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​China to issue 5yr security plan to safeguard state secrets
China’s state secrets are set to be more effectively secured with a far-reaching five-year state-run cybersecurity program, announced against the ever-growing cyber confrontation with the US, Chinese official media reports on Thursday.

28.05.2015 05:43

​‘Spying on everyone’: Tories to introduce wider-than-expected surveillance powers
The new Conservative majority government will bring into force far-reaching snooping powers that are potentially more invasive then previously feared, causing deep concern among privacy campaigners.

27.05.2015 13:32

‘Total hero:’ Apple co-founder says Snowden gave up his life to reveal NSA surveillance
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gushed over former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, calling him a “total hero” and saying he “gave up his life” to reveal the agency’s surveillance programs.

27.05.2015 02:27

Iran claims thwarting of US cyber attack on oil ministry
Iranian security experts have thwarted an industrial espionage attempt on Islamic Republic's oil ministry, cyber police chief announced, claiming the attack originated in the US.

26.05.2015 23:18

​IRS says records of more than 100,000 taxpayers hacked
Hackers have exploited an online service of the Internal Revenue Service to gain access to the information of more than 100,000 American taxpayers, the IRS admits.

26.05.2015 20:33

​Snowden leaks aided terrorists, damaged spy agencies – neocon think-tank
Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks damaged the security services’ war on terror, crippled spy agencies, aided terrorists and failed to reveal evidence of mass surveillance, according to a radical neoconservative think-tank.

26.05.2015 14:59

​Surveillance state must be subject to open critique – legal experts
New surveillance laws and immunities granted to police and intelligence service hackers must be subject to open assessment and thorough critique, according to a group of legal academics.

26.05.2015 08:19

‘We Are Always Listening’: Pranksters plant hacking devices across NYC in anti-NSA move
A group of anti-NSA pranksters have planted recording devices in public places across New York, saying that they are “gathering information to help win the war on terror.”

24.05.2015 07:19

Feds and cops busted as hacker dump exposes ties to adult-dating site
The men behind the screen names “Eaglesfan_6969” and “Verywilling2011” are looking for sex, and they’re doing it from government-provided email accounts, according to data pilfered from a hacked dating website.

22.05.2015 15:19

Love virus alert: Sexual data of 4mn adult website users reportedly exposed by hackers
​Hackers have reportedly leaked onto the web highly sensitive sexual information of nearly 4 million users registered on leading dating site Adult FriendFinder, which claims to cater for up to 63 million people worldwide.

22.05.2015 10:17

Yemeni group hacks 3,000 Saudi govt computers to reveal top secret docs – report
Yemeni hackers have allegedly released thousands of top secret Saudi Arabia documents, including spies' identities, after gaining “full control” of over 3,000 computers and servers belonging to Riyadh's Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries.

22.05.2015 07:39

Cyber-attack leaves millions of British students without access to online resources
Millions of staff and students at over 150 centers of further education were left without access to their online resources following a cyber-attack on the University of London Computer Centre.

21.05.2015 14:08