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Man dies in hospital following brutal arrest by Dutch police
A 42-year-old Arubian man has died in a Dutch hospital following a violent arrest by The Hague police, local media reported, citing witnesses saying Mitch Henriquez was brutally beaten by law enforcement officers. An investigation has been launched.

29.06.2015 14:14

Hungarian police fire tear gas to 'pacify' overcrowded migrant camp
Police in the Hungarian town of Debrecen have used tear gas against unruly migrants in a local camp. The riot broke out as Hungary is overwhelmed by an influx of migrants it says it cannot contain.

29.06.2015 15:37

#CancelGreekDebt: UK campaigners condemn ECB’s ‘act of financial war’ against Athens
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas will join hundreds of activists in central London on Monday to stand in solidarity with the Greeks. They warn the ECB’s threat of cutting off funding to Greece is “an act of financial war” by “unelected technocrats.”

29.06.2015 15:09

If Israel was a democracy, Freedom Flotilla would be allowed to Gaza
Three of the four boats in the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla have turned back as the flagship Marianne was intercepted by the Israeli military and rerouted to Ashdod port. If Israel was a democracy it would grant this boat safe passage to Gaza.

29.06.2015 15:06

‘Britain would be better off with euro,’ says Virgin boss Branson
Britain’s economy would be stronger now had the UK joined the euro, billionaire Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson says.

29.06.2015 13:40

ISIS barbarians at the gates, while NATO busy hyping ‘Russia threat’
As ISIS and ISIS-style terror erupts across the globe, Western governments are busy making plans to establish a rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe to ‘contain Russia’, thus qualifying them for an annual ‘you couldn’t make it up’ award.

29.06.2015 13:26

‘Support debt cancellation for Greece,’ MPs, economists & campaigners tell Cameron
MPs, trade unionists, economists and campaigners have called upon David Cameron to support debt cancellation for Greece, saying it could be funded by seizing capital from speculators and banks that were the true beneficiaries of Athens’ bailouts.

29.06.2015 09:25

‘Greece should go bankrupt, get it over & start it over’
Though there is a lot of noise concerning the Greek crisis and the Greek economy is likely going to collapse this week, three months from now no one will remember Greece going bankrupt, financial commentator Jim Rogers told RT.

29.06.2015 11:02

Brussels: A bloody-minded ‘blob’ of costly dysfunction
Given how government leaders seem to spend much of their lives in Brussels, isn’t it about time they concentrated on running their own countries?

28.06.2015 11:56

​'Referendum a weapon for Greece in Eurozone debt talks'
The Greek people now have the right to decide whether or not they want to accept more austerity measures in return for loans that have thus far failed to help the Greek economy, experts on the crisis told RT.

28.06.2015 11:36

ECB says it will neither cut off nor increase emergency lending to Greek banks
The European Central Bank said it would keep the Emergency Liquidity Assistance, which has been providing funds to the Greek banks, at the same level. Some media had earlier predicted it would be cut off.

28.06.2015 09:38

Neither Britain nor Europe are helping France's Calais over migrant crisis – city mayor to RT
Britain is not fulfilling its obligations regarding the migrant situation in Europe, the mayor of the French port city of Calais told RT. "Europe, in general, is not helping" either, the head of the city overcrowded with thousands of asylum seekers, said.

27.06.2015 17:13