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Obama admin balked at improving standards for gas in oil ‘bomb trains’ – report
A federal standard for regulating explosive gas in oil-transporting trains was rejected in the higher levels of the White House, according to a new report. It instead opted to allow new industry-backed regulations crafted in North Dakota to suffice.

05.03.2015 20:55

Oil & gas execs ‘pressured’ Oklahoma geologists not to reveal fracking-quakes link
Newly-obtained emails reveal that Oklahoma geologists were pressured by oil industry big-shots not to push on with their assessments of possible links between earthquakes in the state and hydraulic fracturing industry, most often referred to as fracking.

05.03.2015 13:56

Chevron ditches last European fracking project in Romania
US energy giant Chevron is terminating its operations in Romania due to poor exploration results and prolonged protests by environmentalists.The withdrawal from this fracking project will mark the end of the company’s shale gas exploration in Europe.

22.02.2015 21:57

US geological agency calls for data sharing on fracking-induced tremors
The US Geological Survey has called for more transparency and cooperation among “interested stakeholders” in order to monitor and mitigate the effects of fracking, a process widely blamed for the recent explosion of earthquakes in states like Oklahoma.

20.02.2015 15:26

Ohio high court rules against local fracking ban, opponents may seek civil rights argument
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that a local ordinance couldn’t block a fracking company from drilling, affirming priority of state law. Yet observers say the decision leaves room for a challenge based on civil rights.

19.02.2015 16:55

Oil train derailment in W. Virginia highlights faults in railway safety
A train carrying millions of pounds of crude oil derailed Monday in West Virginia, burning through the night, marking the latest major rail accident involving hazardous crude. Since July 2013, 11 major oil-train derailments have occurred in North America.

17.02.2015 17:11

German govt under pressure to legalize fracking, critics call on people to protest
Germany has proposed a draft law to allow commercial shale gas fracking, overturning a moratorium that has been in place for the last two years.

15.02.2015 11:52

‘Mockery of democracy’: UK govt flip-flops, allowing fracking under National Parks
The government has reversed its decision to accept new fracking restrictions, meaning shale gas firms will be able to drill horizontally under National Parks, provided the wells start outside their borders.

13.02.2015 09:19

California water aquifers injected with waste 2,500 times, new rules proposed
Following the news that California allowed oil companies to inject waste into federally protected underground aquifers, state regulators are offering a new set of rules to govern the way water is safeguarded in the future.

10.02.2015 01:41

Big Oil wants North Dakota to ease radioactive waste laws (VIDEO)
Amid falling oil prices nationwide, energy industry players in North Dakota want officials to alter radioactive waste disposal laws so that more toxic fracking fluid can be stored in-state, saving companies tens of thousands of dollars per truckload.

30.01.2015 17:04

Nae fracking here! SNP govt imposes shale gas moratorium in Scotland
Scotland has imposed a moratorium on shale gas planning permits while an assessment on the impact of shale drilling is completed, ministers told the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday.

28.01.2015 15:14

Frackdown: Government concedes to national park fracking ban
In a victory for the Labour Party and other opponents of fracking, the Conservative-led coalition has announced that fracking will be banned in all national parks. Further restrictive measures were also placed upon shale gas companies.

27.01.2015 09:27