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Hillary Clinton

State Dept. reveals Hillary Clinton emailed from two devices while secretary of state
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used both her Blackberry and an iPad to email with State Department employees from her private account and server, despite previously saying she only used one device. Now the server has been wiped clean.

31.03.2015 17:00

More than half of US voters want a fresh-faced Democrat in 2016 presidential race
American voters are sick of Hillary Clinton ‒ more than half of them want Democrats to look for a fresh face to run for president in 2016, according to a new poll. And nearly 60 percent of Democratic voters themselves want a new candidate choice.

20.03.2015 15:34

Hillary’s private email server was insecure during first 3 mths as secretary of state
For the first three months Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her private email server was not encrypted, according to a new report. That left her communications vulnerable while she conducted government business, including international travel.

12.03.2015 19:26

State Dept criticized, sued over handling of Clinton-era emails
An internal investigation has slammed the State Department’s record-keeping practices. The department was hit by an AP lawsuit over unfulfilled requests for documents and emails from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

11.03.2015 19:18

Hillary Clinton claims e-mail system installed for Bill was 'effective & secure'
Hillary Clinton defended her use of a private email server for State Department correspondence, saying she used a system set up for her husband because it was convenient and "proved to be effective and secure.”

10.03.2015 20:19

Security nightmare: Clinton ran state business from personal email account
​Hillary Clinton’s electronic correspondence while at the State Department went through a personal email account administered from her family home, according to a new report. This is raising serious questions about the security of her communications.

04.03.2015 14:33

'Foreign donors sponsor Clinton to influence her if she wins presidency'
Foreign governments are donating money to Hillary Clinton’ Foundation to influence her and her policy if she is the next president of the US, Cenk Uygur, political commentator and founder of the Young Turks Network, told RT’s In The Now.

24.02.2015 13:17

Intel shows Libyans feared Al-Qaeda fighters were armed by NATO in Gaddafi ouster
​Secret intelligence reports from 2011 allegedly show that officials in Libya were concerned that arms were being funneled to NATO-backed rebels linked to Al-Qaeda in the midst of the ouster that removed President Muammar Gaddafi from power.

02.02.2015 15:15

Game of Thrones 2016: Are we to see Bush-Clinton dynasties battle?
The 2016 US Presidential vote is shaping up to be a contest between Hillary Clinton, Democrat and Jeb Bush, Republican – which is further evidence of the soap opera that is US democracy, replete with comedy, farce, and intrigues of dynastic rule.

10.01.2015 23:04

Hillary Clinton pokes fracking monster in conservation speech
Possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has continued to distance herself from the Obama administration with a mild criticism of “fracking”, the process that has attracted the wrath of Americans across the country.

02.12.2014 13:38

Ron Paul: Ebola concern 'way overblown'
Concern over the spread of the Ebola virus in the United States is “way overblown” right now thanks to panic induced by mainstream media and the federal government, according to former Republican congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

17.10.2014 16:09

CIA classified review: Covertly arming insurgents doesn’t work
Arming insurgencies around the world has rarely worked for the CIA without direct support from Americans on the ground, according to a still-classified agency review of the practice conducted during debate over arming rebels in Syria.

15.10.2014 16:23