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​Zero-hour contracts shouldn’t be scrapped, just rebranded – Tory minister
Controversial zero-hour contracts need to be rebranded because the term is inaccurate and adds to ‘scare stories,’ according to Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith.

17.04.2015 13:45

Greece will ‘compromise’ with creditors, but ‘not going to be compromised’
Greece is determined to stay in the eurozone, but signing an existing deal with its creditors won’t help to solve problems, said the country’s finance minister. Athens owes the IMF some €1bn by next month, and skipping a payment would be unprecedented.

16.04.2015 22:59

Keeping rates near zero poses risk of market bubble – US Fed official
With the US economy improving and the unemployment rate expected to fall to the 4 percent range, maintaining interest rates near zero risks destructive asset-price bubbles, according to a Federal Reserve official.

16.04.2015 07:28

Gravity CEO brings million-dollar salary back to Earth to fund $70k minimum wage for staff
A CEO in Washington wants his employees to be happy. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is, slashing his pay by $930,000 so he can give his workers a new minimum wage of $70,000 a year ‒ well above Seattle’s $15 an hour requirement.

15.04.2015 17:59

​Thousands demand higher wages during #Fightfor15 rallies
Thousands of fast food restaurant employees walked off the job on Wednesday in order to rally for higher wages as part of a coordinated series of demonstrations held across the United States and the world.

15.04.2015 16:53

#PeopleNOTpolls: Fast food workers demand £10 min wage despite ‘intimidation’
Fast food workers in the UK are joining a one-day international protest for higher pay, just days after mainstream British politicians promised modest rises in the legal minimum wage.

15.04.2015 12:18

​Double-dipping: Low wage-paying companies force taxpayers to fund benefits, says report
More than half of the billions of dollars spent on state and federal government assistance programs each year goes to benefit working Americans because their salaries are too low to make ends meet.

14.04.2015 16:18

​Labour 2015 manifesto: Miliband pledges to ‘balance books,’ cut deficit, up minimum wage
Ed Miliband has outlined his party’s ambitious plans in Labour’s 2015 manifesto, including pledges to balancing the books, cut Britain’s deficit year-on-year and increasing the minimum wage.

13.04.2015 12:31

Fired for ‘being too nice’: Tenants at luxurious NY tower rally behind sacked doorman
A concierge who “devoted his life” to helping his tenants at a luxury New York high-rise has been fired for – quote – being too nice. The tenants are reportedly rallying behind Ralph Body and have signed a petition to get the dream doorman reinstated.

06.04.2015 06:08

​DHS chief apologizes to congressman over Secret Service leak
The director of the United States Department of Homeland Security has personally apologized to the congressman overseeing a probe of the Secret Service after embarrassing details about the lawmaker leaked to the press.

03.04.2015 19:27

US economy added almost 50% less jobs in March than average month in '14
Employers in the United States added a lower-than-expected 126,000 jobs in March, according to the US Labor Department, following 12 straight months of gains above 200,000.

03.04.2015 14:25

‘EU has already collapsed’– Beppe Grillo to RT
The EU is an absolutely useless grouping; if it really was a community, European nations could have easily saved Greece and prevented it from being in the situation it is now, Beppe Grillo, an Italian comedian and the leader of Five Star Movement told RT.

02.04.2015 14:19