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Fast food, slow kids: Eating junk leads to poorer academic results, study shows
Children who eat the most fast-food tend to get significantly poorer scores in math, science and reading tests, a new nationwide study that examined the habits of over 8,500 young Americans reveals.

22.12.2014 11:16

TAFTA protesters mass outside EU Council in Brussels (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the European Council building in Brussels on Friday to voice growing disapproval of TAFTA, a proposed Transatlantic Free Trade Area between the EU and the US, and to demand changes at the EU institutions.

19.12.2014 11:34

Law enforcement is most obese profession - study
A study on the prevalence of obesity by occupation found nearly half the cops, firefighters and security guards in the United States are obese. Economists, scientists and psychologists scored the lowest rates of obesity.

19.12.2014 03:18

McDonald's in Japan forced to serve small fries as US ports dispute hits supplies
Japan is facing a McDonald’s French-fry shortage and can only afford to serve its customers small portions, because of a protracted union standoff at US West Coast ports. Rerouting shipments isn’t helping, Japan’s McDonald’s officials say.

16.12.2014 07:30

Oregon GMO-labeling initiative defeated by Monsanto-sponsored groups
Supporters of an Oregon ballot initiative requiring labels on genetically-modified food acknowledged defeat on Thursday after an automatic recount failed to sway the results of November’s vote and a judge denied their plea for a count of rejected ballots.

12.12.2014 15:04

Cop buys grandma eggs to feed hungry family after she’s caught shoplifting (VIDEO)
A grandmother in Tarrant, Alabama stole eggs on Saturday when she didn’t have an extra 50 cents to pay for them – but when police were called, the situation took a pleasant turn. Instead of arresting the nana, an officer bought her the eggs himself.

11.12.2014 03:58

Not lovin' it: McDonald's sales in US plummet
In the month of November, fast-food behemoth McDonald’s saw monthly sales at established locations drop globally and in the US by 2.2 percent and 4.6 percent, respectively.

08.12.2014 18:47

‘Invisible killer’: Schools, hospitals should be built away from pollution hotspots – MPs
Schools, hospitals and public buildings should be built away from main roads to protect young children and the sick from deadly pollution, British politicians have urged.

08.12.2014 15:14

‘Hunger stalks the nation’: Church of England slams govt as 1mn Brits dependent on food banks
More Britons are becoming dependent on food banks as they find themselves plunged into poverty as a result of stagnating wages, delays in welfare payments and the soaring cost of living, according to a cross-party study.

08.12.2014 12:26

Archbishop of Canterbury: Food poverty in UK ‘more shocking’ than Africa
The senior bishop of the Anglican Church, Justin Welby, has called for a radical overhaul of the country’s welfare system, to ensure that the ‘hunger that stalks large parts of our country’ is eliminated.

07.12.2014 18:22

Illegal pro-GMO observers accused of disrupting Oregon labeling law vote count
Amid a recount of Oregon’s ballot initiative over labeling of genetically-modified foods, the pro-agribusiness contingent, known as the No on 92 Coalition, tried to illegally place out-of-state election observers in at least four counties, opponents say.

05.12.2014 16:55

Russia limits American poultry imports
The import of US poultry into Russia has been temporarily banned by the sanitary regulator after the discovery of “harmful and “illegal” substances in the products.

04.12.2014 08:11