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Ecuador set to create state-backed digital currency... to ditch dollar?
Ecuador is planning to create the world’s first digital currency issued by the country’s central bank, in what is seen by many as a step to abandon the US dollar, the currency now used by the Central American country.

30.08.2014 16:49

​There’s another region Russia needs to focus on – and it’s the world’s 6th largest economy
Russia is sorely lagging behind in ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations. It’s a pity.

30.08.2014 09:38

Purr-fect mortgage: Top Russian bank offers feline bonus to new homeowners (VIDEO)
Russia’s largest lender, Sberbank, is giving a housewarming cat to new homeowners who sign up for the bank’s new special mortgage program.

28.08.2014 10:08

IMF chief confirms she faces 'negligence' charges in multi-million euro fraud case
IMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged "negligence" in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

27.08.2014 09:45

2 Swiss banks to end 200-yr secrecy and publish financials
Two Geneva-based banks that have kept their finance sheets shrouded in secrecy since 1796 will publish their earnings amid pressure from abroad.

22.08.2014 14:15

​Bitcoin winning over women in developing countries?
There is a steady movement led by women in developing countries to embrace the use of bitcoins.

22.08.2014 11:21

Nobel prize winners: Eurozone recovery is 'dismal failure'
“Stunningly destructive” and “dismal failure” is how Nobel laureates describe growth in the European Union after destructive austerity policies and the euro crisis.

22.08.2014 10:29

Billionaire Branson, fellow business leaders offer support to end violence in Ukraine
Billionaire Richard Branson and fellow business tycoons have offered “whatever support we can” to end the conflict in Ukraine and prevent the return of the “cold war misery of the past.”

21.08.2014 12:24

Bank of America agrees to record $17bn settlement over mortgage fraud
America’s second largest lender has reached a $16.65 billion settlement with US federal authorities for selling toxic mortgages misleading investors, the Justice Department said Thursday.

20.08.2014 18:37

Wall Street banks ‘may desert UK for Ireland’ if Britain leaves EU
Wall Street banks could abandon Britain for the Republic of Ireland if the UK decides to leave the EU, senior figures in the industry have reportedly said. This is despite a Forbes report that names London the world’s ‘most influential city’.

19.08.2014 11:56

Activists occupy UK govt building over heavily-redacted fracking report
A group of campaigners from Reclaim the Power are currently occupying the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) headquarters in London, following the government’s decision to censor a report on the potential impacts of fracking.

18.08.2014 12:29

European recovery is a sweet fairy tale
Recent EU data shows the economy is increasingly dead on arrival despite repeated claims from Brussels that recovery is at hand.

18.08.2014 10:03

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