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Crazy knife-wielding clowns terrorize small French town
A small town in Northern France was left in panic after several people were attacked by clown, or clowns unknown. In one of the attacks a student was threatened with a knife. Police have reportedly arrested a man suspected of aggravated violence.

20.10.2014 11:51

Paris opera ejects woman in Muslim veil after cast refuses to sing
A woman in niqab, a traditional Muslim veil, was asked to leave the opera in Paris after the cast said they wouldn’t perform if a solution wasn’t found. She had to leave the auditorium, because wearing a veil covering the whole face is banned in France.

20.10.2014 04:42

Beating Ebola: Spanish nurse appears to be healed from deadly virus
The Spanish nurse who contracted the Ebola virus while treating infected patients at a Madrid hospital has seemingly beaten the disease following a complex treatment, the country's government said.

19.10.2014 21:02

Britain’s plan to limit EU workers ‘illegal’ – European Commission head
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso says that freedom of movement is an essential principle of the EU, and any plan by Britain to cap the number of migrants through the limitation of national insurance numbers would be illegal under EU law.

19.10.2014 21:09

XXXmas redacted: Artist removes giant ‘sex toy’ Christmas tree in Paris
The creator of the controversial inflatable Christmas tree in a Paris square has decided to remove it, after drawing outrage from the citizens who even attempted to deflate the installation.

19.10.2014 10:16

Tear gas, clashes as anti-nationalist rally in N. Italy turns violent (VIDEO)
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Bologna at a rally against the far-right Forza Nuova party, who ran a counter-protest the same day. At least four people were injured in clashes between protesters and police as the rival protests met.

19.10.2014 07:31

Lavrov: West’s ‘colonial-style’ sanctions on Russia have little to do with Ukraine
Making Russia change its stance by way of sanctions is outdated thinking in an age when diversity of opinion is supposed to be appreciated, Foreign Minister Lavrov believes. He says Russia is already “doing more than anybody else” to help Ukraine.

19.10.2014 05:25

Cold Ukrainian winter threatens German OSCE drone mission
German Luna drones promised to soon fly over Ukraine to monitor the ceasefire under the OSCE mission may not handle the severe winters in the region and may crash, German media reported. If so, the entire mission may fail.

18.10.2014 17:42

​Sweden deploys troops near Stockholm due to alleged underwater threat
Sweden’s armed forces have deployed planes and ships in the waters near the country’s capital due to possible “foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago, said the country’s military.

18.10.2014 10:01

Giant sex toy or Christmas tree? Paris baffled and outraged (VIDEO)
A giant green Christmas tree designed by a US artist was erected in a Paris square, but city residents say the artwork resembles a sex toy. Some outraged people even attempted to deflate the sculpture.

18.10.2014 06:24

Sanctions, anyone? Russian monks pick up Italian cheese-making trade
Monks of a northern Russian monastery have made international headlines with their plans to start a cheese factory, specializing in Italian recipes. It comes amid Moscow's counter-sanctions against the EU, which ban the import of European dairy products.

18.10.2014 01:55

Saab in hot water over donation to HIV ‘radio-wave cure’ program
Saab has found itself in the spotlight after it was revealed to have made a $9.7 million donation to South African medical firm Hivex. The firm claimed it was able to cure HIV with radio waves - but its failed experiment may have actually cost lives.

17.10.2014 19:32

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