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National Front strengthens at local level, optimistic about presidential vote - Le Pen aide
The policies of the National Front led by Marine le Pen have become more understood and less demonized so the party is optimistic about the future French presidential election, National Front international spokesperson Ludovic de Danne told RT.

30.03.2015 13:11

​U-drones: Britain to spend £17mn on unmanned underwater vehicles
The UK Ministry of Defense will spend £17 million on a fleet of sea drones after signing a contract with French arms giant Thales.

30.03.2015 10:21

National Front’s result ‘major victory but not as huge as it was anticipated’
Marine le Pen’s National Front did well in the local elections in France but there is a sense of dissatisfaction as they won in no single Department, Pierre Guerlain, a professor of political science at Paris West University, told RT.

30.03.2015 09:09

Germanwings co-pilot treated for suicidal tendencies years ago - prosecutors
Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the French Alps with 150 people on board last week, had undergone treatment for suicidal tendencies in the past, prosecutors said.

30.03.2015 13:23

Germanwings hero: Captain remembered for attempts to save flight 4U9525
While media are talking about Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing flight 4U9525, the man who tried save the passengers and crew seems to be left in the shadows. So what do we know about him?

30.03.2015 08:15

‘Magnificent success’: Le Pen praises France’s National Front party’s result at local elections
France’s National Front party has won a sizeable number of council seats in Sunday’s second round of local elections. Though the party didn’t do as well as was predicted in polls, its leader Marine Le Pen calls the results a "magnificent success."

30.03.2015 05:25

Australian immigration dept leaks G20 leaders’ passport info – report
The personal details of all 20 leaders at the recent G20 summit in Australia have been accidentally leaked by the Australian immigration department. Despite being notified of the high-profile breach four months ago, it neglected to inform anyone.

30.03.2015 06:54

‘Iran wants to conquer MidEast’: Israeli PM slams prospect of nuclear deal
The possible signing of a deal on Iran’s controversial nuclear program is “dangerous” as it may be the only thing Tehran lacks to establish control over the whole of the Middle East, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says.

29.03.2015 14:45

‘Open the damn door!’ Germanwings captain’s desperate plea to Lubitz revealed
The captain of the doomed Germanwings plane shouted at his co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, “Open the damn door!” as he desperately tried to return to the cockpit. The harrowing plea has been revealed by the black box recording of the flight’s last minutes.

29.03.2015 08:30

​‘Humiliating’: French rabbi told to take off kippa before voting at polling station
A rabbi has filed a complaint for “humiliating” discrimination at a polling station in the French city of Toulouse after a clerk told him to remove his kippa, or Jewish skullcap, to vote in local elections.

27.03.2015 17:39

Iran nuclear deal: 'Stakes are too high for US'
The US has put the highest priority on a possible Iran nuclear deal as it might restrict its nuclear breakout capability to a minimum of one year and, help develop trust between Iran and the West, says Paul Heroux, Middle East expert.

27.03.2015 08:46

Financial ramifications of Germanwings crash for Lufthansa
Lufthansa, Europe’s biggest airline, will have to compensate the relatives of the 144 passengers who died aboard Germanwings flight 9525. It may also face lawsuits for negligence after the pilot allegedly deliberately flew the plane into the French Alps.

27.03.2015 12:18