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Government Spending

McCain blasts Pentagon's 'bomb-sniffing elephants', wants more money for military
​The Pentagon’s budget is anything but peanuts, yet one outspoken lawmaker says the US military is wasting its defense spending on produce and elephants, rather than weapons and technologies to ensure dominance in the world.

26.03.2015 18:39

Austerity hits poor, migrant children hardest – parliamentary report
Children from poor families have been disproportionately harmed by Britain’s austerity policies, a parliamentary report has found. Youngsters' reduced access to legal aid will serve to blacken the government’s human rights legacy, it added.

24.03.2015 09:29

Bernie Sanders to propose ‘war tax’ amendment to GOP budget that’s bad for middle class
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is not a fan of the Republican budget that is working its way through Congress. The self-described democratic socialist believes the GOP budget helps the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor.

23.03.2015 22:51

Back to Thatcher era? UK creates ‘political & economic reform’ fund for Eastern Europe
Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the creation of a government fund that will provide up to £20 million in its first year to five eastern European countries, including Ukraine, to support ‘stability in the region,’ citing Russian ‘intimidation.’

20.03.2015 13:15

​£5bn black hole in UK defense budget poses ‘real risks,’ say MPs
Britain’s defense budget could end up £5 billion short after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) underestimated the bill for its 10-year equipment plan, MPs have warned.

20.03.2015 09:29

Caught on camera: Janet Napolitano calls anti-tuition-hike student protest ‘crap’
The first rule of broadcasting and politics is that the mic is always hot. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano forgot that rule during a University of California regents meeting, calling a student protest against tuition hikes "crap."

19.03.2015 21:21

‘Cozy & affordable’: West London studio boasts a shower… under the bed
A “cozy” crib in a lavish West London district is up for grabs for a mere £520 per month, as long as the prospective tenant is prepared to wash under their bed.

19.03.2015 16:36

Trimming the fat? Cutting welfare for obese people ‘unethical,’ Lancet claims
Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to cut benefits for those suffering from obesity if they refuse be treated has been branded “far from ethical” by a medical research group, which says the measures would cost more than they would save.

19.03.2015 10:53

6 ways US govt is breaking own censorship record
The Obama administration claimed an unmatched commitment to government transparency this week, even as it denied or delayed more requests for public information than ever, and claimed exemption from freedom of information laws.

18.03.2015 23:38

Trump takes first steps towards 2016 presidential run; turns down ‘Apprentice’ renewal
Donald Trump has announced he plans to form an exploratory committee for a potential 2016 presidential campaign. The business magnate and reality-television star is adding political advisers to his staff in key primary and caucus states.

18.03.2015 15:51

​Budget Day: Everything you need to know
Following the announcement of Chancellor George Osborne’s final budget of this government, RT takes a look at the key points from the speech and gathers the opposition’s reaction.

18.03.2015 08:54

​Pots & pans protest: Downing Street demo to oppose austerity budget
Anti-austerity protesters will stage a ‘pots and pans’ demonstration against any further cuts to public spending laid out in the budget on Wednesday, following revelations Chancellor George Osborne will unveil further tax cuts for the wealthy.

17.03.2015 14:09