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Secret FBI project trained Alaskans in preparation for Soviet invasion
Declassified documents reveal that in the 1950s the FBI trained Alaskan residents to become agents behind enemy lines if the Soviets invaded. No women, Eskimo, Indians or Aleuts were included, with native peoples considered unreliable.

01.09.2014 05:17

US intelligence: 300 Americans fighting alongside Islamic State
The United States government is tracking as many as 300 Americans supposedly fighting with Islamic State, the jihadist group with a heavy presence in parts of Syria and Iraq, according to senior US officials.

27.08.2014 15:09

Black TV producer on way to Emmys party mistaken for bank robber, handcuffed, held for six hours
An African-American film producer in Beverly Hills for an Emmy pre-party was handcuffed and detained for around six hours on Friday night as police believed he fit the description of a suspect in a nearby bank robbery.

27.08.2014 14:04

Oklahoma City bombing: Claims of second accomplice and FBI intimidation
The FBI has been ordered to investigate allegations that claim the agency intimidated a witness and compelled him not to testify at a recent trial over evidence related to the Oklahoma City bombing.

26.08.2014 03:46

Nearly four-dozen arrested in Ferguson on eve of attorney general’s visit
A relatively calm evening gave way to the arrest of 47 protesters early Wednesday morning in Ferguson, Missouri, marking the eleventh night of demonstrations touched off by the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a local police officer.

20.08.2014 14:18

Local police kill at least 400 people a year, mostly minorities
A white police officer in the United States killed a black person on average of twice per week from 2005 to 2012, according to homicide reports offered to the FBI. But this data is limited, as only about 4 percent of law enforcement agencies contributed.

15.08.2014 14:50

FBI uses facial recognition to arrest 14-year fugitive overseas
After spending 14 years on the run from American law enforcement authorities, a man suspected of child sex abuse was detained in Nepal by the FBI using the State Department’s new facial recognition technology.

13.08.2014 22:44

FBI to investigate Ferguson killing after second night of clashes between police, protesters (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer. Meanwhile, officials have rescinded a plan to reveal the shooting officer's identity, according to reports.

12.08.2014 14:11

American held without bail after tweets in support of Islamic State
An American accused of conspiring to aid the militant group Islamic State was ordered by a New York judge to be held without bail after he was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport earlier this month, according to the New York Daily News.

11.08.2014 15:20

FBI to enact tough new security procedures for military bases
Getting into a military base is about to get tougher even for well-credentialed individuals, as the Defense Department implements a new screening system that will subject people to FBI background checks every time they enter a facility.

04.08.2014 23:27

Man charged with putting needles in packaged meat 'for the hell of it’
An Illinois man was jailed without bond after being charged of inserting sewing needles into packaged meat at a grocery store on at least seven occasions over more than a year.

01.08.2014 06:31

Six Philly cops indicted for kidnapping, extortion, robbery
Six Philadelphia police officers have been arrested on charges - including conspiracy, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and drug dealing - for a six-year racketeering scheme during which the group netted $500,000 in drugs, cash, and personal property.

31.07.2014 15:55

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