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US investigators link North Korea to Sony hack - officials
American officials investigating the source of the recent Sony hack have determined that North Korea is “centrally involved” in the cyber attack against the studio, the New York Times reported.

17.12.2014 23:23

Sony hit with class action suit over hacked employee info
​Former and current Sony employees filed a lawsuit against the Hollywood studio this week over the high-profile computer system hack that continues to cause sensitive stolen documents to end up on the web.

16.12.2014 18:27

Sony Pictures issues media warning after hacked email humiliation
Sony Pictures Entertainment, suffering a steady flow of embarrassment following the incremental release of private emails relating to top-shelf celebrities, has warned media outlets against releasing any more information.

15.12.2014 08:33

Anonymous hacks Swedish govt emails over seizure of Pirate Bay servers
Swedish government email accounts have been hacked by the Anonymous hacktivist group, in response to last week’s seizure of The Pirate Bay servers by Swedish police.

14.12.2014 20:58

​Hackers threaten 'Christmas gift' for Sony, release more data
Hackers have released the seventh part of stolen images from Sony Pictures’ archives. They relate to the corporation’s streaming site, Crackle. The group says worse is to come and will make for a most unhappy Christmas for the company.

14.12.2014 10:49

Sony Pictures suspends filming after massive hack 'affects payments'
Sony Pictures has temporarily stopped filming after hackers, with alleged links to North Korea, paralyzed its computer network. The security glitches have reportedly meant the studio has been unable to process payments.

13.12.2014 09:27

Project Goliath: Sony leaks reveal alleged MPAA plot against Google
Emails found by the Verge in Sony’s hacked data show that the company and other Hollywood execs were planning to attack Google, gathering a $500,000 fund for legal action against the corporation.

13.12.2014 09:28

Snowden, nein! High court foils opposition attempt to bring whistleblower to Berlin
A German court has rejected a bid by opposition parties to bring ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden to Berlin to testify about the US agency’s intelligence activities in Germany before a parliamentary committee.

12.12.2014 16:17

Embarrassing: Sony Pictures boss’ shockingly-racist Obama emails exposed
​A leaked email chain between Sony Pictures Chairwoman Amy Pascal and film producer Scott Rudin lays bare an embarrassingly racist back-and-forth that speculated on President Barack Obama’s favorite movies.

11.12.2014 17:33

‘You cannot find us’: Sony hackers leak new data as FBI says no N. Korea trace
The FBI says it cannot confirm whether the computer leak that has devastated Sony Pictures Entertainment was orchestrated by North Korea, or any other entity. Meanwhile, the hackers themselves have posted more threats and confidential data.

09.12.2014 17:19

Cyber espionage predicted to worsen in 2015 – security experts
With hackers becoming increasingly proficient at their trade, a number of entities – from healthcare industries to average homeowners – will be more vulnerable to invasions of privacy in the coming year.

09.12.2014 12:22

#TangoDown: Sony’s network offed in alleged hacker attack
PlayStation Network, an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, has been reportedly taken offline by hackers, affecting millions of online gamers worldwide.

08.12.2014 02:24