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Cold war games: NATO, friendly air forces brace for large Arctic drills
Finland, Norway and Sweden are readying for one of Europe’s largest fighter jet drills this year – the Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015, kicking off on Monday. Nine northern countries are taking part, with up to 90 aircraft expected in the sky at once.

25.05.2015 10:18

Faux pas: French man lands in custody for delaying girl’s flight… with bomb threat
Police in France have arrested a man who made a fake bomb threat with the sole purpose of delaying his girlfriend’s flight, because she was afraid of being late. The caller is facing a fine of tens of thousands of euros, local prosecutors said on Sunday.

24.05.2015 22:46

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs
Thousands of people across the world have joined together in a global movement, protesting against American biotech giant Monsanto. Activists from over 400 cities are speaking out against GMOs and Monsanto’s monopoly over the food supply.

23.05.2015 23:56

How Europe changed its tune- 60 years of Eurovision
On Saturday night in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna the grand final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Twenty-seven countries, not all of European, will compete for the prize, won last year by the Austrian ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst.

22.05.2015 10:22

​Adieu to food waste: French govt forces supermarkets to donate to charity
The French government has taken steps to minimize food waste, banning large supermarkets from destroying unsold products. They will instead be forced to donate the goods to charities or farms.

22.05.2015 11:16

‘EU quota system only solution to deal with migrant crisis’ - former Italian FM
As thousands of desperate migrants reach the shores of Sicily, the EU member states must accept their share of the influx, says Franco Frattini, former Foreign Minister, President of the Italian UN Association.

21.05.2015 15:30

​Terror threat: Belfast most dangerous city in Europe – risk analysts
Belfast faces the highest risk of terrorism of all European cities, while London is “low risk” despite being an “attractive target,” a new study claims.

21.05.2015 08:23

‘Tortured’ Charlie Hebdo cartoonist resigns, magazine faces money squabbles
A cartoonist at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is resigning, saying that working without his killed co-workers is “torture.” Another staff member is reportedly to be fired for criticizing management on how it handles multimillion-euro donations.

19.05.2015 13:36

French cosmetics giant to 3D-print human skin
No more testing products on real skin, cosmetics giant L’Oreal says. The French company has announced plans to 3D-print human skin for all its toxicity and irritability tests. It is the fruit of a partnership with a bio-printing startup.

19.05.2015 06:56

‘We must resist corporations’: Le Pen targets troubled TTIP deal in new campaign
Leader of France’s National Front party, Marine Le Pen, has launched a month-long blitz against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a proposed EU-US treaty, which has been criticized for secretiveness and lack of accountability.

18.05.2015 21:05

​Germany, France & Italy sign EU drone program, challenge US, Israeli alternatives
Germany, France and Italy have agreed to start a European drone program aimed at reducing reliance on US and Israeli technology. The first EU-tailored drone is expected to be operating by 2025.

18.05.2015 12:54

​France’s main Protestant Church gives blessing to gay marriages
France's largest Protestant Church, the fourth-largest religious group in the country, has voted for its pastors to give their blessing to homosexual couples. The move comes two years after Paris legalized same-sex marriages.

18.05.2015 05:57