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Happiest country in the world? Global index may surprise you
When you think of how happy people in a whole country are, what do you take into account? True, country well-being and perception of own happiness depend greatly on the economic situation. But it’s Panama that tops Gallup’s Global Well-being Index.

18.09.2014 08:31

Independent Scotland ‘could take years’ to join EU - Spanish PM
Scotland’s hopes of joining the European Union as an independent state were cast into doubt when Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said it could take years for it to be integrated.

17.09.2014 12:14

Scottish independence referendum
Scottish voters have said ‘No’ to independence from UK.

17.09.2014 09:01

Power play: UK leaders pledge further devolution if Scots vote ‘No’
Westminster party leaders have signed a joint pledge promising “extensive new powers” for the Scottish parliament if voters reject independence in Thursday’s referendum.

16.09.2014 08:29

Debt retrievers seizing money from American paychecks – study
One in 10 prime working age Americans are finding that by the time they get their paychecks, credit and loan businesses have been there first. The striking figure emerged after millions of payrolls were checked as part of a study by NPR and ProPublica.

16.09.2014 04:15

Economic crisis pushing young adults in OECD countries to remain in education – report
The economic crisis is encouraging young people in OECD countries to stay in education for an additional 15 years, according to a new report. While some commentators regard this as a good thing, those with lower education levels are suffering badly.

10.09.2014 18:10

Debt-ridden Spain to spend €1mn on riot gear
The Spanish government intends to spend about 1 million euro on police riot gear, despite the country’s debt rising by 58 billion euro over the last year. Authorities worry about widespread protests they believe will grip the nation in the autumn.

09.09.2014 12:08

Widening income gap in US 'unsustainable' but unlikely to improve
The widening gap between America’s richest and the middle and working classes is unsustainable and is unlikely to improve a survey released on Monday by the Harvard Business School has found.

08.09.2014 15:02

Hollande poll rock bottom: 85% oppose 2nd term
A poll in France has revealed 85 percent of the population does not want President Francois Hollande to seek a second term in 2017. His approval ratings have hit an all-time low, with just 13 percent of those asked saying he is doing a good job.

08.09.2014 12:43

Migration to Britain making Romania stronger- President
Immigration to the UK has strengthened Romania’s economy by reducing the country’s unemployment rate, the Romanian president has said.

05.09.2014 13:47

Nearly 500 arrested as fast-food workers go on strike across the US (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Nearly 500 protesters were arrested in three dozen US cities on Thursday as fast-food workers and supporters staged sit-ins and acts of civil disobedience nationwide to call attention to their low wages and lack of union representation.

05.09.2014 14:04

Fast food worker strike begins with arrests nationwide (PHOTOS)
Fast food workers from around 150 cities across the United States went on strike early Thursday in an effort to secure higher wages and the right to join a union.

04.09.2014 14:11

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