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Germanwings’ Andreas Lubitz underwent psychiatric treatment - reports
Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, suspected of deliberately bringing down the plane with 150 people on board, suffered depression and underwent psychiatric treatment, German media report.

27.03.2015 05:40

Assad: ‘US, UK, France want to weaken Russia by turning Ukraine & Syria into puppet states’
The West is using the same tactic in Syria as it is in Ukraine, aiming to weaken Russia by creating puppet states around it, Syrian President Bashar Assad has said. He added that Syria is open to hosting a Russian naval base on its territory.

27.03.2015 02:08

Sanctions against Russia are ‘economic weapon’ that targets French business
French business leaders say the economy and policy must be separated, as Western sanctions against Russia are causing French companies to suffer by losing market share.

26.03.2015 14:17

Failure to secure Iran nuclear deal could spark MidEast arms race – UK Foreign Sec
Failure to strike an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program will lead to further instability and a possible nuclear arms race in the Middle East, British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said Wednesday.

26.03.2015 13:12

Calais officials to evict migrants, bulldoze shanty town
Officials in Calais are preparing to begin bulldozing the migrant settlements which have housed immigrants attempting to enter the UK for over a decade.

26.03.2015 11:21

Germanwings co-pilot appears to have crashed plane deliberately – prosecutor
The Germanwings co-pilot seemed to have crashed the plane deliberately, killing 150 people on board. The co-pilot wouldn’t let the captain inside the cabin, with the “intension to destroy” the jet, the French prosecutor said at a press conference.

26.03.2015 11:55

1 pilot locked outside cockpit when Germanwings crashed
Only one of the two pilots on ill-fated Germanwings flight 4U 9525 was inside the cockpit when the plane crashed, a German state prosecutor said, confirming earlier media reports.

26.03.2015 05:10

Rights groups call foul as French snooping bill gives state NSA-like powers
Leading human rights organizations have expressed alarm at a bill going to the French parliament on Friday that grants expansive new powers to the country’s surveillance agencies.

25.03.2015 17:58

A320 is ‘nanny-aircraft’ fully automated and easy to fly
The causes of the Germanwings plane crash remain to be seen, but as it started descending very rapidly it could be indicative of a pressurization problem or a complete loss of cabin pressurization, pilot Marin Medic told RT.

25.03.2015 14:09

‘Darkest day’: German school mourns class wiped out in air crash
Schoolchildren in the German town of Haltern wept openly and lit candles for 16 students and two teachers who died when their plane crashed in the Alps on Tuesday. They were returning from an exchange trip to Spain.

24.03.2015 18:35

Is the pendulum of French politics swinging too far to the right?
The European vocabulary is changing rapidly, which wouldn’t have been ominous if it wasn’t for the direction of change. More and more words are borrowed from Slavic languages - words, which stand for notions long forgotten in “Old Europe.”

24.03.2015 14:40

Germanwings A320 black box found in French Alps
French rescue workers have discovered a flight recorder from the Germanwings A320 jetliner, which crashed in the in the French Alps on Tuesday.

24.03.2015 16:25