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Cameron: We won’t start World War Three over Ukraine
The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said Britain was not going to "launch a European war or send the fleet to the Black Sea" over the Ukraine crisis, applying economic pressure instead.

30.07.2014 18:09

Gender-neutral pronoun 'hen' enters Swedish dictionary
The groundbreaking gender-neutral pronoun “hen” is set to be included into the new Swedish dictionary, compiled by the country’s Academy, in 2015.

30.07.2014 11:49

‘Gap in the system’: ICAO to set up task force on flight safety after MH17 tragedy
International civil aviation body is to set up a task force on improving security measures of flights in the wake of Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster. States are responsible for issuing airspace risk warnings, world’s top aviation officials have reminded.

29.07.2014 22:04

ISIS spread makes Europe a ‘tinder box’
ISIS is a vehicle for destabilizing not only the Arabic Middle East and beyond, but also Europe, where there are large Muslim communities, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

29.07.2014 09:56

Hague court had no authority in Yukos case, ruling politicized – Moscow
The Hague’s arbitration court was not legally empowered to view the case of Yukos Oil Company v. Russia, and the court’s “one-sided” ruling disregards previous Strasbourg court decisions on the issue, the Russian Finance Ministry said in a statement.

28.07.2014 17:01

100 hate crimes: UK Jews targeted following Israel offensive in Gaza
Jews in the UK are suffering a stark rise in discriminatory abuse in the wake of Israel’s military assault against Hamas, with police and community groups noting a fifty percent increase in anti-Semitic acts over the past month.

28.07.2014 11:33

​Ukraine’s two-fingers to freedom of expression
Kiev’s move last Friday to deport the British freelance journalist, Graham Phillips, sets a dangerous precedent - one that his colleagues would be wise to challenge.

28.07.2014 11:52

The Right to Resist: 5,000 rally for Palestine in Brussels, Israel gets 500
Thousands took to the streets of Brussels to support Gaza. Police intervened as radical youths assaulted officers and vandalized property. At the same time, hundreds gathered near the Israeli embassy in favor of the Jewish state.

28.07.2014 06:25

‘Mega-arbitration’: Court orders Russia to pay $50bn in Yukos case
The International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands has ended a decade long case brought by shareholders in the defunct Yukos oil company, and ordered Russia to pay about $50 billion in damages.

28.07.2014 08:23

Lloyds in 'late stage' of Libor settlement talks, victims remain unaddressed
Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is nearing a settlement with US and UK regulators for its alleged role in the manipulation of Libor rates – the major interest rate benchmark that determines the cost of up to $350 trillion worth of global financial products.

25.07.2014 16:04

US paratroopers arrested in Italy for allegedly raping, robbing pregnant Romanian
Two American paratroopers stationed at a US military base in Italy have been arrested for allegedly beating, raping and robbing a pregnant Romanian prostitute in her six month, whose sex services they originally offered to pay for.

25.07.2014 10:53

NATO Poland base may be prepared for blitz against Russia
NATO’s Europe commander advocates stockpiling a base in Poland with enough weapons, ammunition and other supplies to support a rapid deployment of thousands of troops against Russia, British media reported.

24.07.2014 13:03

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