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Hate crimes

‘GTA gang’ kills drivers near Moscow, vigilantes on war-path after criminals
A string of killings has brought fear to highways near Moscow. Criminals are placing spikes on the roads to stop cars - and then they shoot the drivers dead, without stealing anything. A vigilante group in Moscow has vowed to hunt the killers down.

16.09.2014 11:17

‘End intimidation of journalists covering Scottish referendum’ – trade union leader
Journalists must be allowed to cover the Scottish referendum debate without fear of intimidation, a trade union leader has said. The remarks follow public outcry against the BBC’s alleged anti-independence “bias.”

16.09.2014 12:09

Former Auschwitz guard charged over 300,000 deaths in Nazi death camp role
A 93-year-old man has been charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his role as a guard in Auschwitz. The man spent two-and-a-half years at the Nazi death camp in charge of inmates’ possessions and money.

16.09.2014 06:36

Fight with ISIS spreads across globe: How are roles distributed in that battle?
“This can’t be America’s fight alone,” US President Barack Obama stressed in his ISIS speech. Indeed, about 40 countries have joined the battle with the radical group that’s left scores dead in Iraq. But who does what on that battlefield?

15.09.2014 08:32

Ferguson public meeting erupts in anger and accusations
The Missouri town’s first public meeting since the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown, 18, killed by a white police officer on August 9, turned chaotic with audience members shouting down Ferguson’s council members.

10.09.2014 13:07

Boston graduate may be behind Islamic State’s online propaganda campaign
A US citizen and computer wiz raised in a wealthy Boston family is allegedly one of the masterminds behind the Islamic State propaganda being posted on social networks. It is aimed at recruiting new followers and riling up enemies of the militant group.

07.09.2014 15:00

DOJ to open investigation of Ferguson Police Department
The US Department of Justice will open a probe into the Ferguson Police Department over the August shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white cop, according to federal law enforcement.

04.09.2014 09:27

Danish mosque openly backs Islamic State's campaign of terror
A mosque in Denmark has openly declared its support for the Islamic State militant group. It comes just days after a Dane who fought with the terrorist organization in Syria stated that Denmark was “high upon [IS's] list of targets.”

02.09.2014 19:15

Families of Iraqi soldiers abducted by ISIS storm parliament – reports
Desperate and grieving relatives of Iraqi soldiers abducted by the Islamic State in Tikirt in June burst into Baghdad’s parliament. Over 100, some armed with metal bars and stones, demanded answers to what has happened to their loved ones.

02.09.2014 12:29

‘I want to cut your throat’: Galloway beaten by pro-Israeli fanatic for Gaza views
In his first TV interview after release from hospital, British MP George Galloway told RT he is surprised by the lack of condemnation from other UK politicians of the brutal attack on him. The assault by a pro-Israeli man left Galloway in much pain.

01.09.2014 19:11

British MP and RT host George Galloway brutally beaten ‘over his Israel views’
George Galloway has been released from hospital a day after being attacked in London, allegedly for his anti-Israeli views. His spokesman said the UK MP appears to have some broken ribs and bruising to his head.

30.08.2014 11:42

‘Rivers of blood’: Tory MP sparks outrage claiming Enoch Powell was right on race relations
Race relations in the UK could be further inflamed after a veteran Tory MP told a constituent that Enoch Powell, author of the notorious 1968 “Rivers of Blood” speech, was correct to predict conflict caused by immigration.

27.08.2014 14:11

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