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German foreign minister speaks out against Ukraine joining NATO
Germany's FM, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has said he is against Ukraine joining NATO. In an interview with Der Spiegel, he said he considers “that it is possible for NATO to have a partnership with Ukraine, but not membership.”

23.11.2014 16:44

​‘Afraid of Russia:’ German police arrest man after finding nuke-proof bunker full of weapons
Police in Germany found a private nuclear-proof bunker made by a man who says he feared an attack from Russia. At least 140 different weapons were found in his “atomic safe” facility where he was planning to hide with his family.

23.11.2014 09:09

Police pepper sprays protest in Germany as activists storm new EU central bank HQ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
German police used pepper spray and clashed with anti-EU protesters, who stormed and vandalized the new European Central Bank building, which is under construction now in central Frankfurt.

22.11.2014 19:05

​EU is in serious trouble and it’s not Russia’s fault
Angela Merkel has criticized Vladimir Putin’s, apparent, strategy to spread Russia’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. The Chancellor doesn't acknowledge that Germany’s domination of Europe has been disastrous for some states.

20.11.2014 22:05

​Eurozone manufacturing outlook weakest for 16 months, as France, Germany lose steam
A new survey of manufacturing and service companies across the eurozone shows the area is now a step away from recession, as key economies France and Germany remain weak.

20.11.2014 15:14

Russia, Germany call for national dialogue in Ukraine
Kiev and militias in E.Ukraine should continue a direct dialogue in the light of the national and local Donetsk and Lugansk elections, the Russian FM said after meeting his German counterpart. Both called for further implementation of the Minsk deal

18.11.2014 20:26

‘Catastrophic’ if Britain leaves EU, curbing migrants' benefits possible – German minister
The EU will “find ways” to keep Britain in the European Union, including curbing migrants claiming benefits, Germany's deputy finance minister, Steffen Kampeter, has said. He warned it would be “catastrophic” if Britain leaves the 28-nation bloc.

18.11.2014 11:46

No fracking, we’re German! Berlin reiterates moratorium on drilling
Germany says it is not going to loosen restrictions concerning its moratorium on fracking. A report in Der Spiegel had said the government was considering making it easier to extract shale gas and allow test drilling.

18.11.2014 13:20

‘Revoking European passports solution to jihadist issue’
To prevent European converts who listen to extremist preachers from fighting for ISIS, European governments should revoke their travel documents, defense consultant Moeen Raoof told RT.

18.11.2014 09:25

German neo-Nazis tricked into holding fundraising walk for anti-fascist charity (VIDEO)
In an effort to fight neo-Nazis in Germany, a local charity group decided to raise funds to fight extremism by staging a charity walk. The twist? It's the hundreds of right-wingers who - by marching - will be raising money against themselves.

18.11.2014 04:34

​Frankfurt city hall sparks up talks on pot legalization
Experts met to discuss the merits of cannabis legalization at Frankfurt’s city hall on Monday, marking the first time that a German city has officially discussed a change to marijuana laws.

17.11.2014 18:44

‘Sanctions politically useless both for Russia and Europe’
The history of sanctions shows that they are useless and harm the economy, so there is no reason to put them on Russia and the other way around, Marcus Pretzell, a German MEP from the Alternative for Germany party, told RT.

17.11.2014 16:02