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China manufacturing PMI hits 4-month high in February but exports dive
A preliminary estimate of China’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI) that reflects business conditions in manufacturing, shows the sector started to grow after four months of contraction, with exports remaining sluggish.

25.02.2015 09:53

Greece - purgatory postponed
In an era of wanton government economic illiteracy, the latest case of ‘Kickcanistan’ mentality from Europe’s government caste has led to a political fudge ignoring economic reality allowing victory bleats by politicians with policies doomed to failure.

24.02.2015 10:25

White elephants in the room: How EU projects blow billions of euros amidst austerity talks
Austerity may be hitting some countries hard, but looking at certain EU funded projects, one would never know. From Brandenburg Airport to Donkeypedia, these and other white elephants are flushing billions of taxpayer’s euros down the drain.

21.02.2015 16:39

​Biggest US refinery joins nationwide strike stretching into 4th week (PHOTOS)
Workers at three refineries, one them the largest in the US, have joined a mass nationwide strike affecting some 20 percent of US refining capacity. The USW union strike has hit its fourth week, after failing to reach an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell.

22.02.2015 02:21

‘End of austerity’? Greece claims bailout battle victory, warns hard time not over
The Greek prime minister says a new agreement to extend the country’s bailout voids the previous administration’s austerity commitments. The politician said, “we won the battle, but not the war,” but believes further difficulties lie ahead.

21.02.2015 15:31

​‘High poverty, deep disunity’: German wage inequality hits historic high
The economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany, is being chocked by wage inequality and “regional disunity”, with over 12.5 million Germans now below the relative poverty line – the highest number on record since the reunification of Germany 25 years ago.

19.02.2015 23:45

Suicide rate among British men ‘highest since 2001’
The male suicide rate is at its highest in more than a decade with men accounting for 78 percent of all UK suicides in 2013, according to new figures. The recession and the stigma of depression are thought to be responsible for the rise.

19.02.2015 14:41

​‘Equal to slavery’: Tories to force jobless youth into unpaid work
Young people who are out of work, education or training for six months will be required to do unpaid community service in order to qualify for benefits if the Conservatives win the general election in May.

17.02.2015 10:13

​Desperately seeking spies: British intelligence is advertising for Russian-speaking spooks
Bright, British and with a natural air of secrecy: the UK is recruiting spies. It may seem like an extract from a John Le Carré novel, but in the wake of heightened international tensions UK spy agencies are recruiting fluent Russian speakers.

16.02.2015 12:47

At least 1 in 5 suicides globally associated with unemployment, scientists find
Around a one fifth of all suicide deaths are down to unemployment concerns research has shown, Swiss scientists have found. This is far higher than other causes such of ending ones life such as economic downturns.

14.02.2015 14:31

‘Extremely damaging’ work stress causes Brits to drink, smoke and be lazy
​Stress in the workplace could be shortening your life, a survey has found. Job pressures lead people to smoke more, drink more, eat unhealthily and exercise less than they should, posing serious health problems that contribute to heart disease.

12.02.2015 13:12

​Muslim population in England and Wales grows 75% in 10 years
The Muslim population of England and Wales almost doubled over a 10-year period, a new study reveals. The report for the Muslim Council of Britain starkly highlights the community’s economic disadvantage.

12.02.2015 12:03