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New York joins fight to elect US president by popular vote
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that could help revamp future presidential elections by agreeing to award the state’s 29 electoral votes to the candidate that is most favored on a national level.

18.04.2014 16:07

Bloomberg targets NRA with big money
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be out of office, but he’s just starting to make some noise if his latest investment is any indication: a new organization intended to take on the National Rifle Association.

16.04.2014 16:37

​Egypt: Violence & the struggle for power
As Egypt prepares for the first post-coup presidential elections, there is no sign to show that political violence is abating.

15.04.2014 11:58

Ukraine presidential candidates attacked in Kiev
Radicals have attacked two Ukrainian presidential candidates. One of them, Oleg Tsarev, was “brutally beaten,” claimed the candidate’s press office. The radicals poured green antiseptic solution and flour on another candidate, Mikhail Dobkin.

15.04.2014 02:55

India’s opposition BJP gives strong message to Pakistan and US
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has drawn accusations from the ruling party that its policies can be detrimental to India’s “secular personality” if it wins the elections, and seems to have an active agenda domestically and internationally.

14.04.2014 15:19

Afghanistan’s elections & the illusion of progress
Elections held last week in Afghanistan, while highly publicized as a showpiece in NATO’s lengthy intervention, will most likely achieve very little.

13.04.2014 22:03

​Abdullah, Ghani lead in Afghan presidential poll as 10% votes counted
First results released after the Afghan presidential elections show that with about 500,000 votes in 26 provinces counted former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is slightly ahead in a tight race with finance ex-minister Ashraf Ghani.

13.04.2014 16:47

​'Is it Europe for the banks or Europe for the people?'
Huge debt and unemployment in Greece are the result of the extreme neo-liberal policies pursued by the Troika that are just aimed at saving the banks but not the people, Kostas Isyhos, a member of the political secretariat of Syriza party, told RT.

11.04.2014 12:25

Crimean parliament approves new constitution making republic inseparable part of Russia
The State Council of the Crimean Republic has approved a draft constitution to become a new part of the Russian Federation, introducing some changes that allow smooth cooperation between regional and federal authorities.

11.04.2014 09:02

Has Egypt learned the lesson of electing military leaders?
The predicted election as president of Field Marshal al-Sisi will lead to a new decade of rule by the country’s military junta, setting back again the will of the people and making the sacrifice of the victims of the 3-year-revolution meaningless.

10.04.2014 15:44

Erdogan: Turkish court ruling lifting Twitter ban should be overturned
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that a constitutional court ruling that lifted a previous ban on Twitter was wrong and should be overturned.

08.04.2014 14:29

Over 3,000 violations reported during Afghan elections
More than 3,000 complaints of election violations have been reported following Afghanistan’s election at the weekend. Voter turnout was unexpectedly high in spite of a wave of attacks by the Taliban aimed at disrupting the election.

08.04.2014 10:38

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