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US toymaker Mattel apologizes over ‘Nazi Poland’ blunder
Major American toy company, Mattel, known for producing Barbie dolls and its cooperation with Disney, had to apologize before the Polish people and their government after a phrase ‘Nazi Poland’ slipped into one of their card games.

25.04.2015 19:03

‘Don’t let them drown’: London protestors demand EU immigration policy change
Dozens of protestors gathered outside the European Commission’s office in London on Saturday to condemn the EU’s policies towards non-European migrants, which are blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean last week.

25.04.2015 15:54

Millions worldwide mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Armenians from around the world have been taking part in public memorial services, to commemorate the 1915 massacre of up to 1.5 million of their ancestors at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

24.04.2015 20:51

EU allows more GM crops to be imported following 1.5-yr hiatus
The European Union has given the green light to start importing 10 new types of genetically modified crops for the first time since 2013. Two types of flowers have also been cleared, amid heated debates over amendments to the EU approval process.

24.04.2015 17:13

​Not again! Barbie maker’s ‘Nazi Poland’ game outrages Warsaw days after FBI chief blunder
One of the world’s largest toy manufacturers – American company Mattel, known as the producer of Barbie dolls and toy Disney characters - raised a storm of indignation in Poland, as one of its latest card games contains the phrase ‘Nazi Poland’.

24.04.2015 16:58

Face-save or life-save? EU triples funding for migrant boat rescues
EU leaders agreed to triple the funding of naval search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean. However critics are displeased, believing it’s a face-saving measure, especially as some EU leaders still advocate blowing ‘illegals’ out of the water.

24.04.2015 03:07

Migrants take risky journeys to escape ‘poverty, hunger, insecurity’
People are desperate to escape from the warzones in Syria or Libya where they are facing a profound hunger, Zina Aga, Iraqi Palestinian writer who lost a cousin as he attempted to flee Syria by boat told RT.

24.04.2015 13:28

​‘West must give billions in aid to countries decimated by its foreign policy’
Western powers need to end their war policy in the Middle East, recognize the responsibility for the catastrophe in the region, and pump billions of pounds of emergency aid into the destroyed countries, Chris Nineham of the Stop The War coalition told RT.

24.04.2015 09:57

Dutch forensic expert fired for exposing photos of MH17 victims
​A senior Dutch forensic expert involved into the investigation of the MH17 plane crash has been dismissed, with further sanctions against him considered after he showed images of plane crash victims to his students.

24.04.2015 06:18

Armenia, Turkey still at odds a century after 1915 massacre
As Armenians mark 100 years since over a million of their countrymen and women were slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks, Yerevan and Ankara are still unable to find common ground on the sensitive issue and begin diplomatic relations.

23.04.2015 20:14

Armenia marks 100 years since genocide by Ottoman Turks
Armenians worldwide are marking an anniversary of an Ottoman genocide of up to 1.5 million of their people a century ago. Commemoration services are expected to draw millions in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, and abroad.

24.04.2015 03:40

British intelligence service to hunt human traffickers in Mediterranean
Britain’s intelligence services may be deployed to hunt for traffickers who smuggle refugees on overcrowded and rickety boats into Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of people have died attempting the dangerous crossing.

23.04.2015 13:45