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Colorado drastically cuts teen pregnancies and abortions, yet legislature defunds program
A family planning program in Colorado that offers low-price long-term contraception cut teen pregnancy and abortion rates dramatically in the last five years. Yet the program is in jeopardy since legislators rejected to funding for it in place.

06.07.2015 16:32

California town conserves too much water, dumps 500k gallons amid drought
The mayor of Poway, California has admitted that 500,000 gallons of water were wasted based on an unsafe chemical imbalance despite the town's successful conservation efforts during historic drought conditions.

06.07.2015 15:08

Depression makes your brain smaller – study
Persistent depression shrinks the human brain’s center responsible for emotions and memory that might lead to changes in a person’s behavior and even losing their identity, a global interdisciplinary study has revealed.

06.07.2015 16:07

GoPro turtle inspires people to save Great Barrier Reef in mesmerizing footage (VIDEO)
Our planet’s beauty and fragility can never be understated. So, scientists with a GoPro teamed up with some turtles to take the viewer on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef – the endangered paradise, as seen from the point of view of its inhabitants.

05.07.2015 11:01

​Support for US federal rulings falls by 1/3 in just 5 months
Americans are increasingly in favor of states being able to ignore federal court rulings, a new poll has revealed. This comes on the heels of last week’s Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare.

04.07.2015 11:34

Trusting the app: Blind French hikers use new technology to cross mountains
A new smartphone app helped five blind hikers to cross a mountain range in eastern France without any help from sighted guides. The technology offers new freedom to visually impaired people to lead fuller, more adventurous lives.

03.07.2015 04:53

Mass killings, school shootings may be contagious – study
A new study found that mass killings and school shootings inspire similar violent attacks for an average of 13 days after the initial tragedy. The study also that found mass shootings were significantly higher in states with a high rate of gun ownership.

03.07.2015 03:03

House GOP, White House spar in court over Obamacare overreach
House Republicans say a new Supreme Court decision helps bolster their case that a provision of Obamacare is unconstitutionally spending money Congress did not authorize. The provision alleviates out-of-pocket medical costs for people with lower incomes.

02.07.2015 23:47

US scientist sentenced to prison for fake HIV vaccine research
Dong-Pyou Han, a 58-year-old former Iowa State University researcher, was sentenced to prison for almost five years for faking the results of an HIV vaccine experiment – the “success” of which led to millions of dollars in government grants.

02.07.2015 22:12

​​Drugs hypocrisy? Majority of Tory ministers ‘almost certainly’ took illegal narcotics – Lib Dem would-be leader
Most government minister have “almost certainly” taken illegal drugs and drug laws are a “monumental failure,” according to Lib Dem leadership hopeful Norman Lamb.

02.07.2015 09:34

1 in 46 million: Vanechka has one of the rarest immune deficiencies on Earth
Once you commit to helping children in need, you stop seeing children as “yours” and “other children.” The fate of every single kid in desperate need of help becomes your problem, your task, and your mission.

01.07.2015 13:22

Over 11k dental patients in Sydney at risk of HIV, hepatitis exposure over poor cleaning
More than 11,000 dental patients in Sydney are in danger of having contracted HIV or other blood-transmitted diseases due to improper equipment cleaning throughout the city.

02.07.2015 08:08