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​European Human Rights Court undermines democracy - former lord chief justice
Britain’s former lord chief justice said the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is “undemocratic” and “undermines the sovereignty of Parliament” via its unelected judges. The statement adds to growing hostility toward the Strasbourg-based court.

01.10.2014 14:09

‘West silent on Bahraini rights abuse to retain military bases’
The US and the UK continue to support the Bahraini regime and turn a blind eye to the critical human rights situation, afraid of losing their military bases if they show disloyalty or criticize, a former Bahraini opposition MP Jawad Fairooz told RT.

01.10.2014 10:33

Scuffles as Catalonia erupts in protests over Nov. 9 referendum ban (PHOTOS)
Police clashed with thousands of Catalan demonstrators as they hit the streets of Barcelona and Madrid on Tuesday, outraged at the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision to suspend Catalonia’s November vote for independence.

01.10.2014 02:41

Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca aim to invade Ukraine’s parliament in upcoming election
Ukraine's Central Election Committee has registered quite a set of characters: Darth Vader, Yoda, Padme Amidala, Chewbacca, and Palpatine are to officially run in the country's parliamentary elections on October 26.

30.09.2014 19:50

Fracking license demand growing, says UK minister amid public opposition
Shale gas licenses are attracting solid interest from investors, according to UK business and energy minister Matt Hancock. Communities are resisting government plans to allow fracking firms to drill under homes without their permission.

30.09.2014 13:34

Afghan political transition: A quick fix solution or a long-term answer to regional stability?
As Afghanistan gets its new President in the so-called democratic power transfer, South Asia is eagerly calculating the possible fallout over the stability of the entire region.

30.09.2014 12:38

‘Speaking for majority’: Boris Johnson’s ex-deputy defects from Tories for UKIP
Fresh embarrassment has struck the Conservative Party as former Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes defected to UKIP, the latest to follow renegade MPs Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless into the Nigel Farage camp.

30.09.2014 11:19

​Hong Kong’s ‘Semi-Autonomous Democracy’ is still a leap forward
As the Occupy Central movement cries foul over electoral regulations imposed by Beijing, few acknowledge that the proposed reforms are far more representative than any previous electoral mechanism in Hong Kong’s history.

30.09.2014 10:55

Tories axe 55% 'death tax' in pre-election bid to woo UK voters
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced plans to scrap a 55 percent tax on inherited pension savings at the Conservatives’ conference in Birmingham, as part of a broader Tory pitch to win the next general election.

29.09.2014 10:54

'Lost decade': UK workers face real wages drop until 2017
Young people and the “squeezed middle” classes will face a fall in real wages beyond 2017, amounting to a “lost decade” despite signs of economic recovery, claims an economic forecaster.

29.09.2014 09:11

‘Historic victory’: Far-right National Front celebrates first French Senate seats
The French National Front party has secured a historic victory, grabbing two seats in the upper house of parliament for the first time, as the center-left government coalition loses its majority in the chamber and President Hollande's popularity sinks.

29.09.2014 00:49

AfD: Is Germany witnessing a right turn?
People are sick of the status quo. But is the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) the alternative it claims to be, or just a German Tea Party movement?

26.09.2014 10:07

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