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Ronaldo snubs UEFA chief at World Club Cup final presentation
Cristiano Ronaldo gave Michel Platini the cold shoulder as he snubbed the UEFA President at the World Club Cup presentation. Real Madrid had slammed the Frenchman for comments in November when he said the World Player of the Year should go to a German.

21.12.2014 12:21

Premier League football clubs charge children up to £600 to be mascots
Several Premier League clubs charge children up to £600 to be a mascot at a football match and thereby exclude families from poorer backgrounds, The Guardian has revealed.

18.12.2014 15:27

Cops demand Rams players who showed solidarity with Ferguson to be punished
​Five players from the St. Louis Rams professional football team showed solidarity with Ferguson protesters on Sunday by walking onto the field with their hands raised in the air. Now the local police union wants them to be punished.

01.12.2014 15:16

Football fan killed in clashes between Spanish 'ultras' in Madrid
A fan has died in clashes between Spain’s radical groups ahead of a football match in Madrid. The man suffered from head injuries and hypothermia after being thrown into a river. Eleven others were injured and dozens arrested following the violence.

01.12.2014 10:19

Redskins cause online storm after awkward Thanksgiving tweet
​Washington, DC’s professional football team has been prone to controversy lately, to say the least, and a “Happy Thanksgiving” tweet from the official Redskins Twitter account this week isn’t making things any better.

28.11.2014 19:10

​Who needs $37mn? NFL star gives up sport to farm, feed hungry
Making tens of millions of dollars simply playing a game may seem like a dream for most Americans, but former National Football League player Jason Brown gave up fame, the limelight and the cash for a chance to do something humbler: farming.

20.11.2014 02:09

NFL teams raided, team doctors questioned by DEA agents after Sunday games
The Drug Enforcement Administration randomly inspected three NFL teams after their away games on Sunday. DEA agents were looking into allegations that team doctors were illegally dispensing prescription narcotics.

17.11.2014 21:10

'Is this an imam school?': Turkey football chairman wants national beard ban for players
The chairman of an Ankara-based football club says he will impose a $11,200 fine on any player that is seen sporting a beard. He has also put pressure on the Turkish Football Federation to impose a nationwide ban.

16.11.2014 18:03

Poor Capello: Russian Football Union struggling to pay Italian's $11mn salary
The bank balance of Fabio Capello, the coach of Russia's national football team, has not increased in five months. However, a member of the Russian Football Union (RFU) says the organization is looking for funds to pay his jaw-dropping $11 million salary.

12.11.2014 17:38

‘Ebola spread risk too serious’: Morocco refuses to host Africa football cup
Morocco has rejected an ultimatum and refused to host the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in January over the fear that Ebola virus may find its way into the country with the crowds of football fans and easily spread among them during the mass sporting event.

08.11.2014 22:48

Washington Redskins sue Native Americans for calling their name racist
The Washington Redskins can sue the Native Americans responsible for the team losing its trademark, a federal judge said on Friday. The group had asked for the suit to be dismissed, saying they have no financial stake in the outcome of the ruling.

03.11.2014 21:19

All in flares: Sarajevo fans set football field alight, clash with police (VIDEO)
A football match in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo turned violent as fans bombarded players with a barrage of flares and clashed with police. At least 15 people were injured in the brawl – but the interrupted game then continued.

03.11.2014 00:15