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Rebel sell: H&M apologizes for Kurdish female fighter-inspired jumpsuit
Rebel chic is nothing new, but that hasn’t stopped H&M from kowtowing to social media pressure after the retail giant was accused of exploiting the Kurdish female fighter aesthetic in its Autumn/Winter collection.

07.10.2014 07:48

Turkey imposes ban on piercings, tattoos in all schools
Turkey’s government has banned all school pupils nationwide from having tattoos or body piercings in a new dress code deemed oppressive and unenforceable, according to the law’s critics.

28.09.2014 15:51

Florida town: Get your pants off the ground or face 6 months in jail
A city in Florida doesn’t want people showing off their ‘whale tails,’ ‘plumber's cracks’ or boxers on public property so much that they banned the saggy-pants fashion statement within city limits.

22.07.2014 21:23

Assange to hit runway for Vivienne Westwood’s son
Julian Assange has been asked to be a guest model at London Fashion Week in September. The plan is to have the catwalk moved to the Ecuadorian embassy, where the wanted WikiLeaks founder is taking refuge.

27.06.2014 20:04

​ World Bank invests €35mn in Russian and Latin American online fashion
The private-sector investment arm of the World Bank will pour up to $34.18 million (€25mn) into two fashion e- commerce start-ups, Lamoda in Russia and Dafiti in Latin America, in an effort to support the online retail sector in developing economies.

28.01.2014 12:57

Denim diplomacy: Netanyahu incites Iranian ire with jeans gaffe
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu may have sought to induce Iranians in a ‘historic’ interview with the BBC’s Persian service, but a casual claim that people in the Islamic Republic are banned from wearing jeans was one fashion faux pas many could not bear.

07.10.2013 11:23

Russian startup snags $130 million in investment
Russia’s leading online fashion site, Lamoda, announced a $130 million investment infusion, the biggest deal in the history of Russian online retailers.

11.06.2013 13:21

Ugly models: A new trend in plus size Britain
The London based ugly model agency is holding a casting call on Wednesday where 130 hopefuls will vie to join the eclectic mix of models already on the books, including a bearded lady and a man who can make his eyeballs pop out of his head.

February 23, 2013 18:32

­Baghdad hosts first fashion show since US invasion (PHOTOS)
As wartime seems to have passed for Baghdad, the local fashion and beauty industry has begun to recover. The city has hosted the first fashion show since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq which echoes a turn around in the social life of the city.

13.02.2013 10:00

­'Wild child of British fashion' Galliano up for some fashion mentoring
Fashion designer John Galliano, whose reputation has been blemished after the anti-Semitic remarks two years ago, is reportedly hoping to become a mentor in one of the world’s leading fashion colleges.

12.02.2013 10:38

Galliano vs Dior: Disgraced designer seeking damages from former employer
British ‘bad boy’ designer John Galliano has begun a court battle to seek damages over his sacking as Christian Dior Artistic Director in the aftermath of his anti-Semitic outburst in a Paris bar.

06.02.2013 13:27

Celebrity photographer arrested for 'obscene' picture, could face 2 years in Japanese prison
Japanese fashionistas have rushed to express their support for the Tokyo-based celebrity photographer Leslie Kee, who boasts clients like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, after he was arrested for selling books containing pictures of male genitalia.

05.02.2013 13:52

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