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Air France strike: Massive flight disruptions, could cost up to $19mn
Up to 60 percent of Air France flights have been canceled as the company’s pilots began a week-long strike over the cuts. The same level of groundings is expected until the weekend.

16.09.2014 05:52

'Voters all over Europe punish incumbent parties’
The far-right Swedish Democrats have doubled their support in Sunday’s general election because voters want to see something different as such parties provide options for people who do not favor immigration, sociology professor Mikael Hjerm told RT.

15.09.2014 13:35

Finland to continue with Rosatom nuclear project, despite sanctions - Prime Minister
Finland will not drop its plans to construct a nuclear power plant with Russia’s Rosatom. The project “will not shake Finland’s reputation” and “shouldn’t be mixed with politics,” Prime Minister Alexander Strubb told Radio Suomi.

15.09.2014 11:36

'War is madness’: Pope Francis says WWIII is happening already
Pope Francis has compared the current situation internationally to a third World War “fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres and destruction.” Calling wars irrational, the Pontiff lamented conflicts are often “justified by an ideology.”

13.09.2014 14:15

Poland resumes reverse gas flow to Ukraine
Poland has resumed full deliveries of gas to Ukraine, Warsaw and Kiev confirmed on Friday.

12.09.2014 09:19

Russian MPs to start PACE work despite voting ban – report
A group of Russian lawmakers will go to Strasbourg to present reports on healthcare, internet regulation and fighting against Nazism.

11.09.2014 09:27

Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say
Swedish scientists have detected 13 bacterial components in raw honey that they say are more effective than conventional antibiotics in fighting deadly wound infections, including MRSA. The bacterial blend has already been effectively tested on horses.

10.09.2014 21:31

Poland stops reverse gas flow to Ukraine, Kiev blames Russia
Ukraine’s state-controlled gas transit company says Poland cut off reverse flows to Ukraine, alleging that a quarter of Russian gas imports to Poland went missing. Gazprom said it continues to supply the same amount of gas as previously.

10.09.2014 17:04

​Scientists discover Earth-like tectonics on Jupiter moon
Jupiter’s moon Europa could be quite Earth-like and even have traces of life, say scientists who discovered that Europa has ‘diving’ tectonic plates, the same type of surface-shifting geological activity as found on Earth.

09.09.2014 07:09

Nimrod Kamer: Exposing NATO as a naff members' club
As Wales hosted the NATO 2014 summit, journalist Nimrod Kamer looked at the military hardware on display, the event's social media fails, and talked to some of the alliance’s employees.

07.09.2014 18:59

Green miles: Italian researchers develop road technology to collect energy from traffic
With the invention of a new paving technology, clean energy could be extracted from traffic. Italian engineers also promise an offset of CO2 emissions and better safety on roads.

07.09.2014 12:24

NATO stages massive military drills in Latvia (PHOTOS)
As seven-day NATO military exercises continue to take place in Latvia, the organization says the drills are aimed at showing its commitment to Baltic member states in the face of an “assertive” Russia.

06.09.2014 19:51

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