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California curbs injection of toxic fracking waste into aquifers needed in severe drought
California is shutting down 11 oil and gas wastewater injection sites and reviewing over 100 others in the state’s drought-ravaged Central Valley as officials fear companies have pumped toxic fracking fluids into needed drinking water aquifers.

22.07.2014 15:26

Texas town goes head-to-head against energy groups over fracking
The small city of Denton, Texas, which sits on a huge natural gas reserve, lost a bid to halt fracking after many hours of public testimony. The oil and gas companies are now threatening litigation if a ban goes into effect.

16.07.2014 11:32

Britain could face widespread energy ‘blackouts’ – leading engineer
​The UK risks sweeping electricity blackouts unless it increases the state’s capacity to balance infrequent supply from renewable energy sources, a prominent engineer who carried out government-funded research has warned.

15.07.2014 10:57

11 earthquakes hit fracking-heavy central Oklahoma over weekend
Eleven minor earthquakes shook central Oklahoma over the weekend, renewing speculation that the area’s oil and gas drilling boom - fueled by controversial hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - is to blame for an increase in seismic activity.

14.07.2014 16:23

Hundreds rally in DC against fracked gas exports
Hundreds marched through Washington DC and rallied at the Capitol on Sunday to protest plans for a new liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility in Maryland. Local residents fear possible environmental risks.

14.07.2014 04:41

1 mn gallons of oil-drilling byproducts leaked into N. Dakota drinking water
A North Dakota pipeline has hemorrhaged about 1 million gallons of oil-drilling saltwater into the ground of a native Indian reservation, with some of the byproduct suspected to have leaked into a lake that provides drinking water.

10.07.2014 15:52

Some 2,500 earthquakes in Oklahoma linked to fracking
The last five years have seen Oklahoma experience more than 2,500 earthquakes – the vast majority of which are being connected to the oil and gas exploration process of fracking.

08.07.2014 01:51

Just 4 fracking wastewater sites cause 20 percent of all central US earthquakes – study
Just four wastewater wells in Oklahoma – where energy companies dump water after completing the hydraulic fracturing process – have caused scores of earthquakes this year, some 30 km from the site, according to a new study by top US universities.

04.07.2014 17:12

New York's top court rules towns can ban fracking
Municipalities within New York can pass local laws to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the state’s top appeals court affirmed Monday.

01.07.2014 14:21

Fracking industry fumes as researchers reveal high levels of leaking methane
The latest drilling techniques for obtaining gas, which drill horizontally as opposed to the more traditional vertical drilling, shows a higher rate of leaking methane, according to a study that could spell problems for fracking across the nation.

01.07.2014 08:29

Allow fracking in national parks, says UK Environment Agency chief
Fracking should be allowed to take place in national parks because its visual intrusion is minimal and the environmental risks have been “exaggerated,” according to the outgoing chairman of the UK’s Environment Agency.

28.06.2014 16:07

Colorado halts fracking wastewater injections after earthquakes hit the state
Following the detection of a small earthquake, Colorado state regulators have put a halt to the disposal of fracking wastewater into an injection well located in Weld County.

27.06.2014 19:13

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