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Global economy

US ranks 12th in economic freedom – report
The United States has ranked 12th in the world in economic freedom, according to an annual report compiled by the Heritage Foundation. The country remained out of the top 10, despite small improvements to its score.

29.01.2015 00:26

​Extreme porn the cause of rape and violence, claims top judge
“Extreme pornography” is causing rapists and murderers to commit crimes, the most senior judge in England and Wales has said. He claimed more crimes are likely to occur due to explicit material being readily available online.

28.01.2015 15:34

​Green Party £72 ‘citizen’s income’ policy branded ‘unworkable’
One of the UK Green Party’s flagship policies has come under heavy criticism by a leading think tank, which argues it would make British people worse-off in the long term.

28.01.2015 12:46

BRICS to discuss creating new rating agency in March - Brazilian ambassador
The contact group of BRICS experts will meet in March to discuss the idea of establishing an independent rating agency, said Brazilian Ambassador to Russia Jose Vallim Antonio Guerreiro. The agency would become an alternative to the western ‘big three’.

28.01.2015 11:29

‘Greece-EU clash over anti-Russia statement: others may follow Athens’ suit’
Greece’s discontent with the EU over an anti-Russian statement may give new momentum to other European countries, and make it easier for them to have courage to say “no” to Brussels dictate, foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

28.01.2015 09:53

Apple posts biggest quarterly earnings in corporate history
Apple’s quarterly record sales of the iPhone have smashed the highest Wall Street expectations, giving the company the largest profit in corporate history, $18 billion in the quarter to December last year.

28.01.2015 12:03

​Pollution damaging English economy, public health – experts
Pollution in England is damaging its economy, an independent advisory group has warned, as it urged the government to rethink its attitudes to environmental wellbeing.

27.01.2015 15:47

​Oil can recover to $200 if supply dries up – OPEC head
World oil prices have reached the bottom and will soon bounce back, said OPEC Secretary General Abdullah el-Badri, adding that they can go as high as $200 a barrel if lower investment erodes supply.

26.01.2015 15:04

‘India wants fruitful relations with both US, BRICS’
India knows what to get and from whom, Dr. Sreeram Chaulia of the Jindal School of International Affairs told RT. It wants to hedge its bets and build close relations with BRICS, while trying to attract investment from the US and Europe, he said.

26.01.2015 12:22

‘€12bn black hole in Greece: Where Syriza will get money from?’
The mew Greek Syriza government has failed to explain where it will get the money from to end the austerity policy, as it is impossible to wave a magic wand overnight and fix the problems easily, economist Nick Skrekas told RT.

26.01.2015 09:05

​Plunging prices force oil majors to cut billions in spending
The world’s leading oil companies are reported to be planning a $28 billion cut in capital spending by 2017 to keep debt at a sustainable level at a time when oil prices continue to fall.

26.01.2015 08:04

Uber: A small step towards world bankruptcy
Taxi alternative Uber generates enormous controversy. Politicians ought to be looking to the future, not safeguarding an increasingly irrelevant status quo. Indeed their very future power depends on it.

23.01.2015 13:38