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EU companies warn policymakers against Russian sanctions
Some of Europe’s biggest companies like UK’s BP and Germany's BASF have told their governments economic sanctions against Russia would hurt them badly. The warning comes as Russia, the US, Ukraine and the EU are discussing the crisis in Geneva Thursday.

17.04.2014 07:21

​World’s Central Banks ‘are gambling immense amounts of money’
The banking system is completely dysfunctional, and it is going to lose legitimacy as we are nowhere near the solution of the too-big-to-fail problem, Robert Pringle, chairman and founder of the Central Banking Journal, told RT.

17.04.2014 11:50

Clashes during mass eviction in crisis-hit Rome
Riot police clashed with 350 squatter families as security forces evicted people from abandoned offices in Rome. This is the latest incident in the rising tide of violence over the mounting economic crisis.

17.04.2014 07:52

EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in Ukraine
There is no large Russian military presence in East Ukraine, head of EU intelligence, Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff, has said. The spy chief has dismissed multiple accusations from the West alleging Russian involvement in the unrest in the region.

16.04.2014 09:10

Italy opens bidding for Venice Island
​Italy has put an island in the Venice lagoon up for auction in order to attract international funds to help ease crippling public debt. An army barracks in Trieste and a residence in Loreto – a Catholic pilgrimage site - are among those up for bidding.

14.04.2014 17:57

'Time for a new recession'
​The economic cycle is approaching its average upswing, but worryingly many Westerners have yet to encounter the green shoots of recovery.

14.04.2014 11:17

West increases tensions over Crimea for political gain
The PACE decision to suspend Russia’s voting rights and exclude it from all leadership positions in 2014 is yet another, mostly symbolic, retaliatory measure by the West in response to Crimea’s vote to reintegrate with Russia.

13.04.2014 22:00

OSCE monitors visit Slavyansk, expected to submit report
OSCE monitors have visited the besieged city of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine, where Kiev announced an “anti-terrorist operation” against pro-federalization protesters, “to collect information” as the situation is feared to turn violent.

13.04.2014 17:44

Spanish ‘Kill Jews’ village considers changing its name to drop anti-Semitic phrase
A Spanish village, whose Inquisition-era name contains the phrase “kill Jews”, is considering changing its name to its original and more peaceful one that means "Jews' Hill".

12.04.2014 19:10

European NGOs ‘train agents for intrastate conflicts’
European NGOs train agents for participation in intrastate conflicts around the world, the CIS Antiterrorism Committee has revealed. There are over 2,000 schools across Europe preparing experts for conducting psychological and subversive operations.

12.04.2014 15:18

EU taking Putin’s letter on gas transit ‘seriously’ – Merkel
The EU is taking seriously President Vladimir Putin’s letter to 18 European countries, in which he warned that Ukraine’s debt crisis could affect gas transit from Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

11.04.2014 18:02

Europe is hard on secessions
Faced with their own long-standing independence movements, Europeans are a tough crowd when it comes to all things related to secession.

11.04.2014 12:31

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