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Spyware phone app CEO indicted for conspiracy
The head of a company that sells a spyware application for smartphones has been indicted and arrested for conspiracy and other charges related to surreptitious interception. It is the first time the US Department of Justice has targeted spyware apps.

30.09.2014 03:24

Recently fired man beheads co-worker at Oklahoma food plant
A man fired from an Oklahoma food processing plant has decapitated one of his co-workers and attacked another one before being neutralized. The FBI was called to investigate suspect’s background, who recently converted to Islam, police announced.

26.09.2014 21:51

FBI director lashes out at Apple, Google for encrypting smartphones
The companies responsible for powering nearly 95 percent of the smart phones in the United States say they’re embracing encryption for the sake of their customers’ privacy, and that’s concerning to the head of the FBI.

26.09.2014 14:21

FBI Director: We have identified man in ISIS beheading videos
The FBI believes it has identified the masked Islamic State militant responsible for beheading Westerners in ISIS videos, but law enforcement will not reveal the identity of the man known only as “Jihadi John,” agency director James Comey told reporters.

25.09.2014 19:36

Scary FBI stats: Mass shootings nearly tripled in last 7 years, mostly at schools
​Shootings in which a gunman wounds or kills multiple people have nearly tripled in the US in recent years, according to a new FBI report. The majority of those shooting incidents have occurred at businesses or schools, the report found.

25.09.2014 15:43

Seattle to fine residents, businesses for wasting too much food
Seattle wants its residents to compost food scraps so much the city will begin fining homes, apartment buildings and businesses that throw away too much food mixed with their garbage, according to new rules passed by the city council.

25.09.2014 00:01

Ferguson fire claims citizens’ Michael Brown memorial
​Fire has destroyed one of the two memorials to Michael Brown located on the street on which he was shot dead in August. The place has been dear to many in Ferguson, as the town saw weeks of confrontations between residents and police.

24.09.2014 04:57

FBI forces police departments across the US to keep quiet about cellphone spying gear
Not only are local police departments across the United States increasingly relying on so-called StingRay devices to conduct surveillance on cell phone users, but cops are being forced to keep quiet about the operations, new documents reveal.

23.09.2014 15:50

No peeking!: New Android device encryption tells police to keep out
Technology giant Google has developed a new version of its Android operating system, featuring data encryption that is said to automatically foil investigation by law enforcement.

18.09.2014 23:34

Louisiana police killed man, misled mother for 6 months over his death
It took a Louisiana mother six months to learn that police had killed her son during a scuffle. She believed he had died due to brain damage from chronic cocaine use. Now the FBI is investigating his death.

19.09.2014 01:12

US man charged for ‘helping’ Islamic State
A New York State man has been charged with allegedly aiding terrorist organization Islamic State (IS). He is accused of helping three individuals travel to Syria to fight with IS and also plotted to murder US troops returning home from the Middle East.

17.09.2014 08:07

Mike Brown jury gets extension, charges for Ferguson officer may be delayed until January
A St. Louis judge has granted an extension to the grand jury that has been tasked with deciding whether to charge a Ferguson police officer in the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown. The jury now has until January 7 to decide on an indictment.

17.09.2014 01:12

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