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Precious waste: 300 tons of gold end up in landfills in 2014
A dangerous amount of toxic waste, 1,000 tons of silver and 300 tons of gold were dumped across the world in 2014 due to inadequate recycling - says a recent United Nations University study.

19.04.2015 14:15

Detective reveals expansive use of StingRay surveillance in Baltimore
The Baltimore Police Department used controversial cell phone surveillance tools more than 4,000 times since 2007, an officer revealed this week, but has stayed largely silent on the topic until now upon orders from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

09.04.2015 13:30

​Marines use Android tablets to order laser-guided airstrikes
Pentagon researchers say a new tool in the military’s arsenal will enable soldiers on the ground to order laser-guided missile strikes from high in the sky about seven-times faster than before.

07.04.2015 18:35

​Chicago spent $120k fighting StingRay surveillance lawsuits – report
The Windy City has spent over $120,000 on attorney fees in recent months as part of efforts to protect details pertaining to its purchasing of cell phone surveillance tools, according to recently-obtained invoices.

07.04.2015 15:52

​Drones to be used for crowd control in India’s Lucknow
Police in the northern Indian regional capital of Lucknow have announced plans to deploy drones capable of dispersing large, unruly crowds with pepper spray, in addition to surveillance and capturing snapshots of suspects.

03.04.2015 20:43

iDonate: Apple CEO to give away multimillion fortune to charity
Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook will be joining a number of other high-profile CEOs in donating his fortune to various charities.

27.03.2015 04:10

New texting app allows users to ‘un-send’ messages, guarantees privacy
A new server-less mobile app has been developed as an answer to “text regret.” It enables users to delete unwanted messages while maintaining privacy with advanced encryption algorithms.

25.03.2015 20:22

Tesla updates software to roll out driverless cars in three months
Seeing a Tesla is about to get a lot more wild, as the company is preparing to install its self-driving software in the Model S fleet. The autopilot feature will only work on highways... as the technology may not yet be legal in the US.

20.03.2015 19:46

​New iOS app encrypts communications between major smart phones
Privacy experts are hailing the release this week of an update for a smart phone messaging app that for the first time enables cross-device end-to-end encryption, securing voice calls and texts sent between iPhones and Androids like never before.

02.03.2015 18:15

Cracked cantaloupe shows bulletproof baseball cap will save your melon
Body armor is heavy, unwieldy and impractical for everyday use. And bulletproof vests, which can be worn under clothing, don’t protect the head from a kill shot. One company aims to solve those issues with an impenetrable, yet inconspicuous baseball cap.

27.02.2015 18:22

Apple worth more than double nearest runner-up Exxon
Apple’s shares continue to soar, setting record highs. Its market cap has now reached $765 billion, which means the company has pulled off the rare feat of being worth twice as much as the second-place publicly traded US company – Exxon.

23.02.2015 20:18

​Gemalto says SIM cards ‘secure’ despite NSA, GCHQ hacking claim
Gemalto – the world’s largest SIM card manufacturer – says its SIM products are secure, despite leaked documents that say its encryption codes were stolen by the NSA and GCHQ. The conclusion is the result of a preliminary investigation, the company says.

23.02.2015 18:02