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‘People of Europe have never been asked whether they want to live in a super state’
People want more democracy, more referendums, a direct say when it comes to very important decisions that affect the entire union, and that is one of the issues the ‘Alternative for Germany’ is working for, party member Hugh Bronson told RT.

02.09.2014 09:31

‘The only solution for the Ukrainian crisis is a negotiated solution’
The language of sanctions is absolutely not acceptable to Russia, because Russia is, was, and will be a strategic partner of Europe and there is no way out because that is geography, political commentator from EU Reporter magazine Anna Van Densky told RT.

01.09.2014 09:50

Mr Tusk goes to Brussels - but can he save the EU?
The first Eastern European EU president, Donald Tusk faces difficult times ahead – and few credentials to suggest he is up to the job...

01.09.2014 07:49

​Italy’s Mogherini voted in as new EU foreign affairs chief
Italy’s Foreign Minister Frederica Mogherini will replace Catherine Ashton as the EU’s head of foreign affairs while Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will be the new president of the European Council.

30.08.2014 20:26

Putin likens part of independent opposition to Bolsheviks, branding them as traitors
The Russian President has accused members of the non-parliamentary opposition of betraying national interests, and likened them to Bolsheviks who wanted a Russian defeat in WWI.

29.08.2014 13:53

Tory party blues - all because they chose a Tony Blair clone as their leader
The defection of Tory MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP is undoubtedly a major blow for British Prime Minister David Cameron and the ruling Conservative Party.

29.08.2014 11:50

​All's well that ends well: Rise to the top of the new Turkey’s PM
For the past 90 years Turkey, NATO's most eastern member and the Islamic world's gateway to the West, has been a nation state comprised of a manifold of ethnic groups and sub-groups bonded by the religion of Islam.

28.08.2014 15:29

Net migration to UK soars 39%
The number of European Union citizens moving to Britain has skyrocketed by over a third, putting pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to follow through on his vow to cut down on immigration.

28.08.2014 10:24

​Conservative coup? UKIP plans to target 9 Tory seats in 2015 general election
UKIP plan to target nine of the Tories seats in the next general election, internal polling has revealed.

27.08.2014 15:25

Ukraine President dissolves parliament, paves way for early election
Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has made the decision to dismiss the country’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, a message on his official Twitter account says.

25.08.2014 18:43

Cornel West slams 'counterfeit' Obama's presidency
Cornel West, activist and professor at Union Theological Seminary, ripped Barack Obama’s “Wall Street presidency,” calling him another neoliberal “counterfeit” after posing as a progressive in his initial campaign for the White House in 2008.

25.08.2014 15:48

Opposition candidate wins in Abkhazia early presidential poll
Abkhaz opposition leader Raul Hajimba has won in the country’s early presidential election with about 50 percent of votes, preliminary results say. The poll was held in Abkhazia after the previous head of state resigned following anti-government protests.

24.08.2014 17:51

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