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Cameron vows to scrap Human Rights Act, civil liberties groups outraged
Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to scrap the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives are re-elected in Britain’s 2015 general election. The controversial proposal has stoked the ire of civil rights groups across the nation.

01.10.2014 14:27

‘Yours faithfully’: Barroso sends letter to Putin asking to resume gas supplies to Ukraine
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has written back to Russian President Vladimir Putin stressing the importance of restarting energy deliveries to Ukraine.

01.10.2014 14:21

EU-Ukraine pact can be changed, but only by Brussels and Kiev - Barroso
Revisions of the EU-Ukraine trade deal are possible, but only at the request of Brussels or Kiev, not Moscow, the head of the European Commission said, stating that the EU has “strong concerns” over Russia possibly cancelling duty-free trade with Ukraine.

01.10.2014 12:16

Defeating terrorism through a comprehensive approach
Combating ISIS, the Al-Nusrah Front and other terrorist cells that have long been growing in the Middle East, has now become a top international priority.

01.10.2014 14:05

Dutch ISIS sympathizing schoolboy suspended for wanting to 'decapitate Jews'
A 14 year-old boy has been suspended from school in the Netherlands after posting a video in which he said he belonged to Islamic State and wanted to decapitate Jews. The student is said to be of Balkan decent and was identified only as Ilhan M.

01.10.2014 12:55

‘Immigration is number one concern of most British citizens’
There is a huge amount of disagreement among the British public at large over the level of immigration that has taken place in the UK over the last 20 years, as it has been too great and too fast, the Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney told RT.

30.09.2014 11:59

EU forks out further €165mn in aid to farmers hit by Russian sanctions
The EU has announced emergency funding for perishable fruit and vegetables hit by Russia’s EU food ban as part of efforts to help cover part of the farmers’ losses that are estimated at billions of euros.

30.09.2014 13:49

CETA: Delayed but not destroyed
The European Commission and Canada have been negotiating over the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) for five years. Now Germany has decided to throw a spanner in the works.

30.09.2014 07:46

​'UK to pay price for bombing IS for years to come'
British MPs are ignoring valid arguments against bombing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the UK will end up making more enemies within the Muslim world, Raza Nadim from the UK Muslim Public Affairs Committee, told RT.

29.09.2014 12:06

Web Magna Carta: WWW inventor calls for ‘online bill of rights’
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken out against world governments and corporations, which he says are seeking to control the web for their own gain.

29.09.2014 12:24

Brussels to announce mega-penalty against Apple over illegal Irish tax deals
The European Commission in Brussels is preparing to accuse the world’s biggest company of getting special treatment from the Irish government in exchange for creating jobs. It could result in a record fine of several billion euro.

29.09.2014 07:17

​Gitmo in Germany? Security guards abuse asylum seekers
Two asylum seekers have been severely beaten and abused by security guards in a German town. The police compared the brutal actions to those committed by US guards in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, against the prisoners.

29.09.2014 04:38

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