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Cyber threat-sharing bill clears House committee, would give immunity to companies
The House Intelligence Committee unanimously approved its cyber threat data-sharing bill on Thursday. The measure provides liability protections for companies when sharing cyber attack information with government agencies.

27.03.2015 00:33

​‘Cyber Armageddon’? Worried NY Fed unveils infosec big hitters
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has assembled a team of cybersecurity experts to protect the institution’s digital infrastructure in the face of concerns that a colossal hack could cause grave fiscal damage.

25.03.2015 15:47

ISIS hacking division publishes US servicemen ‘death list’
A group calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division” has published a list of names with personal details of purported US servicemen, urging for their “brothers residing in America” to kill them. The unverified data breach is being investigated.

22.03.2015 03:03

Premera Blue Cross cyberattack affected 11 million people’s records
Health insurance company Premera Blue Cross said the FBI is helping investigate a January cyberattack that may have captured personal information for 11 million people, including bank account information and Social Security numbers.

18.03.2015 01:44

Lawmaker claims North Korea internet blackout was ‘response’ to Sony hack
When North Korea’s internet went down last December, it was in retaliation for the alleged hacking of Sony Pictures, a top American lawmaker in charge of overseeing cyber-security reportedly admitted.

17.03.2015 23:47

​FBI inches towards expanded hacking powers
Federal investigators are now one stop closer to having the authority to spy on faraway servers following the advancement of a proposed rule change that could expand certain law enforcement powers this week.

17.03.2015 15:43

​DARPA launches new-tech program to protect online privacy
The US Defense Department’s research and development agency, DARPA, is launching a new program that aims to use new tech to protect cyber privacy in the wake of several high-profile, large-scale hacks over the past year.

13.03.2015 14:31

​Geeks board warship to stop cyber-terrorists blowing up Boris Johnson
Hackers are fighting to prevent a doomsday scenario aboard a decommissioned warship on the River Thames, under the watchful gaze of arms companies and spy agencies.

13.03.2015 11:11

Hillary’s private email server was insecure during first 3 mths as secretary of state
For the first three months Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her private email server was not encrypted, according to a new report. That left her communications vulnerable while she conducted government business, including international travel.

12.03.2015 19:26

‘Equation Group’ hackers tied to NSA after new Kaspersky Labs report surfaces
Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have not directly stated that the US National Security Agency is tied to a prolific group of hackers that has launched hundreds of attacks in dozens of countries, but a new report has uncovered the clearest link yet.

12.03.2015 02:59

​DOJ cybercop vows to go harder against foreign hackers
One of the United States government’s top cybercops says the Department of Justice is ready to double-down on its campaign against computer criminals in the wake of high profile attacks like last year’s assault against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

09.03.2015 17:01

​Mega ‘FREAK’ bug affects Microsoft too, company warns
Microsoft now admits that its Windows operating systems are vulnerable to the colossal FREAK encryption bug, potentially putting millions of computer users at risk after initial reports about the flaw fell short of finding the tech giant susceptible.

06.03.2015 17:22