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South Carolina church shooter could face federal hate crime charges
The federal government is considering filing federal hate crime charges against the man suspected of the deadly shooting at a black church in South Carolina. The suspect already faces nine counts of murder and could face the death penalty in state court.

25.06.2015 00:06

Missing Chillicothe women: Serial killer suspected in Ohio town’s disappearances
A serial killer may be preying on women in a small Ohio town. At least six women have disappeared in Chillicothe over the last two years, four of whom have been found dead. Local police have called in FBI analysts as they expand their investigation.

24.06.2015 23:35

19-year old North Carolina man charged for trying to start pro-ISIS guerilla war
A North Carolina teen has been charged with providing material support for the terrorist organization Islamic State after conspiring with undercover agent to buy a gun and "kill Americans."

22.06.2015 17:08

Ohio man arrested in alleged plot to help ISIS
An Ohio man was arrested on charges of pledging support for the terror group Islamic State, buying an AK-47 assault rifle from an undercover agent to use in propaganda videos, and trafficking marijuana, according to federal prosecutors.

20.06.2015 00:33

FBI defends secret surveillance flights as Senate threatens to down them
Spy flights are legal, and only rarely use cellphone snooping technology, the FBI told the Senate in a confidential briefing, defending a program that has been around for 30 years, but only recently attracted the attention of lawmakers and activists.

18.06.2015 19:43

Bush-era officials can be sued for abuse of 9/11 detainees – court
A federal appeals court reinstated a lawsuit against former Justice Department and law enforcement officials for violating the rights of men perceived as Arab or Muslim who were rounded up after 9/11 and held for months, sometimes in solitary confinement.

18.06.2015 16:45

‘Draw Mohammed’ shooting suspect wanted to join ISIS, attack Super Bowl – prosecutors
A federal grand jury in Arizona has indicted a man suspected of plotting a shooting at a “Draw Mohammed” exhibition in Garland, Texas. Prosecutors said he also wanted to join Islamic State (IS, aka ISIS/ISIL) extremists and attack the Super Bowl.

17.06.2015 03:13

St. Louis Cardinals hacking away at Houston Astros? FBI investigates
Corporate espionage through cyber-hacking may have just jumped from the boardroom to the ball fields. The FBI is investigating St. Louis Cardinals baseball team for hacking into the Houston Astros’ database, Major League Baseball confirmed.

16.06.2015 20:28

Democrat’s bill seeks to ban loaded guns in airports, overriding local laws
Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) introduced a bill that would ban loaded firearms in pre-security areas of airports. Currently, federal law only bars people from carrying armed guns past security checkpoints. Until then, local and state legislation applies.

15.06.2015 22:44

FBI must explain prioritizing environmental activists on its terrorist lists - journalist (VIDEO)
The public deserves to know why the FBI singles out environmental or left-wing activists - some from decades ago - as top terrorist suspects on its most wanted lists, as opposed to violent right-wing fugitives, journalist Will Potter told RT.

12.06.2015 18:04

Tell-tale tattoo: US govt researching biometric ink recognition
Tattoos might be the next biometric frontier, with one in five Americans sporting ink these days. The FBI is partnering with academia and private firms to develop a computer program that could help police identify people based on their body ink.

13.06.2015 00:15

Teen arrested, linked to online gaming group known for swatting, bomb threats nationwide
Police in San Diego, California arrested a teenager for making bomb threats against an area high school. The minor was linked to an online gaming group responsible for bomb threats and “swatting” incidents in five other states and a Canadian province.

11.06.2015 18:23