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Judge upholds Vermont GMO labeling law while case continues
A federal judge has rejected a bid by the food industry to strike down a Vermont law which would make the state the first in the country to require labeling of genetically modified foods.

28.04.2015 22:19

GMO-free burritos: Chipotle 1st fast-food chain to ditch genetic-modifications
Chipotle has become the first fast-food chain to ban genetically modified foods, known as GMOs, in all foods served in its restaurants. The Mexican fast-casual chain has removed non-organic soy and corn from its tortillas and other menu items.

27.04.2015 16:03

EU allows more GM crops to be imported following 1.5-yr hiatus
The European Union has given the green light to start importing 10 new types of genetically modified crops for the first time since 2013. Two types of flowers have also been cleared, amid heated debates over amendments to the EU approval process.

24.04.2015 17:13

EU Commission proposes GM opt-out for member states
The European Commission has proposed a new law which would allow individual EU countries to restrict or prohibit imported genetically modified (GM) crops – even if they have been approved by the bloc as a whole. The US says the move is "not constructive."

22.04.2015 16:46

Mother Nature’s genetic engineering? Sweet potato naturally ‘modified,’ researchers say
Sweet potatoes contain 'foreign' DNA sequences, leading researchers to conclude they are naturally 'genetically modified.'

21.04.2015 16:34

Secretive trans-Atlantic trade pact faces global day of action (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Protesters across the EU and US have staged a day of action against an emerging free trade pact between the two continents. They fear it could see corporate interests undermine workers’ rights and consumer protection.

18.04.2015 14:02

​EU poised to let in new GM products, introduce non-health opt-outs
The EU is expected to permit over a dozen new genetically modified agricultural products into its market. Individual countries would reportedly be able to ban GM products, as long as they don’t challenge the science behind authorizations.

17.04.2015 08:12

Pesticides on fruits and vegetables could account for 49 percent loss in sperm
A major study of men’s sperm found that those who ate regular quantities of fruit and vegetables that had pesticide residue on them had half the sperm count of men who ate less, a new study showed.

31.03.2015 03:48

Gluten-free wheat? Research aims to create new grains amid rise of celiac disease
Kansas farmers are funding a genetic research project aimed at developing gluten-free grains, as an increasing number of Americans are being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition preventing them from safely digesting wheat, barley and rye.

23.03.2015 21:45

FDA approves GMO apples, potatoes that don’t bruise or brown as being safe to eat
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved apples and potatoes which are resistant to bruises and don’t go brown as safe to eat. Consumer and environmental groups are concerned that such products could have unknown risks to human health.

22.03.2015 20:09

Monsanto settles 7 lawsuits after 2013 GMO-wheat scare
Agrochemical giant Monsanto has settled class action lawsuits with farmers in seven states over genetically modified wheat incident in 2013. Without any admission of liability the company will pay some $350,000 in donations to agricultural schools.

19.03.2015 03:41

GMO labeling bill gets another shot in Rhode Island
A bill has been introduced in the Rhode Island Legislature that would require labeling of any genetically-engineered ingredients in food consumed by humans.

09.03.2015 15:38