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Hungary to start South Stream construction in 2015 despite Western pressure
Hungary plans to break ground next year on its stretch of the South Stream pipeline to send natural gas from Russia to Europe. It is in defiance of EU and US calls to halt the project over frosty relations with Moscow.

19.11.2014 14:49

No fracking, we’re German! Berlin reiterates moratorium on drilling
Germany says it is not going to loosen restrictions concerning its moratorium on fracking. A report in Der Spiegel had said the government was considering making it easier to extract shale gas and allow test drilling.

18.11.2014 13:20

​West concerned about Russia and China economic ties
Russia’s growing economic ties with China is causing Western countries to threaten more sanctions and even block it from the G20 summit, historian Gerald Horne told RT.

15.11.2014 08:56

Shale gas: boom or bubble?
Countries are apparently eager to inflate the size of their shale gas reserves to attract investment, but the actual figures are spectacularly off.

12.11.2014 12:25

‘Fracking firms to push ahead with drilling till money is involved’
As long as there is money to be made, fracking firms will continue with the supported of the UK government, which has been corrupted by fossil fuel money making the drilling for shale gas profitable, George Barda, environmental campaigner, told RT.

12.11.2014 07:04

No quick fix: Fracking shale gas won’t make UK energy self-sufficient, says study
Government researchers claim politicians have “overhyped” the energy potential of the shale gas industry, claiming it would not necessarily result in the UK’s energy self-sufficiency.

12.11.2014 09:38

Russia-China APEC deals reflect ‘natural synergy’
Russia’s colossal economic shift toward Asia in energy, finance, and infrastructure deepened at this year’s APEC summit in Beijing with 17 major bi-lateral business deals with China. The strategic alliance could crowd out other global players.

11.11.2014 11:57

Fracking firms should be free to cause earthquakes when drilling – academics
Leading academics say fracking companies should be allowed to cause greater earth tremors when drilling if the government wants the shale gas industry to succeed.

11.11.2014 09:17

​G20 countries allocate $88bn annually for fossil fuel exploration
The world’s leading economies spend about $88 billion each year supporting companies exploring oil, gas, and coal, which is twice the amount energy companies invest themselves, according to a new report.

11.11.2014 08:25

Russia remains key strategic partner for Total - new CEO
Russia remains a key strategic choice for French oil giant Total, the new CEO Patrick Pouyanne, has confirmed.

10.11.2014 11:12

‘China to avoid dangerous maritime route thanks to gas deal with Russia’
Most of China’s energy resources are imported via the Pacific, and is threatened by the US military presence. The gas deal with Russia allows China to minimize the risks, China-based journalist Brendan O'Reilly told RT.

10.11.2014 08:24

​Putin, Xi Jinping sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route
President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have signed a memorandum of understanding on the so-called “western” gas supplies route to China. The agreement paves the way for a contract that would make China the biggest consumer of Russian gas.

09.11.2014 12:07