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​Anonymity-based web service Tor may have to pull back capacity due to Heartbleed bug
The anonymity-enabling networking service Tor may have to shutter an eighth of its operating capacity thanks to the Heartbleed security vulnerability.

18.04.2014 01:43

Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept millions of citizens’ data?
Russia has “no mass surveillance in our country,” according to President Vladimir Putin, after he was asked a surprise question by whistleblower Edward Snowden at his Q&A session, adding “our surveillance activities are strictly controlled by the law.”

17.04.2014 11:00

‘Zero knowledge privacy’: NSA-proof email service goes online
A new email service that protects its users from the prying eyes of the NSA and other spy agencies has gone online. The service’s creators say it will make encrypted messaging accessible to all and curtail internet snooping.

17.04.2014 07:34

​Canadian arrested for hacking revenue agency using Heartbleed security bug
A 19-year-old Canadian man has become the first person arrested in relation to the Heartbleed security vulnerability, which he used to steal taxpayer information.

16.04.2014 20:46

Google kept Heartbleed bug hidden from the government
The Heartbleed security bug disclosed last week may be among the most wide-reaching vulnerabilities on the web to ever be discovered, but the researchers who detected the glitch didn’t exactly rush to reveal it to the world.

15.04.2014 15:52

'Heartbleed' hacking spree: Canadian tax agency says hundreds of IDs stolen
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has reported that the private information of about 900 people was stolen using the Heartbleed security bug. Experts are warning that more attacks may occur.

15.04.2014 11:55

India, Turkey lead in Facebook censorship, while US tops data snooping
According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, India and Turkey are the most frequent censors of the social network, blocking thousands of users’ content, while the US is the country that has requested most information about user accounts.

12.04.2014 07:55

AT&T hacker ‘weev’ to walk free after appeals court agrees to vacate conviction
A federal appeals court has vacated the conviction against a controversial computer hacker who has spent the last 13 months in prison after going public with a security flaw that brought embarrassment to companies Apple and AT&T.

11.04.2014 16:31

Merkel kept in the dark by 'insufficient' NSA disclosure of spying
Being the head of state in Germany should bring undoubted benefits and influence. However, it wasn’t enough for Angela Merkel, whose request to see her secret service file, compiled by the US National Security Agency, was denied.

09.04.2014 13:48

​Major encryption security bug ‘Heartbleed’ impacts two-thirds of the web
Tens of millions of servers were exposed to a security vulnerability called “Heartbleed” in OpenSSL, software used to encrypt much of the internet. While an emergency patch has been released, sites like Yahoo have raced to fortify security.

09.04.2014 00:46

US Defense Secretary seeks to convince Chinese of American integrity in cyber-space
The US Defense Secretary is in China building bridges following the recent scandal of the NSA staging cyber-attacks against the Chinese government and business. Beijing expects Washington to set an example of ‘intelligence restraint’ in cyber space.

07.04.2014 05:25

#OpIsrael: Anonymous attacks hundreds of Israeli websites
Hundreds of websites of Israeli ministries and organizations came under attack by Anonymous early Monday as part of the hacktivist group's anti-Israel operation, dubbed #OpIsrael.

06.04.2014 16:39

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