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Spanish local elections: Upstart Podemos, Ciudadanos parties shine, ruling PP fades
Preliminary results from Spain’s regional elections show big gains for upstart leftist and center-right parties and the Conservatives losing their majority. While receiving the most total votes, the ruling PP party may now face coalition politics.

24.05.2015 18:15

Turkish Stream to be launched after 2017 – envoy
The launch of the Turkish Stream can be expected no earlier than 2017, according to the Turkish Ambassador to Russia. Gazprom previously estimated that gas supplies to Turkey via the pipeline would start in December 2016.

23.05.2015 17:46

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs
Thousands of people across the world have joined together in a global movement, protesting against American biotech giant Monsanto. Activists from over 400 cities are speaking out against GMOs and Monsanto’s monopoly over the food supply.

23.05.2015 23:56

‘Is this white enough for you?’ Dutch immigrant children rally against segregation
Immigrant children and their parents in two Amsterdam neighborhoods took to the streets on Friday asking for families to enroll their “white” children in local schools, which are becoming increasingly segregated.

23.05.2015 18:27

Norway outstrips Russia as western Europe’s largest gas supplier
Norway has overtaken Russia in terms of European gas supply, having delivered more gas to Western Europe in the first quarter of 2015, according to data from gas operators.

23.05.2015 17:45

Bee-friendly: World’s first ‘bumblebee highway’ opened in Norway
Oslo has inaugurated the world’s first ‘bee highway’, a route for bumblebees to help them survive in hostile city environments.

23.05.2015 15:49

German police ‘understaffed’ in face of Islamist threat
At a time of growing threat of Islamists, German law enforcement officers do not have enough staff to combat radicals, the head of Germany's criminal police told the media.

23.05.2015 14:01

​Dutch govt approves partial ban on face-covering veil in public places
The Dutch cabinet has approved plans for a partial ban on face-covering veils in public areas, including schools, hospitals and public transport. The government says the proposal does not target religious groups.

23.05.2015 13:26

Snuff selfie: 21yo Russian woman shoots self in head posing for photo
A young woman from Moscow has been critically wounded after trying to take a selfie with a pistol pressed against her temple. It’s only the latest in a series of fatal and near-fatal selfies.

23.05.2015 08:09

Off the menu? Dutch restaurant wipes Israel off culinary map, outraging politician
Dutch restaurant owners have drawn fire from some diners after they replaced Israel with Palestine in a map of the Middle East at their Arabic eatery in Rotterdam. They say it’s for culinary, not political reasons.

23.05.2015 06:28

Kiev bars Ukrainian-born RT journalist at border, bans her entry for 3 yrs
An RT Deutsch correspondent, who has recently covered stories on the Ukrainian crisis, including the Odessa massacre, has been turned back at the border by Ukraine’s Security Service, and banned from entering the country for three years.

23.05.2015 01:20

Chance to bridge European divide missed at Eastern Partnership summit – Moscow
Some European countries have once again failed to mend the deepening split on the continent, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, commenting on the Riga summit results. Instead, a furthering of east-west divisions prevailed, Moscow believes.

22.05.2015 20:15