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Chimps used for hepatitis research abandoned in Liberia without funding for survival
Forty years ago, the New York Blood Center purchased a group of chimpanzees to study hepatitis infections in Liberia. Ten years after the research project ended, the center has cut off promised funding, leaving the chimp colony to rely on donations.

29.05.2015 18:59

Neurons for Algernon: Scientists restore memories in amnesic mice, hope to help humans
A team of researchers have managed to unblock forgotten memories in lab mice using light pulses, a report published in the journal, Science, says.

29.05.2015 18:24

Rights activist wants retailers to give unsold food to charity
A member of the Russian presidential council for Human Rights has asked the government to prepare a bill that would ban retailers from turning unsold food into waste, and order them to send it to farms or charity organizations.

29.05.2015 10:25

Israel 'pressures Ban Ki-moon' to get off UN list of children's rights violators in wars
Israel is allegedly pulling diplomatic strings to pressurize the UN Secretary-General to exclude it from an annual list of countries accused of violating children's rights in armed conflicts. Israel denies the allegations.

29.05.2015 05:50

GM bacteria ‘sensors’ could detect cancer, diabetes
Scientists have published two studies describing how genetically modified bacteria could help detect cancerous tumors and diabetes in mice, and potentially be used as a diagnostic tool for humans.

28.05.2015 20:51

Majority of seriously mentally ill youth do not receive treatment – study
A study of over 53,000 American youth between the ages of six to 17 years has found mental health problems have decreased and rates of treatment increased, but that those most seriously ill have failed to get the treatment they needed.

29.05.2015 02:35

20% of US school children living below poverty line, report says
About one in five children are living in poverty in the United States, the US Education Department found in its annual report. However, more children are graduating high school, math scores are higher and dropout rates have declined.

28.05.2015 22:34

FBI investigating Johnson & Johnson device's potential link to uterine cancer
The FBI has opened a probe into a surgical gynecological tool after reports have linked its use to the spread of uterine cancer in women during a procedure, the Wall Street Journal reported.

28.05.2015 21:18

'Chocolate diet' study was deliberate hoax, exposed shoddy journalism - author
A sensational study about the impact of chocolate on weight loss, published by a medical journal and reported in half a dozen languages across over 20 countries, was a deliberate plot to expose bad science in diet studies, its author said.

28.05.2015 19:19

10 killed by car blasts at two luxury Baghdad hotels
Two central Baghdad hotels have been rocked by explosions that reportedly killed at least 10 people, according to police and medical sources.

28.05.2015 21:39

Florida to change rules on mentally ill prisoners after reports of death, abuse
Prisons in Florida are to change the way they treat inmates with mental disorders as the result of a settlement with a statewide disability advocacy group.The legal action was prompted by reports of abuse at Dade Correctional Institution.

28.05.2015 17:12

Asphalt melting: India heat wave kills over 1,400 people (PHOTOS)
With roads melting right before your eyes, the heat has become lethal in India, killing at least 1,412 people in May. After temperatures reached new benchmarks, rising to 47C, doctors were forced to postpone vacations to cope with sufferers.

28.05.2015 07:59