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UN’s first ever meeting on anti-Semitism sees France, US, Saudi Arabia speak out
The UN has dedicated a separate meeting to anti-Semitism, citing a global rise in violence against Jews. About half of UN member states attended, with surprise speakers such as the Saudi ambassador, who equated anti-Semitic crimes with Islamophobia.

24.01.2015 01:06

​Terror fears peak in Europe after Charlie Hebdo attacks
Polls concluded across Europe, following a series of deadly Islamist attacks in Paris earlier this month, revealed a record level of terror fear not only in France, but in other countries as well.

23.01.2015 13:35

Terrorist attacks in Paris: Need for deeper counterterrorism cooperation
The recent terrorist attacks in the centre of Paris, during which extremists killed “Charlie Hebdo” journalists, police officers, and customers of the kosher store, were shocking.

22.01.2015 21:28

Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ namesakes ‘get insults, death threats’ in France
A number of French families who happen to have the same surname as the Paris terrorists – Kouachi and Coulibaly – have been harassed, with some receiving death threats and insulting calls in the middle of the night, local media report.

22.01.2015 09:08

Russophobia trumps terrorism: Media stir over arrest of Chechens in France
The arrest in France of Chechens is being used to stoke up hatred of Russia, and showcase the hypocrisy of the West on terrorism.

22.01.2015 09:58

Dozen former French soldiers, including elite troops, join ISIS - reports
A dozen former French soldiers, mostly from special forces and the Foreign Legion, have joined jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, a defense ministry source confirms, as the government readies a new multimillion anti-terror plan.

22.01.2015 05:45

Heavy weapons in Ukraine must be pulled back urgently – ‘Normandy Four’
Foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to strongly support the pullback of heavy artillery by both sides in the Ukrainian conflict, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. The Normandy Four also urged the reactivation of talks.

21.01.2015 22:37

Top Islamic group urges UN ban on ‘contempt’ of religions
A leading Islamic organization has called on the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal. The group also urges followers to continue peaceful protests against images of Prophet Mohammed and says the West should do more to protect Muslims.

21.01.2015 16:53

Total to slash spending on US shale and North Sea projects
The French oil major is to deeply cut investment in US shale and dramatically reduce North Sea field expansion in the UK as the oil price plunges, its CEO said at the Davos forum.

21.01.2015 14:39

Le Monde Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
French daily Le Monde has recovered its Twitter account after it was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), notorious for attacks on Western media accounts, including the Daily Telegraph, the New York Times, BBC and CNN.

21.01.2015 09:52

€425mn anti-terror plan: France to hire thousands of extra police, spies & investigators
France will create 2,680 extra anti-terror staff, as over 3,000 radical Islamists require surveillance, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at a Wednesday meeting, revealing plans to boost terror strategies.

21.01.2015 09:56

French police beat, pepper-spray asylum seekers – Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has urged the French government to stop police brutality against asylum seekers in the port of Calais. The watchdog’s new report says migrants live in ‘catastrophic’ conditions, and are routinely beaten and pepper-sprayed.

21.01.2015 06:01