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​Social Media and #Indyref: What impact will Social Media have on Scotland vote?
Less than two days before Scots hit the polls, social media has been a primary platform in shaping the merits of union vs. independence. With millions of posts, shares and related content flooding the web, Thursday’s vote may very well teeter on a tweet.

16.09.2014 12:53

‘Carl Bildt - slavish supporter of US, not European values’
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt - whether it is for personal self-benefit or because of general ideology -100 percent supports American policies almost without question, journalist Bryan MacDonald told RT.

16.09.2014 10:48

Far-right anti-immigrant party 'real winner' of Sweden election
The general parliamentary election in Sweden on Sunday was 'something of a shock’ to the nation. The far-right Sweden Democrats party managed to table the third highest number of votes on the back of their strong anti-immigration policies.

15.09.2014 19:19

'Voters all over Europe punish incumbent parties’
The far-right Swedish Democrats have doubled their support in Sunday’s general election because voters want to see something different as such parties provide options for people who do not favor immigration, sociology professor Mikael Hjerm told RT.

15.09.2014 13:35

Crate of brandy for party names – Communist leader dares election chief with bet
The head of the Russian Communist Party claims he would give the country’s elections boss a crate of brandy if he could name all the parties that had emerged since the simplification of the registration rules.

15.09.2014 11:40

​German euroskeptics surge in two more state parliaments
The eurosceptic ‘Alternative for Germany’ party got more than ten percent of the vote in the country's regional elections on Sunday, making the right-wing a growing threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

14.09.2014 19:50

Russia holds record-breaking elections across the country
Local and regional election took place across Russia on Sunday as millions went to the polling stations to elect 30 governors, 14 regional parliaments, three mayors and thousands of municipal assemblies, including Moscow's City Duma.

14.09.2014 19:36

Homecoming: Crimean Tatars speak about living and voting on the peninsula
The biggest question of the Sept. 14 local elections in Russia has been whether Crimean Tatars would vote. This has been the first time Crimea voted as a Russian territory.

14.09.2014 15:24

Power shifts to left after Sweden parliamentary election
A change of power is expected in Sweden after eight years of conservative rule, with the center-left opposition getting a lead over the governing center-right, just short of an absolute majority, according to partial official results.

14.09.2014 06:20

Nation readies for record-breaking Election Day
On Sunday, Russian voters will elect 30 governors and 14 regional legislatures, as well as city and town mayors and municipal deputies, in about 600 campaigns in 84 Russian regions.

12.09.2014 10:01

Duma takes steps to outlaw alcoholic energy drinks
Russian lawmakers are seeking to revive a bill banning the sale of all low alcohol energy drinks after President Putin voiced his support for the idea.

12.09.2014 07:23

Election watchdog Golos demands to be removed from ‘foreign agents’ list after court victory
Russian independent election watchdog, Golos, has applied to the Justice Ministry demanding to be excluded from the list of foreign agents after the Moscow City Court ruled the association had not violated the law on NGOs.

09.09.2014 17:05

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