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​‘Humiliating’: French rabbi told to take off kippa before voting at polling station
A rabbi has filed a complaint for “humiliating” discrimination at a polling station in the French city of Toulouse after a clerk told him to remove his kippa, or Jewish skullcap, to vote in local elections.

27.03.2015 17:39

Human rights debate in Britain is ‘regressive’ – Scottish watchdog
Political parties must strengthen their commitment to ensure Britons’ human rights are upheld after May’s general election, a Scottish watchdog says, adding that debate on human rights in Britain is “regressive.”

27.03.2015 16:02

Labour’s Ed Miliband tops polls as favorite for prime minister
Ed Miliband could clinch an election victory from the jaws of defeat, new research suggests. The news will be welcomed by the Labour leader, who is widely thought to have performed worse than PM David Cameron in the latest TV interviews.

27.03.2015 12:57

Harry Reid hangs up his ‘rusty spurs’ as Senate minority leader
US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says he won’t seek re-election when his current term expires in 2016, ending a 30-year run that made him the top-ranking congressional Democrat under President Barack Obama.

27.03.2015 13:32

MoD splashes out on ​£500k-a-year boss despite military spending cuts
Amid chaos over defense cuts and strategy, the Ministry of Defense’s newest boss will be paid up to £535,000 (US$800,000) a year to lead the department’s multi-billion pound equipment program.

27.03.2015 09:53

Alabama’s legislative districts are ‘racially gerrymandered,' Supreme Court rules
The Supreme Court has ruled that Alabama’s redistricting plans weaken blacks’ political power by concentrating them together, thus increasing Republican power. Justices sent the case back to the same District Court that had okayed Alabama’s new maps.

25.03.2015 20:12

​MPs express concern at BBC’s ‘biased’ EU coverage
The BBC's coverage of the European Union is biased, the cross-party European Scrutiny Committee of MPs has concluded in a report.

25.03.2015 14:11

​Alex Salmond accused of ‘sabotage’ after vowing to block Tory reelection
Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has provoked a backlash across the political spectrum after vowing to block the return of a Conservative government and help Labour into office in the event of another hung parliament.

25.03.2015 09:20

Whoever is president in 2019 will attend WorldSkills competition - Putin
The Russian president has admitted that another person might take his place after 2018 as he accepted an invitation to the 2019 World Skills International competition, which Russia’s Kazan is bidding to host.

25.03.2015 08:19

Wisconsin's tough voter ID law upheld after Supreme Court declines to hear case
The Supreme Court declined to review a challenge to a Wisconsin law requiring voters to present photo identification at polling places. As a result, the federal appeals court ruling that the state may proceed with voter ID requirements was upheld.

24.03.2015 16:07

Is the pendulum of French politics swinging too far to the right?
The European vocabulary is changing rapidly, which wouldn’t have been ominous if it wasn’t for the direction of change. More and more words are borrowed from Slavic languages - words, which stand for notions long forgotten in “Old Europe.”

24.03.2015 14:40

Most Russians see their country as great power – poll
Sixty-eight percent of Russian citizens believe their motherland is a great power that plays a significant role in international politics, according to the latest opinion poll.

24.03.2015 08:32