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35% of Americans would consider leaving the US – study
A study polling American and emigrant adults found that 35 percent would consider leaving the US, according to TransferWise, an international money transfer company. The most popular reason for wanting to leave was to seek a better quality of life.

02.07.2015 03:20

US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – research
The United States now the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking community, after Mexico, according to the latest study by the Instituto Cervantes.

30.06.2015 11:18

It’s official: New York bans fracking
New York State officially banned fracking for natural gas by issuing its final environmental impact statement, concluding a seven-year review. The environmental agency said fracking posed risks to land, water, natural resources and public health.

29.06.2015 23:42

NBC severs business ties to Donald Trump after insulting Mexicans
NBC has ended its relationship with real estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump, because of his “derogatory statements…regarding immigrants.” During campaign announcement Trump called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists

29.06.2015 22:41

Mega-merger: Monsanto still seeks takeover of Syngenta, world's largest crop chemical company
Transnational agrochemical and seed giant Monsanto has reiterated its desire to merge with fellow chemical-producing behemoth Syngenta, a company that has already rebuffed three previous purchase attempts by Monsanto.

29.06.2015 19:55

Brussels: A bloody-minded ‘blob’ of costly dysfunction
Given how government leaders seem to spend much of their lives in Brussels, isn’t it about time they concentrated on running their own countries?

28.06.2015 11:56

​Will 'interests outweigh obstacles' in US-China relationship?
Although there were quite a few feel-good announcements, the Strategic & Economic Dialogue clearly shows mutual trust in Sino-US relation remains a massive work to be done

27.06.2015 15:31

Millennials overtake baby boomers; minority babies outnumber white – Census
New information released by the Census Bureau shows that baby boomers are not the most populous generation for the first time in decades, and that white babies are outnumbered by minorities for the first time in the history of the census.

26.06.2015 02:35

TPP supporters flood pro-trade senators with millions in donations
With Congress poised to grant President Obama the authority to negotiate free-trade agreements such as the Asia-centered Trans-Pacific Partnership, new data shows lawmakers gathering millions of dollars from pro-trade parties.

25.06.2015 02:26

Disabled, unemployed woman ordered to repay student loan
A federal appeals court has denied a woman’s bankruptcy request and ordered her to pay back student loans of more than $37,000 despite her yearly income of $10,000. The disabled woman has been unemployed for seven years.

22.06.2015 23:01

‘If Greek financial assistance is needed, we will consider that’ – Russian Deputy PM
​With the Greek government locked in negotiations with international creditors – the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission – over its €240 billion debt, fears are mounting that the country could default on its massive loan and exit the Eurozone.

20.06.2015 15:40

​Greek Crisis: European political expediency will kill the Euro
The headlines are dramatic this weekend as the Greek crisis reaches its endgame, yet the real story is that the viability of the Euro currency is now in serious peril. Europe’s elite are destroying their own project for selfish ends.

20.06.2015 11:26