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Guilty! French widow convicted for keeping husband’s ashes at home
A French 72-year old widow has been convicted by a local court for keeping ashes of her deceased husband at home not knowing it is illegal in her country.

23.10.2014 18:31

Tear gas, rubber bullets in Lille, France, as Everton fans clash with police
French police have used tear gas and rubber bullets against rioting English soccer fans who arrived in the country to support Liverpool side Everton in a Europa League match against Lille, local media report.

23.10.2014 13:34

Boeing back to business in Iran, first time since 1979
In a sign of warming relations with Tehran, American aerospace company Boeing announced it sold products to Iran Air in the third quarter, ending a 35-year freeze that began with the 1979 US hostage crisis.

23.10.2014 07:38

Europe’s panic button
European economic denial has reached the point where we are straddling the abyss, facing a code red moment of meltdown.

23.10.2014 07:44

Paris opera memo set out ‘anti-burqa’ rules following woman's ejection
The Opera Bastille in Paris, which caused an uproar by ejecting a woman wearing a full face Islamic niqab, issued rules after the fact saying anyone whose face was covered with a “veil” “mask” or “hood” would be shown the door.

22.10.2014 13:09

‘Europe doesn’t care about worsening migrant problem’ – Calais deputy mayor
The situation with illegal migrants desperate to get to Britain from the French town of Calais is worsening because neither the French government nor European officials care about the problem, Philippe Mignonet, the deputy mayor of the town told RT.

22.10.2014 13:07

French ‘Halal test’ detects presence of pork
A new kit has gone on sale in France to detect the presence of pork or alcohol in various produce. The ‘Halal Test’ is aimed at the Islamic market and claims rapidly to detect the presence of pork in any meal.

21.10.2014 11:53

An oil maverick with a mustache: Business legacy of Christophe de Margerie in Russia
Sanctions against Russia are counterproductive and stability should be restored to provide more investment to the country, Total CEO Christophe de Margerie said during his last speech in Moscow before he died in a plane crash.

21.10.2014 08:35

‘Invisible’ air umbrella project raises over $30k on Kickstarter
Regular umbrellas seem to work just fine, but a Kickstarter project has taken a stab at an innovative adaptation which replaces the traditional fabric with an air “force field.” The fundraising project has already surpassed its $10,000 goal threefold.

15.10.2014 11:07

France FM says recognizing Palestine should help '2-state solution' as parliament mulls bill
France does not want the recognition of Palestine as a state to be “symbolic.” Instead, the decision should be “helpful to peace” and contribute to a two-state solution, according to Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

14.10.2014 21:20

Tens of thousands of Kurds protest over ISIS inaction in Europe (VIDEO)
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Dusseldorf, Paris and London on Saturday to call for greater action to protect the Syrian border town of Kobani against the advancing Islamic State militants.

11.10.2014 16:52

Super-hungry black hole gobbles star at rate previously thought impossible
An “ultraluminous” black hole P13 in a remote galaxy is consuming a gas cloud belonging to a neighboring star about ten times faster than scientists previously believed was possible.

10.10.2014 15:55

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