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Far-right group touts ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ merchandise
A British fascist group has begun selling clothing and memorabilia emblazoned with a “Taliban Hunting Club” logo, for those wishing to “display [their] patriotism in a simple yet effective way.”

03.12.2014 14:23

​$27k fine or 3 years behind bars for 'selfie-stick'?
South Korea could fine its tech-savvy citizens $27,000 or put them in prison for three years for using an unregistered version of a ‘selfie-stick’.

27.11.2014 13:15

Anti-Barbie goes on sale – complete with acne, cellulite and stretch marks
An “anti-Barbie” – the Lammily doll – has gone on sale, creating the image of a “normal” 19 year old woman of real proportions, complete with the possibility for adding a plaster cast, freckles, acne, scars and temporary tattoos.

20.11.2014 12:44

Cameron in Lycra? PM skips G20 jog, says spandex not a vote winner
Prime Minister David Cameron declined to go on a run or cycle with his Australian counterpart, Tony Abbott, for fear that wearing Lycra might hinder his chances of re-election.

14.11.2014 13:32

'Bad rap!' How gum-chewing Obama outraged China & other Star Trek adventures at APEC
This year's APEC summit in Beijing totally rocked - in the sense that it not only landed some historic deals, but also amused onlookers, censors and critics. Between #shawlgate and a gum-chewing President Obama, there was a lot to talk about.

12.11.2014 13:25

New plastic surgery hit: ‘Vacation breasts’
The plastic surgeon known for developing the 24-hour “insta breast” procedure is working on a new kind of saline injection that would allow for “vacation breasts,” or a temporary impression of larger breasts for two to three weeks.

12.11.2014 17:44

Go forth and prosper: APEC leaders in China don Star Trek-style jackets
China on my mind? Not quite, as the annual photo shoot at the APEC summit steered away from severe Mao-style tunics. For this year's fashion parade, the traditional Chinese gowns had more of a business logic, Starship Enterprise-Spock feel to them.

10.11.2014 12:39

Europe’s last Dogg-tatorship? US rapper Snoop plugs his new line of…Belarus embroidery prints
Rapper Snoop Dogg has teamed up with a group of Belarusian artists on a new line of clothing and accessories featuring traditional patterns and ornaments.

09.11.2014 11:33

Top politicians wore feminist T-shirts made by women making less than $1 an hour
A company and charity behind feminist T-shirts worn by top UK politicians, such as Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, are under pressure to explain why the women making them in Mauritius work in dire conditions for paltry wages and sleep 16 to a room.

03.11.2014 09:06

Merkel's diamond: 'Chancellor's trademark' hand gesture gets its own emoticon
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's well-known hand gesture, which resembles a diamond or rhombus when clasping her hands together, has its own emoticon. The famous gesture now has a special place in social media.

01.11.2014 11:01

Smog couture: Facemasks on catwalk at China’s fashion week
China’s smog problem has infiltrated haute couture. One fashion designer has embraced the country’s ongoing problems with pollution, incorporating the need for face masks into their Spring/Summer 2015 sportswear collection.

29.10.2014 12:16

MenswearDog with $15k smile meets fans at NYC dog parade (VIDEO)
A trending dog model Bodhi, better known by his stage name MenswearDog, has attracted dozens of fans for a photo-op at the annual Halloween Dog Parade in NYC. The stylish Shiba Inu was dressed as James Dean, with a red jacket and a white shirt.

25.10.2014 22:45