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Hate crimes

Anti-Islam group wants to run cartoon ads of Mohammed in DC
The anti-Islam American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) is planning to run an advertising campaign in Washington, DC featuring the cartoon that won the controversial Prophet Mohammed drawing contest in Texas earlier this month.

28.05.2015 00:21

Invading young Muslims’ ‘private space’ is justified, UK’s top Muslim cop says
UK’s top Muslim policeman believes the country has entered a dangerous phase of Islamization that even the smallest children are vulnerable to. He says the country’s obsession with “private space” is to blame for its failure to notice the warning signs.

25.05.2015 14:00

UK disability hate-crime victims failed by justice system – report
Victims of disability hate-crimes are not getting sufficient levels of support, despite recommendations being made more than two years ago, a report has found.

21.05.2015 08:39

Disturbing footage of ISIS punishing own fighters for smoking
A brutal video has emerged of Islamic State commanders punishing their own fighters after they were caught smoking by stamping on their heads and whipping them with belts.

20.05.2015 09:02

‘Immigrants stealing our jobs, Muslims taking over’: UK schoolkids’ survey exposes social divisions
Some 84 percent of UK middle-schoolers believe “racism against whites” is ignored, 60 percent say asylum seekers and immigrants are stealing jobs, and more than 30 percent say Muslims are taking over England, according to an extensive new academic survey.

19.05.2015 23:34

Former congressional candidate planned to 'utterly destroy' Muslim community in gun assault
A former candidate for a Tennessee congressional seat has admitted to making threats that included burning down a mosque, school, and cafeteria in a Muslim community in New York State. Despite the threats, he was released after posting $30,000 bail.

18.05.2015 14:50

119 Lives Unlived: RT’s Paula Slier follows path of her Holocaust victim relative in new documentary
Found by chance, old letters once written by young Flip Slier have taken RT journalist Paula Slier on a personal mission to follow her relative’s last path from home to a Nazi death camp and learn the fate of 119 family members exterminated during WWII.

17.05.2015 03:50

​‘May you be an angel of peace’: Pope Francis welcomes Mahmoud Abbas in Vatican
Pope Francis has called Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas an “angel of peace” as the two leaders met in the Vatican. The meeting comes three days after the Vatican officially recognized Palestine as a state.

16.05.2015 11:50

RT EXCLUSIVE: Racial & religious hate crimes spike in 2 years – UK police figures
The Muslim Council of Britain and the Church of England have condemned a spike in hate crimes recorded by police forces across England and Wales since 2012. The targets of hate crimes are predominantly Muslims according to activists.

15.05.2015 15:33

The Evil within: The truth we dare not see about Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen
On the 70th anniversary of the fall of Nazi Germany, fascism is far from dead. As Yemen bleeds under Saudi Arabia’s grand war, it is really the annihilation of one people we are seeing play out - the Zaidis of Yemen.

14.05.2015 14:44

Oxford University head condemns sexual harassment on campus
Sexual harassment and intimidation is widespread at Oxford University student parties and its social areas, according to the principal of Somerville College Dr Alice Prochaska.

14.05.2015 13:52

Deir Yassin: Where the Palestinian exile began
The most famous Palestinian village gained its notoriety 67 years ago. In one day, up to 254 of its residents were killed. Deir Yassin no longer exists – it’s literally been wiped off the map. The Israelis built one of their settlements here.

14.05.2015 10:48