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The Queen’s tweets: HRH Queen Elizabeth II joins Twitterati
Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first tweet through the @BritishMonarchy account – to open a new technology exhibition at London’s Science Museum on Friday.

24.10.2014 15:02

New AppleGate? Customers furious after Apple Pay double charges them
Bank of America and Apple are both apologizing to customers after a glitch left users of the computer company’s new mobile payment system being charged double by the financial giant.

23.10.2014 17:11

DC police spent $260k on ‘Stingray’ surveillance system, left it unused for 6 years
Requests for documents have revealed not only that law enforcement in Washington, DC long ago acquired a controversial cellphone surveillance system known as a “Stingray,” but also let it sit around unused for around six years.

20.10.2014 20:15

3D-printed huts to revolutionize home building in poor countries
An Italian company believes they have come up with an idea that could improve the lives of hundreds of millions. They have developed an easily transportable printer that can build houses out of natural materials, such as mud or clay.

17.10.2014 11:22

Secret-sharing phone app ‘Whisper’ accused of tracking users, handing info to law enforcement
Whisper, the anonymity-centric smartphone app that’s marketed as being “the safest place on the internet,” is in hot water after being alleged by The Guardian of tracking users and sharing their info with governments.

16.10.2014 18:43

Apple accidentally leaks new iPad info ahead of debut
A mix-up involving Apple’s iTunes Store accidentally gave tech enthusiasts an early look at the company’s forthcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 tablets on Wednesday that weren’t supposed to be made public until later this week.

15.10.2014 20:07

BBC spends more than £200,000 on staff iPhone training
The BBC has reportedly spent 200,000 pounds training its staff to use iPhones, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. Over three years, 783 employees took part in training courses costing 300 pounds per person.

15.10.2014 16:02

iHappy now? New $299 device wants to unbend iPhone 6 (VIDEO)
#Bendgate has not passed unnoticed: A gadget for pressing the new, but not infallible, iPhone6 back into shape has gone on sale for… $299. For the US, this is around the price of the phone itself in a bundle with a contract.

13.10.2014 11:48

‘Bionic eye’ helps blind man see again after 33 years (VIDEO)
A previously blind man from North Carolina has been granted the ability to digitally see once again through a new “bionic eye” which can transform light into images.

12.10.2014 11:17

Hawk 1, Drone 0: Bird of prey attacks quadcopter, takes down from skies (VIDEO)
An irate hawk reclaimed its patch of sky from an antagonistic drone this week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, knocking the buzzing recording device out of the sky as easily as its normal prey.

11.10.2014 07:38

Google announces it can now monitor your bills
​Figuring out how broke you’re about to become has never been easier: a new feature being rolled out by Google is letting mobile app users see when their bills are due and how much is owed with a single prompt.

08.10.2014 20:20

Sabotage or coincidence? Bent iPhone billboards spotted amid #bendgate hype
Stores and advertising companies are embracing the #bendgate craze, as bent iPhone jokes appear to be surfacing in the form of large street billboards and posters in electronics stores.

03.10.2014 02:56

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