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German Finance Minister ponders parallel currency for Greece – media
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has acknowledged the possibility of introducing a parallel currency alongside the euro, in case negotiations with creditors fail, said Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter.

22.05.2015 19:04

‘Extension of anti-Russian sanctions would hit Greece quite hard’
As the Greek economy is in crisis and the country is trying to attract money from any source to survive, prolongation of the sanctions against Russia would only worsen the situation, former Greek diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos told RT.

22.05.2015 10:56

Greece claims deal with Troika in 10 days
Greece says a deal with creditors will be reached in the next 10 days, and aims to meet all payments in time while the eurozone says “a lot is still left to do.” A Troika deal will unlock the much-awaited €7.2 billion bailout for cash-strapped Athens.

22.05.2015 07:34

Washington asks Athens to back anti-Russia sanctions - Greek minister
Greece has revealed it’s been asked by the US to prolong anti-Russia sanctions. However, Athens stressed Russia is a strategic ally and the ‘sanction war’ is causing it an estimated loss of €4 billion a year.

21.05.2015 10:27

Greece may fail to make next IMF debt repayment – Syriza spokesman
Greece won’t be able to pay the next tranche of 300 million euros to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on June 5 unless it receives extra financial aid from creditors, according to a senior member of the ruling party.

20.05.2015 20:13

Euro slides on Greece default fears
The euro fell to a two-week low on Wednesday following a Greek government warning that it will miss the June 5 IMF payment deadline without a deal with the Troika by then.

20.05.2015 07:17

Greece needs deal with Troika by end of May to avoid bankruptcy – govt spokesman
Greece will pay public sector wages and pensions in May but urgently needs a deal with its creditors by the end of the month to avoid defaulting on its debt, according to Greek government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis

18.05.2015 13:04

‘I wish we had drachma, never entered monetary union’ – Greek finance minister
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who has been sidelined from Greece debt negotiations, says he wished the country still had the drachma, and that Greece would never sign any bailout plan on unfavorable terms.

15.05.2015 10:36

Macedonia unrest: ‘Warning to Skopje against new Turkish pipeline’
Macedonia has become important to the US as it could become the only way for Russia’s proposed Turkish Stream pipeline to reach Central Europe, which Washington does not want, political analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

12.05.2015 09:34

Russia invites Greece to join BRICS bank
Greece has been invited by Russia to become the sixth member of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). The $100 billion NDB is expected to compete with Western dominance and become one of the key lending institutions.

12.05.2015 07:39

Greece & Turkish Stream: ‘Athens in Russia v West, investment v debt dilemma’
To solve its financial problems Greece needs to have foreign investment which could come from Russia, but if the Greeks choose the West it means only future debt, says Patrick Henningsen, a geopolitical Analyst at

11.05.2015 14:13

​US urges Greece to reject Turkish Stream, focus on Western-backed project
Washington is pushing Athens not to abandon a Western-backed Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project in favor of the Russia-proposed Turkish Stream, a pipeline that would bring Russian gas to Europe via Greece.

08.05.2015 15:26