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Cameron vows to scrap Human Rights Act, civil liberties groups outraged
Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to scrap the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives are re-elected in Britain’s 2015 general election. The controversial proposal has stoked the ire of civil rights groups across the nation.

01.10.2014 14:27

Eurofighter hull hitch: Germany halves fighter flying hours
The German Air Force has spotted a manufacturing fault in the hull of Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter jet. The Defense Ministry ordered annual flying hours for each aircraft be halved due to the fuselage possibly becoming unstable.

01.10.2014 08:20

Scuffles as Catalonia erupts in protests over Nov. 9 referendum ban (PHOTOS)
Police clashed with thousands of Catalan demonstrators as they hit the streets of Barcelona and Madrid on Tuesday, outraged at the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision to suspend Catalonia’s November vote for independence.

01.10.2014 02:41

Cameron ‘not heartbroken’ if Britain leaves EU
Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain’s departure from the European Union would not leave him heartbroken, emphasizing he feels “1,000 times more strongly about the UK than the EU.”

30.09.2014 14:59

​Jokermen: Swedish scientists sneak Bob Dylan lyrics into articles in 17yr bet
Five Swedish academics have disclosed a 17-year-long bet: the person who writes the most articles to include Bob Dylan song lyrics wins lunch at a local restaurant.

30.09.2014 11:27

‘Nobody is allowed to break up Spain’: Madrid court suspends Catalonia vote
Spain’s Constitutional Court decided Monday that Catalonia has no right to vote for its independence. The independence referendum planned by Catalonia’s President for this November was unanimously suspended by 12 judges.

29.09.2014 22:49

‘Fatal Journeys’: 1,000s of migrants die each year traveling to richer states, watchdog says
An average of eight migrants a day have died seeking safe haven in more affluent states over the past 14 years, a comprehensive new report reveals. The majority of them were attempting to travel to Europe.

29.09.2014 14:21

‘Best solution’: Elderly Belgium couple plan joint euthanasia
An octogenarian Belgian couple has chosen to end their lives through assisted suicide rather than risk the chance of dying alone. Their children have reportedly backed their decision.

28.09.2014 08:57

Why we need a new anti-war coalition of the left and right
World War 1 began with an attack on Serbia by Austro-Hungary in 1914. Today’s ongoing World War 3 – of which the current US-led air strikes on Iraq and Syria are only the latest instalment – began with NATO’s attack on Serbia/Yugoslavia in 1999.

27.09.2014 15:44

Lavrov: Western bloc headed by Washington rejects UN principle that all states are equal
The US-led Western block rejects the principle of the equality of sovereign states secured by the UN Charter while advocating democracy in the international arena, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressing the UNGA.

27.09.2014 17:28

Catalonia president orders independence referendum on Nov. 9
The president of Catalonia, Artur Mas, has signed a decree calling an independence referendum for Nov. 9. The secessionist drive of the Spanish region has been rebuked by Madrid, which vowed to block the vote.

27.09.2014 08:55

Denmark to send F-16 jets to aid anti-ISIS strikes in Iraq
Denmark is to dispatch seven F-16 fighter jets to Iraq to aid in the struggle against Islamic State militants, Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt announced Friday.

26.09.2014 12:42

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