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Ekaterina Zatuliveter

UN learning from its mistakes – RT contributor
Despite the growing international preoccupation with the events in Syria, the UN does not seem to rush with a resolution on Syria as it did with Libya.

29.05.2011 11:57

UK pulls out of Iraq amid public discontent over Libyan mission
The British military operation in Iraq is finally ending after more than eight years. The last group of royal navy training staff is pulling out on May 22.

22.05.2011 06:55

Coalition government means slow death for UK Liberal Democrat Party
The UK's coalition government was dealt a bitter blow after the country said no to a new voting system. This comes on top of the minority partner, the Liberal Democrat Party, suffering heavy losses in recent UK local elections.

14.05.2011 06:21

French military spending leaves pensioners defenseless
The billions spent on France's military forays abroad have already accounted for this year's defense budget. This has prompted claims that France’s military policy operates to the detriment of its own people.

06.05.2011 05:31

Britain votes on voting
An alternative-vote referendum is being held in the UK which could see one of the oldest democracies in the world change the way it elects its MPs. The referendum has already sparked fierce debate among British politicians.

05.05.2011 10:00

From sanctions to a Libya-style showdown in Syria
France and Italy are urging the UN to put pressure on Syria to end its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. Washington is also considering imposing sanctions, which is raising fears that Syria could be the next Libya.

27.04.2011 06:10

"Delaying UK defense cuts will bring disaster quicker"
The UK is giving 100 million pounds of emergency funds to its military forces to support the Libyan campaign, despite the cuts agreed in October's defense spending review.

13.04.2011 11:22

Neglecting public opinion is privilege of the West
London is bracing itself for a wave of public anger this weekend as protesters are planning to take to the streets to demonstrate against the West’s military intervention in Libya.

24.03.2011 00:54