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​Bond bubble bursts anew
Celebrations over Greece returning to bond markets mask a whole new problem: Athens hasn’t returned to economic health. Rather, it’s the bond market which has gone quite mad.

16.04.2014 06:58

‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes (PHOTOS)
Two people have been injured as Greeks rioted over the opening of shops on Sunday. Hundreds of protesters gathered in Athens’ main shopping district, resulting in clashes with riot police who tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas.

13.04.2014 11:47

EU taking Putin’s letter on gas transit ‘seriously’ – Merkel
The EU is taking seriously President Vladimir Putin’s letter to 18 European countries, in which he warned that Ukraine’s debt crisis could affect gas transit from Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

11.04.2014 18:02

​'Is it Europe for the banks or Europe for the people?'
Huge debt and unemployment in Greece are the result of the extreme neo-liberal policies pursued by the Troika that are just aimed at saving the banks but not the people, Kostas Isyhos, a member of the political secretariat of Syriza party, told RT.

11.04.2014 12:25

Greece returns to bond market after 4-year hiatus
After a four year exile from the euro bond market, Greece is back. Investors bought 3 billion euro ($4.16 billion) in 5-year bonds, offering a glimmer of hope as the euro zone economy continues to crawl out of its debt crisis.

10.04.2014 14:49

Car bomb explodes outside Bank of Greece in Athens
A car explosive has detonated outside a Bank of Greece building in central Athens. The blast smashed windows in shops, but left no injuries.

10.04.2014 07:00

Greece passes controversial reform bill to clear next bailout tranche
More than 10,000 Greeks from a number of trade unions have protested outside the nation's Parliament as the legislative body narrowly approved an omnibus law of reforms needed for the country to receive next tranche of EU-IMF bailout.

31.03.2014 00:41

‘People are just being murdered’: Fresh EU funds for Greece do little to stop misery
Greek streets thronged with disillusioned crowds, as some three thousand union members hit the streets, fed up with austerity measures just as the country secured a fresh rescue loan of 8.5 billion euro coupled with further spending cuts and unemployment.

20.03.2014 07:30

Art of drills: 10 NATO war games that almost started armed conflicts
The world’s largest military alliance seems annoyed about Russia’s “lack of transparency” over military drills at a very “delicate time.” NATO, however, has its own long history of war games all over the globe.

28.02.2014 02:56

​Malaria returns to Greece as austerity wreaks havoc on healthcare
Tough austerity measures imposed by the Greek government have inflicted major damage to the health of the Greek population, leaving nearly one million of the country’s most vulnerable people without access to healthcare.

21.02.2014 21:47

Greece has first current account surplus in 66 years
For the first time since official data begun in 1948 Greece posted a current account surplus of $1.65 billion last year. The money flow changed direction, as revenues from tourism jumped 15 percent and imports slumped to a long term low.

20.02.2014 07:24

‘Greeks know 80% of bailout money goes to German & French banks’
Greeks are furious that European banks are pocketing the bailout money, while some feel their government should have left the euro rather than enduring all this austerity, and devalue the currency, journalist and author Robert Harneis told RT.

13.02.2014 12:26

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