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Global economy

Lloyds in 'late stage' of Libor settlement talks, victims remain unaddressed
Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is nearing a settlement with US and UK regulators for its alleged role in the manipulation of Libor rates – the major interest rate benchmark that determines the cost of up to $350 trillion worth of global financial products.

25.07.2014 16:04

UK's poorest families can’t afford babysitters
Low income families are struggling to find quality, affordable childcare, according to a new report.

25.07.2014 14:49

Big BRICS for smaller nations: How unconditional can the NDB conditions be?
Jim O’Neill would have never imagined his intellectual exercise will turn into flesh and blood one day –the “accidentally” huddled initials of geographically disparate nations will become so real to make the New Development Bank (NDB).

25.07.2014 10:34

Cameron claims export licenses allowing UK arms sales to Russia don’t breach embargo
UK Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain has not breached an embargo by selling military equipment to Russia, following MP demands to clarify the government’s position on UK-Russian arms deals.

24.07.2014 13:01

UK Supermarket first in world to be powered entirely by garbage
A Sainsburys supermarket has become the first to be powered directly from its food waste, instead of electricity from the National Grid.

21.07.2014 17:03

Turkey and Russia discuss Customs Union collaboration
Stalled progress towards EU membership has shifted Turkey’s economic interest, and it is now looking for closer cooperation with Russia’s Customs Union, Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev said.

21.07.2014 07:00

Nobel Prize winning economist praises $100 bn BRICS bank created to counter Western dominance
Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has praised the new development bank founded this week by the BRICS countries for creating a financial institution that could counter the Western-dominated IMF and World Bank.

18.07.2014 14:50

Recession hits youth hardest - report
​Young Britons were struck far harder by the recession than older generations and have found it more difficult to secure work and housing, a report has found.

15.07.2014 10:57

Cameron announces £1.1bn investment in defense spending
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to unveil an increase of £1.1 billion in defense spending, to fight “unseen enemies” including cyberattacks and terrorism.

14.07.2014 12:26

‘No to TAFTA’: France celebs campaign against EU-US trade deal, sign petition
One hundred French celebrities have launched a campaign against the upcoming TAFTA deal between the US and Europe. The protesters say the new treaty will lower economic standards and bring a large influx of GMO products from the US.

11.07.2014 08:15

UK wages took bigger hit post-crisis than govt. estimate- report
​UK wages during the financial crisis plummeted even more than originally estimated, new research shows.

10.07.2014 12:06

US sanctions are new type of offensive weapon – Russia’s Deputy FM
Russia's leading diplomat in charge of relations with the US has called Washington’s policy of sanctions “a new offensive strategic weapon”, and warned that Russia was preparing a response, albeit not a mirror one.

04.07.2014 07:26

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