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600 million Apple devices contain secret backdoors, researcher claims
A security researcher considered to be among the foremost experts in his field says that more than a half-billion mobile devices running Apple’s latest iOS operating system contain secret backdoors.

23.07.2014 18:27

Google to face lawsuit over providing consumer data to advertisers
A federal judge has denied Google Inc’s attempt to dismiss a privacy lawsuit brought against the technology giant for commingling user data across its different products and offering that data to advertisers without permission.

22.07.2014 18:06

Aha! New type of ultra-thin HD display discovered by chance
Scientists studying a special phase change material, with the potential to be used as non-volatile computer memory, realized they can instead make ultra-thin energy efficient high-resolution displays out of it.

10.07.2014 14:18

​Blackphone lands: World’s most spy-resistant phone sold out
Blackphone, the much-ballyhooed collaboration between anti-NSA encryption powerhouse Silent Circle, and Geeksphone, a company owned by a former tech prodigy, has begun shipping around the world. The initial inventory has already sold out.

01.07.2014 22:15

Pentagon orders 500 new state-of-the-art spy glasses
The Pentagon has reportedly placed an order for 500 high-tech wearables that will give Google Glass a run for its money.

26.06.2014 21:06

‘Get a warrant’ - Supreme Court rules against cell phone searches in 'big win for digital privacy'
The Supreme Court of the United States said Wednesday that police officers must have a warrant before searching the cell phone contents of an individual under arrest.

25.06.2014 14:30

New high-tech lampposts in Chicago will collect data on weather and people
The streets of Chicago, Illinois will soon host some state-of-the-art new technology, but privacy advocates have concerns about certain data collection tools coming to the Windy City.

23.06.2014 18:21

LAPD to receive stealthy electric motorcycle
The always-innovating Los Angeles Police Department is testing a potential addition to its fleet of vehicles: a military-grade electric motorcycle.

20.06.2014 02:57

Net neutrality fight moves to mobile phones
The realm of mobile internet is currently unaccounted for in the Federal Communication Commission’s most recent effort to rewrite the rules of net neutrality rules, but industry lobbyists in the United States say that could soon change.

16.06.2014 14:15

Russia to train Iranian cosmonauts, build recon sats – report
​Russia and Iran have reportedly signed a secret deal on wide cooperation in space exploration, ranging from training Iranian cosmonauts in Russia to possible production of Earth observation and telecommunication satellites for Iran.

07.05.2014 19:24

​Google developing contact lens with camera, sensors
Tech giant Google has patented a smart contact lens to buttress its Google Glass product. The lenses will contain micro cameras and come with sensors embedded on the surface, all controlled by blinking.

15.04.2014 22:11

​Air Force researchers test Google Glass for combat, intelligence missions
A US Air Force research team is in the process of beta-testing Google Glass headsets for possible utilization in battlefield scenarios.

10.04.2014 02:47

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