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China: Silk roads and open seas
Beijing’s disclosure earlier this week of its latest military white paper, outlining a new doctrine moving beyond offshore defense to “open seas” defense, predictably rattled every exceptionalist’s skull and bone.

29.05.2015 14:57

​Russian-Chinese partnership is not a threat to other countries – former FM
The economic cooperation of China and Russia is not aimed at infringing upon the interests of any other country in the Asia-Pacific region, said Igor Ivanov, ex-foreign minister and President of the Russian Council on International Affairs.

29.05.2015 17:59

​G7 agree ‘in principle’ to add Chinese currency to IMF basket – German Finance Minister
The finance ministers of G7 have supported the inclusion of the yuan in the IMF currency basket. The decision means the yuan has gained international recognition after Beijing was accused of artificially curbing the exchange rate for more than ten years.

29.05.2015 13:15

Ruble slumps more than 5% in a week
This week the ruble has retreated against hard currencies, possibly marking an end to this year’s spectacular rally that made it the world’s best performing currency.

29.05.2015 08:41

Russia offers to discuss BRICS prototype of SWIFT global system
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has proposed a discussion about establishing an analogue to the SWIFT global network for transmission of financial information that processes $6 trillion worth of communiqués daily.

29.05.2015 12:01

British banks linked to corrupt FIFA transactions
British banks have allegedly been party to corrupt transactions worth millions of dollars linked to FIFA, according to legal papers from the US Department of Justice (DoJ).

29.05.2015 08:06

Russia ready to consider EEU currency union - prime minister
Russia is ready to draft a currency union with other members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

29.05.2015 10:42

Law enforcer accuses foreign offshore havens of encouraging Russian corruption
The official spokesman of Russia’s Investigative Committee has blamed foreign governments for deliberately provoking corruption in Russia, to attract more criminal capital into offshores registered in their countries.

28.05.2015 13:39

Chinese trend sees new billionaire every week - report
The center of great wealth creation has shifted from the United States east to Asia, a joint report from UBS and PwC shows. China, the most outstanding example, produced new billionaire almost every week in the first quarter of 2015.

27.05.2015 09:19

Greece likely to miss payment deadline as talks stall - Bloomberg
Greece may miss a deadline for a deal with creditors this week, as the parties haven’t made any progress in talks, Bloomberg sources close to the negotiations said, accelerating fears of an Athens default.

27.05.2015 10:55

EU & Switzerland ink historic agreement to end Swiss banking secrecy
The European Union and Switzerland have signed a tax transparency agreement that will put an end to Swiss banking secrecy for EU residents. The sides will start automatically sharing data on residents’ financial accounts from 2018.

27.05.2015 07:28

Key St. Petersburg economic forum 2015 to see more foreign guests – Russia’s Deputy PM
The number of participants representing foreign companies at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this year will be higher than in 2014, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko told journalists ahead of the major economic forum.

26.05.2015 14:16