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Hate crimes

Pakistani Facebook blasphemy case sparks mob riot, 3 killed
Two children and their grandmother, who belonged to a religious sect, have been killed in Pakistan by an Islamist mob, after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook. Four others are in a critical condition.

28.07.2014 10:50

89 yo Nazi war crime suspect dies in US custody before extradition to Germany
An 89-year-old Nazi war crimes suspect and American citizen died in custody just hours before a US court gave the go ahead for his extradition to Germany.

24.07.2014 07:27

Islamic scholars speak out against expulsion of Iraqi Christians
Dozens of Iraqi Christian families have fled their hometown of Mosul after Islamist hardliners gave them a choice of converting, praying, or dying. This treatment has been denounced by influential Islamic scholars.

23.07.2014 16:00

‘Trojan Horse’ teachers deem Lee Rigby murder and Boston bombings hoaxes
Thousands of anti-Western, anti-American and anti-Israeli WhatsApp messages were exchanged between teachers at the center of the Trojan Horse schools plot, claims a government commissioned report.

23.07.2014 12:02

‘Palestinians are Warsaw Ghetto prisoners of today’
In January 1943, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto mounted one of the most heroic and courageous acts of resistance human history has ever seen.

23.07.2014 11:51

Govt bureaucracy undermining US war on terror - report
Bureaucracy and fragmented oversight is undermining US ability to combat rapidly evolving terror threats, a study has said. It claims Americans are under a false sense of security and there is a “grave threat” to public security.

22.07.2014 05:05

80% of British Jews feel blamed for Israeli actions
Up to 80 percent of British Jews say non-Jews blame them for the Israeli government’s actions, a new study on anti-Semitism in the UK shows.

21.07.2014 15:23

Court rules Dutch peacekeepers liable for 300 deaths in Srebrenica
The civil court in The Hague has ordered compensation to families of 300 male Bosnian Muslims who found shelter in the Dutch UN peacekeepers’ compound in Srebrenica in July 1995, but who were later handed over to Serbian forces.

16.07.2014 17:23

Candy from strangers: KKK recruiting with sweets and white power
The Ku Klux Klan is recruiting in South Carolina, leaving bags of candy and anti-immigration literature in people’s driveways during the group’s ‘national night ride’, its triannual membership drive.

15.07.2014 19:57

Two Florida cops off the job for KKK connections
A Central Florida town is reeling from the news that two police officers are no longer on the job because a confidential FBI report said they are members of a local Ku Klux Klan chapter. One officer was the deputy police chief of Fruitland Park.

14.07.2014 19:49

Gerry Adams effigy hangs from loyalist bonfire in N. Ireland (PHOTOS)
A massive unionist bonfire has been set alight in Belfast with a figure of Gerry Adams wearing a Celtic football shirt. A number of Irish tricolor flags also went up in smoke to mark the annual Eleventh Night celebrations.

12.07.2014 18:30

MPs in Western Ukrainian Lvov demand Poroshenko reinstate Nazi collaborators as national heroes
The city council of Lvov in western Ukraine has urged the Nazi collaborators and nationalist icons, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, be reinstated as heroes of Ukraine.

10.07.2014 18:19

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