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First West Nile virus death this year reported in Arizona
The state of Arizona has reported its first West Nile virus-related death of 2014. The man was in his early 60s and suffered from underlying medical issues.

24.07.2014 23:59

Lawyers call for outside probe of two-hour Arizona execution
Attorneys for Joseph Wood, a convicted murderer who lived for nearly two hours after being administered a lethal injection on Wednesday, are demanding an external investigation into the event.

24.07.2014 17:36

School children offered Class A drugs – Home Office
Over a quarter of school children – some of them as young as 11 – are being offered illegal drugs, including highly addictive Class A substances, according to Home Office figures.

24.07.2014 16:16

Radioactive rewards: UK offers 'bribes' for areas to consider nuclear waste site
Millions of pounds could be paid to communities that consider burying the UK’s nuclear waste in their area, the government has announced.

24.07.2014 14:40

​Islamic State orders genital mutilation of Iraqi women – UN
The story of Sunni militants from the Islamic State ordering all girls and women aged 11 to 46 in the Mosul region to undergo female genital mutilation has gone viral after a UN report on the matter. However, new doubt is being cast on the claims.

24.07.2014 12:13

CDC lab director resigns following anthrax scandal
The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's bioterror laboratory has resigned after dozens of government employees were potentially exposed to anthrax at the Atlanta facility last month.

23.07.2014 23:34

'World’s saddest' polar bear to remain in sweltering Argentinian heat
A polar bear in an Argentinian zoo will remain in the hot South American country despite a petition requesting he be moved to Canada. The appeal was signed by more than half a million people.

23.07.2014 17:37

Plane drain: Soviet MiG fighters end up in river after flood in Russian city (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A powerful cyclone in Russia’s Far East has caused a river in the city of Magadan to break its banks and wash away a display of old Soviet fighter jets. Some people have taken to jet skiing along the streets to get around.

23.07.2014 10:38

Oregon to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana
Voters in the state of Oregon will decide via a ballot initiative in November whether to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.

23.07.2014 14:08

World’s first ‘three-parent’ baby could be born in the UK
More than 100 “three-parent” babies could be born in the UK each year after the government announced plans to legalize a controversial IVF technique to prevent children inheriting diseases.

23.07.2014 09:32

Bubonic plague case triggers lockdown of Chinese city
The 30,000 residents of Yumen in China have been cut off from the rest of the country to prevent the potential spread of bubonic plague. Lockdown was declared in the city after a man died of the disease and 151 people have been put in quarantine.

23.07.2014 05:13

Over 100 genes linked to schizophrenia, study finds
Researchers identified more than 80 previously undiscovered genes which may be related to the development of schizophrenia, bringing the total of potentially associated genes to over 100, the largest international study ever published on the subject says.

23.07.2014 02:57

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