mother of one of the readers found out as she failed to find her motherland to show her little son, the Times of Israel reported.

13.11.2013 16:38

We find your lack of faith disturbing: Lego to shelve ‘anti-Islamic’ Jabba’s Palace
Lego will cease production of the ‘Jabba’s Palace’ set following complaints from Austria’s Turkish community that Jabba, the hefty slug-like hookah-smoking alien of ‘Star Wars,’ has a residence that resembles a mosque. Production will end in 2014.

01.04.2013 05:26

Fire partially destroys Europe's oldest theatrical university in central Moscow
Part of the Russian University of Theatre Arts in the heart of Moscow has been devastated by fire. For several hours firefighter struggled to save the historic 18th-century building that houses the largest theatrical university in Russia.

28.03.2013 19:58

­'Wild child of British fashion' Galliano up for some fashion mentoring
Fashion designer John Galliano, whose reputation has been blemished after the anti-Semitic remarks two years ago, is reportedly hoping to become a mentor in one of the world’s leading fashion colleges.

12.02.2013 10:38