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Bulgaria halts South Stream gas pipeline project for second time
All operations on Russia’s Gazprom-led project South Stream have been suspended, as they do not meet the requirements of the European Commission, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Economy and Energy said on its website.

18.08.2014 16:58

Activists occupy UK govt building over heavily-redacted fracking report
A group of campaigners from Reclaim the Power are currently occupying the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) headquarters in London, following the government’s decision to censor a report on the potential impacts of fracking.

18.08.2014 12:29

'Buy firewood & coal': MP warns Ukrainians after US, EU get access to national gas pipes
The decision by the Ukrainian parliament to allow companies from the US and EU to co-manage the country’s gas pipelines could lead to the country being left with no gas supplies in the coming winter, an MP has warned in an emotional online address.

15.08.2014 07:40

​US, EU now allowed to buy Ukraine’s gas pipelines
Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law that will allow foreign companies from the US and EU to co-manage Ukraine’s national gas transportation system (GTS) which has a value of around $25-35 billion, one of the largest in the world.

14.08.2014 16:58

Ukraine and Slovakia plan to start reverse flow gas in September
Ukrtransgaz, Ukraine’s national pipeline operator, has completed all the necessary construction to accept 27 million cubic meters of gas per day from Slovakia through 2019. The operations are due to start on September 1.

14.08.2014 16:59

Mexico signs energy reform into law ending 76yr monopoly
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto signed into law Mexico’s historic energy reform bill that will allow foreign companies access to oil and gas fields in the country.

12.08.2014 16:38

‘Ukraine committing economic suicide by thinking to stop gas transit’
The Bulgarian government is under enormous pressure from the US to cancel the South Stream project, and so Bulgaria is the place to watch now, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity think tank, told RT.

11.08.2014 08:05

Ukraine may block all transit from Russia in sanctions row - PM
Ukraine ready to impose sanctions against any transit via its territory, including air flights and gas supplies to Europe, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Friday.

08.08.2014 11:38

Kiev turns off hot water amid fears of winter gas shortage
Kiev has turned off hot water throughout the city in an attempt to save gas for the winter months. The Ukrainian government is unsure how long people will be affected, or whether the measure will be enough to ensure winter heating.

07.08.2014 23:00

Ignorance or deliberate disinformation? Obama’s 'facts' about Russia all wrong
Barack Obama has made light of Russia in his latest interview, coming up with four facts to illustrate the poor state of things in the country, which – strangely enough – had little to do with reality.

04.08.2014 18:43

How sanctions will affect the West’s $35bn invested in Russian oil
The US and EU have banned the export to Russia of hi-tech oil equipment needed in Arctic, deep sea, and shale extraction projects. This will leave Western companies, which have an estimated $35 billion invested in Russian oil, in a bind.

30.07.2014 14:44

‘Fighting in Ukraine is all about oil and gas’
For America, democracy is a state that sells its mineral rights and agricultural land to US investors, otherwise, it imposes sanctions, and that's what the US wants from Ukraine, professor of economics at the University of Missouri Michael Hudson told RT.

30.07.2014 12:55

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