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Greek capital controls hit tourists, startups & app buyers
The capital controls imposed by the Greek government to protect the country’s banking system from collapse have left many people and companies, both Greek and foreign, scratching their heads as to how to go about their lives and businesses.

03.07.2015 13:52

‘No reason why Greece could not have two currencies’ - a euro architect
Today we still use an industrial age monetary construct while we have technologies to do things differently. Greece could create a precedent with a different way of addressing economic problems, says one of the architects of the euro, Bernard Lietaer.

03.07.2015 11:14

100 percent in/out choice given to Greece is ‘false dilemma’ – euro architect to RT
​There is a third solution in store for Greece, it could have two currencies in parallel that would stabilize the economy, Bernard Lietaer, co-designer of the European currency, told RT.

03.07.2015 12:51

Tsipras asks for 30% debt haircut, 20yr grace period
The only way to make Greek debt sustainable is to cut it by 30 percent and introduce a 20-year grace period, said PM Tsipras, as the landmark referendum on July 5 nears.

03.07.2015 13:17

​IMF says Greece needs third bailout of €60bn, debt relief
Greece will need €10 billion over the next few months and an additional €50 billion in the next three years, says the IMF. Before making any repayments, Athens should have a 20-year grace period, so the last debt payment would be made in 2055.

03.07.2015 08:57

Kiev pledges reforms to secure extra $1.7bn loan from IMF
The International Monetary Fund and Kiev’s representatives have agreed on a set of measures to be taken by Ukraine to receive a $1.7 billion loan, according to the IMF press service.

02.07.2015 20:52

‘UK spied on Merkel’s Greek bailout plans and told NSA’ – WikiLeaks
British intelligence agencies spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders as they discussed Greek bailout plans for European banks in 2011, WikiLeaks revelations suggest.

02.07.2015 10:21

‘Tying up economies like Germany & Greece was doomed to fiasco’
The eurozone project is a complete fiasco so Greece should be allowed to go back to the drachma, to devalue and to rebuild itself, columnist and podcaster Jon Gaunt told RT. This might be the beginning of the end of the whole EU he adds.

02.07.2015 12:44

1 in 46 million: Vanechka has one of the rarest immune deficiencies on Earth
Once you commit to helping children in need, you stop seeing children as “yours” and “other children.” The fate of every single kid in desperate need of help becomes your problem, your task, and your mission.

01.07.2015 13:22

​World Bank urges China to hasten reform of ‘distorted’ state-dominated financial sector
Beijing needs to quicken financial sector reform. The model of “the traditional investment-driven growth shaped by heavy state intervention” has started slipping, says the World Bank report. This could overshadow 30 years of “stellar performance”.

02.07.2015 07:38

TiSA WikiLeaked: Winners & losers of multinational trade deal
WikiLeaks has published secret “core text” related to the controversial trade agreement currently being negotiated behind closed doors between the US, EU and 23 other countries. Big corporations look to be the biggest winners in the deal.

02.07.2015 02:11

Greece: The options
A simple guide to what may happen in the pressure cooker of a Greek default.

01.07.2015 13:11