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#Bendgate fallout: Company aims to profit from pre-bent iPhone 6 Plus cases
Smear campaign against Apple or not, one company is attempting to benefit from iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” phenomena by releasing a pre-bent phone case. Meanwhile, internet users have joined Apple’s competitors in a trolling mission against the tech giant.

30.09.2014 23:40

Like Harry Potter’s? 3D 'invisibility cloak' unveiled by NY scientists (VIDEO)
A news ‘invisibility’ cloaking device has been unveiled by US scientists – which they say can be constructed at home, causes no distortion of objects in the background, and can conceal objects in 3D from different angles.

27.09.2014 12:34

FBI director lashes out at Apple, Google for encrypting smartphones
The companies responsible for powering nearly 95 percent of the smart phones in the United States say they’re embracing encryption for the sake of their customers’ privacy, and that’s concerning to the head of the FBI.

26.09.2014 14:21

If #bendgate wasn't enough: Apple withdraws iOS8 update after multiple fails reported
​Apple has almost immediately withdrawn its first update of iOS 8, the company’s new mobile operating system released just a week ago following the ​introduction of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earlier this month.

25.09.2014 17:00

FBI forces police departments across the US to keep quiet about cellphone spying gear
Not only are local police departments across the United States increasingly relying on so-called StingRay devices to conduct surveillance on cell phone users, but cops are being forced to keep quiet about the operations, new documents reveal.

23.09.2014 15:50

Spare parts in space: NASA to send ISS its first 3D printer
NASA is set to send the first 3D printer into space, potentially allowing astronauts to print new parts of the International Space Station (ISS) in zero-gravity conditions.

20.09.2014 12:11

iCantWatch: Apple under fire for botched unveiling event
All eyes were on Apple’s big unveiling on Tuesday — or at least that was the plan — but computer issues kept many people around the globe from watching a live broadcast of the Silicon Valley giant’s highly-anticipated product launch.

09.09.2014 19:57

Tracking everywhere: Private companies offer worldwide spying tools
Virtually all cell phones on Earth can be geographically pinpointed with the right technology, a new report suggests, and the tools that enable this tracking are becoming increasingly all too affordable.

25.08.2014 14:06

Stop wasting your life on smartphones, web - Pope Francis
Spending your time chatting online and dawdling with your smartphone is futile, Pope Francis has reminded, urging thousands of young Germans to spend life on more fruitful activities.

06.08.2014 02:44

‘Titanium force’: New luxury Putin iPhone to cost over $3,300
The digital age of patriotism got another look with Italian luxury brand launching a new titanium iPhone bearing the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. It comes after limited edition golden ‘Putinphones’ sold out in one day.

04.08.2014 22:45

Weapons of mass production: US Army making warheads with 3D printing
The US Army is building deadlier, more efficient, and less costly warheads using 3D-printing technology, according to new reports.

31.07.2014 14:20

600 million Apple devices contain secret backdoors, researcher claims
A security researcher considered to be among the foremost experts in his field says that more than a half-billion mobile devices running Apple’s latest iOS operating system contain secret backdoors.

23.07.2014 18:27

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