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UK Home Secretary ‘wrong’ to blame EU migrants for immigration surge
Home Secretary Theresa May is at the center of a fresh immigration row as academics dispel her claims that an influx of EU migrants is responsible for the government’s failure to hit its net migration reduction targets.

27.11.2014 12:02

Ferguson mayor: Officer Darren Wilson remains on force
Darren Wilson – the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown – will remain employed with local law enforcement, the town’s mayor said on Tuesday.

25.11.2014 20:05

Cashing in? Study shows lawyers find it hard to ‘do the right thing’
According to a new report, lawyers and solicitors are failing to meet ethical practice standards. It was revealed that almost one in six would accept guidance from their colleagues in order to “round up” their billing hours and charge customers more.

25.11.2014 09:59

Libya owes UK £14mn for scrapped military training scheme
The Libyan government owes the UK £14 million for an aborted training program aimed at helping the depleted post-Gaddafi army to recover. The program was abandoned after recruits sexually attacked locals near their Cambridgeshire barracks.

24.11.2014 11:24

National Health Service workers strike in pay battle
Over 400,000 NHS workers, including midwives, nurses, radiographers and psychiatric staff, have taken action as part of an ongoing battle with the government over pay. The strikes follow a decision to reject a proposed 1 percent pay rise.

24.11.2014 09:22

​Man dies after being burned alive in industrial oven
A Liverpool man suffered horrific burns and later died from shock after becoming trapped in an industrial moulding oven when co-workers failed to notice he was cleaning inside, a court has heard. The oven can reach temperatures of 280 degrees Celsius.

21.11.2014 15:12

‘Privatised and exploited’: MPs debate bill to protect health service from TTIP
MPs on Friday debated Labour MP Clive Efford’s Bill to protect the National Health Service (NHS) from what critics claim is a path of permanent privatisation. Labour won the vote, with a majority of MPs backing the proposed legislation.

21.11.2014 14:04

‘Middle class would go to jail for what big corporations are allowed to do’
US corporations have enough profit to grease the wheels of Washington DC to have legislation that benefits them, and their workers which are becoming fewer and fewer, are shouldering the tax burden, independent journalist Charlie McGrath told RT.

21.11.2014 11:15

‘Domestic extremists’: Police face legal action after spying on journalists for years
A group of journalists are taking legal action after they discovered the Metropolitan Police had been systematically monitoring their movements and behavior on a secret database designed to capture “domestic extremism.”

21.11.2014 09:34

UK offers most citizenships, UKIP vows to send migrants home if Britain quits EU
Tory defector Mark Reckless says migrants could be forced to leave the UK if it leaves the EU, as news emerges that Britain granted more citizenships in 2012 than any other EU member. Reckless is the UKIP candidate in Thursday’s by-election.

19.11.2014 09:18

Big Oil, corruption & Islamist weapon sales blight UK-Somalia relations – UN
Britain’s relationship with Somalia has come under scrutiny after a report detailing corruption in the east African nation was published by the UN. The Security Council report claims Somalia has traded arms with Islamist militants.

18.11.2014 14:03

‘Act of betrayal’: Stormy pay dispute sparks 4-day defense workers’ strike
Eight-hundred UK defense workers began a four-day strike on Monday sparked by a heated pay dispute. Staff say their recent 1 percent rise, tabled during negotiations, amounts to a pay cut in real terms and an “act of betrayal.”

17.11.2014 17:11