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FIFA hands 7-year ban to 2018, 2022 World Cup bid inspector
The head of the team which was tasked with assessing candidates for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, has been handed a seven year ban on conducting any football-related activity by FIFA for violating the organization’s code of ethics.

06.07.2015 20:34

FIFA’s Blatter accuses French, German ex-presidents of meddling with World Cup vote
French ex-president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his German counterpart, Christian Wulff, tried to influence the vote before FIFA World Cup were awarded to Russia and Qatar, Sepp Blatter, outgoing president of football’s governing body, told German media.

05.07.2015 16:10

Russophrenia - an illness in need of a cure
Russophrenia - a condition where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world. Since 2013, instances of this ailment have reached epidemic-like proportions in certain parts of Washington, London and Brussels.

30.06.2015 13:25

Football legend Maradona to run for next FIFA president - report
Legendary Argentine football player and coach Diego Maradona says he will run for the presidency of the International Federation of Association Footbal (FIFA), a journalist close to the star says.

22.06.2015 14:17

FIFA must defend itself against US, like Swiss banks did – Blatter aide
FIFA needs to defend itself from an attack by the Americans, believes Klaus Stöhlker, personal consultant to the organization’s acting president, Sepp Blatter.

17.06.2015 05:53

‘Political agenda to have World Cup taken from Russia’
​EU legislators have adopted a resolution that calls for FIFA President Sepp Blatter to step down immediately, a move that journalist Neil Clark calls political posturing and lacking any sort of democratic due process.

12.06.2015 11:08

European MPs support review of FIFA’s award of World Cups to Russia, Qatar
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution urging the dismissal of all corrupt FIFA officials and a review of all of the football governing body’s decisions in the last decade, including awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar.

11.06.2015 16:00

FIFA suspends 2026 World Cup bidding amid corruption scandal
FIFA has suspended the bidding process for the 2026 World Cup. The football organization is weathering the storm of a widening corruption scandal that touches on previous selections of host countries.

10.06.2015 10:11

Argentine suspect in FIFA probe escaped Zurich arrest ‘by having breakfast’ - Swiss media
One of the businessmen indicted in the FIFA corruption scandal escaped arrest in Zurich hotel in a remarkable manner, reports Swiss media. The man who is now on the Interpol wanted list managed to leave Europe and is allegedly in hiding in Uruguay.

07.06.2015 10:45

Germany sold arms to Saudi Arabia to secure its vote for 2006 World Cup – report
Germany allegedly sent arms to Saudi Arabia in return for the Arab nation giving its support to Germany’s successful bid to host the 2006 World Cup. The claims made by the Die Zeit newspaper are the latest revelations to rock scandal-ridden FIFA.

06.06.2015 12:02

Ex-FIFA official: ‘I agreed to accept bribes for 1998, 2010 World Cups’
A former senior FIFA official, Chuck Blazer, claimed he and others took bribes in exchange for supporting World Cup candidate countries in 1998 and 2010, an unsealed paper says. South Africa has denied paying any bribes. French reaction is pending.

04.06.2015 04:03

‘FIFA should remove ‘I’ and insert ‘A’ for American’
Trying to take control of FIFA, the US is showing it wants to run the entire world and tackle every alleged crime, said Lew Rockwell, of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. It proves there is nothing Washington will not interfere in, he added.

03.06.2015 10:11