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GM bacteria ‘sensors’ could detect cancer, diabetes
Scientists have published two studies describing how genetically modified bacteria could help detect cancerous tumors and diabetes in mice, and potentially be used as a diagnostic tool for humans.

28.05.2015 20:51

Finnish politician suggests sterilizing African immigrants 'to avoid total collapse' in Helsinki
A City of Helsinki deputy councilor has come under fire after he publicly stated in a Facebook post that African men who come to Finland as refugees should not be allowed to have more than three children, and should be sterilized instead.

28.05.2015 13:00

Serbia to join US-backed gas project, seeks diversification from Russia - PM
Serbia will join US-backed Trans-Adriatic Pipeline following Washington’s calls to reduce dependency on Russian gas, the country’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told the Associated Press.

28.05.2015 10:32

EU threatens 11 members with court if they fail bank recovery program
The European Commission may subpoena eleven countries, including France and Italy unless they implement a directive to protect taxpayers from the aftermath of financial crisis and shift the burden of paying debts of struggling lenders to shareholders.

28.05.2015 13:28

Austerity protest: ‘UK citizens need govt support, not attack’
UK citizens are calling for an end to austerity. They need a strong welfare state where wealth is divided equally among society and the government supports as opposed to attacks people, says Callum Cant of the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts.

28.05.2015 10:37

​EU negotiations: RT asks whether Cameron will get his way
As Prime Minister David Cameron sets off on a two-day tour of Europe in a bid to lobby his counterparts for EU reform, RT examines what he is trying to achieve and the likelihood of success.

28.05.2015 08:37

EU strikes against Libyan refugee smugglers will set ‘dangerous precedent’ – Assange
The military intervention against “smugglers” bringing migrants from Libya to EU shores will set a “dangerous precedent” for the EU to unilaterally engage in hostilities and endanger innocent people’s lives, believes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

28.05.2015 02:02

​No more than 4 coffees a day! EU sets new (lax) caffeine guidelines
The EU has set generous recommended limits for caffeine consumption, after a comprehensive report failed to find significant health risks associated with the substance if imbibed in the usual quantities, either chronically or in one session.

27.05.2015 22:55

Chinese trend sees new billionaire every week - report
The center of great wealth creation has shifted from the United States east to Asia, a joint report from UBS and PwC shows. China, the most outstanding example, produced new billionaire almost every week in the first quarter of 2015.

27.05.2015 09:19

Human Rights Act: Cameron wavers in face of Tory rebellion, delays abolition
Prime Minister David Cameron will delay acting on a controversial pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act in a bid to avoid confrontation with his own MPs and shore up support for an EU referendum.

27.05.2015 08:23

EU & Switzerland ink historic agreement to end Swiss banking secrecy
The European Union and Switzerland have signed a tax transparency agreement that will put an end to Swiss banking secrecy for EU residents. The sides will start automatically sharing data on residents’ financial accounts from 2018.

27.05.2015 07:28

Chicken or Egg? Brexit & the End of the EU
Britain is demanding reform and the EU risks its own demise if it doesn’t listen.

26.05.2015 14:43