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​ATF wasted $600k on failed drone program – report
A federal audit of the Justice Department’s use of unmanned aerial systems shows that more than half a million dollars has been spent on a drone program that was quickly canned after barely getting off the ground.

26.03.2015 13:46

FBI plays nice with other spooks, but needs to spy smarter – report
FBI’s cooperation with the CIA and NSA is better than ever, but more is needed to make the Bureau a truly global intelligence and investigative agency, says a newly released US government report on agency’s post-9/11 transformation.

25.03.2015 18:32

Bipartisan bill would repeal Patriot Act, cut down American surveillance
The bipartisan Surveillance State Repeal Act, if passed, would repeal dragnet surveillance of Americans’ personal communications, overhaul the federal domestic surveillance program, and provide protections for whistleblowers.

24.03.2015 22:12

African-American man found hanging in Mississippi, FBI investigating
The FBI is investigating the death of an African-American man who was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi.

19.03.2015 23:37

Judge orders Sheriff’s Office in New York to disclose StingRay secret surveillance documents
Police in western New York state have been ordered to reveal secret documents containing information on the purchase and use of surveillance technology that collects data from cellphones.

18.03.2015 14:25

FBI accuses Air Force vet of planning to join ISIS
​A New Jersey man who formerly served in the United States Air Force has been charged by authorities with attempting to join the extremist group known as Islamic State.

17.03.2015 20:31

TSA contractors charged in drug smuggling scheme at SFO
Two TSA security contractors arrested by FBI at San Francisco international airport, along with a third suspect involved in the scheme, face life in prison for smuggling large quantities of methamphetamine through screen points.

07.03.2015 04:43

Capitol Hill terror suspect says he would have shot Obama
The Ohio man accused of plotting a deadly attack on Capitol Hill told a local news station that he would have shot President Barack Obama in the head had he not been arrested.

07.03.2015 03:28

New York teacher arrested over child porn allegations
A teacher at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science was arrested on federal child pornography charges on Friday morning. The charges related to producing, receiving and possessing child pornography.

07.03.2015 00:39

Petraeus may not get jail time for talking to a journalist, but Sterling and others did
Following his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information, disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus is likely to avoid jail time for a crime similar to those committed by whistleblowers that received far worse punishment.

04.03.2015 18:39

​Somali terror suspect sought by FBI apprehended in Africa
Officials in the United States say that a man on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted Terrorist list has been apprehended overseas and is now in the custody of the Somali government.

03.03.2015 19:45

Highway heist: $4.8mn in gold bars stolen in N. Carolina, manhunt underway
Armed thieves have stolen 275lb (125kg) of gold bars from a truck on its way from Florida to Massachusetts. The gunmen are still at large, with the transportation company offering a reward of $50,000 for information leading to their arrest.

03.03.2015 05:45