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Surveillance reform? Intense lobbying battle brewing over Patriot Act expiration
Just over a month remains before Congress decides whether to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act – the controversial post-9/11 law that serves as the backbone for surveillance. Critics and supporters are lobbying Congress to either ensure their needs are met.

16.04.2015 00:40

Majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana – polls
Results from two new polls found the majority of Americans support making cannabis legal, with the large majority of young adults crossing party lines and states to support the idea.

15.04.2015 03:53

‘Unless there’s a video, police go free’: Call for justice after fatal shootings
Recent high-profile, video-documented police killings of unarmed men like Eric Garner have ignited a movement for justice. Yet many pushing for accountability say similar murders not caught on camera still go unpunished.

14.04.2015 18:22

2 Detroit police officers accused of robbing drug dealers
Two veteran Detroit police officers have been charged with multiple counts of robbing drug dealers of money and drugs during police searches over a four-year spree.

10.04.2015 02:48

Former Ohio state trooper gets 5 yrs in federal prison for sex acts
An Ohio state trooper was sentenced to five years in prison by a federal court for coercing four women motorists to engage in sexual acts for lenient treatment over criminal cases and traffic tickets.

10.04.2015 00:17

​International cybersquad takes down ‘Beebone’ botnet
A newly-assembled international coalition of cyber cops says it’s hijacked a network of compromised computers that had been used by criminals to spread malicious software among at least 12,000 infected machines worldwide.

09.04.2015 19:15

Murder charge for S. Carolina cop who shot black man 8 times in back (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
North Charleston’s mayor announced a state murder charge against white policeman Michael Slager on Tuesday, after a video surfaced showing the officer shooting and killing an unarmed running black man in the back.

07.04.2015 23:40

​Senator Feinstein calls for internet ban of Anarchist Cookbook and Inspire magazine
Following the arrest of two women in New York for allegedly conspiring to build a weapon of mass destruction, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called for the banishment of a bomb-making book and an Al-Qaeda-published magazine from the internet.

04.04.2015 00:11

‘KKK’ guards arrested for plotting black inmate’s murder
Two current and one former prison guard were arrested for plotting to kill an African-American inmate upon his release, Florida authorities said, adding the suspects were members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a white supremacist group.

02.04.2015 16:48

​ATF wasted $600k on failed drone program – report
A federal audit of the Justice Department’s use of unmanned aerial systems shows that more than half a million dollars has been spent on a drone program that was quickly canned after barely getting off the ground.

26.03.2015 13:46

FBI plays nice with other spooks, but needs to spy smarter – report
FBI’s cooperation with the CIA and NSA is better than ever, but more is needed to make the Bureau a truly global intelligence and investigative agency, says a newly released US government report on agency’s post-9/11 transformation.

25.03.2015 18:32

Bipartisan bill would repeal Patriot Act, cut down American surveillance
The bipartisan Surveillance State Repeal Act, if passed, would repeal dragnet surveillance of Americans’ personal communications, overhaul the federal domestic surveillance program, and provide protections for whistleblowers.

24.03.2015 22:12