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Switzerland launches criminal probe into illegal, 'anti-aging' animal cell injections
Swiss health regulators have announced that they started a criminal investigation into clinics and people who offered illegal animal cell injection as an anti-aging treatment.

28.03.2015 11:49

Monsanto fined $600k by EPA for uncontrolled releases of toxic chemicals
Monsanto has agreed to pay the US government $600,000 for not reporting hundreds of uncontrolled toxic chemical releases from its Idaho phosphate plant. The releases in Soda Springs occurred between 2006 and 2009.

27.03.2015 20:38

​Monsanto lobbyist claims 'safe to drink a quart of pesticide' – but bolts when offered a glass (VIDEO)
A lobbyist for Monsanto claimed that it was safe to drink “a quart” of the company’s Roundup pesticide, but pointedly refused to try even a sip when offered a glass during an interview with French TV before storming off the set.

27.03.2015 16:22

White House declares war on 'superbugs'
The Obama administration has unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to combat drug-resistant bacteria, also known as 'superbugs.' Five out of six Americans are on antibiotics, and 23,000 die annually of drug-resistant infections.

27.03.2015 16:20

Homelessness in London soars by 79% since 2010 – report
The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of London has risen by over one-third in the past year, new government figures reveal. The crisis has prompted homelessness charities to call for sweeping reforms.

27.03.2015 14:55

​Thousands of British women with botched breast implants eligible for compensation
Thousands of women in the UK who were given faulty breast implants could have been eligible for compensation – if they submitted their claim by Friday, a solicitor said.

27.03.2015 16:38

‘Indefensible:’ Mental health patients kept unnecessarily in hospitals - watchdog
The government has failed to implement planned changes to Britain’s mental healthcare system, meaning thousands of patients are being kept in mental hospitals unnecessarily rather than receiving community support, a watchdog warns.

27.03.2015 09:34

Germanwings co-pilot 'hid illness,' medical leave note from employers - prosecutors
Police have found a torn sick leave note for the date of the crashed Germanwings flight in the home of Andreas Lubitz, suspected of voluntarily bringing the plane down, Dusseldorf prosecutors say.

27.03.2015 11:45

iDonate: Apple CEO to give away multimillion fortune to charity
Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook will be joining a number of other high-profile CEOs in donating his fortune to various charities.

27.03.2015 04:10

$214bn Medicare reform bill passed by House
In an unusual bipartisan effort, House lawmakers approved a bill that makes sweeping changes to the Medicare program and extends a children’s health insurance program. Eyes are on the Senate to see whether it approves the bill before recess on Friday.

27.03.2015 02:36

Arizona bill claims drug-induced abortion is 'reversible,' bans subsidies
Legislators in Phoenix passed a controversial bill prohibiting the purchase of abortion coverage through the federal healthcare exchange and requiring doctors to state that drug-induced abortions are “reversible.”

26.03.2015 23:31

Indiana declares state of emergency for HIV epidemic
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has declared a state of emergency as Indiana battles the worst HIV outbreak in its history. At least 79 people have been diagnosed in one rural area, and the epidemic is linked to needle-sharing by opiate users.

26.03.2015 15:51