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​Chancellor Osborne demands extra £1bn UK defense cuts
Further cuts to the UK defense budget will begin to impact on Britain’s operational capacity, critics argue, as Chancellor George Osborne presses ahead with military austerity measures worth £1 billion.

29.05.2015 08:14

Buying elections: Party donations skyrocket 100% in 10 years, figures reveal
Almost £100 million was collectively declared by UK political parties in the run up to the new parliament, Electoral Commission figures show, making the 2015 general election the most expensive in history.

28.05.2015 16:23

​George Galloway to stand for London Mayor in 2016
Former MP George Galloway has announced he will stand for Mayor of London in 2016, having lost his parliamentary seat in the general election.

28.05.2015 14:14

Queen's Speech: Anti-austerity protesters gather in Trafalgar Square
Following the official opening of parliament by Queen Elizabeth, thousands of protesters are gathering in Westminster to oppose further austerity and plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. There may be strong language in this video.

27.05.2015 09:07

Tories pledge devolution, EU referendum, but waver on British Bill of Rights in Queen's Speech
The Conservatives have announce a raft of new laws, including a new counter-terror bill, a consultation on a British Bill of Rights and pledged further devolution to the Scottish Parliament in the first meeting of the new government.

27.05.2015 07:51

Poroshenko presidency, one year on: Can peace be achieved amid heightened nationalism?
As Ukrainian President Poroshenko celebrates his first year in power, the truce in Donbass is fragile and ceasefire agreements are violated daily. Can Poroshenko become a ‘president of peace’ and can a peacekeeping party be formed in Kiev?

26.05.2015 16:56

​'Coward’ Chuka Umunna backs Liz Kendall for Labour leadership, sparks Twitter outrage
Chuka Ummuna sparked outrage on social media after openly backing Liz Kendall in the Labour leadership contest, having himself quit the race earlier this month. Critics have branded him “cowardly.”

26.05.2015 15:02

Ireland veers left, Poland moves right, Europe’s unity is stretched
While Dublin celebrated a referendum victory for ‘marriage equality,’ Poland took a sharp turn to the right last weekend. This is just the latest evidence the EU is unworkable in its present form.

26.05.2015 15:21

​‘No, well, yes’: Parliament would be empty if lying politicians were sacked, says ex-minister
A former senior minister says the House of Commons would be empty if every politician who lied was ejected. Prime Minister David Cameron is facing backbench friction over his plans to cut the number of MPs.

26.05.2015 11:30

Sturgeon attacks austerity Britain, commits Scotland to EU
The First Minister of Scotland has used her initial post-election speech to condemn further proposed spending cuts under the new majority Conservative administration and oppose a British exit from the EU.

26.05.2015 07:59

No to Brussels, Yes to Kiev: New president sets course for more independent Poland
Youthful energy and rhetoric for change have seen Andrzej Duda transformed from a virtual unknown to the rising star of Eastern European politics – but his presidency could set Poland against Russia and the EU.

25.05.2015 20:01

Spanish local elections: Upstart Podemos, Ciudadanos parties shine, ruling PP fades
Preliminary results from Spain’s regional elections show big gains for upstart leftist and center-right parties and the Conservatives losing their majority. While receiving the most total votes, the ruling PP party may now face coalition politics.

24.05.2015 18:15