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100 yrs of Russian beauty in 1 min: New video shows century of women’s looks
A lively new video, which is part of the viral ‘100 years of beauty’ series, explores how women’s beauty trends have evolved over the past century in Russia, taking a visual journey from Art Nouveau’s elegance to bold lines and famous fur Kubankas.

30.06.2015 12:33

Mankini ban credited for Cornish town’s falling crime rate
A popular British seaside resort town has credited a blanket ban on mankinis for significantly lowering the prevalence of antisocial behavior and for a boom in the local tourist economy.

28.05.2015 12:34

Challenging beauty myth: Aussie Down syndrome teen inspires army of online fans
Maddy Stuart, a Brisbane girl with Down syndrome, has taken social media by storm, with thousands of fans worldwide praising her for her zeal to become a model and inspire other teens like herself to challenge stereotypes and notions of beauty.

20.05.2015 06:10

French cosmetics giant to 3D-print human skin
No more testing products on real skin, cosmetics giant L’Oreal says. The French company has announced plans to 3D-print human skin for all its toxicity and irritability tests. It is the fruit of a partnership with a bio-printing startup.

19.05.2015 06:56

​ISIS nails hammered! NYC salon changes name to avoid terrorist supporter accusations
The owner of a nail salon, “ISIS Nails”, based in New York City has decided to change the name of her establishment. The woman says she keeps losing clients, while many suspect her of having links with the terrorist group.

13.05.2015 15:36

'I wear my skirt as I like': French Twitter campaign over schoolgirl's dress ban
The public has reacted with a campaign in social networks called "I wear my skirt as I like" after a 15-year-old French Muslim girl was banned from her class for wearing a long skirt reflecting her religious affiliation.

30.04.2015 14:25

France bans super skinny models from catwalks
France’s National Assembly voted on Friday, in the latest measures to battle anorexia, to ban models that are considered dangerously thin and will impose heavy fines and prison sentences for agents who employ them.

03.04.2015 15:09

McDonald's enters world of kitsch with Big Mac wallpaper, bed sheets
If the thought of a Big Mac wasn't enough to make your mouth water, you can now have the juicy burger on your wallpaper, thermal underwear, and rain boots. All this is made possible via McDonald's Big Mac Shop collection – but only in Sweden.

25.03.2015 20:33

'It’s her job': Indonesian clothing manufacturer under fire for sexist remark
An Indonesian sports clothing company has issued an apology, after using sexist language on its clothing. "Washing instructions: Give this shirt to your woman. It's her job," was inscribed on the inside of an Indonesian football team’s jerseys.

09.03.2015 00:42

​The world is on fire: Who cares! It’s #TheDress color that matters
Is it black and blue? Is it white and gold? What color is it? The Western media has been fixated on these questions this past week – questions that have dominated TV news bulletins, newspaper headlines, and news websites.

02.03.2015 13:56

​Anorexic-looking model causes fierce social backlash for Danish magazine
A Danish magazine has got into hot water for using a model so thin she looked dangerously malnourished. The publication had to issue an apology, and also faces criticism for removing negative Facebook comments.

20.02.2015 14:24

Indian doctor creates contact lenses with 24-carat gold (VIDEO)
A Mumbai doctor has combined optometry with jewelry to create lenses with 24-carat gold particles in the Shekhar Eye Research India.

15.02.2015 10:00