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Global economy

Greek austerity has caused more than 500 male suicides – report
Spending cuts in Greece have caused some 500 male suicides since their implementation, according to a new study. The research found a positive correlation between austerity and suicide rates after other possible links proved to be unrelated.

21.04.2014 16:31

Puerto Rico considers legalizing marijuana and prostitution to jumpstart economy
​After suffering eight years of recession, Puerto Rico is contemplating more than a hundred different proposals intended to jumpstart its sagging economy – including legal prostitution and marijuana use.

21.04.2014 18:53

Shocker: Average credit card interest climbs to 21%
As credit card companies try and spur consumer spending in the United States with introductory perks and cash rewards, they have raised interest rates on other customers to a remarkable 21 percent.

21.04.2014 17:12

This is why US farmers are closely monitoring Ukrainian conflict
While the conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold, farmers across the United States have taken a strong interest in the situation since regional instability could have various consequences on wheat and corn supplies around the world.

17.04.2014 17:02

Oklahoma prohibits towns from setting own minimum wage standards
No city or county in Oklahoma will be allowed to set their own mandatory minimum wage or employee benefits, according to a law signed by Republican Governor Mary Fallin on Monday.

16.04.2014 00:32

‘We are to see severe destruction of Western economic system’
With $1.7 quadrillion debt and the present bailout policy that will inflate prices, we’ll see the West collapsing while China and Russia will not be responsible for it or able to help, Lawrence Freeman from Executive Intelligence Review Magazine told RT.

15.04.2014 09:58

TurboTax maker spending millions to kill simplified IRS tax filing
A software company that promises to help Americans avoid the annual misery of filing their IRS returns has, in fact, spent years trying to convince lawmakers to make sure filing taxes remains difficult, thus protecting its business, a new report found.

15.04.2014 00:33

Tax day: Chances to get audited by IRS lowest in decades
Due to falling budgets and increased obligations, Americans filing their taxes are less likely to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service this year than they have been in nearly a decade.

14.04.2014 16:04

Social Security, Treasury target Americans for their parents' old debts
Many Americans expecting to see their tax refunds in their bank accounts soon are waking up to a very different scenario: the government actively intercepting their checks in order to pay back debts they’re not responsible for.

11.04.2014 16:11

Outstanding student loan debt could keep nun out of seminary
As thousands of young Americans are saddled with the burden of student loans, one aspiring nun will have to find a way to tackle her debt before being allowed to join a convent.

08.04.2014 22:36

Mozilla chief steps down in gay marriage scandal
The head of the group behind the Firefox Mozilla web browser, Brendan Eich, has resigned over the online outrage to his personal donation to an anti-gay marriage campaign a few years ago.

04.04.2014 16:04

#Reoccupy the world: WaveOfAction sweeps the globe
Anti-corruption activists launched a three-month campaign at hundreds of former Occupy locations to kick off their own ‘#GlobalSpring’ of social, economic and political reform.

04.04.2014 13:15

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