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CETA: Delayed but not destroyed
The European Commission and Canada have been negotiating over the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) for five years. Now Germany has decided to throw a spanner in the works.

30.09.2014 07:46

Largest known dinosaur graveyard discovered in Mexico
German and Mexican scientists have discovered world’s largest concentration of dinosaur remains in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, Der Spiegel reports. Palaeontologists found the remains of 14 dinosaurs on a plot size of 50 to 200 meters.

29.09.2014 23:18

Germany unable to fulfill 'some' NATO obligations – MoD
Berlin would not currently be able to keep its defense promises to its NATO allies, Germany’s defense minister Ursula von der Leyen told Bild am Sonntag.

28.09.2014 12:58

‘Freedom of speech in Russia, not here!’ German TV mocks Western media’s Ukraine coverage
Double standards, distortion of facts and omissions – a German political satire show has made fun of the way the conflict in eastern Ukraine is reported in Western media.

26.09.2014 14:36

US softens position on Iranian nuclear program
Amid stalled talks with Iran over limiting its nuclear program, the US is reportedly considering a proposal that would let Tehran keep half of its centrifuges while reducing its stock of uranium gas so much that a weapon would take over a year to create.

26.09.2014 16:16

AfD: Is Germany witnessing a right turn?
People are sick of the status quo. But is the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) the alternative it claims to be, or just a German Tea Party movement?

26.09.2014 10:07

Relative values: Incest could become legal in Germany
Incest could soon be legal in Germany. A government ethics committee says the ban is unacceptable as it doesn’t allow the right to sexual self-determination. The comments are in regard to a well-publicized relationship between a brother and sister.

25.09.2014 12:56

DHL deploys ‘parcelcopter’ drone for drug deliveries to remote German island (PHOTOS)
A ‘parcelcopter’ drone operated by DHL will be used to deliver pharmaceuticals to a small German island in what the company says to be the first in Europe commercial delivery of goods via unmanned aircraft.

25.09.2014 00:05

Karzai’s farewell speech: US didn’t want peace in Afghanistan
Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai punctuated on Tuesday his tumultuous 13-year relationship with the United States, alleging that America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 for “its own interests” and never really wanted peace in the region.

23.09.2014 14:04

Siemens taps into US fracking craze with $7.6bn acquisition
German engineering giant Siemens AG said Monday it will buy US oil services company Dresser-Rand for $7.6 billion, a move that will give the German company a route into the booming American shale industry.

22.09.2014 09:39

German Muslims hold day of protest against ISIS jihadists
Some two thousand mosques across Germany were called upon by top Muslim clerics to use their Friday rituals to rally against the Islamic State and speak out against beheadings in Syria and Iraq.

19.09.2014 18:20

CIA puts on hold all spying operations in Western Europe
The CIA’s European Division has halted its operations in Western Europe in response to several spying scandals in Germany and the continent’s negative reaction to the revelations of spying by the National Security Agency on European leaders and citizens.

19.09.2014 17:42

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