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Protest for higher pay outside McDonald's HQ
Over 1,000 McDonald’s employees are rallying outside of the fast food giant’s corporate headquarters near Chicago on Thursday as part of a protest movement to demonstrate in favor of increased worker wages.

21.05.2015 14:38

Germany hit by 9th strike by train drivers in 10 months
Millions of German rail passengers were struggling to get from A to B on Wednesday after the German Railway Union (GDL) started a new mass strike following a failed round of pay negotiations with state railway operator Deutsche Bahn.

20.05.2015 20:09

​WikiLeaks takes spy contractor database under its wing amid death threats
A searchable database containing employment profiles of government employees and contractors is now being hosted by WikiLeaks after spawning cyberattacks and deaths threats.

20.05.2015 20:18

‘Fight for 15’ protest shuts down McDonald’s HQ
The corporate office of McDonald’s in Oak Brook, Illinois was closed after thousands of workers and union activists marched on the building a day before the annual shareholder meeting. Protesters are demanding a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers.

20.05.2015 18:04

​UK has no ‘credible alternative’ to EU membership – big business lobby
Britain’s leading business lobby group will say there is no “credible alternative” to EU membership on Wednesday amid government plans to hold a referendum on leaving the EU by 2017.

20.05.2015 08:55

Rushed EU treaty talks could compromise UK’s chances of reforming bloc – think tank
Britain has a better chance at successfully achieving genuine reforms if Prime Minister David Cameron does not rush the EU treaty renegotiations, a pro-EU think tank says.

19.05.2015 08:38

​Inequality Street: UK most unequal country in EU, worse than US
Britain has been labeled the “European capital of inequality” after a report found it is the most unequal country in the EU.

19.05.2015 08:31

Highest minimum wage in Australia - OECD
Australia has the highest minimum wage in the developed world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its after-tax rate of $9.54 per hour is followed by Luxembourg with $9.24 and Belgium with $8.57.

14.05.2015 13:26

‘Ageing EU will need more migrants’
Over the next 30 years, the EU will need more migrants to fill gaps in its labor market, says Prof. Heaven Crawley, UK migration policy expert. The EU has a choice, to use the migrants’ influx for its own benefit or create barriers & stir up xenophobia.

13.05.2015 16:02

​Blue-collar Conservatives: RT asks ‘Are the Tories really the new workers’ party?’
David Cameron says the Tories are the new party of Britain’s working people, as he seeks to shrug off the Conservatives’ ‘party of the rich’ image. RT examines the new administration and finds little has changed.

12.05.2015 08:17

Legislating prosperity: California town to hike minimum wage to $16 by 2019
Minimum wages in the San Francisco Bay area city of Emeryville are set to incrementally rise over the next five years, reaching $16 an hour by 2019. City authorities say the recently adopted decision serves the common good, brushing off business concerns.

11.05.2015 23:31

Urban poor aging faster at cellular level - study
New blood tests show that poor populations in urban areas of the United States are actually aging faster at the cellular level than others, thanks to chronic stress connected to income and identity, according to a new study by scientists.

09.05.2015 00:12