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4 planes near NYC hit by laser pointer during 30-minute span
The Federal Aviation Administration says that four commercial airplanes were struck by a green laser while in the sky on Thursday evening outside New York City.

29.05.2015 13:47

Former House Speaker indicted on federal charges
Former House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted by federal prosecutors Thursday for allegedly lying to the FBI over $3.5 million in payments that he agreed to make in order to keep “prior misconduct” out of the public spotlight.

29.05.2015 01:23

FBI investigating Johnson & Johnson device's potential link to uterine cancer
The FBI has opened a probe into a surgical gynecological tool after reports have linked its use to the spread of uterine cancer in women during a procedure, the Wall Street Journal reported.

28.05.2015 21:18

Putin: FIFA-linked arrests are US attempt to thwart Blatter re-election
The FIFA-linked arrests on the eve of the re-election of the organization’s chief are an obvious attempt to thwart Sepp Blatter’s re-appointment, Vladimir Putin said, answering journalists’ questions. He added it’s another example of US meddling abroad.

28.05.2015 09:12

Obama can end NSA bulk surveillance by himself – Rand Paul
While President Barack Obama called on the Senate to compromise and extend key provisions of the Patriot Act in order to reform America’s surveillance capabilities, Sen. Rand Paul said Obama was being “disingenuous” and could end the program himself.

27.05.2015 02:29

​FBI investigates series of bomb & chemical threats against airliners
The FBI is investigating a series of anonymous threats made to US-bound passenger planes on Memorial Day, none of which proved to be credible. One incident involved US fighter jets intercepting and escorting an Air France flight to New York City.

26.05.2015 03:45

DNA on pizza links suspect to quadruple DC homicide
Washington, DC police found DNA on the crust of a Domino’s pizza delivered to a mansion where hostages were held, gaining enough information from it to issue an arrest warrant for a quadruple homicide suspect, the Washington Post reported.

22.05.2015 02:44

DoJ watchdog barks at FBI’s failure to leash in surveillance
The Federal Bureau of Investigation collects data on individuals not suspected of any crime through a controversial section of the Patriot Act, according to a watchdog report, while the debate on that ability and its supposed strengths rages on.

21.05.2015 20:23

2 DEA agents lied about owning New Jersey strip club – federal govt
Two veteran Drug Enforcement Agency employees allegedly lied on government security forms about not having outside work, despite owning a New Jersey strip club. The club employed illegal immigrant dancers from Russia and Brazil.

21.05.2015 01:13

Apple, Google and 140+ tech firms urge Obama not to give police 'backdoor' access to encrypted phone data
Apple, Google, and a host of other tech companies and cryptology experts have signed a letter sent to President Obama calling on his administration to stem any proposal that seeks to weaken encryption security to benefit policing agencies.

19.05.2015 16:30

Former congressional candidate planned to 'utterly destroy' Muslim community in gun assault
A former candidate for a Tennessee congressional seat has admitted to making threats that included burning down a mosque, school, and cafeteria in a Muslim community in New York State. Despite the threats, he was released after posting $30,000 bail.

18.05.2015 14:50

Security expert allegedly told FBI he hacked & steered airliner mid-flight
A computer security expert, who was recently detained and questioned by the FBI over his hack-a-plane joke on Twitter, had earlier revealed to the agency that he accessed aircraft control systems on up to 20 occasions, according to a search warrant.

17.05.2015 00:37