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Monsanto agrochemicals cause genetic damage in soybean workers – study
Soybean workers exposed to the agrochemicals like glyphosate, the main component in Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ herbicide and other biocides, suffer from elevated DNA and cell damage, according to a new study.

22.01.2015 15:07

‘Davos geniuses ill-equipped to recognize economic structural problems, address inequality’
It’s doubtful the Davos forum will address unemployment as the participants are more concerned with what model of car they should buy than care about people who work for living, says Curtis Ellis Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance.

22.01.2015 08:59

Democrats to fight Obama on secret trade deal authorization
President Barack Obama may be looking for the new Republican-controlled Congress to grant him authority to fast-track negotiations over a pair of international trade deals, but critical Democrats are fighting back against the measure.

22.01.2015 01:59

​Oil price drop is ‘economic warfare against US enemies’
The current oil price decline can be explained by heavy selling in US future markets which is part of an all-out economic war between the US and countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, says financial journalist, Willem Middelkoop.

21.01.2015 14:39

​‘International cyber warfare is becoming more sophisticated’
Cyber warfare has developed into a more sophisticated type of combat between countries, where you can destroy communications infrastructure, said Marc Rogers, Head of Security for DefCon, adding that ordinary people become pawns in these games.

21.01.2015 14:37

​‘US unilateral actions to protect its interests let other govts use same excuse’
US should hold itself to a higher standard and stop acting unilaterally and violating international rules whenever it feels its interests jeopardized, said Nick Sarwark of the Libertarian National Committee on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

21.01.2015 10:10

‘Respect, decency – basis for EU counterterrorism alliance with Muslim states’
A coalition between European and Muslim countries to jointly fight extreme Islamism is only possible based on mutual respect, humanity and absence of insults to anyone’s religion, Hani al-Basoos, professor at the Islamic University of Gaza, told RT.

20.01.2015 12:43

America: The undemocratic ‘democracy’
Despite being the world’s self-appointed champion and proselytizer of the gospel of democracy, the United States is clearly and unmistakably an undemocratic nation.

19.01.2015 13:23

Too little too late? Obama’s address: Words and figures to watch
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday will center on “middle-class economics,” according to the White House, in an attempt by the president to set himself apart from the first Republican-controlled Congress of his presidency.

19.01.2015 18:40

Richest 1% to own more than half world's wealth by 2016 - Oxfam
As global movers and shakers head to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam is warning that an increasing wealth disparity is “leaving ordinary people voiceless and their interests uncared for.”

19.01.2015 08:32

Majority of America's public school children are living in poverty
A new study shows that the majority of public school children in the United States are living in poverty.

17.01.2015 02:25

‘OPEC split into two camps’
OPEC countries have so far failed to reach an agreement on cutting oil production and currently the group is divided into two camps: those in favor of reducing production and those who want to keep things as they are oil expert Rami Eljundi told RT.

16.01.2015 09:40