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Macedonia ready to join Turkish stream project once Moscow reaches agreement with EU
Macedonia is ready to take part in the construction of the Turkish stream natural gas pipeline once Russia and Brussels reach an agreement on the strategic project, Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has announced.

28.05.2015 04:17

Why we love to hate Russia? European writer Guy Mettan enlightens RT
Europe has manufactured an artificial "Russian enemy in order to create an artificial European identity," French journalist, politician and author Guy Mettan told RT France, speaking about his book "Russia-West: A Thousand Years Of War."

26.05.2015 19:31

​'Unfair competition': Italian court places nationwide ban on lowcost Uber service
An Italian court has placed a nationwide ban on Uber’s low-cost UberPOP car-sharing service, alleging it creates “unfair competition” for the country's traditional taxi drivers. The ruling also prohibits other car-ride services by unlicensed drivers.

26.05.2015 18:58

Chicken or Egg? Brexit & the End of the EU
Britain is demanding reform and the EU risks its own demise if it doesn’t listen.

26.05.2015 14:43

Ireland veers left, Poland moves right, Europe’s unity is stretched
While Dublin celebrated a referendum victory for ‘marriage equality,’ Poland took a sharp turn to the right last weekend. This is just the latest evidence the EU is unworkable in its present form.

26.05.2015 15:21

‘Another Britain is possible’: Activists to protest Tory austerity, Human Rights Act repeal
As concern mounts over the Tories’ austerity agenda and plans to dismantle the Human Rights Act, a series of protests will take place in London this week to oppose the Queen’s Speech.

26.05.2015 14:49

‘Greek government’s responsibility for debt crisis approximately zero’
After inheriting years of poor economic performance, Greece’s new Syriza government can’t be blamed for being unable to pay June installments to the IMF, James Galbraith, economist and professor from the University of Texas, told RT’s In the Now show.

26.05.2015 09:57

‘Charm offensive’: Cameron tours Europe in bid to drive EU reform
France and Germany have brokered a pact to plough ahead with eurozone integration in the absence of treaty changes, in what will be interpreted as a setback to Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals for EU reform.

26.05.2015 11:56

No to Brussels, Yes to Kiev: New president sets course for more independent Poland
Youthful energy and rhetoric for change have seen Andrzej Duda transformed from a virtual unknown to the rising star of Eastern European politics – but his presidency could set Poland against Russia and the EU.

25.05.2015 20:01

​Rape more frequent in Sweden than India – Women's minister Gandhi
India's women's minister says that Sweden has a worse rape problem than her home country. It comes as India struggles to rebuild its reputation following the 2012 gang-rape of a woman on a Delhi bus, which cast the nation into the international spotlight.

25.05.2015 16:24

‘West interested in pure crooks, psychopaths and puppets to lead Libya’
Libya is now a basket case of problems after suffering interference by western powers that are not interested in promoting peace, but rather managing the chaos, Gearoid O Colmain, an independent political analyst, told RT.

25.05.2015 09:11

Spanish local elections: Upstart Podemos, Ciudadanos parties shine, ruling PP fades
Preliminary results from Spain’s regional elections show big gains for upstart leftist and center-right parties and the Conservatives losing their majority. While receiving the most total votes, the ruling PP party may now face coalition politics.

24.05.2015 18:15