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Greece’s ‘first real proposals’ raise hope of debt deal ‘in 48 hours’
Despite failing to reach an immediate agreement with international lenders, Greece hopes to secure a bailout deal this week to avoid a potential euro exit, after submitting a new “promising” plan which focuses on tax hikes and pension reform.

23.06.2015 00:38

Heart attack survivor fighting for his life has benefits axed
A 58-year-old man, who has been seeking work for over a year, had his benefits axed when a major cardiac arrest left him unfit to attend a Jobcentre appointment.

22.06.2015 14:49

​‘Diversity deficit’: Ethnic minority representation in UK boardrooms falling
Efforts to diversify the ethnic make-up of boardrooms in Britain’s biggest firms are failing, a new report reveals. The study shows a drop in the number of non-white managers being prepped for top jobs in FTSE 100 companies.

22.06.2015 14:30

​Military service bad for career prospects, employers’ poll finds
Military service is off-putting to many potential employers who rate a stint in the armed forces as less valuable than a university degree or language skills, according to a new study by Barclays Bank.

22.06.2015 09:49

‘Last attempt’ debt negotiations fail as Greece rejects more austerity
Crucial negotiations between Greece and its creditors ended in deadlock after less than an hour of talks, paving the way for a potential default and even a possible Grexit, unless a “significant gap” is somehow bridged before the June 30 deadline.

14.06.2015 22:09

Egypt plans to open New Suez Canal on August 6
Egypt will inaugurate the New Suez Canal on August 6, which will massively increase the capacity of the existing canal and offer an important chance to boost the country’s struggling economy.

13.06.2015 16:49

Eurosceptic Italian party delivers 200,000-signature petition for exiting euro
Italian Eurosceptic ‘The Five Star Movement’ (M5S) has filed a new petition with 200,000 signatures, calling for a referendum on the country’s exit from the Eurozone and Italy’s monetary future with the European bloc.

09.06.2015 12:03

​HSBC to shed 50,000 jobs, close businesses in Brazil &Turkey
Europe's biggest bank, HSBC has announced it is cutting 50,000 from its global workforce to reduce costs by up to $5 billion in the next two years, to simplify its structure and focus on the faster-growing Asian markets.

09.06.2015 10:05

'Let viewers form own opinions' - German channel probed for airing RT show
The current “economic war” with Russia could eventually lead to a military confrontation, unless people are given the opportunity to form their own opinions, said the editor and co-owner of a German channel currently being probed for airing a show by RT.

08.06.2015 20:53

Tory splinter group plots to bring Britain out of EU
Over 50 Conservative lawmakers are forming a campaign to withdraw Britain from the European Union unless Prime Minister David Cameron achieves substantial changes to the UK’s relationship with Brussels.

07.06.2015 15:39

NY food banks seek $16 million in state funding to restock their barren shelves
Food banks across New York state are running out of food due to rising need and falling benefits. Now they are asking the state legislature for an additional $16 million in funding, just to keep the shelves stocked through the end of the year.

04.06.2015 23:01

​‘Poverty porn’: BBC’s new Hunger Games-style show blasted by filmmaker Ken Loach
“Britain’s Hardest Grafter,” an upcoming BBC program, targets the poor and shows the depths to which the broadcaster has sunk, social realist filmmaker and activist Ken Loach has warned.

03.06.2015 12:21