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Europe must decide if it wants gas via Turkey- Putin
The new hub on the Turkish-Greek border could deliver Russian gas to Europe, but this will depend on negotiations with European countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference with media.

18.12.2014 12:56

UN urges EU to take refugees despite anti-migrant protests
Refugees arriving in Europe from war-torn Syria asking for asylum are putting an additional burden for the EU, whose economy is in crisis and where xenophobia is on the rise.

15.12.2014 14:49

Belgium paralyzed in biggest transport strike in years
Belgium has been brought to a standstill, as air, rail and ferry workers nationwide embarked on their biggest strike in years. The 24-hour walkout over the government’s austerity policies is set to ground 600 flights into and out of the country.

15.12.2014 12:24

Jailed Greek youth protest icon allowed to attend uni, ends hunger strike
The 21-year-old Greek anarchist—radicalized after witnessing the police killing of a close friend—has ended a month long hunger strike as officials passed an amendment allowing prisoners to attend university classes, quelling a wave of violent protests.

11.12.2014 14:41

Biggest Greek stock market drop since 1987 over surprise election
The Athens Stock Exchange index has fallen 11.2 percent - the biggest intraday plunge since December 1987. The government announced a snap presidential election, two months ahead of time, making investors nervous over the status of EU bailout money.

09.12.2014 13:46

Stumbling block: Greeks offended by Brits lending ancient sculpture to Russia
In a worldly gesture to help Russia's Hermitage museum celebrate an anniversary, the British Museum has 'secretly' sent a 2,500 years old Parthenon sculpture to St. Petersburg. The move infuriated Greeks, who have long tried to reclaim the ancient piece.

06.12.2014 13:51

Greek protesters smash cars, clash with police in Athens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
At least 15 people have been arrested after a peaceful support rally for jailed hunger strike anarchist turned into violent confrontation with police. Authorities used tear gas and stun grenades to quell rioters carrying Molotov cocktails.

02.12.2014 21:18

​Syrian refugees launch hunger strike outside Greek parliament
In a bid for better living conditions, temporary working permits and medical care, up to 200 Syrians fleeing the war-torn country and seeking asylum in the EU, have begun a hunger strike in Athens’ main square.

25.11.2014 13:59

Greek protesters clash with police near US embassy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
About a dozen people have reportedly been injured in clashes with riot police outside the US embassy in Athens following mass protests marking the 1973 revolt against the US-backed military junta, in which 40,000 people took part.

17.11.2014 22:02

Greek students rage against educational reforms (VIDEO)
Thousands of student protesters in Athens have tried to breach the barricades in front of the parliament building facing a large security presence from police, demonstrations once again engulfed the Greek capital.

06.11.2014 22:35

Millions of Shias worldwide celebrate Ashura, events marred by violence (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
A string of bombings and shootings marred the Ashura celebrations across the Muslim world – the main Shia holiday during which believers impassionedly gash their bodies with swords to show their grief for the suffering of Imam Hussein.

04.11.2014 13:37

Thousands protest against austerity in Athens (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Thousands of people demonstrated against the Greek government’s austerity policies in the center of Athens on Saturday. They also called for political and economic reforms, pay rises, and other social benefits.

01.11.2014 19:40