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Activists occupy UK govt building over heavily-redacted fracking report
A group of campaigners from Reclaim the Power are currently occupying the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) headquarters in London, following the government’s decision to censor a report on the potential impacts of fracking.

18.08.2014 12:29

​Fracking – another commodity bubble of our times
Here’s a Dutch phrase for you, Gouden Eeuw. No, nothing to do with the currently controversial topic of cheese, it rather means Golden Age.

15.08.2014 14:09

'Reclaim the Power': 1,000-plus expected to attend 5 day anti-fracking camp in Lancashire
Over a thousand campaigners from diverse pockets of Britain are expected to attend “Reclaim the Power,” a five-day anti-fracking camp in Lancashire, which kicked off on Thursday.

14.08.2014 09:11

Pittsburgh airport to host fracking sites starting this month
The floundering Pittsburgh International Airport is expected to soon begin earning nearly a quarter of its annual operating budget by letting a local energy company conduct fracking operations deep under the once booming air traffic hub.

12.08.2014 16:41

N. Ireland fracking: minister rejects global energy firm’s drilling proposal
Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister has rejected a global energy firm’s proposal to conduct exploratory drilling in County Fermanagh. The drilling would have led to further fracking in the area if sufficient shale gas supplies had been detected.

12.08.2014 12:46

An inconvenient truth? UK government censors state-sanctioned report on fracking
The British government’s decision to censor an official state report on the impact of fracking on UK property prices and regional services has roused sharp criticism from MPs and campaigners.

11.08.2014 11:41

Colorado governor retreats on fracking debate as elections loom
Two of Colorado's leading Democrats agreed to nix from the November ballot a set of anti-fracking initiatives that some members in the party believed would damage its candidates’ chances of victory come Election Day.

05.08.2014 08:00

N. Ireland anti-fracking campaign condemns petrol bombing of local security guard's home
A petrol bomb has been hurled at the house of a security guard working at a controversial fracking site in Northern Ireland. The attack occurred on Sunday morning in the outskirts of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

04.08.2014 13:48

Fracking to be allowed in UK national parks in ‘exceptional circumstances’
The UK government will allow fracking in national parks and heritage sites in “exceptional circumstances,” say new guidelines. Around half of the UK is now open to shale gas exploitation, despite growing public concern over the environmental impact.

28.07.2014 04:36

California curbs injection of toxic fracking waste into aquifers needed in severe drought
California is shutting down 11 oil and gas wastewater injection sites and reviewing over 100 others in the state’s drought-ravaged Central Valley as officials fear companies have pumped toxic fracking fluids into needed drinking water aquifers.

22.07.2014 15:26

Texas town goes head-to-head against energy groups over fracking
The small city of Denton, Texas, which sits on a huge natural gas reserve, lost a bid to halt fracking after many hours of public testimony. The oil and gas companies are now threatening litigation if a ban goes into effect.

16.07.2014 11:32

Britain could face widespread energy ‘blackouts’ – leading engineer
​The UK risks sweeping electricity blackouts unless it increases the state’s capacity to balance infrequent supply from renewable energy sources, a prominent engineer who carried out government-funded research has warned.

15.07.2014 10:57

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