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Virginia’s forced sterilization victims each to get $25k restitution payments for eugenics program
Virginia is set to become the second state to compensate the victims of its eugenics program ‒ people whom the state deemed mentally or physically unfit to procreate and were then forcibly sterilized without their knowledge or consent.

05.03.2015 21:14

German ‘Watergate’: Thieves filch faucets, flood new BND Berlin HQ
The new HQ of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND), one of the “most guarded” spots in the country, has suffered extensive flooding after thieves stole taps and caused a deluge. The incident was quickly dubbed Germany’s “Watergate”.

05.03.2015 16:56

Marxist Eco-Gnomics: Tory council scorns gifted statue of German revolutionary
A Tory council has refused to display a commemorative statue of the philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx. The sculpture was gifted to Gloucester by the German town of Trier, Marx’s birth place, which is twinned with the English city.

05.03.2015 15:51

'US Anti-Russian rhetoric – preparation to deliver lethal arms to Ukraine'
The US perceives the Ukrainian crisis as an opportunity to damage Russia and bring Ukraine into NATO, says Srdja Trifkovic Foreign Affairs Editor of Chronicles Magazine. He says a decision to ship lethal weapons to the Kiev regime has already been made.

05.03.2015 13:27

'US is cheerleader of East-West tension'
Maintaining tension and making boldfaced accusations for decades has suited the US’ purpose to try to divide and rule in Europe and to put a split between Eastern and Western Europe, investigative journalist Tony Gosling, told RT.

05.03.2015 12:42

​Ceasefire violations on decline in E. Ukraine – OSCE
The number of ceasefire violations in war-torn eastern Ukraine is dropping, said OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine spokesman Michael Bociurkiw. He added that observers can’t confirm the withdrawal of heavy armaments by the conflicting sides.

04.03.2015 20:38

​Pee back time! Hamburg party district’s revenge on urinating partygoers
Residents of St Pauli, the notorious Hamburg party hub, are taking revenge on the drunken partygoers who have for years been urinating on the neighborhood’s buildings and streets, with a high-tech paint that sends the urine bouncing right back.

04.03.2015 15:10

German NSA probe chief’s phone ‘hacked’ after sending by regular mail
The German parliament’s head of the inquiry into NSA spying on the country asked security experts to check his phone after he believed it had been hacked. The only problem was it was tampered with when he sent it by post to be examined.

04.03.2015 14:18

​‘I need a new drill’: German pensioner starts ambitious quest for lost Amber Room
A German pensioner has started his own search for the legendary Amber Room lost in the chaos of WWII. He believes he can find the priceless artwork looted by the Nazis in Germany’s Ruhr area but says the lack of new drill separates him from the discovery.

03.03.2015 21:07

NSA spying inquiry: UK-German intelligence-sharing dispute deepens
Germany’s efforts to investigate National Security Agency (NSA) spying are being hampered by Britain’s refusal to co-operate amid threats to break off intelligence-sharing agreements, a German newspaper has reported.

03.03.2015 13:35

Berlin and Paris look East: How close are we to a Common Economic Space?
The Eurasian Economic Union is a reality that may end up costing the US its “perch” in Eurasia’s western periphery as a Common Economic Space is formed.

02.03.2015 08:37

Pegida UK falls flat: Newcastle counter-demo outnumbers anti-Islamists by 5-to-1
Fewer than 300 people turned up in Newcastle for the first-ever rally of anti-Islamist group Pegida in the UK, while at least 1,500 gathered to protest the demo, just hundreds of yards away.

28.02.2015 15:23