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3rd Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Donetsk
The third convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine has arrived in the war-torn city of Donetsk. Earlier, Kiev and self-defense forces signed a memorandum aimed at effectively halting all fighting in eastern Ukraine after talks in Minsk.

20.09.2014 06:22

Can of mealworms: Belgium starts selling products made with insects
A Belgian supermarket has officially started selling a range of products that contain insects, mainly mealworms. The country is the first EU state to approve insects in food.

18.09.2014 17:07

Superbug time bomb: FDA vets only 10% of antibiotics that farm animals share with humans
The regular administration of antibiotics to US farm animals could have disastrous effects for humans, scientists fear. Many of the drugs are same as those given to humans and there are worries that the bacteria could become resistant due to overuse.

15.09.2014 18:32

Dutch stage massive tomato fight with excess produce unwelcome in Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
In an exotic protest against the sanctions strife between the EU and Russia, hundreds of Dutch pelted each other with around 200,000 forbidden tomatoes in the heart of Amsterdam, not far from the city’s Royal Palace.

14.09.2014 17:17

E.Ukraine’s Lugansk to start distributing Russian aid Monday, trucks return home
The last truck from Russia’s second humanitarian aid convoy to the Eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has returned home after delivering its cargo.

13.09.2014 19:07

‘Want to make yourself sick with McDonald’s? Pay more!’ Ecuador to introduce fast food tax
Ecuador’s leftist president Rafael Correa is taking on US-owned fast food chains in a bid to combat the escalating obesity problem in the country.

13.09.2014 17:28

Russia may restrict import of Western cars, clothes in new sanctions tit-for-tat
Imports of Western cars and clothes into Russia could be restricted as part of a second round of “retaliatory” measures prepared in response to the sanctions against Moscow, says presidential aide Andrey Belousov.

12.09.2014 08:22

New anti-obesity pill to help curb appetite of 78mn Americans
US regulators have approved a weight-loss drug called Contrave, the third type of such prescription medication introduced in over 10 years, despite carrying some possible heavy side-effects of its own.

12.09.2014 08:22

Japan begins Pacific whale 'research,' plans to kill 51 minkes
Japan has launched its seasonal Pacific whale hunt off Hokkaido Island, planning to kill 51 minke whales for what it describes as “research” purposes. Earlier this year, the International Court banned Japan’s Antarctic whale hunt, deeming it unscientific.

07.09.2014 17:29

India ozone pollution kills enough crops to feed nearly 100mn poor a year – study
Millions of tons of India’s major crops get damaged yearly due to air pollution – leaving a third of the country’s impoverished people short on nutrition, a joint US-India study reveals.

06.09.2014 09:23

Nearly 500 arrested as fast-food workers go on strike across the US (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Nearly 500 protesters were arrested in three dozen US cities on Thursday as fast-food workers and supporters staged sit-ins and acts of civil disobedience nationwide to call attention to their low wages and lack of union representation.

05.09.2014 14:04

​Canadian beekeepers’ sting: Pesticide giants sued for $450mn over bee deaths
Canadian honey producers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Bayer and Syngenta to recover losses dating as far back as 2006, claiming that neonicotinoids they produce and sell are killing bees and cause massive material damage.

04.09.2014 13:25

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