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‘Republicans spent too much money’ - Jeb Bush’s harshest criticism yet of his brother
Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has been careful not to criticize his father and brother, the previous two Republican presidents. Yet Bush offered this week a mild critique of his brother’s fiscal policy as comparisons to his family will likely increase.

22.05.2015 16:31

​PFI scandal: NHS trust with 43-yr contract providing poor care – health regulator
Healthcare provision at the largest National Health Service (NHS) trust in England is “inadequate” across all areas, including safety, staff training and leadership, an independent health regulator warns.

22.05.2015 08:27

Tories plan to jail, fine illegal migrant workers amid highest immigration figures since 2011
Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled new laws to prosecute migrants working illegally in the UK as immigration figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that net immigration reached 318,000 in 2014.

21.05.2015 10:58

Hillary who? Russians skeptical about Clinton as future US president, poll shows
Most Russians know nothing about Hillary Clinton as a politician, a poll shows. Of those who are aware of her political ambitions, most fear that her election could aggravate relations between Russia and US and worsen the overall situation.

21.05.2015 08:31

‘Want to vote for Putin in Italy? Now you can!’ Russian President’s namesake pushing into politics
Italians living in the Veneto region could soon get their own Putin. No, the Russian president has not suddenly decided to downshift and change countries. This Putin is a glamorous local political upstart.

20.05.2015 17:11

​Austerity agenda: ‘We can’t throw money at the poor,’ says Labour MP
Labour can’t solve inequality in Britain by simply covering it with a “monetary sticking plaster,” Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt says.

20.05.2015 08:45

Nation of Ooog: How a bizarre fringe party helped bring about Nigel Farage’s downfall
Dubbed one of the weirdest political parties of Britain's general election race, the Nation of Ooog boast to RT of their “victory” in South Thanet and reveal some of the trickery they used to keep Nigel Farage out of parliament.

19.05.2015 16:48

Deutsche Bank prepares game plan for ‘Brexit’ scenario - media
Germany’s Deutsche Bank has reportedly formed a working group to assess the consequences of a possible UK exit from the European Union. Britain is expected to hold an in/out referendum after the Conservative victory in the 2015 general election.

19.05.2015 12:39

​Labour must ’reset relationship with business’ - Yvette Cooper
Labour has alienated the business sector in the past and must now build a positive relationship with it in order to carve a sustainable path forward, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper says.

19.05.2015 08:50

'Gay, dyslexic activist' enters race for London mayor
Ivan Massow, an openly gay entrepreneur and businessman, has launched his campaign to become the next mayor of London with a candid video on YouTube.

19.05.2015 08:32

Investigation into Wisconsin governor to move ahead as Supreme Court rejects appeal
The US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a conservative group seeking to end a campaign finance investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall campaign and its possible involvement with independent groups in 2011 and 2012.

19.05.2015 00:42

Lindsey Graham to join presidential race: Consummate war hawk’s controversial statements
Three-term US Senator Lindsey Graham, a top cheerleader for the so-called ‘War on Terror’ and just about every other US military incursion around the world, has indicated he will run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

18.05.2015 15:56