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FBI arrests 2 New Black Panther members over alleged bombing plot in Ferguson - reports
Two men have been arrested by FBI and indicted on weapons charges near St.Louis, Missouri. According to CBS news source the suspects were allegedly plotting to set off pipe bombs amid the ongoing Ferguson protests.

22.11.2014 02:45

Pentagon paid ransom for kidnapped soldier to Afghan con man
Prior to the successful prisoner swap that freed US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban control in May, the Pentagon was swindled out of a ransom payment in an attempt to win back the kidnapped American soldier, US officials said.

20.11.2014 16:58

Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer hoped to ignite revolution, now faces terrorism charges
​The 31-year-old survivalist caught by police in Pennsylvania last month amidst a weeks-long manhunt now faces two counts of terrorism in addition to previously filed charges that include killing a police officer.

14.11.2014 15:16

Revealed: FBI attempted to drive MLK to suicide
​The publication this week of a 1964 letter sent by the FBI to Martin Luther King in which he’s urged to commit suicide reveals never-before-seen details about the government’s campaign to sabotage the civil rights leader.

13.11.2014 18:43

Half of US cybersecurity breaches caused by staffers’ misconduct
​Federal agencies and government contractors in the United States together experienced nearly a quarter of a million cyberattacks during the last year, according to a new analysis from the Associated Press.

10.11.2014 19:17

FBI says agent impersonated AP journalist in 2007 sting op
The Associated Press issued a harsh denunciation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after the internal intelligence agency admitted one of its agents had posed as an AP reporter during a 2007 criminal investigation.

07.11.2014 06:10

FBI accused of targeting Islamic leaders, pressuring them to become informants
The FBI is pressuring law-abiding Islamic community leaders throughout the United States to spy on fellow Muslims in an effort to sniff out extremism in the US in what amounts to religious profiling, a top Muslim civil rights organization has alleged.

06.11.2014 16:42

​FBI wants to hack computers globally, seeks search warrant expansion
The Justice Department is looking to remove restrictions on the FBI's ability to hack into and monitor computer systems everywhere by easing the requirements necessary for it to obtain a search warrant.

05.11.2014 23:32

Senate and AP demand disclosure of all cases where FBI posed as media
​Evidence that the FBI hacked a teenage suspect’s computer by sending spyware disguised as a link to a news report has prompted a prominent politician and the Associated Press to both ask the attorney general for an explanation.

31.10.2014 14:55

FBI pushing for new domestic and global internet hacking powers
In a move that watchdog groups are calling an unconstitutional power grab, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly looking to rewrite the espionage rulebook, giving it the authority to hack into computers at home and abroad.

30.10.2014 14:22

‘US intelligence needs prosecutions to get more budget dollars’
There is competition among 17 US intelligence agencies - they catch people whether it is within the law or not to get part of the multi-billion ‘black budget,’ George Mapp, an investigative journalist, said on RT’s In the Now show.

30.10.2014 10:18

FBI impersonates repairmen in Las Vegas hotel to bust gambling ring
Like a scene out of a Hollywood thriller, the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] allegedly cut internet service at a Las Vegas hotel to enable agents, posing as technicians, to enter villas and gather evidence against a gambling ring.

30.10.2014 08:44