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Government Spending

Half-blind UK widow commits suicide after incapacity benefit cut
A partially-blind widow, who suffered crippling back pain for over a decade, committed suicide after her incapacity benefit was cut because state assessors claimed she was fit to work.

28.11.2014 12:11

'Disturbing’: Arms firms dine at Tower of London days after ‘sea of poppies’ closed
The Tower of London hosted a networking dinner for global arms manufacturers, mere days after the extremely popular ‘sea of poppies’ remembrance installation closed. Tower managers have been accused of “crass insensitivity.”

28.11.2014 12:52

​Climate chaos: Extreme weather will wreak havoc in Britain – study
Britain’s children face life-threatening heatwaves that could leave thousands dead by the close of the century, the Royal Society has warned.

27.11.2014 09:22

UK Home Secretary ‘wrong’ to blame EU migrants for immigration surge
Home Secretary Theresa May is at the center of a fresh immigration row as academics dispel her claims that an influx of EU migrants is responsible for the government’s failure to hit its net migration reduction targets.

27.11.2014 12:02

​Depression? There’s an app for that
Teenagers and young people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety will be encouraged to use smartphone apps to treat their conditions, a government minister has said.

25.11.2014 15:16

Fitch names oil exporters 'vulnerable' to credit downgrades if weak prices persist
Bahrain, Angola, Venezuela, and Ecuador are the most vulnerable to sovereign credit rating downgrades if low oil prices continue through 2015, Fitch said in a report.

25.11.2014 15:51

MPs recall bill passes in Commons
The House of Commons have approved controversial plans to allow MPs charged with serious misconduct to be recalled by parliament and subject to a public vote.

25.11.2014 11:44

Serco renews Yarl’s Wood prison contract, govt overlooks sexual misconduct claims
A Serco immigration detention center where two staff members were fired for alleged sexual misconduct has been awarded a renewed £70 million contract by the British government.

24.11.2014 15:05

Libya owes UK £14mn for scrapped military training scheme
The Libyan government owes the UK £14 million for an aborted training program aimed at helping the depleted post-Gaddafi army to recover. The program was abandoned after recruits sexually attacked locals near their Cambridgeshire barracks.

24.11.2014 11:24

NYC reserves 100 rooms for homeless, gets banned by hotel
A New York City hotel was not pleased when it set aside 100 rooms for a “government group” only to find out that scores of homeless people were going to occupy them for more than a week.

20.11.2014 22:55

Where has all Ukraine's gold gone?
Ukraine’s Central Bank chief has divulged some shocking intel: its gold stockpile has reached a new nadir - almost zero. Since the beginning of the year, gold reserves have dropped nearly 16-fold, which begs the question, where did all of it go?

20.11.2014 14:33

UK offers most citizenships, UKIP vows to send migrants home if Britain quits EU
Tory defector Mark Reckless says migrants could be forced to leave the UK if it leaves the EU, as news emerges that Britain granted more citizenships in 2012 than any other EU member. Reckless is the UKIP candidate in Thursday’s by-election.

19.11.2014 09:18