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Government Spending

Cuban reset is ‘gambit by Obama administration’
Obama and Castro are master chess players, but Fidel has never lost a game in his life: the US is betting the government will be overthrown while the Castros are sure they will consolidate their position, Daniel Bruno, Buenos Aires based expert told, RT.

19.12.2014 09:32

Russians abandon London real estate as recession looms over Moscow
Russia’s economic crash, driven by the plunging price of oil and tough Western sanctions, is prompting well-off Russian investors to abandon London’s property market. Money from super-wealthy Russian oligarchs, however, continues to flow into Britain.

19.12.2014 09:20

Forgotten ones: 50,000+ young people jobless and undocumented by UK govt
Over 50,000 young Britons aged between 16 and 18 are devoid of education, employment or training, and are undocumented by local authorities. They are effectively being failed by the state, a new report reveals.

18.12.2014 09:38

‘Green crap’: MPs grill Cameron over short-sighted UK climate polices
Britain’s Liaison Committee probed Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday on the government’s strategy for tackling climate change and developing new forms of energy such as solar power, wind power, nuclear power and fracking.

16.12.2014 14:53

Hundreds of UK children sleep on streets and in drug dens – local govt slammed
Glaring failures by local authorities to protect vulnerable children and teenagers have reduced them to sleeping rough on British streets, night buses, in police stations, and in drug dens. Many are thought to be at high risk of abuse.

16.12.2014 12:52

‘GCHQ's Cryptoy app designed to bribe hearts & minds of young people’
GCHQ’s new Cryptoy app was developed to win the hearts and minds of Britain's youth; the agency likely hopes to use it for conducting warrantless surveillance through users' laptops and phones, British journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

15.12.2014 15:26

​£84,000 govt probe reveals feared ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’ is just a cat
Recently published government files show UK authorities squandered thousands on an investigation in 1995 inquiring into the nature of a monstrous Cornish “beast.” The six-month probe discovered the offending creature was a common domestic cat.

15.12.2014 17:16

Brussels: Austerity is for the little people
With remarkable timing as nations look at belt tightening, the EU decides to expand its contentious budget once again...

12.12.2014 20:36

House votes to avoid govt shutdown, passes $1trn spending bill
The House of Representatives voted to pass a massive spending bill that will keep the government running into next year, narrowly avoiding a shutdown as Republicans and Democrats spent the night at odds over various provisions.

12.12.2014 02:21

Privatization crisis: Taxpayers shafted as contractors ‘fail to work in public interest’
Britain’s heavily privatized economy is in crisis, jeopardized by “quasi-monopoly” private contractors’ failure to work in the public interest, and the government’s poor safeguarding of taxpayers’ money, says the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

10.12.2014 10:57

Endless austerity: £55bn ‘colossal cuts’ loom, Institute of Fiscal Studies warns
Following Chancellor George Osborne’s pledges in the Autumn Statement to raise NHS spending and maintain the “fast” recovery of the economy, a study from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) warns Britons will face “colossal” spending cuts.

05.12.2014 11:08

UK Midlands outrage: Police teargas and 'assault' students protesting tuition fees
A student protest at Warwick University against soaring tuition fees was broken up by police and security guards using tear gas and significant force. Protesters were threatened with a Taser, pushed to the ground and rammed against a wall, activists say.

04.12.2014 15:12