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Remember Odessa: Protesters across Europe recall May 2 massacre
People across Europe held protests in memory of the May 2 tragedy in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, in which nearly 50 anti-government activists died in a building set ablaze by radicals. Hundreds in Odessa decried the lack of justice for the victims.

02.09.2014 21:05

Preliminary MH17 crash report to be published within a week – investigators
A preliminary report on the reasons behind the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine will be released within days. However, it will take one year to perform a full investigation which will answer all questions, the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) said.

02.09.2014 19:06

Danish mosque openly backs Islamic State's campaign of terror
A mosque in Denmark has openly declared its support for the Islamic State militant group. It comes just days after a Dane who fought with the terrorist organization in Syria stated that Denmark was “high upon [IS's] list of targets.”

02.09.2014 19:15

Uber and out: Taxi app temporarily banned in Germany
The popular taxi app Uber has been temporarily banned by a regional court in Germany. The fast-growing company will be fined up to €250,000 every time it provides service without a license anywhere in the country.

02.09.2014 13:43

​EU considering banning Russian state firms borrowing - report
The EU is considering forbidding all Russian state-owned firms from borrowing or raising money on European capital markets in the possible next round of sanctions against Russia being prepared by the European Commission.

02.09.2014 14:42

Moscow ready to expose 'Kiev in two weeks' spin with Barroso call transcript
Vladimir Putin’s remark about “taking Kiev in two weeks” was taken out of context and its meaning was distorted, Moscow said, adding that it’s ready to publish the president’s conversation with the European Commission head.

02.09.2014 15:23

​Slovakia begins reverse gas flow to Ukraine
Slovakia initiated reverse deliveries of natural gas to Ukraine on Tuesday with enough capacity to cover up to a fifth of the country’s needs.

02.09.2014 15:04

Muslim barred from France’s nuclear sites due to alleged jihadist ties
A Muslim engineer has been barred from France’s nuclear sites due to his alleged ties with jihadists, who were recruiting youngsters to fight the US soldier in Iraq, say the officials. His lawyer says this is a case of Islamophobia.

02.09.2014 12:06

​EU ‘shoots itself in the foot’ by blocking South Stream – Gazprom
The attempts by the European Commission to delay the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline are motivated strictly for political reasons, Gazprom’s spokesman has said.

02.09.2014 13:23

China energy deals ‘launch pad’ for Russia’s gas diversification - Moody’s
​Moscow’s 15-month marathon of energy deals with China will boost the credit of Russian oil and gas companies and reduce Russia’s reliance on European energy markets, Moody’s Ratings Agency said in a note.

02.09.2014 11:23

​EU ‘mother-sucker’: Nanny state decrees dirty homes?
A vacuum cleaner ban lays bare the vacuum of power at the heart of the EU.

02.09.2014 08:59

EU prepares emergency ‘Plan B’ blueprint in case Russia halts gas - report
The European Union may ban the ‘re-selling’ of gas and limit industrial use as part of a contingency plan to create a stockpile for next winter, in case Russian gas stops flowing through Ukraine, according to a European Commission source.

02.09.2014 07:33

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