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‘River full of corpses was our reality:’ Survivors recall childhood in besieged Leningrad
One of the most tragic episodes of World War II was the Siege of Leningrad. RT interviewed two survivors who lived through the blockade as small kids. Seventy-one years on, both still shed tears as they recall the dark days.

18.04.2015 16:01

Almost 1 million Brits using food banks – Trussell Trust
The number of British people relying on food banks is expected to reach one million, despite a huge increase in the number of people in work.

18.04.2015 17:15

Texas chef hit with possible $2,000 fine for feeding the homeless
A Texas chef who has fed San Antonio’s homeless population for the past 10 years from a non-profit mobile food truck was suddenly cited and fined by local police for feeding the homeless.

16.04.2015 00:34

Moldova farmers block over ‘10,000 major roads’, demand greater govt support
Thousands of Moldovan farmers have barricaded over 10,000 roads countrywide as they protest tax hikes on farm products and demand an increase in state subsidies. Activists threaten more protests if their problems are not addressed.

15.04.2015 12:35

#PeopleNOTpolls: Fast food workers demand £10 min wage despite ‘intimidation’
Fast food workers in the UK are joining a one-day international protest for higher pay, just days after mainstream British politicians promised modest rises in the legal minimum wage.

15.04.2015 12:18

​Big Mac attack: US low-wage workers prepare to strike in over 200 cities
Low-wage fast food workers are preparing for a one-day nationwide protest in what some are saying will be the largest mobilization of US workers seeking to achieve higher pay, benefits and the right to unionize.

15.04.2015 08:44

SpaceX: Dragon liftoff successful, Falcon botches landing
A SpaceX ship successfully launched from Cape Canaveral with supplies for the International Space station, but the attempt to land the rocket booster failed.

14.04.2015 19:40

Robo-chef: British tech firm unveils the future of cooking
A British tech firm has co-developed a prototype ‘Robo-chef’ that is capable of cooking a meal from scratch.

14.04.2015 14:07

​Radioactive Fukushima food could be hitting UK shops through safety loopholes
Food produced near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan could be heading to British supermarkets due to loopholes in safety laws, an investigation has revealed.

14.04.2015 08:48

SpaceX launch delayed: ISS crew on hold for coffeemaker delivery
Cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station will have to wait another day for their long-promised space espresso machine. Today’s launch of a Dragon resupply ship was rescheduled, after storm clouds came too close to Cape Canaveral.

13.04.2015 18:19

Dipping out: Listeria scare prompts massive hummus recall
About 30,000 cases of hummus are being recalled nationwide due to a possible contamination with listeria, a potentially fatal food-borne disease. Listeria-contaminated ice cream caused three deaths earlier this week.

10.04.2015 01:02

Hunger rations: Swedish peacekeepers slam small UN-supplied meals in Mali
The Swedish contingency of an international UN-led peacekeeping operation in Mali is up in arms over the apparent paltry size of food rations, which, they say, is forcing soldiers to go to bed hungry.

09.04.2015 12:24