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Egor Piskunov

‘We don’t need EU permission’: Greek parliament ratifies bailout referendum
As an equal member of the EU, Greece does not need to ask permissions from anyone to let the Greek people speak and have their voices heard, PM Tsipras told his parliament, promising that the state’s sovereignty and future will be decided via referendum.

27.06.2015 23:03

Potatoes for Kerry: Russian FM keeps up gift exchange traditions
During talks in Sochi, the Russian foreign minister presented his US counterpart with a Victory Day t-shirt and baskets of potatoes and tomatoes. Looks like an answer to Kerry’s giving him Idaho potatoes in 2014.

12.05.2015 13:42

Russian Progress spacecraft flies too high, docking delayed
The Russian cargo space ship Progress is making extra turns around the Earth after going to a higher orbit than planned. Its planned docking to the International Space Station may now have to wait up to 2 days.

28.04.2015 08:13

Revolutionary: Russian man to undergo first head-to-body transplant
Doctors seem to be a step closer to performing a breakthrough surgery: transplanting a human head onto another body. A Russian man with a rare genetic muscle-wasting disorder has volunteered to be the first to try the procedure.

10.04.2015 06:10

Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen, launches coalition op against Houthi rebels
Saudi Arabian forces, joined by nine other countries, have launched a military operation in Yemen against Shiite Houthi rebels, the Saudi ambassador to the US said. The offensive, which started with airstrikes, will also involve “other military assets.”

25.03.2015 23:40

E. Ukraine artillery withdrawal focus of FMs meeting – as Poroshenko buys UAE weapons
While the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine were meeting in Paris to talk about the Eastern Ukraine peace settlement, it was revealed that the Ukrainian president has struck a deal on arms supplies from the UAE.

24.02.2015 11:24

#EuroMaidan revolution: 2014 Ukrainian coup timeline
One year after the violent coup in Ukraine, RT recreates the four days of bloody clashes of February 2014, which saw approximately one hundred people killed in central Kiev and resulted in a power shift in Ukraine.

17.02.2015 15:22

‘Anti-Nazi’ tracker app launched to fight far-right rallies in Berlin
German activists have released a new mobile app that tracks ultra-nationalist rallies happening in the city. The ‘Anti-Nazi’ app has been devised to help fight against far-right extremists who are gaining ground in Berlin.

11.12.2014 03:45

Great expectations: What tearing down Berlin Wall achieved - and what it didn’t
Today’s Berlin is full of distressing monuments to the human resilience and sacrifice experienced before the fall of the Wall. Twenty-five years on, RT takes a look at past and present divides – both real and imagined – and where they may take us next.

08.11.2014 14:50

Russia ‘far in advance’ of Brazil in World Cup preparedness – FIFA Boss
FIFA’s president said Russia will deliver an exceptional World Cup. Sepp Blatter came to Moscow for the unveiling and presentation of the 2018 World Cup logo.

28.10.2014 10:31

Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS
US Vice-President Joe Biden has accused America’s key allies in the Middle East of allowing the rise of the Islamic State (IS), saying they supported extremists with money and weapons in their eagerness to oust the Assad regime in Syria.

03.10.2014 10:42

‘Don’t ask for privacy, Take it back’: Anti-NSA #ResetTheNet campaign kicks off
Internet activists and rights groups have launched a massive online campaign against mass government surveillance, urging users and websites to use encryption. The campaign’s inspiration – NSA whistleblower Snowden – has called to join ResetTheNet.

June 05, 2014 00:03